Scientology Donations; Do you Know Where the Money Goes?

All the religions of the world ask for donations to survive and the Church of Scientology is no different than the rest.  They request donations for many things,  like the IAS,  Narconon,  CCHR, etc.  But what happens to your donations?  What is the money actually spent on?

Where does the money go? Does it go to the poor? Does the Cof$  does The Scientology Church do charitable  activities?  No.  They have spent $ O .OO   on charity.

When I was in Scientology,  I asked once if David Miscavige was accountable for the money the Church was receiving and if I could see a statement that showed how was the money distributed.   I was told that that was not pubic information and it was insinuated that I would go to Ethics for even asking.

I was surprised at that reaction,  since most Churches or  corporations publish a financial information statement at the end of the fiscal year,  so the members what their hard earned donations are used for.

Not so with the Cof$ since David Miscavige has never given a public statement regarding how money has  been distributed or spent. 



He has made claims of what it would go too if given,  although considering donations for the new “Super power building” should have paid for it three times over by now, and its still unfinished! All considered,   we can safely assume that there are A LOT of financial irregularities in the Cof$.



A lot of Scientologist make great sacrifices to pay for services.  Some even have to work at two jobs to make ends meet, while others live in abject poverty so that they can pay for services.  Sea Org members give their sweat, blood and tears for what usually shows up with little compensation if any in the end.


When the “Ideal Org” project was launched, I have it from a responsible witness from the Seattle Org, that people were being reged to take out 2nd mortgages on their homes so that they could donate to the cause and have their names listed as contributors. All for no exchange what so ever. 

Seattle Church of Scientology

I was told that the Members of the Seattle Org worked and donated to purchase this building and as soon as this was done, the ED Mrs. Volkman was demoted to HCO expediter and replaced by a 22 year old Austrian Sea Org Kid.  At the same time her husband, the HCO Sec was declared, thrown off post and died 2 months later of Cancer.  Many of their family and children are on staff there as well. What a great thanks for a Job Well Done on acquiring a “Saint Hill” size building.  The building is now renovated and owned by the Church. Cof$ contribution to this?  $O. OO !


In the meantime, while this dedicated slave labor force and donations for building purchases and renovations are being demanded from the public all over the world, thinking they are  working for a greater good;  DM allegedly dines in the Eiffel Tower in Paris and other places across Europe.


So, Being knowledgeable of  DM’s atrocity’s and a desire to hold him and his minions  accountable,  I decided to investigate the matter myself.  I could never find out where all that money went until I read  Marc Headley’s, book,   “Blown for Good.” A best seller about his experiences inside the cult. In this book he  published this list of where some of the money goes.

Note: A little something to keep in mind for perspective when looking at the numbers below.

Hundred – 100
Thousand – 1,000
Million – 1,000,000
Billion – 1,000,000,000


Item: Value

Acura – Clear Water Fl.   $45,000.00
Acura RL – Int Base   $50,000.00
Acura TSX – Int Base   $35,000.00
Mazda Miata   $25,000.00
Range Rover   $80,000.00

Bullet Proof GMC Truck $150,000.00


Redoing Music Studio at Gold – 3 times!    $5,000,000.00


Birthday Party for Tom Cruise aboard Freewinds 2004 $250,000.00
Birthday Party for Tom Cruise aboard Freewinds 2005 $250,000.00


Flights for David Miscavige & staff for events for just the past 10 years!

$20,000,000.00  (20 Million!)


Super Power Building in Clearwater Fl.  


That’s One Million, One Hundred Times


Hand crafted motorcycle custom made for DM

$ 25,000.00


Renovations at Hacienda Gardens for Dave Miscavige berthing $100,000.00


Average cost of suit worn by David Miscavige $5,000.00 EACH!


