Tell Us Your Story

Something new,  just for you.

“What’s your story?”

Do you have a story or event regarding Scientology, the Church, or a person of interest that you would like to share with others?  If you do, please submit it to  and we will post it on the new “What’s your Story”  Page. 

We know that their are many out in the world that have had all kinds of experiences and have little voice or resource to tell about it.  So, now you do!

Please include any pictures and where in the post you would like them placed and the Editor will set it all up for you.

We very much look forward to hearing from you and seeing that your story is told and heard.


Aida & Michael, the Editor



4 responses to “Tell Us Your Story

  1. I’m a 67yr old Marine 65-69, Vietnam Vet 66-67, helicopter crew-chief, and now a retired welder. My troubles, the ones I needed help with, started during a rocket attack Apr 67. A rocket, landing close enough, convinced me I was hit/dead. Next thing, I was outside my body, about 50ft up looking back at it, in shock. Long story short, I saw a lot of self-evident truths but still I had a very hard time dealing with it from then on. After that experience I jumped into drugs.

    In 70, during my first drug program, I accidentally relived a part of my past with great results. That night I went out-of-body again, but this time I wanted it 24/7. This is my first clue that reliving past painful experiences gets relief. From then on I was looking for someone to help me relive my past. In Aug 73 I felt doomed, having finished my fourth drug program knowing I couldn’t stop, going to die this way, sooner than later, going to have another inevitable out-of-body nightmare.

    Sept 73 I attended a intro lecture of Scientology in Berkley, Ca. I liked what I heard and asked for a recommendation. I was told to do a $50.00 course in communication, during which, I stopped doing drugs. Also, I found they had defined out-of-body as “exteriorization,” and told me they could help me. They did, and I felt fortunate to have found Scientology. Since that time I’ve reconciled myself to being ‘immortal.’ For me Scientology is priceless!

    Since 1973 I’ve witnessed staff busting their tails getting things done. They are doing exactly what L. Ron Hubbard intended for the salvage of this planet. David Miscavige is too, i.e. LRH issued policy addressing appearance, (paraphrasing) “the public will know you by your possessions.” I thought this was wise/correct. They’re a rare dedicated group on a mission: a planet without war, insanity, and criminality, inspite of the common snivelers…Semper Fi

  2. I gave you my story getting out a while and and you know the rest. What I used to think was never the truth. Cult hides a lot of things about people.

    I been busy trying to get to the real live white house.


    • Hi Barb:

      Thanks for your comment. There are a lot of stories like yours and worse even.

      I just hope that more and more people share them because that gives others an incentive to leave.

      I just hope that the game ends soon.

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