Who Helped David Miscavige Take Over?


“They must find it difficult, those that take authority as truth, instead of truth as the authority”

-Gerald Massey, Egyptologist.


I got in Scientology in 1976 and by then Ron was no longer appearing in public, but he was still in command and in communication with the public.  I saw the evolution of the Church until 1997 when I finally left. This is my take on what really happened with the Church and LRH. This is what I saw and some of what I learned later.

.Here I am on course on September 1977 at the American Saint Hill Organization, Los Angeles.

When Ron wrote Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health in 1950, no one could really write a self help book like nowadays. It had to be written by a psychologist, a psychiatrist or perhaps by a minister of a Church.  And, the average person could not give counseling unless he was trained at a university and properly licensed.

But in today’s society we now have gurus, Life Coaches, New Age Practitioners, counselors, ‘facilitators’ and many others that come by different names.  In the present, pretty much anybody can invent a processes, write a book or start a practice, even if they had not been ‘recognized’ as such by an authority or a college degree. Actually, most of these New Age practices are derivations of Scientology,  like Avatar, Landmark Forum and others.

But for Ron, those were different times as ‘Auditors’ had no license to practice as counselors.  So LRH decided to make Scientology a religion or religious philosophy and Dianetics his science. Many people left when that happened. Nevertheless, the IRS still wanted him to pay taxes and of course, like everyone else, Hubbard wanted nothing to do with them.

Scientology’s purpose is to achieve higher spiritual and ethical levels. True, Ron was really ahead of his time with his new ideas as they simplified the application of many philosophies and thinkers that came before him.  He also acknowledged that his writings were based on thousands of years of  wisdom from past philosophers and scientists.

However, the IRS did not recognize Scientology as a religion and Hubbard HAD to pay taxes or else. This became a problem and he went into hiding. In the meantime, Mary Sue (his wife) had gone to jail for many years. Because of these factors, Mary Sue and Ron where separated for many years and its been said that they where unable to even communicate with each other.

When Ron died in 1986, the management of Scientology announced it at the Hollywood Palladium.  Unfortunately I could not attend the ceremony.  However, I later watched the video where Earle C. Cooley, (the lawyer that was present at Ron’s death) Pat Broeker and others  misrepresent the truth to the public.  They told everyone that LRH had “causatively left his body to go onto research advanced OT levels, which required that he be unencumbered of his earthly form”. 


Here is an old picture of the attorney who helped David Miscavige take over.  I learned he had died recently from a passionate eulogy presented on Marty Rathbun  blog where he called him a hero of all things.  On the contrary, the man was considered by many as a criminal.

( See the LRH’s Coroner’s report)  http://www.xenu.net/archive/hubbardcoroner/

The problem with  Hubbard “causatively leaving the body” is,  that he never left a message, written or taped, or even a journal speaking of it to the public.  We also never had a official  Power Change Formula from him. 

This outpoint alone is directly contrary to the basics of the Ethics Conditions that Hubbard himself pioneered.  The book Introduction to Scientology Ethics includes;

“Correctly applying the condition of power change makes it possible for a person to successfully take over a job his predecessor left behind” 

If the above statment of Ron “causatively leaving the body” and turning over his post is true.  One would think that his life’s work would have been important enough for him to have included such a thing. Not only did he consider this topic important enough to write about in general, but as well to include in the Ethics conditions (as it is such) with the  “Power Change Violation Repair Formula” as well. 

Knowing that this repair formula would be rather dificult to do once body death has passed, one would believe that Ron being a detailed man, would have certainly accounted for it before hand.  Again, that is if the statment “causatively leaving the body” were to be true.

This bothered me for a long time, but it was not feasible to know the truth. In those days there was no internet and unless you challenged the new Scientology authorities, there was no way to know what had really happened.

The only message Ron allegedly left, was a document dated 15 May, 1983,  in which he acknowledges David Miscavige as  “his trusted associate.”  In this document it also claims  Ron stating, “the charges that he is organizing the theft of my assets are completely false…”   At that time the public had yet to even hear of such charges, let alone a situation important enough to prompt a handling for them from Ron himself.  I guess it was the internal politics of,  “just in case”. 

Here is a copy of one page the document

Click to enlarge

On the next page one can see Ron’s signature. However, the document was not released as a Policy letter or Executive Directive as customary in the Church but is actually on numbered paper normally reserved for legal documents.  This being so, is NOT notarized and there are NO signatures of any witnesses as would be expected with such. To me, not only is this document then neither a “standard legal document” nor is it a customary Church document.

Finally if one looks closely,  LRH’s signature looks remarkably different from his signature on prior documentation, well as the Ron’s famous hallmark initials that we have seen over the decades. As for the finger prints… sadly enough, one not need be alive to make a finger print.

Here is Ron’s signature we all grew to know.  According to Jesse Prince, Norman Starkey forged his signature. Others have commented as well that David Miscavige and others used to brag on how well they could forging Ron’s signature from the “You can always write to Ron” letter line of the early years.


You do not have to be an expert to compare both signatures and see the difference.



David Miscavige and ‘his execs’ took charge of the Church of Scientology in the 80’s.  The first thing they did was to dismantle the Mission Network.  This act alone was in direct conflict with Ron’s directives of making Auditors and expanding the availability of Scientology and more aligned with shrinking the expansion to manageability of control. 

This started with the now infamous “Mission Holders Conference”,  where ALL mission holders where ordered to attend. Once in the venue and assembled,  Sea Org “guards” and staff promptly locked all the exits behind them.The rest of the story is available at length here, though validating the information for yourself must remain your own responsibility.  


After that evening almost all of the missions from all over the world suddenly folded and closed their doors.


Second in command then was Marty Rathbun, along with Mike Rinder. There were other execs such as Larry Brennan, Jeff Hawkins, Guillaume Lesevre, Ray Mithoff, Marc Yaeger, Jesse Prince, etc. These people at the time were the front line protectors of the Church and intrusted most with the implementation of KSW. So, why did they all fail?





Who helped David Miscavige come to power?

I don’t know for sure. But, one thing I do know for sure is that L. Ron Hubbard or David Miscavige alone did not destroy Scientology. On the contrary, this was a tight knit group headed by Miscavige after Ron’s death and all of the execs were very compliant to Miscavige’s orders. They did whatever they had to do to stay in his good graces and to keep him at the top. How did David Miscavige become COB?

All of the above mentioned executives as far as I am concerned were not applying the Tech at all. These being the very principles that attracted myself and others to Scientology to begin with.

What is “Greatness, Granting Beingness, Pan-determinism, Personal Integrity, What is true for you” and other similar values  suddenly all disappeared. In it’s place a dictatorial “have to do what we say or else” came into place and the environment instantly fell to danger and fear.

Free thinking was no longer allowed by the new Miscavige regime.

Most of those execs stayed for more than 20 years and supported Miscavige’s ‘reign of terror’. Apparently they were all a part of it through willfully perpetrating crimes against humanity by the damage they created worldwide. 

Not only did they harm Scientology, the most grave Suppressive Act considerable by Church Ethics through limiting it’s reach and application, bringing a bad reputation to the subject, holding the Church in harms way and “squirreling” the technology to a point of unworkability, etc.

Individually people lost their money, economic security, their youth was wasted, they lost their Families, Mothers, Fathers, Children and Siblings.

