Scientology Cover up; Perverting the Course of Justice?

When I read in the newspapers about the pedophiles in the Catholic Church, my heart aches for those children who had no one to protect them.  And you think that it only happens in ‘other’ religions.

The Scientology cult  is not immune of those perverts, actually no one is.  But the problem is that just like in the Vatican, David Miscavige and his minions hide their pedophiles and protect them from real justice.

Here is Tom Cruise’s “best friend” and confidant David Miscavige. I would like to ask him if all those allegations are true and if he is aware of what is going on.

And,  just as in the Vatican, they remain silent and do nothing to discipline the abusers.  So now there is a new scandal about the CofS.   Scientology criminals and the authority that hides them,  purely to save face.

Here is none other than Jan Eastgate,  the president of Citizens for Humans Rights.  Eastgate has been arrested in Australia and has been charged with preventing a child from reporting a pedophile and his crimes to the authorities. The story has become very well knownand  her name is now all over the internet.

Eastgate was charged with “perverting the course of justice,” after it came out in 1985  that she had coached a little gir,  Carmen Rainer  and her mother to lie about the sexual abuse of the girl by her stepfather Robert Kerr.  Both parents were Scientologists.

Carmen Rainer – ABC (Aus) Lateline: Perverting the Course of Justice

Carmen was interviewed about being raped by her stepfather for years starting at age 11. Her mother was also interviewed, as well as the original social worker. They had told the social worker they were going to the Cof S to handle it and the social worker disapproved. There, Carmen and her mother were drilled (trained and rehearsed) by the woman,  who is currently Pres of CCHR in the USA,  on how to lie and deny it happened to the police; which they did.

Many years later, Carmen brought up charges on her stepfather but with very minimal result  because it was so much later than the incident. The police reports were on TV and they were awesome evidence.


Rainer made a statement to police in 2001 which led to her stepfather’s arrest and conviction for indecent assault.  However, this is not just an isolated case within the CofS.  There are more, many more world wide.  But the one that is the most shocking of them all, is the one about the son of the President of the Church of Scientology, Heber Jentzsch.

You would think that his own son would be protected.  After all, he went to jail in Spain for the Church. But no, Heber’s ex-wife Karen de la Carriere, (Class XII)  posted a sad story about her son on Scientology-cult.

This is what she posted on ESMB:

“Little did I dream or predict what would happen to Alexander Jentzsch by permitting him to join the “Sea Organization”.

One would think a “Church” would be safe.

Alexander was put to slave labor cleaning toilets and carpets and filthy back room staircases with no schooling when he was 12 -13 years old. This is while a 40 year old was having sex with him. Never reported to Heber or me. Never reported to Clearwater Police Department.

Alexander was put on a “muzzle” and “gag” order ~~ he was never to speak of it.
Even though we had very private conversations for years later, he never mentioned it. Only others who were there at the time reported to me in the last year, which is how I found out.

While the “Church” is quick to call in Law Enforcement if they feel a minor infraction is being done against them ~~ OSA, RTC and Office of “COB” refuse to report actual crimes within the Church. Alexander is only one example. The “Church” prefers to protect its PR when it comes to internal abuses and is not interested in Justice.”

Here is a link from OCMB that has the whole story in detail about the horrors of Alexander who is now disconnected from his mother Karen:

Here is a picture of the alleged perpetrator Marie Warren with her husband Pedro Bossio. So far, to my knowledge she has not been formally accused before the authorities.

(OSA Flag STAFF at the time of the rape)

I was a member of the Sea Organization from August 1989 till August 2007. It was when I worked in the Office of Special Affairs Flag Land Base, that I learned about the rape of Alexander Jentzsch, then a 12 or 13 years son of Karen De La Carriere and Heber Jentzsch. I started working in OSA in January 1997 and it was during that year when I learned about the rape through my then co-worker Annie Mora, who had been assigned to keep an eye on Alexander from the point of time he was received at the Flag Land Base.”

“The rape incident involved a female FSO Dept 5 staff Marie Warren, seducing Alex to have sex with her in one of the crew berthing apartments. Once this incident became known by Annie Mora she was executing the immediate handling which included making sure the knowledge of the rape isn´t spreading not only inside the church but to the outside; it would have been devastating to the image of the church to have this crime become general knowledge.

Another action was to transfer Alexander and Marie out of Florida to California to help cover it up from the Authorities. Needless to say Alexander´s rape was a huge flap and would be the kind of incident OSA staff would automatically deal with, hence my knowledge of it.