BMW M6 bought for him by ASI for his birthday $110,000.00



New RTC Building – Sitting Empty   $15,000,000.00

House for LRH Built 20 years after his death  $10,000,000.00

Fort Harrison Renovations $40,000,000.00   (40 Million)

David Miscavige’s Office Sound Systems upgraded throughout the world $10,000,000.00



David Miscavige’s ~Personal Berthing Building~ (Home) Purchased in Hollywood   $4,600,000.00  

4 Million, 6 Hundred Thousand!


Total costs of just some of the crap bought or ordered by David Miscavige in the recent 10 years…

$ 205,725,000.00

Two Hundred and Five Million,  Seven Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand Dollars and obviously no sense at all.


The Look on little David’s face when he sees this information posted all over the Internet?



Now we can see why the Sea Org and Staff are paid so little.   David Miscavige claims that he is in the Sea Org and has the rank of Captain.  I think he is just rank period.  This is Just a short list of what David Miscavige has spent money on.  In last 10 years this would be enough to pay all Sea Org members around the world a very grand income, health benefits and retirement! What is the Sea Org retirement? Being tossed to the curb with no regard as no longer useful to the church.  Hows that for a “humanitarian”  religious corporation.


Those are not the only expenses…  Oh no, wait a second…

Karen de la Carriere, Class XII auditor, told me recently that when Debbie Cook was the “Captain” of the Flag Service Org,  she was scooping in $3 million a week for David Miscagive for some 25 years. The amount collected over that 25 years would look something like this…


(Please see the chart above for more reality on this number.  That is One Million Dollars, Three Thousand and Nine Hundred Times ! )


When she left the SO  $60,000 was used to SHUT HER UP.

This is now the current way the SEA Org hides the dirt. They are paying off 5 figures for SILENCE.   They sign a contractual agreement with a lot of lawyers and legalese to take the money and be quiet about Internal Sea Org matters.

Of course we do have to be fair and admit that some money supports the expenses of the INT BASE and other management as we  would expect. Although the diet and berthing quality of Sea Org members is still in question.

Marc adds to the list the actual operating costs and liability above high priced lawyers, other legal experiences and paying off law suites, cant be all that much comparatively.

He mentions as well that it is also known and understood that part of the money goes through OSA for Private Investigators.  Like this one they used at CCI who harasses those who do not agree with the criminal activity.   If anyone recognizes this character, please contact me.

 Here he is again behind Jason. ***Note*** I just got this on the mail: from your blog; It kind of looks like Charlie Earl from OSA INT, but it’s hard to tell from the angle of the photo.

Marc mentions this in his book;  “Of course it’s also understood that some of the money goes to former Clearwater and Los angeles Police Officers, as well as  other X-Cops that are on the Payroll.”

In the meantime, here is Sheriff Lee Bacca of Los Angeles, riding on the float of TWTH”  at the Hollywood Christmas Parade.


David Miscavige can burn money as he pleases, because there is no accountability of his actions. Common speculation is that he considers the Money his own and that HE IS THE CHURCH,  Members be dammed!

“Time waits for no Man” little David. 

And your clock is ticking itself away …….



28 responses to “Scientology Donations; Do you Know Where the Money Goes?

  1. The strange thing is that all these highly trained scientologists don’t have the perception to see what DM is really about.

    When I was on the RPF I had the privilege of riding the elevator, as I could not walk well. Once I shared that privilege with DM. It was a short elevator trip in the blue building. But I could not quite get why I was in rags and he had a big, fat, golden Rolex to show off with – and he did!

    And this guy was ugly! I mean on the inside. All that glitter and expensive cloth around his body could not hide that for a second. I guess there could not be many OTs at these events if they can’t perceive that pure evil.

    I certainly don’t bitch about DM – he has his right to be as evil as he wants. It’s so sad for all those ‘OTs’ that adore him for that instead of laughing about him.

  2. As for Church $ spent on luxurious apartments custom renovated for Dave in Clearwater, I can attest – I was on the FLB RPF and personally involved with the rest of the RPF in building his local “pad”.