They lost their freedom and some even lost their lives.

Some of these so called, ‘execs’ finally  left and are now speaking out and publishing books with their stories.  It is clear that their policy of  “anything-goes”  was forcefully applied to make money and to stay in power without care or consideration at all about the damage they caused to the Church, the subject of Scientology and to people from all over the world.

Here are the main violators of this regime attack on lives and human rights:


In the meantime while all the above had occurred, apparently the IRS  had agreed to recognize Scientology as a religion.

Marty Rathbun was told that if Hubbard paid $12.5 million dollars of back taxes, Hubbard could come out and take charge of the church again.

Not only that, but the CofS would have tax free status as a religion.

According to insiders, David Miscavige did not want to pay the I.R.S. and have Hubbard take publicly viable charge of the Church again. This would have eliminated the need for a “via” of  Ron’s orders due to being in hiding and thus the ability to subjugate control from him.

Miscavige instead decided he liked being on the top.  Eventually the CST (Church of Spiritual Technology) was created with a controlling board of lawyers and others who were not even Scientologists.

The head of CST at its time of conception was Meade Emory.  Mr. Emory also held the position of Assistant to Commissioner of IRS!?  The Church was now being run not by dedicated clears and OT’s but by ‘wogs’ and I.R.S Officers!

Here is the “Tax crud” Meade Emory

Founder of the “Church of Spiritual Technology


Here is the link with all of the LEGAL documentation and names. You’ll be surprised at this information. Best link of them all.


Per the above link,  after they got rid of Hubbard, they now needed to get rid of Mary Sue Hubbard and her children as well. According to many witnesses this is what happened.


“Miscavige had Mary Sue Hubbard under “house arrest” in Los Feliz in LA. near the complex. She had two Sea Org members living with her and they went with her everywhere and reported daily to Miscavige what she did every day.”

“Soon after LRH’s death, Miscavige takes Jesse Prince and over a dozen other Sea Org execs and invade  the house of Mary Sue Hubbard… 

She was recovering from lung cancer surgery and was in a wheelchair at the time… 

Under duress, MSH made an agreement to waive her rights to her community share of the Estate of LRH…

This is how Miscavige swindled Hubbard’s heirs out of an inheritance worth 400 million.”


Here is an article from the St Petersbug Times that Miscavige, Marty and Rinder wish they could make it disappear.



Some of the purported Sea Org members who invaded MSH house and yelled at her until she signed the documents renouncing her legal rights to the intellectual properties of Scientology are listed as…

Jesse Prince

Lyman Spurlock 

Norman Starkey


Vicki Aznaran



Marc Yaeger


Ray Mithoff


Marty Rathbun


Here is Marty’s version of what had happened at MSH’s house.  It looks different than the one in the link above and the “historically accepted” version repeated through the years.


There are many witnesses who have stated that Marty Rathbun was an accessory to the take over of the Church from Mary Sue Hubbard and her family.

Allegedly after the take over, Marty and his wife Ann, Mike Rinder and his wife Cathy, as well as the other executives and their wives, all received a salary of $ 120,000 dollars annually… EACH! 

That meant each ‘exec couple’ made $220,000 dollars total a year. Plus all expenses paid, first class flights, expensive suits, dinners at the best restaurants, fancy accommodations, etc. 

All while the rest of the SO staff were eating rice and beans and sleeping in over crowded berthing facilities. Some as much as ten to a room.

Here are the ex-wives of those ex-executives.  They are now dissing their ex-husbands on TV and calling them losers.

From left to right,   Catherine Bernardini-Rinder, Katherine Fraser-Hawkins, Annie Joasem-Rathbun and with the glasses; Jenny Linson-De Voght.

When Mary Sue Hubbard died there was no eulogy from the Church for the founder’s honored and dearly loved wife. No announcements, acknowledgment or even “Historical Mention” made.  Instead they treated it as if she had never existed.  Mary Sue and her children were completely erased from Ron’s family album and history of the church.  Miscavige and his team made sure of that.

After the ‘golden team’ got rid of LRH and MSH. Now David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Greg Wilhere, Ronnie Miscavige, Ray Mithoff and others could be the top honchos of the ‘Authorized’ Organization of Scientology. They alone were now “Upper Management” and the end of Scientology as the world had known it had began.  Perhaps it began before,  but to me, that is where it all started.

For myself, I wanted to continue auditing, but many auditors and critics of Scientology had been raided by the police, which were allegedly ordered by Marty Rathbun.

The Independent Scientologists already had a group in 1982 and they had formal organizations and were delivering auditing.

Marty is NOT the first indie group.  Actually, he harassed those original independents and anyone else who dared to practice or criticize the Scientology religion outside of the ‘upper management’ control.

Here is Dennis Erlich one of the people that were raided by the police. Warren McShane a high exec of the Chruch had ordered it.  Dennis lost his house as a result of these operations.


 Just recently I have been reading Janet Reitman book,  ‘Inside Scientology’.  I would like to quote her  here for those who have not read it. If you read her book you will be shocked. It is very ‘enlightening’ as to ‘who is who’ in the crimes of Scientology.

First of all, on page 153 she describes  an accounts of how Miscavige and Rathbun stole the secret materials and personal effects of Ron Hubbard from Pat Broeker, who had been very close to Ron and was supposed to succeed him upon his death.

These so called “OT execs” behaved like thugs in old Chicago and were willing to steal, cheat, maim, lie and more for power. In that page she also mentions that According to Marty Rathbun, “there are no OT 9 and 10, let alone anything higher…”  More from Marty’s own blog:

“When the folders turned out to contain no holy grail, Broeker then said he had other LRH writings that constituted the keys to OT IX and X.

Another raid ensuedin which I coordinated a squad of armed outside security personnel to secure the premises”.

What does this mean? Was Marty willing to order his armed squad to shoot and murder Pat Broeker?

Marty made these claims on his blog, yet, for more than 20 years Marty and Miscavige led people to believe that there were more OT levels that would be released if Orgs became St Hill Size.

Wow! That meant n-e-v-e-r!

And, to do this they would have to gain and flow LOTS of money and assets to upper management as a result in the process whether they made it or not.

Here is a picture of St Hill I took in my last visit to England.


As it turned out, Marty knew for 20 years that the OT levels 9-15 did not exist at all!

Yet, they all played the game of telling the public and staff to  go for “St Hill size”  in order to deliver the rest of the OT levels.

All the while knowing full well they could not do it. Nevertheless, naturally they were selling them!

All these years of lies to the whole world!

And, some even paid in advance for those levels at the cost of a ton of money at that! Here is an old invoice for advance payment for OT IX and X.

People were being regged over $18,000.00 dollars for services that did NOT exist!!




Per Marty’s own words, he destroyed the evidence on the Lisa MacPherson case that could possibly have landed David Miscavige in jail, yet he protected him from the law. 

Marty Rathbun was an accessory to the dismantling and prosecuting of many auditors, Missions, staff members and the very first Independent Scientologists.

Marty also labelled Freezoners,  as ‘squirrels’; yet he now calls his own group;  “Independents, part of the Freezone” !?

He has been adjudicated as the person who has gotten a lot of people out of Scientology, however, to me, until Anon came and organized world wide demonstrations against Scientology, there was no way to be able to communicate and do something about it and thanks to them, long before Marty, many more walked out to freedom and spoke out.

