Snipers comment on “Who Helped David Miscavige Take Over?”

I received this response to my latest posting on  ‘Who Helped Miscavige’

 I want to clarify that this is the author,  Sniper’s opinion.  I am making a separate posting for this response because it is very long, very interesting and has a lot of information.

Thank you Sniper for your input in the situation.

Aida Thomas


Sniper’s Comment

Lets look at Rathbun from the view of warfare. That’s what he was doing for 30 years while being in the church. He was sitting in the fortress (called Church of SCN) and fighting the “enemies of SCN”.

He had millions of Dollars, personal PI´s and got whatever was needed to destroy the whistle blowers, the “apostates” and the “squirrels”.

Now he is sitting on the other side trying to fight it. Trying to fight a fortress is stupid. Sun Tsu, Chinese general warned to do so, already 2500 years ago. (The art of war) Its exhausting and expensive and it was almost never successful and for sure never efficient.

Ask Larry Wollerheim or Gerry Armstrong. Based on his debrief available on the Internet, Larry was fed up fighting the church and though he won the legal battle after 25 years. The fortress is still there and it does not matter how insane it is inside. They still delegate POWER to a certain degree.

It took 60 years to get rid of the USSR and it was not done by external influences, nor by infiltration. It was done because a sane individual reached the highest rank. (Gorbachev)  And think about the fortress, Third Reich Germany.  It cost the allied endless billions of war machinery to defeat it and 60 million people lost their lives.

Usually one fights the enemy (at a place) where he is weak or can’t execute his skills.

Vietnam and Cuba have been the best examples how guerrilla tactics work best, but one can do it only on familiar terrain.  Or you heard the story about Troja, After 10 years of siege it was conquered with a clever deceit,  not with effort.

All whistle blowers made the same mistake. Larry Wollersheim, Jesse Prince, Gerry Armstrong, RV  Young and Bob Minton…  just to name a few, they tried to fight the fortress at a place where it is strong.

Now what has this to do with Rathbun

He also did not learn anything about it, he keeps going with the same mistakes and I bet that he will fail. He KNEW exactly what would happen if he stands up and speaks out.

Furthermore he is not telling us NEW Stories!! Not at all.

All the stories about abuse, intelligence, out tech, reging blah blah blah…   have been told already for years, even decades before HE decided to talk. There is absolutely nothing NEW,  just other incidents, other places, other times, other forms or additional data which have been omitted in earlier times.

I have been reading his blog for about one year.  He thinks he is an Opinion leader.

He is treated by his followers as an OL. Sure he is for about 100 Indies, maybe 1000 I don´t care.

What smells is his godly correctness about LRH and the tech. Whenever its possible he is pushing his message, I am standard tech, I got it, I am on source.

Furthermore he never lets anybody doubt that HE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT drop-out ever. He is making a lots of noise. Noise attracts and disperses attention and makes it difficult to look.

Although, I spotted a few outpoints which made me suspicious about his show.  And one of them is the following.  If one leaves the church to make up an independent movement,  he actually has no need to fight his earlier group or mates. He could just do it. Delivering service.

Or even if he is doing a liability (making up the damage, as he claims) he could just do it. It won’t be necessary to attack the fortress as he could pick up all the bodies the church left in the field and fix them.

But no.

He is even trying to remove power from the fortress  by ripping off parishioners from their lines.  And on top of that he has been refusing to apologize for harsh and evil fair game actions against earlier whistle blowers.  For example,  Gerry Armstrong.

I know Gerry personally. He is neither evil nor dangerous for his environment. It seems Rathbun is just picking the individuals HE likes to help. Why not inviting Paulette Cooper for a session?

Rathbun must not wonder that he is being chased and harassed. I am sure there are a lots of  (silent) auditors which deliver service and are not having problems with the church.

So why the show?

If its his intention to dispossess Miscavige by creating pressure from outside (ethics gradients) then its an out-point (DEV-T  unnecessary action) because he already formed a new group.

Why waste effort to the former group? He could give a shit on it. He won’t go back anyway.

