Scientology Disconnection ~ Son has a Serious Accident

I just got this note from my friend Lori Hodgson last nite.  She was very, very upset because her son Jeremy Leake, was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, is now in the hospital emergency room and she is not even allowed to see him!!!!


All this because of a disconnection policy that was cancelled back in 1968.  It is obvious that Jeremy has the wrong PTS item. Here is the story from a worried mother…



Here is my son Jeremy and his sister Jessica at the lake. They joined the SO and I have not been able to see them or talk to them again since. They are out of the SO and public now.  They were out 2 years ago and in the SO for only a short time.

I found out about his accident by a post on Facebook. No one notified me.
I called the hospitals and found out he was admitted to Santa Clara Valley Medical Hospital. I rushed over with my Dad and Stepmother to see him. I went to the ER and asked the status of my son and that I wanted to see him. I told them I was his mother.
They called to the back room where Jeremy was at and said I was here. The man at the front said, “The Hospital staff has been instructed to not let you go back to see him.” I told him “I have left the Church of Scientology and I am being shunned from seeing my son.”
Here is Lori with her children when they were a happy family before the disconnection.
Please let me see my son?”  He said “I am very sorry I can’t let you see him.” 
“With the Privacy Laws and your son being 18 I have to abide by the law.”  I asked if I could at least have his status and he said, ” No we can’t give out that information.”
Now I’m really panicked so I go around the back and wait for someone from The ER to come out. I briefly explained to a nurse what was happening and if he could please give my son a message. He said yes I can give him a written message.
The nurse brought Jeremy the message. He came back to tell me that Jeremy was alone in his room so he was able to give the note directly to him and that Jeremy said to tell me he is OK and that he doesn’t want to see anyone.   I was very relieved to hear that he was ok.
I know deep down in my heart that my son wants me with him but because of this cruel Disconnection policy of the Church of Scientology, he most likely feels forced to not break their rules!!!
I was able to find out that Jeremy broke his Femur and his Collar Bone and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.

~~~~~~    ~~~~~~


The Church of Scientology is violating their own policies on PTSness and disconnection.


HCOPL Cancellation of Disconnection Policy 15 November 1968


“Since we can now handle all types of cases disconnection as a condition is cancelled”


Disconnection has been Cancelled!


This was not included in the altered new Miscavige versions of the Green Volumes!

Other policy’s being violated, no, raped!   Are…



“HCOPL PTS Type A Handling of 20 October 1981″


In that policy Hubbard NEVER, EVER, mentions the word disconnection. The handling according to that policy is….


 “Get in comm with the family member until the situation is resolved” 


HCOB  of 8 March 1983, Handling PTS Situations

 It says perfectly clear…

You coach him into two way communication that is well above 2.0 on the Tone Scale, that mostly consists of acks and mild interest in what is going on… in other words, you handle this in real life..”



HCOB 10 September 1983, PTSness and Disconnection

 In the section “Lost Tech” Ron says;  “Earlier disconnection as a condition was cancelled. It had been abused by a few individuals who failed to handle situations which could have  been handled and who lazily or criminally disconnected, thereby creating situations even worse than the original, because it was the wrong action.”







I was determined to see my son and this is what happened:

My mom and I found out what room he was going to be in and we waited by the elevator near his room. After he was settled in his room, Jim his father was standing by his bedside asking Jeremy if he wanted to see me.

Before Jim finished his sentence I went over to my son and said,  “Hi Jeremy I’ve been here for you all day and I’m so glad you’re doing well. I’m going to leave now so there is not a problem for you. I hope you get well real fast and I love you so very much.”

Jeremy looked at me and said, “I love you.”

Then I went to leave and saw my daughter talking to a nurse. I went up and hugged her telling her “I miss you and love you.”  Jessica hugged me back. Then her grandma gave her a hug.

This has been one hell of an emotional 2 days for me and my family.  Thanks for all your Love and support it means a lot!!!!

Lori Hogdson and her son Jeremy and daughter Jessica Leake in happier times.

13 responses to “Scientology Disconnection ~ Son has a Serious Accident


    Hola Aida, acabo de descubrir tu blog!

    How sorry I am for what this lady is going through, but at the same time I feel sorrier for her “still in” family for not confronting what Scientology under Miscavige has become.

    Little did I know way back in 1968, when my mother translated DMSMH into Spanish for the first time, when, after disseminating all over Mexico and when I joined the SO in 1971, that it would all come to this. It saddens me to see that our greatest hope (Dianetics and Scientology) for a world without war, insanity and crime has been corrupted to such degree and turned into a dirty and evil cult.
    During my years at Flag (1974-1981), working as Evaluator, I dedicated my entire existence to the expansion of Scn around the world and I am happy to say that for some of us it was an exciting and rewarding time because LRH was still around and his policies were being applied, making it a safe environment, hardship or not. But by late 1980 I noticed that the environment was becoming dangerous, the CMO was grossly violating LRH’s Ethics and Justice Policies and just before things got really bad, I left.

    Today, 30 years later, although I have no connexion with any group, I still hold my learnings and LRH close to my heart and soul because in my day I witnessed too many of what it could be called miracles caused by the application of Scn and Dn therapy.

    So, amiga, creo que tu sabes quien soy. Maybe you still have my address? And perhaps you know I am supporting the petition to the White House to get the Administration to pay attention to the crimes being committed by Miscavige’s “church” of Scn.


  2. I’ve seen Lori’s Knowledge Report ( and I felt incredibly sorry for her. Now I’m happy that she managed to get to her son through her love and determination as stated in the update. It’s moved me to tears.

    • Yes, we are all very happy for her indeed!

      We are all very moved and I hope that this story helps others to come out and talk!

      Thanks for the link of the video, I am preparing another article on this very subject and I will include the video.

  3. Humanitarian Organization my Ass!!!! And as for calling it a Church… That’s just as far a stretch to me as well. That’s like calling the Federal Reserve Banks a Congregation of Parishioners to the Vatican. Hitler would be proud of you Lil’ Davie. Stand tall… Or as tall as your little platform inserts will let you. Shame shame shame!!!!!.

  4. I can’t even imagine what I would do in her situation. I think I would have lost my cool completely. This makes me sad and furious at the same time.
    All the more reason we should all sign and get others to sign the petition to get the government to investigate corporate $cientology. We can’t let this go by the wayside.
    Please everyone…..

    • Marcy, I agree with you, the whole community is outraged by the situation.

      I already signed the petition and I hope that those who have not signed don’t think it twice and do it.


  5. You are so right, Aida. Obviously Lori is the wrong “SP”, since her son got in an accident while disconnected from her. This is very sad. Sometimes these types of things have to happen in order for things to straighten out. Hugs to all…Love, T

    • Songbird, of course it is!

      And I am sure that Lori’s children are as upset as she is.

      But hopefully one day they will read this article and see the gross criminal out tech that the CofS is using to destroy people’s lives.

  6. i do not understand… why all this “shunning” does the COS not support the family unit??? no one and nothing could come between me and my child… this does not seem to be the action of a Church…seems more like a cult!!! like those “off shoot” mormons that practice abuse of women and children… there should be no secondary citizens anywhere..

    • Novalee, disconnection, shunning, whatever you want to call it, is a VERY destructive action.

      And the worse is that the policy does NOT call for disconnection!

      On the contrary!

      But Scientologists are not thinking for themselves and are not being at cause.

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