There is a lot more to say with names and events that could be mentioned but I just wanted to share this information in a nutshell.  It is up to you, our readers, to create your own conclusions and gather further information from this point on.

.                                                                                          ~~~~~~   ~~~~~~

“Once a religion starts ordering you around, it is no longer a religion, it is a cult” 

-Aida Thomas, Class VIII Auditor



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100 responses to “Who Helped David Miscavige Take Over?

  1. If i had a wish, it would be that Marty himself made some comments right here in your blog Aida. (communication is a wonderful thing) 😉

  2. Aida: “The only message Ron allegedly left, was a document dated 15 May, 1983, in which he acknowledges David Miscavige as ‘his trusted associate.’ In this document it also claims Ron stating, ‘the charges that he is organizing the theft of my assets are completely false…’ At that time the public had yet to even hear of such charges, let alone a situation important enough to prompt a handling for them from Ron himself. I guess it was the internal politics of, ‘just in case’. ”

    Chris: Though an excellent typist, Hubbard hand-wrote The Tech. The purpose of this was to create a verifiable record, thus the “LRH Archives.” If LRH had wanted to get a message out to others endorsing anyone to assume his responsibilities, he would have simply written it out by hand. He did not protect the “Church.” Also, he did nothing to protect his blindly faithful wife and family. He never did any of that. He let his wife go to jail for him. For me, this is an important outpoint and casts LRH in an unholy light. How can this be reconciled?

    • Chris, it cannot be reconciled. However, the only thing we have left is the Tech, does it work or not? Ron said in a PAB that the emphasis is in Scientology not its personalities.

      It is very unfortunate that LRH handled things the way he did.

      As for the document that you mention, I happen to have a copy and it is not notarized or anything, anybody could have made it, the signature does not even look like LRH’s; even a non expert can tell it is fake. If you notice the Auditor’s Code it says: “I promise to cooperate fully with the ***authorized organizations***** of Dianetics and Scientology, where before it said: “I promise to cooperate fully with the ****Legal***. It is all in my videos about the alterations of the Tech.

      • Right Aida. So my own personal reconciliation has been and is being to improve my own personal integrity and to use Scientology for the betterment of myself, my fellows and for others. The blind faith and power and trust that I placed in this cult was a failing on my part and I am trying very hard to understand and learn the correct lessons from this without creating “computations” and “service facsimiles” in the Tech dictionary sense. We can learn and live smartly without these reactive mental mechanisms. This is my reconciliation.

        You and Dave are good examples of the direction that New Scientology can go.

        • What a wonderful reconcilliation! That alone will save your neck!
          Thank you for the validation Dave and me. We sincerely try our best to help others without becoming cultists.

  3. My two cents is that regardless of how p.o.’d you are at people following Marty because of his past criminal deeds, it will not resolve by doing the same things that the cos does to it’s enemy lines, which is advertising the alleged misdeeds.

    And don’t take that the wrong way. I totally understand where you’re coming from Aida. But you’re just going to see people coming out and wanting to protect him and side with him and forgive him and give him a backrub. So don’t waste your time , is my advice. Haven’t we seen enuf of that happen over the years with other “leaders” who wanted to be chief of the whole pack and even though some gave out confidential ethics/case information on public boards, we still saw the minions spring forth in protect mode? LMAO Come on. This is not going to change anytime soon when you deal with human beings.

    People are like water, only usually not as clean. They seek their own level. You are not going to stop that motion. It will happen no matter what you do or don’t do.

    Keep up your own good work, and I would like to acknowledge your ability to see what is there and confront it and speak of it, regardless of the deaf ears alot of it fell on. LOL The good news is there are plenty of us who see the same thing you do and we don’t do herd rallies. Peace. 🙂

    You don’t have to put this up. If you want you can communicate privately. Whatever the case, just keep up your own good work. It is not in vain. 🙂

    • Hi Sharon:
      Thanks so much for your comment! I totally duplicate you.

      I mainly am posting this information basically to restore the dignity of those who suffered because of these people. Not so much so for Marty’s defenders, for they cannot see and lack integrity. It takes A LOT to confront evil.

      I owe nothing to Marty neither he owes me anything. He owes LRH, his children who obviously are not there at his side and he owes to those who he harmed directly. Because of that I will continue with the purpose of this blog: To inform people of the truth and to denounce the crimes perpetrated by the execs.

  4. Enlightening Blog, Aida.

    While we in the freezone have known for years that LRH never wrote up OT IX and X etc., OT’s in the COS were being conned.

    • Hi Pat:
      Thanks for your comments.
      What I wonder is, why you never commented about that those OT levels did not exist, on the Freezone boards when Class XII Pierre Ethier was promoting his lies on his website.
      He is a con artist auditing in the Freezone and he is NOT the only one…
      If I had only known….

      • I didn’t know that you didn’t understand he was writing them up.

        Sometimes I take for granted that something is “known” to all, and of course it never really is.

        Sometimes I didn’t read too much of Pierres materials, like the rant on the freezone…just see it is a rant and go onto something else.

        • Pat:
          Pierre Ethier, came to LA and promised my OT VIII husband to deliver OT 9 and OT 10, however, we waited for two long weeks to produce the materials which he never did. Either they did not exist and he lied or in spite out of hatred he refused to deliver; either way, OT he is not; on the contrary, he is a person who went into launching attacks against me because I missed his withholds of gross out tech and other things.

    • Typical Pat answer.

      Let me ask how the freezone knows this?

      Especially since the freezone doesn’t know how to audit.

      • RJ:
        A long time ago, I publicly announced that I am not part of the Freezone because we do not have the same ethical principles. In the Freezone ethics is seen according to their internal politics,

        People like Pierre Ethier, who has gross out tech is awarded KhaKahan, Ken Uquhart the creator of the RPF and who has recently publicly said he is poid f it, is a ‘respected auditor’ in the FZ. Marty receives accolades by all in the FZ… They are all into forgive and forget, sadly, lots of people lost fortunes, family, their best years of their lives, time and some even died. That is what the Freezone is…to me. It started with good intentions and ended like another CofS

        And still people do not wake up those characteres. However, I will continue informing others with the truth and helping those who want to be helped.

        • I understand Aida.

          Personally I’m not into this ____ (fill in the blank with FZ, Indie, whatever) Scientologist thang.

          I think many who call themselves “Freezone” and “Indie” Scientologists are a bunch of know bests just like their favorite op term David Miscavige and are about as smart and I mean that with more than a touch of sarcasm 🙂

          • I am done with op terming people. I will just document in this blog whatever needs to be documented and that is all.

            Some are re-writing history to their convenience. And some do not care the lies and they are buying them. Be it.

            The truth is available for those who wish to see it.

          • I agree.

            The more you opterm the more likely it is that one becomes what one detests.

            This is pretty much covered in the refs pertaining to R2 10 and 12 and the S&D ref entitled How a Suppressive Becomes One.

            The fascist Church of Psychiatry is a perfect example.

          • RJ, we had to call it something. We weren’t with the COS anymore, we weren’t “field auditors” because that was a COS connection.

            So “freezone” adequately described an area free of COS where Scientologists could functions.

            New to the freezone are the Indies. 🙂 They are freezoners, they just don’t know it.