Furthermore, his actions of whistle blowing were obviously useless and did not work. I do not criticize the act of whistle blowing,  but its a fact that Miscavige and his fortress is still there  (probably in a bad condition and bad reputation) but he is still reging money like crazy for estates, IAS and OT levels which don´t exist.

This concludes that the church still has power to a certain degree. They have marching parishioners,  money, assets and they still have comm lines and allies. Not even Hitler was such a bold guy.  I guess, Hitler and DM would be a good team.

Rathbun and Rinder also learned how to get rid of Miscavige. They could have done it while being in the church. As pointed out by Larry Brennan, the bylaws of CST say that the board members or the chairman of CST can dismiss the head of RTC.

Quote Brennan:  “All what needs to done is that the terminal (Board member) HOLDS its POSITION in front of Miscavige and FIRE HIM.”

Both guys, Rinder and Rathbun could have had an influence on a CST Board member, help him to confront AND FIRE THE ASSHOLE……..

But no, they did not. They preferred to leave and appear as poor victims.   “……Miscavige beats his staff…..”  That’s all that is left from 30 years of Sea Org training and experience?

You see, they were already inside the fortress, knew the rules, knew the scene, knew the game conditions and a real way out of the mess for all Scientologists  but they didn’t !!!! THAT’S THEIR REAL OVERT of omission!

Gorbachev didn’t blow:   HE DID IT!!!

Let me end with a quote from LRH.

“The thing you are not able to communicate to, you must fight.”   (DN 55)

So decide for yourself who is the psychotic,  Rathbun, Miscavige or both?

The Sniper


18 responses to “Snipers comment on “Who Helped David Miscavige Take Over?”

  1. Both and others who knew.

  2. There’s definately a great deal to learn about this topic. I like all the points you have made.

  3. I don’t think the SO are winps or robots. Deluded perhaps, but they are by and larger good hearted people who think they are dedicating their lives to do the right thing, save the planet. In many ways they are like the public, unaware of the actual scene except where red flags pop up here and there.

    Definitly not wimps – some of the stuff they pull off to make it go right, I would have a hard time confronting.


    • I agree with you, for the most part, people who join the SO are good hearted, unfortunately the evil ones take advantage of this and ruin it for the rest.

      In my opinion the SO was a very bad idea in general because it broke the law and became a morally wrong institution that opened the door for abuses from every post. You can read those ex SO staff that were at the top and many just joined because they thought they were going to have wonderful trips around the world or free auditing and training and many perhaps with the idea to get to the top and abuse.

  4. Good article Sniper, Different views open up the scene, I respect Gerry Armstrong immensely for his lone stand and enjoy your views.

    your on the right track Sniper. per my vote anyhow. 🙂

  5. It is the hold on the minds of most Sea Org members that keeps DM in the position he is in. DM had hold on Marty and Mike’s minds too, while they were in the Sea Org. There is little possibility of somebody in Sea Org snatching that hold away from DM. This has nothing to do with legal structure, by laws, etc. It has to do with being in the position of power to command others.

    This is the same power that the cult leader has over his followers, or an abuser has over his victim. The organization, or the set up, supports the cult leader or the abuser. It is not easy to break that hold.


  6. I wait eagerly for the Sniper (I love that word) and Dylan to continue this fascinating conversation. 🙂

  7. okay, as well written as that was by Sniper. It shows some clear misunderstandings as to how the inner working of scientology mgmnt operates.

    I was in the CST org. I know how the command lines work in the upper strata.

    “Rathbun and Rinder also learned how to get rid of Miscavige. They could have done it while being in the church. As pointed out by Larry Brennan, the bylaws of CST say that the board members or the chairman of CST can dismiss the head of RTC.”

    on paper this would appear to be the case, yet it has no basis in reality. DM runs CST daily. Where do you think his wife is? After Russ Bellin (CO CST) was busted to SP Hall along with a number of upper CST Execs. He would have needed someone to take up the slack.

    Yes that is right DM runs CST daily. all the reports go to him and he is the driving force behind everything that is done at that org. The upper execs NEVER go to the CST base. why is that?

