Is Scientology losing its Celebrities?

What has been happening inside the Church that has made  some of the celebrities walk out or never to be seen at Orgs or events anymore?  Many have left quietly a long time ago, but with the advent of the internet, they are now doing it with a bang and even announcing it in the Village People of all places.

Here are some examples of the famous who announced their departure or simply went away quietly.


Jason Beghe

I am going to start with Jason Beghe because I know him personally and he has a very strong personality. As it is already known, he has been traveling the world denouncing the abuses of David Miscavige in the Church and his videos are all over the internet.



Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau is a seven time Grammy Award winning jazz singer.  He used to be at most of the events along with fellow musician Chick Corea.  He was also one that would always  mention Scientology in the interviews.  I do not know if he is out but he is sure very quiet. He has not been seen recently at any of the events nor have we seen any interviews from him promoting Scn.



Larry Anderson

Larry Anderson is an Actor that was  well know for the soap ‘Days of our Lives’  but amongst Scientologists,  he is more famous for the ‘Orientation’ film.  A horrible infomertial about Scientology which was shown all day, every single day, in all of the orgs all over the world. They forced staff and public to watch this piece of trash or risk being sent to Ethics.

Larry and his wife are now out of the Church and have given interviews to the media and have also requested a refund.  There is a video of him and Tommy Davis where he is verbally manipulated  and lied about his refund.

Larry is a very nice person. He came to our Independent’s day party last 4 of July and we had a long talk.  I wish him the best.



Paul Haggis

Haggis wrote the screenplay for “Million Dollar Baby,” which won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2004.  He also wrote and directed “Crash,” which won Best Picture the next year. The only time in Academy history that that has happened.

Paul sent a letter of resignation to Tom Davis, son of Anne Archer and current vice President of CCI, in which he demanded that the Church publicly renounces to Proposition 8.   He was upset over the policy on disconnection.

Read more



Mimi Rogers

Actress, more known for being Tom Cruise’s ex-wife and was the one that Tom into Scientology.  She was in the Austin Powers movies and many TV shows.

Mimi Rogers/Spickler,  Class VIII auditor and daughter of old timer Class VIII Phil Spickler and a very good friend of Kirstie Alley.  I first met her when I was on course and doing the internship at ASHO as She used to be the intern supervisor.  She was a fun person, allways playful and uptone. I have not heard or seen Mimi at any Scientology events.


Michael Fairman

Well known for the Dianetics infomertials we used to watch on late night TV.  He is a veteran of film, stage and television, with a career spanning more than 40 years.  He is also a regular on ‘The Young and the Restless’.

Michael left the Church after he spent a lot of money on expensive auditing for him and his wife and started doubting about being in Scientology.  He did not like what was going on and decided to investigate. He found Paul Haggins  letter of resignation,  was then declared a suppressive person and lost all of his Scientology friends.

Here are some people that I wonder; Where are they now? Whatever happened to them?


Julia Migenes

Mezzo-soprano famous for ‘Carmen’ and Freedom medal winner.  She has been working primarily in musical theater.



She was best known in the 60’s for “Ruby Tuesday”, “Candles in the Rain”, “What have they done to my song Ma” amongst many, many others.

I remember when she came to a protest staged by the Cof$ in the late 80’s and sang with Al Jarreau and others.  We loved her, she was vibrant and theta. Whatever happened? Where is she now? Did she leave Scientology or is she still in?



Where is Stanley Clark?

Stanley Clark, American jazz musician and composer known for his innovative and influential work on double bass and electric bass guitar, as well as for his numerous film and television scores.

He is best known for his work with the fusion band Return to Forever with Chick Corea and his role as a bandleader in several trios and ensembles. Apparently after his last visit to Flag, years ago, he never came back.


Maxine Nightingale

Beautiful Maxine still looks like a million dollars and still kicking ass.  She became famous in the ‘Disco Era’ with the song, “Right Back where we Started From.”   She was also on the production “Hair” and in Germany in the production “Jesus Christ Super Star.”

What I heard was that she was offered training and auditing for exchange of her singing on the Freewinds which she did for many years. But with time the promises were not fulfilled as well as many other problems.   I was told that she left quietly.


Charles Lakes

Charles was an Olympic Gymnast and in 1988 became the first African-American gymnast to compete in the Olympics. Back then, post Olympian athletes were not paid millions of  dollars for sponsorship deals  like they are now.   

I met Charles at my son’s school as he taught Gymnastics there.  He was a fantastic teacher and the kids loved him.  I don’t see his name on the completions lists or his face on the glossy magazines any more so, the assumption stands.



Judy Norton Taylor

Judy endeared herself to the audiences as the teenaged Mary Ellen, on the TV Series ‘The Walton’s.  She was in many other popular TV shows such as “The Love Boat” and others.

Some claim she is out, others that she is still in.  But according to records, the last service she did was in 2008.



