Scientology: Are protestors Terrorists?

I recently watched a video of a former OSA staff member from Orange County by the name of Paulien Lombard.  In this video she explains to the Board of Supervisors of Riverside why she decided to withdraw her support for OSA,  and how they monitor the members of the CofS and how she was indoctrinated to believe that “All protesters are terrorists”

She also said that she was sent by OSA to harass Anon Orange (she used his proper name) at his home by holding a picket sign saying  that he was a terrorist.  If asked, she was to lie and say she was doing it of her own accord, not for the CofS.

Back in 1986 I participated as a protestor for the Church against a couple of cases in downtown Los Angeles with my husband.  At the time we were also lied to and told that this man Larry Wollersheim was suing the Church and that our religious freedom and the Church were in danger.

Of course we were there to support the Church and had a wonderful time but later I learned that it was lie and that the CofS has lost the case and why.

 Here I am with my husband at the above mentioned protest staged by the Church, in the summer of 1986


But who are the protestors that the CofS vehemently accuses of terrorism?

Judge for yourself. 

Here are some pictures I took  on some of the Anonymous demonstrations in which I participated.


Lawrence Woodcraft & his daughter Astra Woodcraft

A licensed architect, Lawrence Woodcraft was assigned to prepare plans for the remodeling of the interior cabins and other spaces on the Freewinds in 1987.  Shortly after arriving on the ship, he noticed a powdery blue fibrous substance.  Upon closer inspection, he recognized it to be “blue” asbestos, the most dangerous form of this carcinogen.

Lawrence has written a sworn Declaration concerning this discovery, his attempts to alert Sea Org officers (including David Miscavige’s sister-in-law Bitty Miscavige) about the problem and their refusal to remove it.

Astra grew up in the SO.  She joined at age 14 and was told that she was going to earn good money and be with her parents all the time. Instead she was working over 10 hrs a day and when she wanted to leave she was ordered hard labor and confessionals.

 Jenna Miscavige

Jenna Miscavige is none other than David Miscavige’s niece.  She is the daughter of Ron Miscavige Jr, DM’s brother. She grew up in the SO and was forced to do hard labor and when her parents left the SO, she was left behind and was not allowed to talk to anyone in the family. She said that when she was a child if she did not pass the uniform check she would be dumped with buckets of cold water.

Amy Harrison (AKA Amy Allen)

From left to right: Aida Thomas holding a copy of the Policy ‘Cancellation of Disconnection,”  Amy Allen, and Astra Woodcraft in Hollywood.

This is from ‘Smurf’ on ESMB:   “It should be noted that Amy returned to the church after these videos were made.  In doing so, she threw Marc & Claire Headley under the bus..  I heard from a friend of mine that Amy Harrison (AKA Amy Allen) has now been able to reconnect with her family and former Scientology friends.”

Quick background on Amy: She blew the Sea Org a few years ago and was disconnected from her family.  She’s 3rd generation, so they are all Scientologists. She attended LA protests and posted on  She was on a TV show talking about Scientology abuses.  Somewhere around this time she got pregnant but was still refused contact with her family.

Lynn Fountain Campbell

Class VIII Auditor

Lyn left when she noticed the abuses and the alterations of the Tech.  She like to protest because she considers that it is her duty as a highly trained terminal.

Grace Aaron

Here she is holding a picture of her son asking: ‘Have you seen Zach?  She has not heard from him for more than 12 years; his name is Zachary Aaron, if anyone knows his whereabouts please contact me.



Grace got into  Scientology in 1969 and is a Grad V auditor. Grace, with her husband spent  many years as Staff at the NY Org.  When the GAT came out, she wrote Out Tech Reports  and was declared instantly. Her husband was ordered to divorce her and her son Zachary Aaron was also ordered to disconnect from her. Her husband is still with her, but she has not seen her son for more than 12 years now.

Her husband and her created a group called ‘Religion Shunning’ to protest against the disconnection policy .

Tory Christman

Tory has been protesting for many years now and she has helped many walk out of the CofS. She has also given a lot of speeches about the lack of freedom of speech and the abuses inside the CofS.  She is very famous because she used to help OSA spy but she left when she saw the criminal activities perpetrated by OSA on other Scientologists and has given many speeches against the abuses inside the CofS.


If it wasn’t for the group Anonymous, many of the above mentioned would not have dared to come and protest, they gave us the confidence and the feeling that we were not alone anymore against the CofS.


Here are various pictures  I have taken at the several protests I have participated in against the abuses of David Miscavige and his Corporation. I have never seen or met a terrorist so far at any demonstrations, what I have seen is young idealist people, college students, families torn apart, etc…  Feel free to click on any of the pictures to enlarge.

I don’t know who is the lovely lady on the back with a green sign, but I have seen her in many protests.



18 responses to “Scientology: Are protestors Terrorists?