          • RJ: Freezone was a term created by Captain Bill Robertson to denote his group outside the CofS. Later it became a generic term to describe all Scientology outside CofS.

            The Independents were a group formed in 1982 when the dismantling of the Mission Network which Marty Rathbun later on stalked, harrassed and prosecuted to his heart’s content. He later stole their name and adopted it and proclaimed that they were THE first independents and THE first Independent wedding and THE first independent 4 of July Party…when the original 1982 independents actually made the 4 of July their celebration. Mary has an agenda and all of his followers are for a surprise.

          • Pat and Aida,

            I’m familiar with Cap’n Bill’s Freezone and Ron’s Org as well.

            They do alright on the lower levels but I don’t dig excal and I’m not into Marcabs invading Earth thang.

            I happen to believe our enemies are of more terrestrial origin.

            Personally in my own opinion it is a Q&A to call ourselves anything other than Scientologists which by the earliest definition means one who improves conditions. Not someone who belongs to that abomination the “Church” has become.

            The latter is the slick definition that coup worked out with their buddies in the IRS so they could force anyone who wanted to remain a “Scientologist” a radically cool IAS card.

            Also a Field Auditor is one who audits in the Field.

            Not someone licensed by IHELP or more accurately IBETRAY.

            Legal fictions that have been made up in the last few years as a means to gain a monopoly on the subject.

            Just because the Organization calls itself the “Church of Scientology” doesn’t mean that it is.

            As far as I’m concerned.

            The organization has forfeited any right to control the use of the technology by the fact that they are nothing but a bunch of squirrels who instead of maintaining the purity of the tech and ensuring the delivery of Standard Tech like they promised the Ol’man have totally FUBARed it.

            So who has more right to call themselves a Scientologist?

            Not those guys!

            As far as I’m concerned they are way below treason and are merely pretending to be Scientologists.

            Now regarding the Field.

            I’m not into the indie field or the freezone field. I’m in the FIELD and right now the FIELD has pretty much had it with these clown asses who call themselves “management” who are so stupid that they’d blindly follow the orders of a mentally deficit megalomanic psychotic lunatic sociopath who thinks of himself as the “Pope of Scientology” (like Marty and Mike did for almost 2 decades) who doesn’t even have the qualifications to wash dishes in the Galley.

            Not all of them are “koolaid drinkers” though they may have friends and family who still are.

            And I know many who like myself who have quietly abandoned the Church without painting a target on our backs for OSA by declaring our Independence or doing some other dumb ass thing (that again Marty and Mike suggest we do) which only creates antagonism with the Church of Suppressives or COS.

            We’re quite happy to quietly deliver the tech like our fore Scientologists did back in the ’50’s when the AMA was our biggest enemy.

            Now it’s the COS itself that seems to be the biggest *enemy*.

            As Pogo once said:

            “We have found the enemy and it is us”

            or more accurately them.

            Probably we’d do a lot better without them right now or all the false dialetics or GPMs that have been created.

            That’s my view.

  5. http://www.tampabay.com/news/scientology/article1048113.ece

    It’s like having professional hit men at your doorstep wanting to convince you that they’re just there for the apple pie they smell coming from your kitchen.

    We are not dealing with good here.

    I have concluded we are dealing with professional Evil Purpose Beings.

    I’m glad to get that cleared up as I had some confusion that needed to blow off on this one. 🙂

  6. The question of how can it be that so many forget so soon what Marty and Mike did, is age old.

    History shows us repeatedly how horrific events such as the holocaust or the mass murders by Mao leave people in a state of confusion and willingness to carry on with the perpetrators due to the significant shock and assault done psychologically to those people.

    Their anchor points were pulled. Their stable datum was knocked out, whatever that was to them. Perhaps those who are so blind have the added burden of enough similar overts of their own that connecting with M & M is nothing short of mutually out ruds.

    Whatever the case those people in the Independent field who follow Marty do have to travel their own road and they, no differently than any of us, will know if what they did was right or not by the condition they find themselves later.

    Meantime, it’s good to know there are so many of you around because it can get very lonely out here. 🙂

    • I haven’t forgotten and I won’t. I was in the Sea Org when LRH died and was witness to the coup d’etat and in the loop when Vicky Aznaran, etal were cleansed from management.

      Marty’s gig is transparent to me as are his many dramatizations of missed withholds. He is divisive and continues the tactics he learned at the feet of Dave Miscavige who learned at the feet of LRH. Although one could get the idea that he has a large independent following, I do not believe this to be true.

      • Hi Chris,

        First thanks for the compliment on my earlier response.

        Secondly I respectfully disagree with the point that Miscavige learned anything at Ron’s feet or anyone else’s.

        Miscavige strikes me as a classic “know best” which is what makes him such a valuable asset since he can be controlled unwittingly by suggesting something to him and letting him think it was his own idea or that he somehow originated the concept.

        Marty on the other hand was nothing but a “yes man” who is now claiming the Nuremberg Defense.

        Ya know the one:

        “I vas oneely vollowing orders”

        Same with the rest of the coup who were the ones responsible for giving the bushy tailed rodent so much power.

        They never got in ethics from the top and now they are taking a well deserved respite in what has come to be known as “the hole”.

        Anyone of them could assign the Squirrel a well deserved condition of treason or comm ev his sorry ass.

        Yet they’d rather sleep on the floor in a locked room and take showers with a garden hose while holding EST like group “seances” getting off their “overts”.

        What a pathetic bunch!

        Marty and Mike and others like them spend their time doing nothing but justify their own overts with their constant refrain that it was Miscavige who made ’em do it.

        Yeah I’ve seen lots of cases like that before in my many years auditing.

        All pretty much no responsibility cases.

        Anyway that’s my own view on the scene.

        Further I’d like to add that if it was Miscavige all by himself who was totally responsible for the sorry state of Scientology these days then the situation would have long since as-ised or at least resolved somewhat.

        But it hasn’t and all I see from these guys is a lot of finger pointing and recrimination.

        Nuff’ said.

  7. Aida,

    Is it just me?

    Or has anyone else noticed the contrary fact that according to Marty supposedly there are no levels above VIII.

    Yet he admits stealing them from Pat Broeker.

    So which is it?

    • According to the Janet Reitman book which I quoted, Marty Rathbun and David Miscavige broke into the office where Pat Broeker allegedly had the OT levels but they found out that there were no OT 9 and 10, apparently Ron never wrote them.

      An infamous Class XII boasted on his blog he had them too…but so far he did not produce any materials whatsoever.

      Only they know the truth. I can just speculate but I like to post documents in my blog.

      • The only other person who who would know is Pat Broeker who has mysteriously vanished without a trace from the scene.

        Having the Dox is not necessarily the total answer.

        See the following:


        Since we’re on the topic.

        This is one of the reasons I wasn’t too impressed with Reitman’s book.

        She asked for what was allegedly Ron’s 201, was told those were all the records they had and meekly accepted it without question.

        Unlike John Marks, James Banford, David Wise, Tom Ross or any real *investigative* journalist she didn’t dig any further.

        For instance Marks when he was investigating Mk Ultra for his book “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” was given a lousy 38 pages in the beginning of his investigation and was told that was all by CIA.

        Of course he didn’t believe them and demanded more and even sued them under FOIA.