Kirsi Ojamo



Apparently, Kirsi did not inform the authorities of the situation at the time she alleges the crime was perpetrated.

Unfortunately these type of things are not only happening here in the US, there is also another complaint of rape and sexual abuse in Mexico City, that is still hidden from the public eye and the authorities. 

Here is a synopsis of a a statement translated from Spanish to English from Cesar Velasco, who got into  Scientology at Organizacion y Desarrollo de Dianetica in Mexico city.

Please note that this is not my statement, it is a simply a “best effort” translation; The original author Cesar Velasco, is responsible for the content.

My name is Cesar Velasco, I got in Scientology in 1990 hoping that things would be better, but instead they got worse.  In 1998  my wife and my three children joined staff  when they were promised that they were going to receive a decent salary, time off for school,  as well as training.  None of the promises were fulfilled and instead my children were working 10 to 12 hrs a day with a salary of $10 to $20 USD a week. They were being influenced by the staff, who were taking away the authority I had over my children as their father and substituted by the Org’s  orders.

The same year my daughter (Name withheld) who was 13 years old at the time, was sent to Flag for training. She was to be chaperoned by a staff member and while she was at Flag I sent her $500.00 USD a month for expenses.

I spent over $50,000.00 USD on services yet  my family was falling apart. While my daughter was at Flag,  another staff member Jorge Pedroza  had committed adultery with my wife and I was very upset. Then one day the person who was supposed to be my daughter’s chaperon came back to Mexico without her.  I got very upset at this and I demanded that she return immediately.

However, the ED of the Org Hector Cruzado, refused to get her back and after two years of struggle I finally threatened to accuse the org of kidnapping her and that is when my daughter came back.

Upon her return, she wrote a report informing me that a staff member named Alejandro Aristi Guerrero 30 years old,  had sexually abused her at the age of 13.  Alejandro is supposedly high on the Bridge as a PC and also trained. I trusted him because he was an executive but I can see now that the so called technology, that allegedly makes people more spiritual and ethical,  is nothing but a fraud.

My daughter decided to report this criminal to the authorities because he continued stalking and molesting her. Hhowever, due to the internal policies of such an organization, it is forbidden for a Scientologist to sue another Scientologist and the person in charge of legal dept at Organizacion de Dianetica Margarita Ibáñez, coerced me to keep quiet under the threat of expulsion.

Hector Cruzado, ED of Organizacion de Dianetica, who (allegedly) refused to let Cesar Velascos daughter come back home.


Margarita Ibáñez, in charge of the Legal Department of the Cof S in Mexico who was said to have protected the pedophile.

This criminal act has gone unpunished and the perpetrator enjoys the protection of the Mexican Association of Dianetics.  His only ammends and justice was to work for 300 hrs community service inside the association, to pay for his courses all over again and to donate a big amount of money, which he did.

This happened in 2002 and up to present time, the criminal Alejandro Aristi is still free  and  Liana Trangoni, CO CLO LATAM, has seemingly refused to follow the law of Mexico.

Here is an image of a letter she sent by the above mentioned to Cesar Velasco when he asked for justice and where she promises that the matter will be handled internally, which she did.

Here is a image of the person  who (allegedly) has abused a minor and that was allegedly protected from the law by the executives of the Organizacion de Dianetica, at an event with his wife.  After hefty donations he still enjoys the treatment of VIP by the orgs. His name is Alejandro Aristi and his wife’s name is Karla.

If anyone desires to communicate to me about the above or other subjects, do at my email address, I always answer to all of the emails sent to me:

12 responses to “Scientology Cover up; Perverting the Course of Justice?

  1. I saw a woman posting on ESMB about a guy called Tony Strawn , this is his ex wife, ”

    “My children suffered at great lengths at the hands of their Scn Step-dad. He molested them and justified it by saying they were “old souls” and were responsible for their own condition. My youngest was 3 years old. The Co$ did not want me to turn him in…… He gets out in 5 years after nearly doing 20 years. Somehow it is just not long enough”

    August 2011- Getting in old timers
    “The Co$ actually had the nerve to call asking for Tony Strawn… … incarcerated since the 90’s and they actually found a number for me and called looking for him. I promptly contacted OSA to tell them to make sure they do not take him back when he gets out in 2013 (anyone lurking – please feel free to write this up) and that I am an SP for life”.

    • Hi Shaun:

      It is so sad to read those stories. The staff at the Orgs just don’t know what they are doing and much less read the internet and their admin regarding who is who is still in the past Century, they have not updated their CF I guess. I can imagine how this lady felt when they called asking for Tony. Thanks for posting this.