    When i was the Estates Sec CST I was in charge of all the construction on the main base and the externial bases. this included but not limited to the underground vaults, LRh homes, production buildings, upper EXEC cabins etc. My weekly reports were sent directly to DM, documenting the progress of said construction.

    It is all smoke and mirriors corporations set up to ensure that there is allways a back door. why do you think it is that noone really knows who is the heads of the CST corp now? It is not a accident how it was all set up.

    “Both guys, Rinder and Rathbun could have had an influence on a CST Board member, help him to confront AND FIRE THE ASSHOLE……..”

    I’m not trying to give MArty or Mike a free pass, not at all. There is just no real way they could have ever done what you suggest above sniper, sorry.

    • I love your input.

      What do you think that can be done?

      At the beginning I had hope that Marty and Mike would do something.

      Unfortunately I don’t see the fall in the near future.

    • Dylan, I understand that you have been working close to the real scene. If the violation of
      bylaws is illegal, because not being practiced as written, then this is the weak point of the enemy where he should be attacked. In this case all terminals which know of,should make
      up affidavits and start a prosecution cycle.

      I´d like to add something, I made up a kind of a “long distance eval” from a specific view. This view does not include all relevant aspects, and it did not include possible solutions. I intend to write more about it.
      It was not my intention to spread defeatism, disadvise actions, or just attacking Marty for my personal fun. In the contrary, if he produces results and can fix some individual situations, I appreciate it but I don´t like the way he is presenting himself. He tends quite fast to invalidate
      others, which don´t share his view, at least ignoring them. He acts like a bull in the china shop. and he is probably not aware that the does not have the power which he had in the past.
      Finally he needs to face the music.

      I tried to outline that during the last three decades protest activities from outside the church have not been sucessful and i pointed out the reasons from view of warfare. Thats all.
      I am aware that the fortress is destroying itself by (wittingly) not following policy or tech
      and committing overts by violating human rights, u.s.o.

      In order to win battles against much stronger enemies, it requires a lot of intellicence, smartness
      and cleverness and within the next few days I will write exactly how it should/could be done.

    • Dylan,

      I understand you were in CST and all that but you still haven’t explained why anyone would comply to his off line, destructive and illegal (not just off policy but in violation of both legal charters)orders.

      What I find absurd is that CST would allow itself to be ordered around by its junior entity’s so called “Chairman of the Board”.

      CST could have acted but it didn’t!

      To now say it is all Miscavige’s fault is just a justification of their huge overt of omission and is their failure to act per their charter when the Church of Scientology was no longer coterminal to the Religion of Scientology!

      As far as I’m concerned the Sea Org is composed of a bunch of wimps or robots who blindly follow orders.

      • THanks RJ for throwing your hat in the ring. your first paragrah makes it clear that you were never in the Sea Org.

        of course you find it absurd that CSt would allow itself to be ordered around by a lower entity. You just really do not get how the sea org and scientology work. I’m not saying it is okay. What I can say is the staff of CST has no real clue as to what CST really is. By in large the shore story in scientology is that LRH Archives is just another org that preserves all of the LRH tech for the future.

        you have the internet and that allows you to get the basic data about CSt, scientology etc. but what it does not show. the daily inner workings. Like ALL of the Staff at CST I was taken out of my org. We got sec checked and csw’s were sent up lines and approved. Who do you think was the person who had the final say?

        The CO at CST was hand picked by DM, including the current one. There is or was never any real way that the staff knew that they held all the power of scientology.

        I understand that you are mad about all of this. a lot of us are. BUT I do not see why you would start throwing insults around. I was also a member of that group of whimps and robots. That is really not the best way to get a good dialog going IMHO.

  8. here is more information about Larry Brennan.

  9. Seeing as how I don’t “speak the language” it’s nice to have it explained to me on occasion. That’s all very interesting.

  10. That is an excellent statement. I have noted why all the creating of games condition. I quit fighting the fortress myself. There are much better things to do.

    Like making a better world which in the end will bring down all the fortresses in the world.

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