Scientology Disconnection is Destroying Lives

Disconnection, shunning, or whatever you want to call it, is a very destructive thing. It has been practiced in many religions and cultures all over the world as a method of  exerting control and unfortunately Scientology is no different. 

In this article there are references on Scientology Disconnection and how to handle.
What do you do when the Ethics Officer or the MAA ‘orders’ you to disconnect?

Vickki Ford and David Cook talk about the pain of disconnection.


Despite how much Tom Davis, (son of actress Ann Archer) vehemently denies the church currently practicing disconnection, many families are still being torn apart by a simple order given by a stranger called MAA or Ethics Officer. 


Disconnection is what I call FAMILICIDE, because in fact it is killing the family unit. In some religions they call it ‘shunning’ or “defellowshipping”.

 In Scientology it is called ‘disconnection’. The results of this very destructive action are:

Spouses and loved ones being broken apart

Children and parents being separated

Business relationships being disrupted, including firing good people and bankruptcy.

“Friends” dropping friends at the orders of a staff member  called MAA, Ethics Officer or C/S.

Disconnection is equal to child abuse, to betrayal, to devastation.

If a Scientology member refuses to disconnect in this instance, he or she risks being kicked out of the Church of Scientology themselves. 

HCOPL Cancellation of Disconnection Policy  15 November 1968

“Since we can now handle all types of cases

disconnection as a condition is cancelled”

Disconnection has been Cancelled!


This was was not included in the altered new Miscavige versions of the Green Volumes! Get the original volumes from when Ron was alive!

I do agree with disconnection in some instances, even the law does, and so a person can get what is called a restraining order.

Various state laws put into place a statutory process by which an applicant can apply for, and a judge can issue a statutory restraining order.

This process provides important protection to those who fear physical harm from a potential aggressor.

There has to be justifiable reasons to apply for an order, include such as being the victim of an act that caused or created fear of serious bodily harm, assault, stalking, harassment and criminal trespass.

The judge will be the final determiner of the validity of the accusation and the necessity for the issuance of the order.

There are justifiable instances in Scientology for disconnection to occur as well.

However, they are not taking into account that there is a  policy letter for situations with family that  specifically says:

“HCOPL PTS Type A Handling of 20 October 1981”


In that policy Hubbard NEVER, EVER, mentions the word disconnection

The handling according to that policy is:


 “Get in comm with the family member until the situation is resolved”


HCOB  of 8 March 1983, Handling PTS Situations

 It says perfectly clear: 

“You coach him into two way communication that is well above 2.0 on the Tone Scale, that mostly consists of acks and mild interest in what is going on…

in other words, you handle this in real life..”

HCOB 10 September 1983, PTSness and Disconnection

 In the section ‘Lost Tech’ Ron says: 

Earlier disconnection as a condition was cancelled.

It had been abused by a few individuals who failed to handle situations

which could had been handled and who lazily or criminally disconnected,

thereby creating situations even worse than the original, because it was the wrong action.”


He also says:

“When an Ethics Officer finds that a Scientologist is PTS to a family member,

he does not recommend that the person disconnect from the antagonistic source.”

  “The E/O’s advise to the Scientologist is to handle”

ON “The Way to Happiness” in precept  5 Ron Says:

“Honor and Respect your parents

In spite of all, one must remember that they are the only parents one has.

And as such, no matter what, one should honor them and help them.

The way to happiness includes being on good terms with one’s parents  or those who brought one up.”

Here is a tape by L. Ron Hubbard where he cancels disconnection you can hear it from Ron himself:


 “Disconnection is canceled as a relief for those suffering family oppression and is not longer required SP orders and the person has to handle”

I sincerely hope that these references help those who have suffered from disconnection.

I will make another posting on this topic, as it is very important that we fight until disconnection is eradicated. Do not follow insane orders that are gross out tech.

Make sure that everyone in your family is aware of these references and make sure that your ‘Ethics Officer’ or ‘MAA’ is word cleared on these policies.

If you have any questions you can contact me at:


32 responses to “Scientology Disconnection is Destroying Lives

  1. Disconnection hurts. This article helps.
    Scott Gordon

  2. “Disconnection as a condition” is weird language to me. I have never seen “disconnection” mentioned as a “condition” anywhere else in Hubbard’s writings. That Hubbard wrote such a policy means nothing to me. Disconnection was ENFORCED by Hubbard by means of his “ethics and justice codes”. (See his HCO PL “SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY and SCIENTOLOGISTS”.) Associating with a “declared SP” is a crime in Scienoland. When a member is declared “SP” by an “ethics order” no members may associate with the declared person. Virtually all (if not all) “ethics orders” that I have ever seen expressly state that the declared person’s “only terminal is the justice chief” or a “Sea Org MAA”. That is ENFORCED disconnection right there! I say that this is why disconnection was NEVER canceled. “Disconnection as a condition” is just more loaded, meaningless and slippery language by Hubbard.