    1) a personal water purification BUILDING was constructed next to his apartment just to hold the tanks, pumps, filters, etc for his personal water.

    When I say building I mean the size of a two car garage, poured foundation, concrete walls, lighting, etc.

    2) the apartment below his sleeping/living quarters was a top of the line gym and exercise room with full wall mirrors,
    the best equipment $ could buy,
    sound system,
    full kitchen. Just for him.

    3) his living space had expensive couches,
    huge flat screen TV and sound system,
    expensive wool carpets,
    another kitchen with top of the line ‘frig, etc.
    And a bar.

    We on the RPF slept 13 to a small room on home made bunkbeds,
    one shower,

    ratty cheap shag carpet,

    A/C that worked intermittently,

    and $12.50 per week allowance to cover laundry, clothing, smokes, or anything else you wanted.

    The fact no one ever questioned why another Sea Org member would be accorded these luxuries was spooky – the female hierarchy in RTC and the CMO were on some sort of adulation trip and “flowing power” to him – whatever he wanted, he got.

    In spades. No questions asked.

    • Hi Gary:

      I am speechless to say the least. I wish that SO members were allowed to read my blog.

      And all of that time you spent in the RPF, and I bet over something stupid.

      Thanks for the information.

      I am looking forward to read more stories from you.

    • I don’t know “Gary,” but my first hand experience of working side by side with RPF members tells me that Gary’s story is consistent with the truth. . . . except for the FLB RPF seems to have had a better go of it and more POSH accouterments than PAC RPF! hahaha!

      Also, Dave didn’t start out like that. I once “bought” him an Acura Legend for getting around (circa 1988) and he thought it was too extravagant. Did he accept it though from the staff at Author Services?. . . YES.

      In reality, this “car” on its own wasn’t especially extravagant. I just think that once every one of his enemies were put back on their heels that he got comfortable and then more comfortable with the power, the money, and the money. Did I say money twice? Well, yes I did.

  3. Without your help when I was “awakening” – well without your help is an unknown because I was pretty dead in my head when we met only a few years ago.

    The review auditing was beneficial and set me up to continue to make physical and spiritual progress to my own satisfaction.

    Thank you again for helping me pull back from the damaged condition I was in after being the recipient of black dianetics from the Church.

    I was in a very bizarre place when we met. Because being so messed up is not a natural state, because it doesn’t seem like that was ME, and because it was such a short time ago, I forget to appreciate that without you standing at the gate and welcoming me through I would be worse off.

    Today I am well and happily working on my future with a full rich life INCLUDING my salvaged Scientology understandings put back to right.

    • Hi Chris:

      I love your posting! And I am so glad that I was able to help you!

      It is very important to see responses like yours so that others who see this blog can realize that they don’t have to stay in and suffer, the Tech is available outside the Cof$ all over the world.

      Much love,

  4. Ing-Marie Lundberg

    Hi Aida!

    Thank you very much for this EXCELLENT post Aida and the VERY interesting information regarding HOW David spend scientologists money………”My God”…..

    POOR scientologists when they cognite on this…..:)

    I never agreed…….:) Thank you for sharing this Aida…..!!

    HE can count his days….! :):) Truth REVEALED…….:)


  5. Yes!
    Your exposure of these facts, enlightenment and information will bring the day when it happens.
    -Steve C.

  6. Hi Aida,

    Scientologists were deceived for a long time thinking that we had an ethical and responsible leader, that the money collected by the church was used for defense and expansion of Scientology. How wrong we were, we were only getting stronger, a corrupt leader and a liar.

    Being a member of the church is to get in debt forever, is to live in financial stress.

    Every day, every week they will talk to get your money, they will want take control of your finances, they will tell you when and how much you should pay, not care about your other needs, your family, your business, just your money.

    Thank you for exposing this information. It is necessary that all Scientologists open their eyes and this blog helps with that

    • Hi Victor:

      You’re welcome!

