Another Prison; A New Isolated Camp for Sea Org Brutality

Another Scientology Isolated property where they can ship victims for more PRIVATE introspection Rundowns

Here is the article and the link thanks to Class XII Karen de la Carriere .

Former Orangeville-area resort to become Scientology headquarters. Published On Tue Mar 15 2011 From the “Church” promo site.–former-orangeville-area-resort-to-become-scientology-headquarters#.Tmuzf-tdDBE.facebook

These look like Army barracks. I guarantee you they will be renovated by Sea Org members on blood, sweat and tears to look like INT Base Model properties…

Isolated and in the middle of nowhere, but also under the SCRUTINY of the INTERNET.


From Dan Robson Staff Reporter

Hidden behind a thick wall of trees atop the Niagara Escarpment just north of Toronto, the Church of Scientology is building a massive retreat where believers will “journey through the advanced realms” of their faith.

The facility, which includes more than 80 hectares and five buildings that total around 160,000 square feet, will serve as Scientology’s national headquarters when it opens next year.

The organization will upgrade the former Hockley Highlands Inn and Conference Centre in Mono, just northeast of Orangeville, which it purchased in 2009.

But a former member of the church says the isolated location will make it difficult for believers living there to leave if they want to.

Adam Holland, 22, said he wants “to educate local residents to be ready to help out anyone who does escape.” He has picketed the site and plans to do so again as it nears completion. Adam joined the SO when he was 18 years old but he left when he was not allowed to see his father, who by the way still remains in the Church.

Design plans, available on Scientology’s website, feature “first-class” lodge accommodations, a luxurious conference centre and a café. It will house as many as 200 permanent staff members.

“All told, it’s exactly what is required to assist Canadian Scientologists through the ultimate frontier at the top of the bridge to total freedom,” a narrator says during a five-minute video on the website.

The Church of Scientology lists 8,500 churches, missions and groups in 165 countries, including most major Canadian cities.

The faith, which boasts celebrity followers like Tom Cruise and John Travolta, is often accused of exploiting its followers for financial gain and is criticized for its controversial beliefs, including its public rejection of psychiatry.

The New Yorker magazine recently featured an article on Oscar-winning screenwriter and London, Ont., native Paul Haggis, who had a high-profile split from Scientology. In many ways, his reported experience mirrored the claims of Holland, who recently defected from the faith after being raised a Scientologist.

Holland volunteered at the church’s Toronto center for two years before leaving.

“They did everything within the threshold of the law … to prevent me from going,” Holland said of his time living and working at the Toronto centre where he said he was made to work 18 hours a day. He noted the pressure to remain was never physical, but strongly psychological.

Holland said he was disciplined by the church because his sales of founder L. Ron Hubbard’s books were too low, and because he passed a message along to a woman in the church from a sister who had left Scientology.

He received a “suppressive person declare” last year, which essentially exiled him from the church and its members, including his father, Paul. Reached by phone, Paul Holland said his son “needs to grow up,” but declined to discuss details of his faith.

Scientology’s Toronto church directed questions about Holland’s allegations and the new facility to its national office. Pat Felske, public affairs director for the church in Toronto, said officials were occupied with celebrations of Hubbard’s 100th birthday and would be available to comment in person on Tuesday.

The church however, has publicly denied Holland’s allegations and maintains that anyone is free to leave.

Scientology is considered a non-profit organization in Ontario, said Felske. It is not listed as a charitable organization with the Canada Revenue Agency.

The Bruce Trail runs through the wooded property, and there have been online reports that the church will ask to have the scenic route moved, which is completely within a private land owner’s rights.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy said it has not received a Scientology request to move the trail.

Fred Nix, a member of Mono’s township council, said it has never discussed the Scientology facility.

“Up here we also have a monastery, a tai chi center, and a Boy Scout camp.  So, if they obey the law and pay their taxes, I’m happy.”



13 responses to “Another Prison; A New Isolated Camp for Sea Org Brutality

  1. The time comes, when the CO$ buys Australia, and reinstall it as a prison camp for all SP´s on the planet. *looool

  2. Ing-Marie Lundberg

    Dear Thetasister!

    Thank you for the pictures.

    I really felt sick when I saw these picures. It´s SO awful to know, that more scientologists will be mentally and physical destroyed…..:(

    My Tone 40 intention is, that these buildings wil continue to be EMPTY

    !!! Let us postulate Aida, that DM goes into jail THIS YEAR!!! 🙂


    Also,that MORE serious things re DM will be REVEALED as soon as possible…..!!!