  3. Tory Christman

    Aida, again, thanks for this post. Having worked with OSA and they TRYING to be thought of as “just another of the real religions”…I think it is KEY to point out that Scientology’s Disconnection is WAY worse than *any* “Shunning” other Cults do. (“real religions” do not have either of these actions, ftr—but Cults do). Disconnection is like MLM Horror. The best example I know is a young man who left Scientology–who used to be high up in the organization. His Dad had pitched him into the Sea Org at 14, and is still “in”. Thus now my friend is out, married, has 2 lovely kids, and NONE of his family (even those never “in”) will talk to his children. I wish this was one, loan example..but this we know is NOT the case.

    THAT is why Scientology disconnection is far worse. It is a HIGH CRIME If one speaks to an “SP’….and if so, they are declared SP and lose ALL of their family and friends, over night, as I did and many others.(So your “choice” is Freedom, or Disconnection–seriously sick, when you think about it).

    I don’t regret it. As Andreas said to me in July of 2000: “What kind of friends could those be, if they’re going to leave you just for changing your mind?” BOOM. That one question was the final crack in my Scio-Truman show…as light came flooding in. 🙂

    Lastly, my suggestion is post what time it is that Hubbard speaks about Cancellation, on the tape link you posted, above. (I’ve listened to him for 10 minutes and he’s yet to mention it, ftr I personally can’t stand he blabbing away, and felt that way long before I escaped out. So for we who feel that way, knowing WHEN this is on the tape would help). He never *really* cancelled “Disconnection”…he cancelled the WORD due to a PR flap (upset). At the bottom of Fair Game it says: “This Cancellation does not apply to Suppressive Persons”. There are many, many stories of Fair Game back when Hubbard was running the show.

    The Key difference is Hubbard did have levels one was *supposed* to use before being declared “SP” (” Ethics”, “Fitness board”, “Committee of Evidence” etc. I never in 30 years saw ANY of those really work, either–but at least there was a front of pre-SP declare). Now Davey boy just has people declared without ANY communications, at all.

    Love to you, and ALL 🙂 ❤ Tory/Magoo

    • Dearest Tory, and anyone else who is reading here:

      Please do NOT forget that Hubbard did not do it all by himself, he got A LOT of help. You have the staff and execs who abused their position, untrained people who accepted management posts at the top and later claimed abuse. You have Captains, Commanding Officers, MAAs, OSA people, need to say names, they know who they are.

      Don’t forget those who helped Hubbard and now David Miscavige to perpetrate those abuses, there is not one person alone, there were A LOT of people who aided and abetted RPF crimes for example.

      Yet, the attacks are only addressed to Hubbard and DM…No, all have to pay. However, some of those criminals are now heroes.

  4. Too bad Aida practices the disconnection policy.

    • Hola Matias Bonetti o Petete, you would have to tell me where or with whom exactly am I practicing ‘disconnection policy’? You have to be specific my friend 😉
      One of these days I will come and visit you at Distrito Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love Tango. Kiss B.A. for me will ya?

      • Anyone has the right to stop dealing with people they find to be a drag, offensive, a waste of time, whatever. I have no problem with people telling someone they don’t want around to fuck off. I only have a problem with it when the person “disconnects” based on orders from their “Church”, or because their “Church” declares someone to be a “Suppressive”, though they themself have no such knowledge that the person is destructive or dangerous.

        IMO, every time a person disconnects, their universe gets smaller.

        • Tory Christman

          Agreed anyone has a right to stop dealing with people they find to be drag, offensive, etc. Of course! That is NOT “Disconnection”…please let’s make this very clear for anyone who *may* read this, was never “in” and doesn’t really know what we’re talking about. I agree with you re “Every time a person disconnects, their universe gets smaller”. Can you imagine people still “in”? The VAST majority of soooooooooper kewl peeps are OUT. ❤

          • Thanks Tory! how sad it is to see, that people ruin their lives and others’ in the name of “spiritual freedom’

            And yes! Definitely! Every time a person disconnects their universe becomes smaller.