27 responses to “Is Scientology losing its Celebrities?

  1. I heard that Al Jarreau is no longer involved with it

  2. Corin Nemec (Parker Lewis Can’t Lose), John Brodie (49ers Quarterback), Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, Diana Canova (Soap), Tom Berenger, Michael Fairman, Lisa Marie Presley, Jeffrey Tambor, Laura Prepon have all left. And more every day!

  3. Are none of you aware that William S. Burroughs was a member for a time? I’ve heard Heinlein got some auditing. This subject has been very thoroughly researched and discussed elsewhere, but can’t remember where. ACT, or ARS, or something

    • Hi Thaddeus:

      Yes, I have forgotten about William…hopefully this posting will become longer and longer with names.

      I would love it if people from all over the world would send me the names of any celebrities if any of their countries.

      Yes, the subject has been thoroughly researched…all over the net, but I felt it necessary to be in my blog too… 😉

      Thanks for the comment,


  4. My friend Yuliya Keaton posted this on another site about this article:

    Yuliya wrote: “Last time I was watching orientation I think there was not Larry Anderson, but some other dude.

    I don’t know if they still show the old film. Soon they will be replacing actors in “how to use dianetics” film, because most of them left .

    There is another version of dianetics video, one of them where the woman hit her head and did not want to go to the party, (the old one) and another one where the woman was always crying each time it rained and then she recalled her dad died in a rainy day, (I think that one is newer)

    But do they really have to re-do each movie each time somebody speaks out? Some movies they still showing.

    What’s the name of that film,it came out in 90.. Man (incredible?) somethig..(Anybody knows?). About psychiatry and religions and e-meter.

    I wonder how many of those people are still in. They were not even famous actors,but i can bet that many of them left”

    My answer:

    DM is probably making a lot of new versions of the old films.

    The name of the movie is “Man the Unfathomable”

  5. clifford taylor

    There was another Clint movie actor who supposed to have braodest shoulders in Hollywood.Passed him on the stairs at Fitzroy square org in London in the 60,s. Played in western movies. What happened to him.Clint Walker I believe was his name

  6. Michael Fairman


    This is an important service that you are providing. I applaud you.

    Maxine did leave quietly a number of years ago. Joy and I are planning to get together with her very soon.


  7. In 1988 I met Dick Glass a SO-Veteran who was on a mission in Europe. He told me that he gave Jimi Hendrix a Dianetics Book while he met him in London in 1969. He said “….sadly Jimi did not make it……” I have been very surprised and astonished, because I a am a fan of Jimi since I was 15. He must have had a high sense of past lives. On the album “First Ray of the new rising sun” there is printed a chat/dialogue between Jimi and a Hawaian guru: I do not remember the
    full text but Jimi asked him:”……do you know Markab?”
    May god rest his soul.

  8. What about Van Morrison? Clint Eastwood? And, rumor of rumors from the 60s, Bob Dylan.

    • I heard that Van Morrison was actually in Scientology, I will check more on that one and will continue adding names…however, according to my research Clint Eastwood and Bob Dylan? No, nothing yet.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      • van was in thru nickey hopkins, mark silber autided him left years ago, as did al jearu,and stanley clarke,judy norton is still in,jukia migenes hasnt been active in years, i last saw her 25 years ago she was nattering

        • Hi Roger,

          Thanks for your comment, I heard from others that Van was really in, I shall include him on the gallery. Thanks for the update on the other celebrities.

          Just to clarify something. The definition of Natter is: Carping 1.1 criticism without merit. I think that an Organization which does not acept criticism of any kind becames supressive because the freedom of speech is not allowed and correction cannot take place, that is exactly what happened with the CofS.

  9. What about Nicky Hopkins ( Rolling Stones pianist ) ?

    • I met Nicly Hopkins when I was an auditor at Narconon, he was a very nice person, he went to Celebrity Center afterwards and sadly he died many years ago. He showed me all of his pictures with the Beatles, Mick Jagger and many other famous people.

      According to Wikipedia, he died of complications of intestinal surgery related to Crohn’s disease. I was very sad, he had a lot to give.

  10. Really this is very good stuff. You keep us informed and abreast about some of the subjects we, at least I for one, wouldn’t know where to start nor would have the time. Thanks very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wonderful Aida,
    you are doing a fabulous work of dead agent and exposing truth and facts. Priceless.

  12. There is a whole List of Celebrities who were at some stage associated with Scn,

    David Carradine was one of my favorite actors as a kid, i think its shameful that CoS lack of Love let the legend have hope and then Rot.

    Elvis Presley had the right idea, lets get out of here , those Mo Fos are only after my money!

    • Yes, I am planning to extend this posting and put as many names as I can remember or find in the internet. Elvis knew they were a rip off…too bad that his ex wife and daughter do not notice what is going on, what a shame.
      David Carradine, I loved him on Kung Fu, he was great. Thanks for the comment.

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