    ALL this torture must be STOPPED!!! NOW!!!!!!!!

    ALL MY AFFINITY to You……..

  3. More specifics on people i’m looking for :Chrisitne Carrerot (born in Franc)e became Christine Rodil ( last post known : Pgm ops CMOI)

    Loraine Matthey ( born in Swizerland )became Loraine Larsen, when in the USA became Loraine Carban last comm i got was in 1989.

    Christine Pradat (born in France ) ,became Chrisitne Rodil then Chrisitne Owens ( last post known : D/ED int )

    If you come across some info let me know .

  4. Thanks for your post Aida .

    I suspect some of my friends be locked in one of those places .

    I’m currently looking for Christine Carrerot / Rodil, Loraine Larsen/ Matthey , Jean Michel Wargniez and Christine Owens ( former D/ED Int ) .

    • Hi Denis:

      There are a lot of people trapped on those Scientology gulags.

      I hope that your friends or someone who know their whereabouts read this blog and contact you.

      Thanks for posting in this blog. I hope that it helps you find them.

  5. It sounds impossible that today there’s a group who make people work like mad for nearly no exchange, prevents them from leaving and can even hold them captive in even worse places than those normally seen and humiliate them there. Many people speak about it, but almost no authority, except those in Australia, seem to do anything about it. Is the religious label so powerful protection?

    • I don’t know, but in my Spanish blog I posted about a person from Colombia was recruited for the SO and got upset because ended up working for nearly no exchange and called the authorities and they incarcerated the recruiter but did nothing to the Org.

      Here in the US Marc Headly took them to court and lost.

      Only Senator Xenophon in Australia has been capable of doing something.

  6. A religious community which enforces LOA-leave of absence, even for publics is a sick shop. If you ask me, this is a key-policy within the administrative frame of SCN, which proves that SCN is a prison.

    Usually you find those rules/procedures only applied on prisoners or in military units. MP-military police is supposed to bring back blown soldiers and put them under justice. Its crap.

    I am not asking the local org if I am allowed to leave for a few weeks (for whatever purpose). I am not writing CSW because I have to handle something.

    The LOA policy is a deeply implanted fear that someone could blow. Furthermore its DEV-T based on LRH´s own DEV-T policy: Its inspection before facts. 😛

    (Cross posted on Glenn Samuels blog)

    Keep in mind that the roots, for all of Miscaviges actions, even if perverted, are based on LRH policy and Flag orders.

    • When I was inside the Scientology orgs, I never missed a wedding or a family gathering or whatever because of a not approved CSW.

      If I ever considered that I needed to be absent, I got absent.

      The problem with that is not so much the policy, it is when a total stranger (the staff member who approves or disapproves the CSW) a total stranger decides for you if you shall come and go and you allow that to happen to you. In other words, If I see fit that I needed to leave the org to handle a cycle I did leave.

      I never let them disapprove a single CSW…why should one? To me, CSWs were merely a “I am letting you know that I am leaving and I will come back when I am done”.

      And yes, Ron Hubbard had some policies that were not for the best and with some evil staff using their power got even worse. That is why one must also follow the “Price of Freedom” Constant alertnes, constant willingness to fight back, there is no other price” I don’t blame it all on Hubbard’s Policies…I think that at the end of the day the responsibility lies in our shoulders for accepting insane actions in the first place.

      • Aida, Scientologists always have an explanation why people blow.
        Technical or ethics. ARC-X, OW, MU´s…and so on, but I never ever
        heard that someone is refering to the book: Problems of work. Here LRH says very clearly that peolple leave jobs because “treated too bad, oder treated too good. This datum is absolutely NOT-ised and obviously it applies to all these Int Execs and SO-members which quitted.
        ML Sniper

        • Hi Sniper:
          A lot of the tech is not-ised, people have applied it to their ‘convenience’ or their agendas; just like he says in POW that people leave jobs because they are mistreated and they not is, they also not is that he mentions not to disconnect in the case of problems with parents…yet the policy has been applied in a VERY destructive manner.

          Take a look at my posting on Disconnection. and many, many other policies were not-ised to perpetrate crimes.

  7. That is not far from me. I get their TV stations here a lot.

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