  5. Tory Christman

    Great post, Aida! Just to back you up…I was happily married for 27 years. I woke up, escaped out of $cientology, was chased across the country, and soon after my husband Disconnected from me. Also, OSA Runs this Black PR campaign on me, supposedly from him, saying I’m a “Runaway Bride”. Really? 1) After 27 years you call me a “Bride”? LOL 2) I never left my husband: I left the CULT of $cientology. The proof, as I told him is in this: My front door (to this day) is open. He is welcome here. I do not know where he works or lives. So who left who? He re-married some person very much “in”. Disconnection, imnsho, IS one of the phony “church” of $cientology’s worst abuses, next to it being a business pretending to be a “church” and the stopping of free speech. My love to ALL 🙂 Tory Christman aka: Magoo! for more of my story, if anyone is interested. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Tory, I can’t believe that these people who are supposed to be “powerfu”,”cause over life” use those dirty tricks that even the average man in society would not use. How degraded!
      But I am glad that you never gave up and you are there exposing the truth! Thanks!

  6. We all have the right to stay connected or disconnect from anyone at any time. The problems start when I start ORDERING you to disconnect from someone, rather than relying on your own perception and decision-making power. That is cultic. Disconnection ORDERS are an effort of an organization to strip you of your own judgment, and make you into a weapon for them to use to club someone they want to harm with.

    This sort of thing is so fundamental it is shocking to me that people ever accept such orders. I didn’t, which is one of the reasons I was declared. I was supposed to disconnect from my parents because they were in the medical and psychiatric fields. The prejudice against “psychs” was the justification for this. I don’t share it, and never did. There are charlatans in the field, but they don’t come close to the level of trickery, deceit, manipulation and destructiveness of enforced disconnection, especially when it is used to deprive family members of each other.

  7. There is a good website with some must listen to taped exceprts of Tommy Davis doing a shakedown with veiled threats to enforce a disconnection.

    I have posted the link below. Well worth the time listening to all 8.

    The Lies that stream out of his mouth are laughable. LIE after LIE after LIE after LIE. He is either totally deluded or is the most gullible fool to swallow such utter tripe ~~~Everyone who is hostile and whistleblowing ONLY wants $$$$ We are reporting on church ABUSE because we want $$$$. It is solely a money issue Tommy Davis says !!!!!

    TRUTH. The Church tries hard to BUY silence. The Church offered Mike Rinder high six figures to shut up and go away, he turned it down.
    The Church is paying off each person that leaves INT Base Angie Blankenship is the last person to leave who was in SP and in charge of SP hole and she was bought off to seal her lips. It is the CHURCH that has the deep dark secrets they cannot reveal and use BRIBERY to departing Sea Org members not to reveal what they know.

    Here’s Tommy at work using veiled threats and hidden snide remakrs re DISCONNECTION with real time ultimatums.

    Tommy Davis, Scientology Spokesman, Secretly Recorded Discussing ‘Disconnection’

    • Hi Karen:

      Thank you very much for posting all of this information on my blog.

      It is important that people know these things. I am glad that you and many others are stepping out to tell the truth.


  8. Aida this is an incredible post, please put a link on my blog for everyone to see it..
    You rock woman!!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. Hi Aida!,

    Very good topic. I think one of the places where the family is destroyed is in the Co $.
    The SO Members and staffs of the CLV give their lives to the cult and they have not time to create a 2D or care for their childrens. When I was on the staff I saw a lot of misery, poverty and neglect of children.

    Personally I was separated from my 2D almost 2 years, because I was sent to another country against mi will, since I should be “where duty calls” and “SO activity was 3D activity not 2D”, so I had to obey.

    Also disconnect is used to maintain fear of Scientologists and to control them.
    Disconnecting = Destruction. And if the Co $ is carried out, then the church is destructive.
    I agree with you, we must eradicate it.

  10. Ing-Marie Lundberg

    THANK YOU Aida very much for this incredible VITAL post!!!

    I´m burning for this subjec too….and I will also fight back to stop these EVIL crimes against Human Rights.
    My heart is crying….and goes to everyone who has lost a familymember due to this enforced disconnectionpolicy……

    Hitler killed bodies……

    DM kill Thetans!!!



  11. IN courts anyone can get an order of protection with no proof. IT is done all the time and causes the same issues that you posted about. Sometimes it takes years to get the truth out of the matter. Sometimes one never does and one gets on a national list of abusers as well.

    There need to be no proof. Just a statement to whatever it is.

  12. I have been considering this “disconnection” situation from at least 4,000 angles over a time frame of about a year now. (Ok, so maybe I exaggerated a bit). Here is what I can’t reconcile with:

    For the past 20 something years I have known a lot of Scientologists in connection with our local org. A lot of these folks are bright people and some are even “policy buffs” with at least 3 OEC/FEBC in the org (oh wait, only 2 now as one of those 3 committed suicide!!! go figure!). Now these are just the folks locally and I’m not even going to calculate in all the hundreds of others around the globe who are “policy buffs”.