        Eventually they were forced to turn over 187 bankers boxes full of information relating to the program which didn’t include the files Gottlieb was ordered to destroy when Helms was DCI.

        Then of course there is the infamous “Mj 12 Documents” that proved conclusively that the Government was in collusion with extra-terrestrials which were nothing but a bunch of forgeries.

        Proving that what is written is not necessarily always true.

        So having the dox isn’t the total answer unless they are confirmed as valid.

        Like the example you gave of the alleged signed declaration by Ron.

        • Hi RJ:

          Thanks for your input, excellent comments and a great link for sure.

          As for Pat Broeker, he’s not completely vanished, he is simply silenced and we can only speculate that is either fear, (remember the armed guards) got paid for his silence or went into oblivion.

          Nothing good for sure. As LRH’s successors Pat and Ann were very, very poor choice if it is true that they were actually chosen, they and the others were and are all traitors who had their own agenda and cared nothing for the welfare of the SO staff, the public and much less for Scientology and the name of LRH was dragged through the muds.

          I have to agree with you on Janet Reitman’s book, I think it is not bad, but could have been better, it is one more book about Scientology, nevertheless the info I quoted was valuable for the article. She pretty much said the same things we’ve been reading in the internet and could have asked more agressive questions or dig deeper. She does not even mention hardly at all what happened with MSH, all of the documents, the St Hill building in England and more, she barely delved into LRH’s wills at his death, etc…etc. We still have A LOT of questions unanswered.

          As for “proving what it is written is not always necessarily the truth”, yes, definitely! Just take a look at Marty’s version about Mary Sue Hubbard turning the intellectual properties and all of the estate of L.Ron Hubbard; all of his life’s work ‘voluntarily’ to DM and the CST founders; I am sorry but that just does not jive with me after how Hubbard’s children were treated by Miscavige and the rest.

          However, there are plenty of other documents in my blog, such as the invoice selling OT levels that they know well do not exist, or at least are not delivering, then the infamous video with the all of the execs and lawyer lieing to the public at LRH’s funeral, and what about the coroner’s report? (I will get to that in another articIe) I did my homework for this blog, not as deep as Marks, Bandford, Wise and the others because this is not my full time job, it is mainly a labor of love to help others. However, I did interview key terminals in the making of this article and posted as much as I had.

          As for the information regarding Marty, it is of course from ‘the horse’s mouth’, he did say he destroyed the Lisa MacPherson documents, he did say he had an armed guard while they were breaking the law when they invaded Pat’s private property, he did say he went to Mary Sue Hubbard’s house with the gang…some things are very obvious no?

          • Hi Aida,

            Thanks for the compliment.

            Ron wrote in HCOB 30 July 1974 Scientology Current State of Subject and Materials:

            “There are perhaps 15 levels above OT VII fully developed but existing only unissued note form, pending more peoples full attainment of OT VI & VII.”

            He later wrote in 24 January 1977 Tech Correction Round Up:

            “For a number of years people have wondered when OT VIII would be released.

            Well to tell you the honest truth, OT VIII has been existence all those several years, and to it has been added a very large number of OT grades. None of them have been issued. Notes on these grades are in existence.”

            As you and I know the theory behind OT VIII was issued in Oct 68 and many of the actions on the Ls is based on his research of levels above OT VIII.

            Also the key factor preventing attainment of full OT VIII handled on NOTs.

            So what happened?

            Well current Management for one has deleted a broad band of OT levels and replaced them with “New” OT Levels.

            Ever wondered why?

            They have also placed this arbitrary that all Orgs have to be Saint Hill Size before the release of OT IX.

            An impossible move a mountain target the kind that Ron discusses in the PL OT Orgs which by the way contains a law that itself “comes out of OT VIII materials” back in ’69 regarding Failed Purposes.

            Something the current Scientology wrecking crew seems to be giving one and all by insisting that they all be “Ideal Orgs” as well.

            (You’ll never achieve an *ideal* because *it happens to be an absolute*.

            All you can do is approximate an *ideal*.)

            Anyways if that isn’t enough furry management was supposed to release Super Power which is actually fully written up but it seems they can not create auditors who are competent enough to deliver it.

            KTL, LOC and De-Oppression tech or DeOp Tech were supposed to be the keys for making this possible.

            Yet they’ve managed to squirrel the first two actions like everything else beyond recognition and somehow “lost” the latter.

            Rundowns that were supposed to be delivered to staff first then public except the latter which is purely for staff.

            Yet aside from screwing up the RDs they’ve altered importance by mainly selling it to public.

            I mean these bozos can’t even release tech that is fully written up in HCOB format and ready to deliver like for example the Cause Resurgence RD aka the Running Program.

            Never mind compiling actual RDs and levels that exist in notes!

            Not that the staff responsible has time to do this

            Since they are too busy re-releasing,repackaging *altering* and deleting material that already exists!

            (All you have to do is compare the “old” PDC lectures to the current ones.)

            Another thing is personally for me Ron has more cred than Marty or the other DM who is quoted as saying there was no such thing as OT VIII even though the HCOB is on his Class VIII checksheet!

            Not that DM2 has anymore cred than the other 2 because he and the wrecking crew are just using as a carrot and as far as I can see have no intention of compiling and delivering it.

            Like the so called “HGC” that is too busy doing squirrel auditing repairs and FPRD instead of just moving the PC up the grade chart.

  8. Really, when we need someone else to tell us what and how we can communicate, we’ve already missed the boat.

    Some people just will not receive your communication unless you state it in an antagonistic way. Others will only receive it if you have every “i” dotted and “t” crossed properly according to the way they read one should do it.

    “I” reserve the right to speak and do it in such a way that it is coming from me, not some book or valence of an authority figure that we were taught not to pay any attention to anyway, except for this particular one.

    So when any Scientologist comes across like a fanatical Christian or Muslim with their rhetoric, I already know communication isn’t going to take place.
    Certainly not easily. At that point one needs to decide if they want to make a game out of influencing that person to change their point of view, their tone level, their whole personality, and most of all their indoctrination, etc. So decide. 🙂

    • The problem with the Church is that suddenly we have strangers such an MAA, Reg, CO, or whatever ruling people’s lives and deciding for them and giving orders, causing divorces, finantial ruins, etc. Sad thing is that public are allowing that…they forgot to think and decide for themselves.

      The worst thing is that if the Tech is so powerful why one cannot comm with whoever one wants and be at cause?

  9. Aida,
    Great article, the freezone has been aroubd for years and not a recent creation.
    As i said when we talked earlier, the rats are deserting te sinking ship and are now in a lifeboat claiming that they ate saving others from the big sp on the ship.
    Please keep writing and letting us know about the tech alterations as well as naming names of those that have contributed so much in the attempt to unmock LRH and his work.
    Please push those that stoped soloing to start soloing again and if they need any cleanup to find auditors like yourself to clean them up and get them back on to solo nots again.
    I had sent you an e-mail from my cs desk about that some time ago.

    All my love to you. Hope to see you again soon or feel free to call me.
    Please send my love to Silvia Im a big fan of hers also.


    • Hi Rigby:

      Thanks for your comments, they are so exact, it is sad to see what happened to the organization because of a few bad people.
      I hope that one day we have a great 3rd dynamic again. We all miss that.