      How can one be enjoying auditing over a present time problem of debts? How can one go spiritually free, while one is borrowing money? It is not possible to do Scientology unless you are a millionaire.

      It is ridiculous that Staff, SO Members and public alike are sacrificing their lives so that the executives are wasting the money on frivolous things.

  7. I am happy, that I donated just 3000 $ to the IAS within the last 25 years.

    And regarding the subject abuses. Scientologists should learn to beat back (physically). Hard and with no mercy.

    I have never been a violent person but I observed from my times before SCN, that beating back, brings the other person to a certain degree to his sense, for a certain time. In short: It creates respect.

  8. Your post brought a smile to my face, my friend. 😉

  9. I love this post Aida excellent work!!
    Really enjoy it!!
    love and thank you for doing it!!


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  11. Good Post Aida. Lots of information here.

  12. The treatment that Debbie was given is very similar to what our auditors went through at the NYO when the Very first Class Vlll’s arrived fresh from the ship.

    1968. The auditors received extremely harsh invalidative FLUNKS!!!!! and then after work hours, the other auditors had to stand in the room just down the hall from me that had a shower in it, and the auditor who had supposedly made a mistake, and I know it was from new technology being introduced and the auditors not being properly trained.

    Anyway..the poor auditor, who was an auditor to help people, had to stand under the cold shower while the rest of the auditors, who didn’t want to do this, but were afraid to not obey, read to the auditor, what he or she had done to the PC that was supposed to be so horrendous.

    We all went into agreement with this because we thought it was what Ron wanted. Thank God my mother, who had been auditing either for free or pennies after a full day at work at her 9to5 job, left, before she could be subjected to that insanity. Auditors had passed out, etc. No one called the ambulance. I was C&A at the time.

    I saw how harassed and enturbulated everyone was at all the flows connected with this. Receiving, doing to others and seeing it happen. The people who did this to others were Arte Maren, Steven Geltman, and others. I know that Mary Maren publicly apologized to all of us years later and said it was wrong, while she was still in good standing.

    Regarding the way money is spent by DM, after all of us have experienced hard and harsh demands for donations, being screamed at and held from leaving a fund raising event….Jesus Christ, to think how insane it all is, I came across other info about this. It is just evil and people are suffering at the hands of a mad man. Yes, he has tight security….he’s scared to death!!!!!

    • Dear friend:

      How horrible the treatment was, there is no excuse for that, I think that LRH was dramatizing some past incident, thank god your mom had the wisdom and the integrity to walk out, if all those who experiemced that had done the same, probably the abuses would have stopped.

      I think LRH went up and down the tone scale because later he had a change of heart and wrote ‘The Virtues’ in The Way to Happiness, but all the years of abuse left scars in many people.

      Some of those who also abused others in the Cof$ have apologized, unfortunately for me, that is not enough, I wonder if Artie Maren who was a top GO staff has information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of David Miscavige and others, yet, perhaps he is still in, experiencing the abuses and remains silent for the sake of ‘spiritual freedom’.

      Thanks for sharing that story.

  13. Thank you very much Aida ; In fact i’m not surprised at all !

  14. Aida ~~
    It is absolutely shocking that Debbie Cook, “Captain Flag Service Org” for some 25 years took hush money to be silent,.
    She was the victum of some pretty violent treatment in the infamous SP Hole (Law enforcement call it the “Dungeon”) ~~ the punishment prison at INT Base.

    For twelve hours Debbie was made to stand in a large garbage can and face one hundred people screaming at her demanding a confession as to her “homosexual tendancies”. While this was going on water was poured over her head.

    Signs were put around Debbie’s neck, one marked in magic marker “LESBO” while this torture proceeded. Debbie was repeatedly slapped across the face by other women in the room during the interrogation. Debbie never did break.

    And fittingly she was rewarded with what turned out to be a break in another sense of the word.

    Debbie took money to not talk about this kind of incident.

    Angie Blankenship has now gone.
    Wonder what she was paid for her silence ?

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