    I cannot reconcile with the fact that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM operate on the same MU. It would appear none of them are issuing cramming/study orders or KRing misapplication. I can speak of the folks at this local org, St. Louis, they are completely sure they are to disconnect from our family or they cannot have services and risk being declared themselves. OMG, one long time veteran Scn even went so far as to tell my mom that she would have to disconnect until my mom got her “ethics situation” handled. My mom isn’t even declared!!

    I just have a hard time believing that an MU of this magnitude exists across all sectors. It would have to just be the “sheep” mentality. The only reference mentioned to my son was the “Crimes” list in the Ethics book. No others. How is it they are thinking about this?

    It really does seem that disconnection “AS A CONDITION” has something to do with it. He cancelled “DISCONNECTION AS A CONDITION”…..not sure I really understand what that part means, but it certainly must mean something else than what it talks about in the ethics book about declaring one an SP. And how is it that what they do these days in skipping ALL ethics gradients, just skipping all steps and going straight up to the last one. How is this justified by ALL the staff? All of them? Seriously?

    If only I could understand this…….it’s hard to think I’m right and they are ALL wrong!

    • Meshell:

      It is not hard to think that you are right…because they ALL are wrong indeed!

      What kind of religion/group agrees with disconnection? The very aberrated ones which cannot think for themselves and that are at total effect .

      I know that you have lost your son as a result of their MUs and now you are suffering because some total strangers are ruling in your family.

      I feel disgust for such a group.

      I hope that you share your story with us and tell us about all the pain that this has caused you. Perhaps one day the family will be united again.


  13. SCN gives a shit on family. Just look how the 2D is handled in the Sea Org. (in every aspect).

    For publics, like me it was impossible to create a 2D simply because of endless debts debts debts over decades, pressure to study, pressure to help in any SCN activity after production time.

    There is simply no time and money left to create something in that direction. Imagine, I spoke to two different women from two different countries which do not know each other: The exact sentence mentioned regarding the subject of 2D from both:

    “Having children prevent you from moving up the bridge”.
    One of these women was a ORG REGISTRAR!!!!!!!!!

    Now you can extrapolate how deep the “DATUM” has been implanted
    into the SCN-Field.

    PS: Aida, I answered all your e-mails, don´t you got them?

    • Hi Sniper:

      Somehow the 2D was not well handled in the CofS I hear a lot of complaints about that. I hope that your 2D is getting better.

      I received all the answers to my emails, thanks 🙂

      • My 2D is a desert and a desaster since I joined SCN. I am single since 15 years. 😦
        When I was a WOG I had more women and opportunities in this direction.

        • Perhaps you can work at improving the situation on your 2D, first thing is to postulate positive things on the area, then write down an Admin Scale with an Ideal Scene and then work towards it, and make it happen.

          I wish you the best, thanks for posting.


  14. Regardless of their denials, at a point in the future, both Tommy Davis and Anne Archer (son and mother) will be subjected to this treatment unless they leave Scientology together.

    • Yes, that is so true, but for right now they are both in denial.

      Last year I went to take pictures of a demonstration at CCI and Anne was arriving in her limo and she opened the door to make a signal to us rubbing her finger…like ‘shame on you’ thing.

      I was more sorry for her than upset at her.

  15. I assure you that Scientology’s disconnection and fair game policies are completely intact and vigorously practiced in today’s church. This is indisputable.

    One more thing, today Marty Rathbun whines about his dog being in danger from Dave Miscavige’s goons. This too is preposterous as both Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder were top promoters and implementors of what today has become the very worst of what Scientology has to offer.

    They were instrumental in ruining peoples lives and causing and covering up death. These two are both hearty liars. The cancer inside the body of Scientology has now erupted through the skin and is showing on the outside of Scientology.

    Marty Rathbun pretends to have “invented” the independent movement and it is sickening to watch how he cons people who want to participate in a healthy and wholesome practice of Scientology into believing that he is now a victim of the dirty tactics and tricks which if anything, he helped Dave Miscavige perfect.

    Independent Scientology is outside the Church and has existed in various forms for DECADES. It has been not only unsupported by Marty Rathbun but heavily persecuted by him from his posting within the Church and continues to be considered “persona non grata” by Rathbun since his leaving the Church.

    Marty Rathbun ruined many lives and along with his partner in crime Mike Rinder continues to prey on the trusting. Participate with them at your peril.

    There are many good and reputable Independent Scientologists practicing outside the Church and Aida Thomas is one of these. Put your trust in her technical expertise and basic goodwill and you will be pleased as I have been.

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