      I will give Silvia your message, she is one of the few true OTs as far as I am concerned.

  10. Amazing! I got to know a lot about the history of the CO$.
    Those signatures definately don’t match…
    It’s kind of hard to digest that Ron left his body willfully without announcing it or leaving behind a farewell…usually it’s quite a ceremony event here in India when a ‘MAHATMA’ meaning BIG-THETAN leaves his body at WILL, called SAMADHI in Hindi.
    I mean people are aware etc and its usually anounced.
    A very well written bolg.

    • Romee, there is a lot that is not being said, and I only posted a little bit, but from a different perspective.
      The main point was for others to see exactly what it is and blow the mass and the mystery.
      Apparently Ron did not leave the body at will, see the coroner’s report, but that is another topic.

      Thanks for your comment, I love your explanantion on Mahatma.

  11. Jonathon Barbera

    I discovered the Church of Scientology in 1990. I was declared a SP in 1994 for blowing from the Sea Org. Excluding sec checks, interviews and repair auditing, I had two auditing sessions during my time in the church. In one of those two sessions, the process was started but not completed.

    The Church of Scientology abandoned me in a Limbo somewhere between Ethics and Review. Ethics couldn’t do anything with me because I was waiting in Review. And I don’t know what Review had planned for me because they spent more time losing my PC folder than delivering any repair auditing.

    The International Justice Chief was no help whatsoever. I requested a Comm Ev and my request was approved — but no Comm Ev was convened. I asked about doing my A to E steps. I was told I was now on Step A (get my ethics in) and was immediately dead-filed. They didn’t even collect my freeloader’s debt that I asked to pay.

    When I was in the Church of Scientology, Marty Rathbun was the Inspector General for Ethics. I contacted him at least ten times between 2009 and 2011. He gave me several “no answer” answers to my questions. He provided zero clues to me as to how I should proceed in Scientology. I assume I am just another ethics particle to him because I left the church while he was still in good standing. (Or, worse yet, maybe I missed a withhold on him because he ran OSA programs against me in the past!)

    David Miscavige and Marty Rathbun are creating anti-Scientologists with their watered down or reversed tech and ethics. Both are only interested in maintaining their own exclusive clubs where more people are turned away than welcomed. L. Ron Hubbard warned against this behavior in his RJ-68 briefing.

    Scientology is awesome. I hope it still exists in my next life-time so I can get another opportunity to participate.

  12. As a sidenote as soon as Marty came out and started to collect followers, it seemed like a major outpoint to me.

    After over 20 years in the cos doing whatever DM’s bidding was it was clear to me something wasn’t quite right.

    Whether it was DM himself sending out Marty and Mike to gather lost flock so they could still make a buck, or whatever, it was still a major outpoint to just pick up with these guys.

    You can look at the valence they’d have to be in to do what they did all those years and just KNOW that that kind of stuff doesn’t fall away one day with a quick decision to run away.

    That’s what your writeup is bringing back to the table Aida. What most of us already at least knew as a major outpoint , can now start getting filled in with the correct data.

    And that is INVALUABLE, IMO.

    • Sharon:

      There is a lot of anger and fights and arguments happening, instead of peace and unity amongst the individuals of the group. Lots of petty squabbles, I don’t even want to call myself an independent, a scientologist or a freezoner for that matter, because that is self determined not pandetermined because you are in a games condition.

      Who knows what their agenda is, but in the last few months there has been a lot of drama. Which many seemed to enjoy, but brought no resolution at the end of the day.

      All those who praise these people have a very serious blind ethics spot.

      • Lately the term INDEPENDENT has come to mean ” a scientologist who support a change of administration in the church of scientology” I can not say I am one as I really do not care one way or the other, I am done with that group, I really like it outside here, so I will stick with freezone as the cool factor of being a dashing outcast really help you to pick women in parties, they are fascinated.

        Something that really bugs me not only with marty and mike, but with a LOT of scientologist that are coming out is that they leaved only when the things became very abusive toward THEM, but they were fine while things were abusive toward OTHERS.

        I was raised in Nicaragua, in a culture were kids decided that things were too opresive for poor people and they went to the jungles to fight a guerrilla war to fix things and very often being killed or maimed in the process for absolutely no money for 25 years.

        I will not stand to someone abusing OTHER way before I dont stand someone abusing me , but again, that must be just me.

        • To me the term ‘independent’ or ‘freezoner’ are just labels, and I don’t like labels, I am a pandetermined thetan which do not follow orders that do not make any sense.

          Thanks for your comment.


      • Yes Aida, I agree.
        90% of all the f**in quarrels could be solved, just by communicating to each other, properly, in a standard way 2WC. Even if two terminals don´t share the same view its possible to end a chat
        IN ARC. The Church-terminals AND the criticques are either unable or unwilling to do so. And it follows that the ridge is becoming bigger and bigger…..

        • When I was in the Church you could not make any comments, critiques or the slighted thing, without being accused of ‘nattering’, the staff has been trained/implanted to not see but blindly obey.

          Ron says in the HCOB Justification that a critique is fine, as long as it is not nattering: 1.1 carping criticism without merit.

          As long as there are staff that is willing to follow and people who is giving him money…he will have power…

      • …”I don’t even want to call myself an independent, a scientologist or a freezoner for that matter, because that is self determined not pandetermined because you are in a games condition.”
        Thank you for the words that concisely say what I have been feeling and have tried, unsuccessfully to communicate to a few who have attempted to draw me into those arguments.
        And thanks for helping clear up some more of the mystery.

        …And thanks for being there and communicating in general ; )


        • Dear Maryanne:
          Yes, I don’t see a point on labelling, I am just someone who uses some of the methods of L.Ron Hubbard, simple.

          I am so glad that this article cleared up the mystery for you, as that was the intention.

          When i first left Scn, there so many speculations about what had happened and who was behind of it all, that it became for many a ‘listing question’ and until this mystery was resolved; it remained as an ‘incomplete list’ or as charge for the 4th dynamic.

          The crimes perpetrated by these characters have gone unpunished just like Hitler’s crimes, but at least the truth had to be told.

  13. For me the whole “there is no OT-8” thing is marty very own opinion.

    If OT-8 deals with truth revealed, then you can not expect somebody who is very busy liyng as he and his friends did for so many years be able to see truth.

    I can believe that HE, and whoever compiled the OT-8 or whatever the church is delivering where unable to find anything abouth the subject in the materials available as theywould be invisible to them even if they had them in red letters in front of their faces.

    I have the full confidence that the actual OT-8 materials and processes are in the freezone, I know at least one person who has processed the level and it is something light years beyond anything that marty ratburn, ray mittoff and miscavige could ever put togheter.

    But again, that just my opinion too.

    Keep rocking.

    • Hi Victor:

      Thanks for your input.

      It is most welcome!

    • Hi. I did an OT VIII in the freezone. Certainly gave the ep of “Truth Revealed”.
      Aida’s husband has done an OT VIII, I don’t know if it was the same, but when I saw him he was just squeey clean, a delight to know. That is the truth.
      I want to mention that David Mayo once said that OT 8 was in notes, and that the COS had broken the notes into three parts, to make OT 9 and OT 10.

