Knowledge Report: A Mark Bunker Documentary on $cientology


There is a new documentary about the Church of Scientology and the abuses. It is being made by Mark Bunker an Emmy award winner in 2006.  He is a critic of the abuses  of David Miscavige and his Cof$. Unfortunately,  I’m not sure he is exposing all the abuses of those who helped David Miscavige come into power.

I hope that he also goes deep into what exactly happened before, during and after LRH’s death, even though there is so much to tell.

He has interviewed a lot of people for his documentary aptly named, “Knowledge Report.” Amongst them several of the very people who caused the devastation of many people’s lives and who are now out exposing the same abuses, that they once perpetrated themselves on others. 


I think it is worth mentioning what he  is doing because he has worked very hard on it and it is being funded by supporters from all over the world. I have no doubt that it will be a very informative and helpful documentary.

Here is Mark  ‘handling’ rent-a-cop from the Cof$.

The latest on his documentary I learned today from Karen de la Carriere, Class XII C/S, is that Mark took some amazing pictures from a helicopter of the several ‘secret’ Scientology buildings.

Here is Mark Bunker with camera in hand,  getting ready to take the pictures David Miscavige doesn’t want us to…  I mean doesn’t care that we see.   Thank you Mark for taking the pictures!

Thank you Karen for posting the pictures for all to see!


I do hope that one day we find out what the symbol at the Trementina Base is all about.


According to Karen this is DM’s $70M Office building.  Allegedly paid for by IAS funds including imported marble and THE ULTIMATE in luxury appointments. Its actually looking pretty empty, just like the “Idle Orgs” are at about 2:30pm during production time.


This is the Infamous “SP Hole.”  (the  square buildings with white roofs).

What exactly is the “SP Hall”?  According to an ex Sea Org member, it is a berthing facility which is used for all those high level executives that have been removed from post but have not yet been offloaded.

Since they cannot just declare them or let them go. Instead they segregate them and put them to work on menial labor. They are either working on A-E, doing grunt work or whatever, but the CofS definitely doesn’t want them to get out and talk, or hear everything that is going on outside the confines of the compound.

Most of the former Executive  Strata, WDC Execs, Author Services Execs, Gold Execs etc  who were running things are now in the SP hall. They are in a quasi-prisoner status.

This lookout on the hill above Gold base is at the very top edge of their mountainside property.  It features a camouflaged exterior and remote operated camera. 

It’s strategic location that gives a commanding view of the complex.  A road behind the mountain goes up Castaic Canyon past the dump. It can be driven by people legally to go to the top and look down on the property. You can even walk very close to the Eagle’s Nest and look down on it without trespassing.

This is another areal view of the compound which has become the  “quasi penitentiary”  as well as a bunker for Herr Miscavige. 

Of course these locations are secret to those who are still in and are forbidden to read about on the internet,  while the rest of the world is well informed on the abuses and the insanity there, with those  inside who choose to close their eyes.

Comments below by none other than Karen de la Carriere Class XII:

The Lap of luxury ~~~ David Miscavige hangouts ~~ his new 3 car garage and laundry room facilities.  How nice to have a 501C3 to to live like a Rock Star !

Karen de la Carriere:   BONNIE VIEW INT BASE. 

Built by DM for $30M of parishioners funds donated to the IAS in the ’90s with the sweat, blood and tears of SO members. Most of the work done on these Disney-like buildings of course were done with the slave labor of many staff who no longer wish to remain in the compound. It has become a prison where it is practically impossible to escape, much less route out properly.


This picture was taken by Angrygaypope, a Scientology critic.

If you wish to contact me:

For more information on the Documentary


24 responses to “Knowledge Report: A Mark Bunker Documentary on $cientology

  1. Ing-Marie Lundberg

    THANK YOU Aida, for this VERY vital and important post!
    You are really doing a FANTASTIC job in order to wake up scientologists!!!
    It´s really VALUABLE Aida and it´s really important to NEVER give up the fight for freedom….!!!
    “TR Three make you free” (and ALL of us) 🙂

    I LOVE this article!!!

    SOON DM´s imperium will fall!!! 🙂
    LRH says in the book “Understanding, The Universal Solvent” :

    “TRUTH is not detemined by it´s appeal, but by the evidence.”



    • Dearest Ing-Marie:

      This and many other people’s blogs are now posting the truth and what is happening nowdays. There is nothing that David Miscavige can do about it.
      The truth is out there for all to see.

      Much love to you too, my sister,

  2. I know Mark from the LMT Events in Leipzig Germany 10 years ago.
    He has courage, really. A dauntless fighter.

  3. “The old must give way to the the new, falsehood must become exposed by truth, and truth, through fought, always in the end prevails.” LRH, New Slant on Life

  4. Whenever I look at the property, I think of all the people busting their butts to make it look like Disneyland. We have labor laws for a reason and it’s infuriating that so many people get treated badly. Looking at the property this morning, I had a thought. It’s like DM wants to be a country unto himself. His own laws, land, and labor force. When I tell people about this stuff, they don’t believe it until they see it.

    • Hi Jess:
      David Miscavige has been taking the law into his own hands for a very long time now, unfortunately slavery is alive and well at those scientology compounds.

      I agree with you when you say we tell people and they don’t believe it, that is why this blog. I have told so many friends what is happening over the years but there are many who just simply refuse to see. It is sad.

      I hope that this blog and the comments help others open their eyes and escape from the gulags created by Miscavige.

  5. Aida thank you for sharing…great post and pictures. MORE TRUTH REVEALED!!!
    One of my friends drove by this razor fence on the way to work and he couldn’t believe his eyes!!! It really freaked him out.

  6. DM lives in a mansion created by Sea Org slave labor. What the hell does it have to do with LRH’s tech?
    Looking forward to this film!

  7. A picture is sometimes worth a 1,000 words. I hope these become award winning photos bringing light where there is darkness.

  8. One article better than the other!!
    Aida I just love your blog!!
    Not even the Jewesh in the concentration camps had such big blades on the fences…

  9. Great scoop, Aida! All the truth would be good. All the way to “source” or it’s still a “half-done”, eh? Let’s really clear the air. Set aside all ego, even the “founder’s” and give credit where credit is due. The results will carry the authentic workability into the future. The rest doesn’t need or deserve to be preserved.

  10. Well done, the more exposure the better.

  11. Thank you very much for those pictures , i hope we can get more ! :-))

  12. This is a very good review / spoiler.

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