~ Spanish Class VIII Auditor Speaks ~

My name is Aida Thomas. I am a Class VIII Auditor from Mexico.

I currently reside in Los Angeles.  I am a Class VIII Auditor fluent in English and Spanish.  I was born in Mexico where I studied Law before moving to the US to become an auditor.  I was active in Scientology since 1976 and contributed for many years,  however due to the bad practices of the single authority of the Church,  David Miscavige,  I left in 1996.

I am very passionate about the differentiation between the purpose and workability of the subject of Scientology and the present day enslaving tactics used by the Church.

I got into  Scientology to become free and to achieve higher spiritual and ethical levels.  I first found interest in Scientology because I loved the idea of past lives and other concepts that were real to me.  Prior to Scientology I was able to remember things on my own and wanted to discover new spiritual paths.

Since 1983 there has been an increasing decline of everything positive within and regarding the Church. Despite the energy, time and money people spend, the value of the services, the condition and numbers of its members, all this and the reputation of the subject has been on a disastrously rapid decline.

You can visit the Lectures and Interviews  page on the right sidebar of videos for those that are wondering what is really going on.

Please feel free to communicate.  I will always answer all who contact me and  I would love to hear the opinions of those who read this blog.    I do not mind opinions that differ from mine. However,  I will not allow those who will want to use it as a platform to attack me or rant about things that have nothing to do with this blog.

Thanks for being here.

Aida Thomas



13 responses to “~ Spanish Class VIII Auditor Speaks ~

  1. Sally Kragh Andersen

    Congratulation with your blog. I will be back! Sally Kragh Andersen.

  2. Asterix the Gaul

    Aida!!! Awesome blog! I am looking forward to participating in it! You have a lot of character. Thanks for your hospitality on Thursday and for the wonderful help. I can’t wait to see you guys again.

    • Hi Asterix, I am so happy that you are going to participate on this blog, I am sure that you have great stories to share.

      We are looking forward to getting together again my friend!


  3. Congratulations for your new blog, Aida. 🙂
    Have a good day.

  4. Chris Thompson

    Great beginning Aida!

    All good wishes toward success with this venue. I hope it becomes a popular place to meet.

    Thank you for your help and friendship. You and Dave have been instrumental in my own “recovery.”

    Chris Thompson

    • Thank you for your good wishes my friend! We are also considered priviledged to be your friends and glad that we are here together in this game. I hope that this blog is used to help others to open their eyes.

  5. Wonderful! You are such a generous and theta person.
    I do want to check out your videos of the alteration of the tech, sometime soon. I have someone who has sent me two emails who may still be in the church…I’m kind of suspicious as to whether it is her, but she said the no comm with me is other determined. She knows the tech has been degraded, per a conversation I had with her before my declare. If she is risking talking to me, perhaps I can forward one of your videos of altered tech issues. She is at least a Class Vl, possibly an Vlll.

    • Hi Olivia, I think that your friend will love the videos, as it is clearly explained in detail about the changes and the possible reasons. A lot of people have emailed me telling me how this videos helped them to finally make the decision to leave. Let me know what happens.
      Hugs my friend,


    • Olivia these videos talk about how the Tech had been degraded! I hope they help your friend come up with a resolution to her doubts.


  6. What a beautful aesthetic and theta flow!!
    And what gourgeous pictures of you AIda!! Just beautiful. Thank you for makeing this blog!

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