      • Pat:
        My husband did OT VIII in the Freewinds, and some other version outside the CofS. He also delivered it to Rey Robles as well to Silvia Kusada and others.
        As for OT IX and OT X nnobody has shown any proof of existance, neither Mayo neither anyone else. Except for CBR followeres who have CBR’s version.

        • Thank you for letting me know that your husband audited as well as received OT VIII.

          CBR’s OT IX would not be comparable to an OT IX on LRH bridge. It is a good rundown, but much lower level and has a different EP.

  14. Ing-Marie Lundberg

    THANK YOU Aida for a VERY well written and EXTREMELY IMPORTANT article!

    Only the TRUTH can blow the lies away…..!!!

    Only when we have erased this GIGANTIC 4th Dynamic engram, will we be able to move on with our lives…!

    David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun and the other mentioned executives, have destroyed thousands of lives and many, many scientologists are dead, many, many scientologists are sick, broke, unhappy and have totally lost their purpose to go free as spiritual beings.

    So, so MANY destroyed lives…..including Ron, Mary Sue and their children.

    David Miscavige and his executives have acted so EVIL, that it´s almost hard to understand!

    I agree with you Aida…I neither think that ordinary ethics program (including RPF) will work.

    These persons are truly Suppressive persons and need SPECIAL ethics and auditing and some couple of lifetimes to make up for this enormous damage!

    Otherwise, SP:s will NEVER change……!



    • Dear Ing-Marie!

      You have duplicated the situation exactly! Twenty Five Years of overts will take more than a life time indeed!

      Thanks for your comments.

      Much love,

    • I agree Ing-Marie, Aida has done an amazing job with her blog. It is one of only a few which are rational, factual, and not a complete waste of energy by op-terming back and forth.

      She has even had to censor my own comments about Marty which eloquently expressed my strong opinion about him! haha

      • Thanks for the compliments Chris, the reason I started the blog is because there is a sea of information out there, a lot of it is plane lies, others say their own version of the facts and one has to go through so much to learn the truth.

  15. Thank you Aida for writing this up.

    While I already knew more than half of what you put, it was the other half that needed to be said upfront and confronted by all those who were ever in the church.

    If we don’t know who the “who” was/is then we open the door for them continuing their dirty deeds or never having to be held accountable for them.

    The actions of those who once stood by the side of LRH and then Miscavige; require accountability not another series of incidents whereby the stupid keep being stupid and the evil keep being evil.

    It’s people like yourself that make it possible to actually run out the incident and open the door for a true handling, ending the corruption once and for all.

    Thank you my friend for being here and doing this. 🙂

    • Dear Sharon:

      Yes, a lot of the info has been said by others, however, as you pointed out, I wanted to show a different perspective, the scene has to be confronted.

      Evil has to be confronted, these people have taken over the Chruch illegally and now are outside pretending to be heroes. I’d love to know their agenda. And to think that some have respect for these people.

      Thanks for your comment.

  16. I think this is a very important perspective on the TRUE history of Scientology as well as the history we are living today.

    To me, the way MSH was treated is absolutely disgusting.

    Literally, I am sickened by it and will not casually brush off and forgive those involved just because they are “doing good things today”.

    Next to what has been done to the tech itself, the treatment of MSH heads the list of payback due.

    Aida, please keep on developing and documenting this information.

    As I said, it is an important part of the history.

    • David:

      History of these events have been written by those who only want to show their ‘convenient trues’, but I put together all the links with documentation for all to see and decide. I emphasize on that because even freedom of thinking by oneselves have been taken away by those.

      I am also sickened by what they have done to MSH, the Tech and the public and particularly the staff, who \for the most part were people of goodwill that wanted to help others and ended up abused.

      Scientology as a religion has now a horrible reputation as a result of these acts. And not happy with destroying people’s lives, the reputation but they altered the Tech to control others and for what?

      I will certainly keep developing and documenting, there is more to tell.


  17. Dear Aida,

    You´ve written an excellent article here which really makes it all very clear! I really admire your integrity!!!:)))
    These are all facts and without considering these facts this awful engram will never blow.
    Group engram running will never work if not the ethics is put in, so now, if enough scientologists read and understand this article, the charge can come off.

    When the lies flies all will eventually be well:))) And this makes me so happy because then a lot more of us will realize what kind of game we are actually playing here in Scientology and that Ron was so right in what he said of the importance of clearing this sector of the universe.

    Lovely picture of you, Aida!:)))
    Much Love

    • Hi Conny:

      I have to put this in my blog, I know that it won’t make me popular in certain circles, but I had to tell the truth for those who are ready to confront it.

      I love your comment about running the group engram, yes! Some of us have been waiting for years!

      Much love to you too my friend!

  18. Dear Aida,

    You´ve written an excellent article and you get right down to the point – what was done and by who! Unless this is straightened out the group purpose will not get back up to normal again.
    All the lies are holding this terrible situation in place and when the lies flies everything will be possible and those of us who always had that purpose of freeing this planet will be able to florish and prosper again!:))) You´re doing a great work and I really admire your integrity!
    Lovely picture of you also!:)
    Much Love

  19. thanks for writting this up. It is nice to hear it from anothers view. I was in the SO and a messenger in the 80’s. I lived it and hearing it from an outside view helps to expand the picture. The links are fantastic!

    I will be honest this is the first blog post of yours that I have read. I really like the way that you put it together for others to see the data and make their own minds up.

    Cheers, D

    • Dear D:

      I just read your blog and it broke my heart to see what you experienced.

      I am glad that you liked my blog, it is hard for me to do this because English is not my first language.

      My opinion does not really count when I post…the facts is what is important….if people cannot see them, then no matter what I say, they won’t change their minds.

      I hope that you take a look at the other posts and comment as well, your input is very valuable since you were there and experienced it all.

      Because of people like you and others who suffered, I am doing this post…

      With infinite ARC,

  20. 1) Very straight eval about the death of LRH. Leaving the body without giving the publics and staff an R-Factor is an out-point. Omitted action causing an ARC -X.

    2) Though I joined SCN in 1986 and not knowing about the incidents which happened earlier
    I researched the history of SCN extensively. The results of my eval are quite simple. After the Mission holder conference also called “massacre” in 1983, SCN never recovered from this ruthless action.This was done (allegedly) to establish the new SCN administrative structure (precisely described on http://www.savescientology.com and allegedly LRH intend.
    Destroying a successful establishment which guaranteed big expansion could not be LRH intend.
    (The administrators of this blog have censored/refused to post the data.

    In that context I´d like to mention that I interviewed about 5 or 6 SCNists, which joined SCN middle of the 70is. They went up the bridge quite fast. Almost all became clear within 2 years and then doing the OT levels up to OT 3 4 or 5.. ALL of them stopped moving up the bridge exactly 1982/83.(Data coincidence, the new management took over the church)
    Futhermore I received a report that a big mission in my country disppeared within 3 years after the mission holder massacre (It had 50 staffs!!). (actions of the finance police).
    Since that time SCN is a desert in my country. I observed within the last 20 years that people come into orgs and doing DIV 6 courses but almost none arrive in DIV 4. (One person in a year).

    I got a little bit more to say, about Ratbun and Rinder but thats for today.

    ML Sniper

    • Thanks for your comment. I am 100% sure that the LRH did not intend to destroy the mission network, it took him years to build it and they were producing A LOT of money for Scientology.