  2. This is not surprising one bit. Where abortion is promoted over new life,it’s obvious that life is of little value, especially young lives. I saw every kind of out 2D you can imagine but only after I left did I hear of a younger girl being molested by an older boy. These were the extremely neglected children of staff. And as usual, it was covered up.
    I am so glad I got my girls out of there!

    (Aida, glad you like my blog)

    • Hi Tara, it really is a tragedy when children are abused or young teenagers are seduced by older people. Well done for taking your children out of there right on time!

      But it is very unfortunate that others covered up those crimes. It is very upsetting to me how all looked the other way.

      I got to tell you a story, when I was in the Class VIII course a friend and I wanted to form a group that would go and audit those children for free, I soon was accued of forming a ‘splinter group’ and was reported to Ethics; unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the person who did that. Soon after that I encouraged every staff member who had children to leave the SO and raise their families somewhere. Somehow I never got into trouble for that…

  3. Hi Aida,
    That’s very true. I was on staff for nearly 10 years in Latam and I can assure that various tech terminals, engaged in heavy situations outside of ethics.

    For example:
    The Sr C / S ACD Org, OT VII seduced a child named Juan Pablo (a guy16 years old), today this guy is out lines, meantime the Sr C/S was sent to Flag and returned as the ED of the org (!!)

    Alejandro Aristi is another criminal protected by the CLO, he has a long track out 2D and only a few hours of amends, and then after is redeemed and protected by the church.

    The Snr C / S IFA Day Org, CL VI trained at Flag had sex with one of his PCs. Shortly after he returned from flag and some of his amends was to get donations for the Ideal Org.

    All these criminals (trained Flag), go unpunished today, thanks to the Church of Scientology
    What a shame!

  4. Lets be straight: The basic out-point is that LRH has canceled WOG justice for SCNists. SCN is a justice free area. Church internal its illegal
    to sue a SCNist without appoval from Int justice chief. The criminals need to be fired first and they don´t do it. Furthermore tech/ethics describes that everything what happens to you you have caused and or postulated. And you see where its leads to. A young girl is told she
    must have done those things past live. True or not…..ethics and justice
    in the wrong hands open the door to such BS-handlings. Those handlings are done to prevent PR damage from the church ONLY. Not to help the individual (both sides). I am fed up with this “system”.

    • Sniper, there seem to be an MU on the Policies, I studied Law and the way I understood was that you handle disputes with proper ethics conditions, unfortunately there are a lot of inept people taking care of the Ethics section and almost all of the handlings went into total disasters. I would never thought that the Church would violate the law, of course they did.

      Ron says on The Way to Happiness, precept 9:
      Don’t Do Anything Illegal and just because he did not write a specific policy saying to turn the criminals to the authorities; common sense went out the window and stupidity took place and as a result of that, many crimes and other abuses were pertpetrated and went unpunished.

      They failed to “follow the laws of the land”; many staff starting from the execs to the lowest rank, think that Scientology is above the law and these total strangers are the ones who decide over one’s lives.

      • Aida, TWTH, was written as a non religious kodex for ALL citicens.

        Almost all items in this codex are already covered (a long time before LRH wrote TWTH) in “WOG penal Codes”, except the suggestions about caring for the body etc.
        I don´t have MU´s. HCOPL Offenses and penalities is very clear.
        Its a high crime tu sue a Scientologist without asking Int ‘Justice chief. REGARDLESS THE SUBJECT!!!!!!!!
        And this rule knocks off WOG JUSTICE for SCists.

        I understand and I agree that we needed a internal justice system
        to sort out technical and administrative matters because, it cannot be sorted out in front of a wog court. Thats logic. BUT THERE WAS NO NEED to knock OFF EVERYTHING.

        LRH has denied man (and WOG governments ) the ability to judge, because THEY DRAMATISE their own case.
        …………………….men cannot be entrusted with justice……………….
        And thats the exact reason why he made those rules.

        I do not agree!!

        ML Sniper

        • Yes, I looked for a reference and found nothing. It is sad he wrote that policy that failed to impart justice and opened the door to protect the criminals, I hope that there is a change to that after all those things that have happened.

          Thanks for the comment, I shall add more later on.


  5. Silvia, I got a lot of comments on my Facebook on this article! It definitily moves the TA!

  6. You are GOOD Aida! Excellent post!! This info should be available in many languages!!

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