  1. When I protested, cult members regularly accused me of being a terrorist paid by the pharmaceutical companies and a CIA agent. I have to receive paychecks from either for my efforts. 🙂

  2. Hey Aida—
    Great blog! Yes, there’s no question this has been a team

    effort from many ages, starting with the old, old (years ago) ex, scientologists, then the later Scios on ARS, myself and many OT’s
    who left in 2000, and more following each months.
    Finally in 2008 (as you well know) we ALL had THE surprise
    of surprises: The arrival of “Anonymous”! Who knew?
    IF in 2000—someone had said: “Tory–name anything you need
    to help expose the abuses of Scientology”…I would have NEVER
    thought of Anonymous. And keep in mind, I, in “Magoo Dancing in Boston” Told
    DM “There is an army of critics out here” (Which Anonymous
    reminded me of, in 2008)! After came M and M and the Independents…and it’s just grown and grown.

    Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Time is on *our* side!!!!

    What a shocker that has been. More and more leave daily,
    now, thanks to ALL of you who have helped, and I cannot thank each person who speaks out, enough.
    Aida: you’ve come a long way, baby!!! 🙂

    Love to ALL 🙂

  3. Right Aida, they have studied neither history nor Scientology. There is so very little Scientology practiced within the Church.

    With an eye to the future and cognizant that today’s corporate CoS will soon be a thing of the past or at least inconsequential, What do you suppose we should put our attention on organizationally?

    Anything? Something? Nothing?

    • Hi Chris:

      I totally agree with you that Scientology is not being applied at the Cof$, the policies are being violated…no…they are being raped.

      I hope that Corporate CofS soon becomes a thing of the past. We should put our attention as to what is happening out there and do not repeat the same mistakes and follow some criminals who contributed to the demise of Scientology and the loss of lives, families and finances.

      I would not dare to speculate about the future of Scientology because it is so hard to figure what might happen. We do not know if the real estate belonging to the Church for example has not been refinanced and the moneys taken to European banks like many corrupt politicians have done, for all I know the church might disappear completely.

      But if it were not to disappear; there should be an actual board for each organization with an actual chairman and actual board members who can agree and follow policy as written and or use common sense and cancel illegal or illogical policies which no longer apply in the 21st Century.

      The way it is right now, we have a totalitarian system by someone who did not create or wrote the Tech and did not form the CofS, we have an usurper who aided by a bunch of criminals (some out now and pretending to be ‘ethical’ ) who calls himself the ‘chairman of the board’. If may I ask what board? Which members? Where? Chairman of what?

  4. Sandra Woodard

    Very nice, Aida. Thanks for creating this blog. 🙂

    I hope many more people add their stories here regarding the abuses they experienced from the CoS, ……especially those who were in the SO and those who experienced disconnection from friends and family members, and those who saw what was going on and dared to speak the truth to others.

    • Hi Sandy:

      Yes, I agee, disconnection is a very destructive thing, particularly for familes. I lost all of my friends when I left, fortunately my husband and children supported my decision and we all left together.

  5. Hi Aida,

    The lady with the green sign is “i’m glib.” She’s one of the moderators on OCMB. Thanks for shedding your light on what’s really going on here. The truth will set us free.

    • Hi Lynn:

      Yes, I think that I have seen her videos they are very funny too…LOL
      She is amazing!

      Lyn thank you for participating on all those protests, I cannot go as often as you do, but I enjoy hearing about them.

  6. Magnificent post Aida. The folks you picture here. including yourself are the giants who shoulders the rest of us are standing on. People like yourself and Tory and Sylvia are our foundation.

    • Hi Paul:

      If it wasn’t for Anonymous things would be different, they are the unsung heroes of this movement!

      I am glad that you like this post. Thank you too for all the work that you are also doing, you are an amazing being!

  7. Beautiful post Aida I love all the pictures.. You are doing a great Job… please continue!! love…

  8. My ex-wife along with another few dozen staff at Golden Era were ordered to and did write letters in support of an ordinance to block protesters from appearing at Golden Era.

    I found hers, two more of my ex-friends from the SO and many more on the internet – describing their suffering at the hands of and fear of the protesters.

    It is hard to believe but important if one wants to understand why SO stay when it seems so obvious from the outside that they are misled. You see, SO members are carefully kept cloistered and in a void of information. Their communication lines are closely monitored. The only outside information that they are permitted is well – very little at all. It is quite possible and very probable that an SO member who has not done OT III does not know and is not aware of the Xenu story.

    For those of us who are old enough to remember and have experienced the “Cold War,” The Horror stories of propaganda that we were fed about Russian Communism where children were removed from their parents and raised institutionally were actually true according to my personal experience. The unbelievable stories of how family members were forced to squeal on and report undesirable activities within communism are actually true of and occurring every moment in the SO.

    It was LRH who claimed that Scientology organizations were”more communistic” than communism and his postulate was and is true. This for me is a source of discord with Scientology administration doctrine.

    • Wow! I love your input on what is going on inside Golden Era, as you were there and this is definitely first hand information. I loved your explanation about growing up during the ‘Cold War’ Era.

      So much to tell! Thanks Chris!


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  10. Oh you scary terrorists, you!
    I remember the fear that upper management in SMI (Scn. Missions Int) would instill in us from New York – way down to us in South Louisiana. Of course we never saw a picketer but Mr. SMI man sure wanted us to be afraid!
    And then of course the IAS registrar like David P. would come down and play on that fear to get money out of everybody…

    • Hello from Louisiana!

      It is ridiculous that the ‘most ethical’ group is using such tactics! Of course they think that by putting people down in fear they are going to be able to control all, apparently they have not studied history…

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