We celebrated Independent’s Day in Los Angeles

For more than 25 years, the Independents have been celebrating Independence Day as a symbol of their freedom.

Here I am last year with some of the original Independents,  (standing in the middle) Valerie Standfield Class VIII, Ellen Jones, Original Class VI, Scientologist since 1954,  Louise Williams Class VI from Australia.

Since 1982 there has been a tradition to celebrate the Independent’s Independence Day with all those who walked out to freedom. 

For many years the now departed Thea Greenberg hosted the parties which grew with time and later Class VIII Valerie Standfield held the parties at her house in the Valley by the side of her beautiful swimming pool.

Louise Williams, Charles Parcelle and I.

Back then the Independents did not have it as easy as now and they had to be very secretive about their location, the time and the participants.

The original Independents were being constantly crushed and harassed by OSA  and the irony is that at the head of it was none other than Marty Rathbun.

These are some pictures from last year where we had such a great time.

Many of those independents were LRH’s most trusted friends and notable contributors to Scientology; as well as prominent auditors, some trained by Ron himself.  That group of people had integrity, did not put up with the new regime and simply walked out to continue Scientology outside the control of David Miscavige.

Last year over 100 people came to the party that my husband and I hosted for all of the independents in the area. A lot has happened since then and the field outside the Church of Scientology is growing.

This year I chose to have a quiet celebration with just my PCs and very close friends, because I have been very busy auditing, writing and doing other projects and did not have time to prepare for a big crowd.  Nevertheless we had a blast!  The food was fantastic!  Live music by two Latin Beauties, lots of talk and then the fireworks from the top of the mountain!

Enjoying the great potluck so typical of the 4 of July!

My friend Silvia Kusada joined a lot of her friends in the 4 of July Celebration in Texas!


10 responses to “We celebrated Independent’s Day in Los Angeles

  1. I see Valerie in your photos. Valerie was one of the rare early fantastic tech people who knew the realm of OT perceptions.
    Her son is actually one of my uncle’s 6 children. Please give her my regards. Olivia 🙂

    • Hi Olvia,

      Valerie is as we all know. one of the original independents from 30 years ago; those rebelious souls who started the tradition of celebrating the Independence on the 4 of July from the Church…

      I will give her your message.


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  3. It was good that you had a good time Aida. Myself I am working on changing some of my operating bases. Like get off the computer more and get outside more. I feel better when I do.

    But now I am working on helping get a President of the USA elected. Cathy is campaign manager as she just accepted that position. Mike of IFA is press release writer. Me is movies. Though I can do a bit of computer tech stuff but they have found a pro for that.

    He is the first Resource Based economy candidate.

    Any how yes it is easy to be out of the church now. I even had to hide a bit when I came out as you did. But over the years it became easier and with Anon out there it is much easier now. Anon has been busy as well.

    Anyhow have fun and maybe one day I get to return and show up on auditor or not. I might outgrow doing that as well. I think I already am. I as better than they were and I did not know that then.

  4. Its incredible to hear that people who joined in the 50th are still there.
    I would like to hear stories from them,how it was that time :-), and what impression they had about LRH. ML

    • Yes, there are still some auditors who were in in the early days that have some amazing stories. We will hear their stories soon.
      Thanks for the comment.


  5. This is GREAT! The internet sure has made finding and communicating with Independents easier. When I left in 1999 and moved to my home town in Louisiana, there was no one. Well done to those of you who continued to audit and train from the early days!

  6. Nice. What a pity that I live almost half the globe away. I’d like to meet those guys in person (which is, of course, only a tactful way to say I’d love to taste Aida’s cuisine, haha).

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