      I lived under his regime and I also lived under the new regime. I also know it because I did extensive research in the area. People say a lot of lies and/or write the story to their convenience whether to hide their withholds or because of hatred anger, you name it.

      I was there, i saw things with my own eyes and not everything is like they paint it; and I was in close comm with LRH and other terminals I wish not to disclose.

      • ok, thanks.
        In 1988 when the first OT 8´s came back to Europe from the ship I have been listening to one of them,speaking about her wins on OT 8. Beside her wins,she mentioned that she met all the Int MgmT terminals on the ship. She said that she was a bit concerned about the new MGMT, but after meeting them and spoke to some of them, she said: “Oh they are all cute thetans”.
        I was a green SCNist , almost untrained and a person on that level of course must be
        credible. I bought this misconcept carried it as truth with me until 2010.

  21. Thank you Aida for exposing more hidden truths! Great Article!!

    • Your welcome my friend!

      I must say that these truths are there for anyone to see…I just presented a different perspective, without eval or anger. People can come to their own conclusions and make their own decisions as to which direction to go now that the information is presented as it is.

  22. Nice one, Aida, thanks. My only quibble is that I believe it was Hubbard himself who ordered and masterminded the looting of the missions. Its entirely probably that David Miscavige was more vicious than was necessary and turned what should’ve been a theft into an aggravated robbery. Otherwise, great research, great DOX, and great explanation of how it was not Miscavige alone who usurped authority within Scientology. M O A R !!

    • It is your believe but I asure you it is not correct, I do know, I was there and there has not been a single speck of proof that he would have wanted the missions to be looted.

      I was a field auditor when he was alive, I worked for missions when he was alive, I did some pilot programs for Narconon when he was alive…I also interviewed a lot of people w\ho worked directly with LRH and there are other stories that I will publish directly from them.

      Hubbard did not need to loot the missions, he had access to millions of his money, of the organization that he created, his error was not to have a proper administration and a bunch of criminals masterminded the whole thing due to his lack of control. More later on that.

  23. Dear Aida , you are pointing out the fact that Miscavige was and is still not alone. This related to the fact that Marty rathbun and Mike Rinder left the church. Those two if they are honest will have to take a serious look to what they actually did . This is not a light matter!! If they start nattering about the Freezone and the Independents Scientologists one may wonder wether or not they were sent out on a mission to disrupt our theta activities .
    Dear Aida you can go on providing facts , with that you can only blow charge on the 3rd dynamic .
    Wishing you the best !

    • Hi Denis,

      Thanks for your good wishes. I thought that we would never know the truth and that created a lot of charge for 3rd dynamic, yes. Besides that it created a lot of myths about what really had happened.

      When Marty first started talking to the media I was very happy and I thought that finally justice would prevail for those who lost everything in Scientology, indeed was a waste of time!

      I don’t know what their agenda is, but so far is not justice.

      It is sad to see how Freezoners support him and his co-horts because they think that he alone is doing a lot to bring DM down and they soon forget that Anon did all the job.

  24. So why isn’t it possible to handle the Church from within? Why can’t the same actions be taken to put the church back on source?

    • I ask the same questions and I have no answers.

      However, there are decent scientologists who are working hard to help others and have no agenda whatsoever.

      One of them is my friend Silvia Kusada who is sincerely helping others and she is working with her bare hands to put a group to help others.

      There are others in several parts of United States and other parts of the world doing the same.

      I don’t know if the organization will be saved. There are no leaders so far that are clear of heart to single handlely take such task.

      First, the authorities would have to put some criminals to jail but it is not going to happen.

  25. Dear Aida , i read it once more and it is god damm good !

    I don’t know if true but i read somewhere about Mary Sue that the scientology thugs did not only yelled at her but they also used A GUN to force her to resign . They would have given 50000 dollars to each chidl and 100 000 to Mary Sue .

    The picture of you on the top is lovely !

    • Ah yes! I forgot about the gun! Thanks for mentioning.

      I was in such a hurry to post the article that I left some details.

      I know that not all of the names are there on the list. I forgot where I put the link that has all the names. But I will continue working on bringing the data.

      I am totally appalled to see “OTs”, “auditors”, “scientologists”, Freezoners, Independents, etc. are giving support to these people and i can see there is a lot of lack of confront for the truth and for ethics. All because they appear to be helping others leave.

      No, people are leaving because of what these did!

      People are leaving because Joe Childs of the SP Times has been working very hard to expose the truth.

      People are leaing because Anon was the first to organize a world wide movement and I am grateful to them because prior to them coming in the picture there was no way to fight the system.

  26. You go girl!

    Nicely done. 😉

  27. Well, this piece of writing is definitely a lot more effective than trying to explain others why you don’t like Marty. Thanks for writing it!

    • Well, I don’t like the things he did to others for 25 years! I was insulted recently by some of his ‘folowers’ and were trying to force me to remain silent about the atrocities committed by him and other execs, “- but he is not doing it anymore” someone said. I was flabbergasted by the lack of confront of the followers; a whole lifetime of serious actions that lead to the destruction of Scientology and people’s lives is not a minor overt. What he and David Miscavige did along with his compadres is an overt of epic proportions and as far as I am concerned it will take several life times to repair the damage done.

      • You know Aida, even though I see your viewpoint on all the damage Marty has done in the past, I have two things to say:

        1) a cognition I had about suppression…people from your past mocking up what you did wrong and keeping it in restimulation and known so that people will judge you not by what you are but what you were and did then. One has to be able to forgive and let go and let the other person be right enough to change.

        2) on the other hand, Marty left the Church but never went to the freezone to get out of non-existence with any of us who were producing. I’ve been here active in the last ten years, but never has he asked if there was something I needed and wanted. So in the freezone he is really in a lower condition. It isn’t just me, did he ask you. Ask Rey Robles, Trey Lotz, the Freemans?

        But you have to give him credit in that he has been actively trying to break up the suppressive group of the Church. That is one big amends program.

        Love, Pat

        • Hi Pat:
          Thanks for sharing your views here in this blog. Regarding point number 1, regarding forgiveness, yes, one has to fogive to heal, however, Marty has been forgiven but that does not mean that he has A LOT of amends to do, so many that will take a few lifetimes, because his crimes against humanity were too many. And his crime against LRH and MSH were unfogivable, we would have to ask their children who are not there at Marty’s side.

          Regarding point 2, No Marty has bever asked any of the proven upstat auditors out there auditing despite Marty’s supression, on the contrary he called us all ‘squirrels’

          No, I do not give him any credit for breaking anything because he has not broken up the Church, a lot of people are leaving thanks to Anon, my blog, and yes, to him talking to the media. However it has not lead to any arrests, as it should, the law was broken by him and his group and life goes on in the CofS, business as usual. Here and there some problems with certain countries but not thanks to Marty, he actually tried to stop ex-scientologists in Austrlia, just ask Carmle Underwood.

  28. Wow, excellent, you covered all the bases in one summary post with links. This is marvelous. THANK YOU! Arnie Lerma

  29. Aida what a great article!
    And I love the picture of you at the Top…

    • Thanks my friend!

      I tried to put things in perspective for others to see what is going on and decide for theselves and presented them with the info in a simple way.

      i could write a whole book on this subject and like I said before; there is still A LOT more to say…but I can show this much for the time being 🙂

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