An Essay on Warfare by The Sniper


I was sent this article by my good friend who I call “The Sniper.” I decided to publish it because I thought it was very interesting. However, they are HIS opinions and although I may not agree with everything he has to says, I still wanted to share his thoughts with you.

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 An Essay on Warfare

By The Sniper

The day Mike Rinder decided to speak in public was the day where I saw myself forced to monitor his actions. It was the day when he opened Pandora´s box, where I was sitting, twiddling my thumbs and smiling.

You read or heard a few times the heroic sentence, “Constant and continual alertness is the price of freedom. Constant willingness to fight back is the price of freedom. There is no other price, actually.”  (Quote by Hubbard)

You probably never thought about the consequences. In order to fulfill the requirements of the quote you have to run an intelligence service. That’s why governments spend endless billions of dollars to monitor and investigate enemy activities. Intelligence is the second oldest business on the planet and it´s an absolute necessity in a crazy civilization. Believe it or not, it also applies to individuals.

Actually the ordinary citizen doesn’t waste even 10 seconds per day looking at life from an investigative or security view. The devil knows why.

The major issue of intelligence is PREDICTION. Having no prediction will lead into potential emergencies or dangerous situations. Try to drive a car blind or to navigate a ship through the oceans without weather forecast.

Suddenly unemployed?  You had no prediction. 

Prediction is closely connected to control. No prediction = no control over environment.  Prediction is essential to staying alive.


SS Minnow?

Thus, what enables the wise sovereign and the good general to strike, conquer and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men, is FOREKNOWLEDGE. (Sun Tzu,The Art of War)


The day OSA asked me for help was the day they also opened Pandora´s box and until today they are clueless to what happened afterwards. During the project I have been running, I recovered an incredible amount of Know-How in the field of intelligence and warfare. Even though, OSA did not waste five minutes to train me. A part of the know-how isn´t available at all on this rotten planet.

Its very old lost technology and the church philosophy is simply.  Everybody can do everything because everybody did every job somewhere back on the track.  True or not, I present to you the field of intelligence warfare, and that this operating base is fast suicide for those who walk into the lions den

Now, after all this,  lets get back to Mike Rinder. 


You probably noticed that so far there are no legal battles ongoing between the church and R&R.  Strange isn’t it? The church NEVER hesitated to do so, when fighting their “apostates.”


The reason for this is simply what is called in Scientology

“Mutual Out-Ruds.”


Rinder is “sitting“ on incidents which he has not spoken about yet. And its a really a good idea (for him) if he never will. He should keep his “Wild Cards” behind his back and never use them.  If he doesn´t operate this way, he will probably open other boxes that BOTH  HE AND THE CHURCH, do not want to face. Items of which that could develop into  disasters for both parties.

If he has not shut down his memory completely, then he is aware of what I am talking about and the church is also aware of it. I am aware of it and also choose to keep my cards close to my chest. Now it´s becoming a poker game and the strategic advantage for me is, that I am an invisible player.

I apologize that I can´t give you precise details about myself and the church activity I have been involved with in the past.  I hope it satisfies to know that I am not a US citizen.

By discovering the enemy’s dispositions and remaining invisible ourselves, we can keep our forces concentrated, while the enemy’s must be divided (Sun Tzu)

Intelligence, (which is an important aspect of war) is always superior to PR. (propaganda)   PR is perfect to call to arms, labeling opponents as “evil,” spreading misleading data, lies, truth or half truth´s, and to  influence opinion of individuals or groups.


Rinder, Rathbun and Miscavige are all “PR Men,”

Nothing More!

And, it seems they never understood the lesson that, PR never ever won any battles. Think of Fidel Castro. I consider him to be one of the most talented PR personality of the 20th century. I recommend you see the interviews Fidel granted foreign reporters.   He handled embarrassing questions in ways you won´t believe. It is stunning, stunning and more stunning. The reporters were speechless.

You listen to him, turn around to leave and you are convinced that Cuba is a perfect place. Fidel is able to sell refrigerators to Eskimos but even he knew,  (back in 1958 ) that he could not conquer Cuba just by PR-skills.   So, he joined Ernesto “Che” Guevara, a genius warrior with excellent knowledge and skills in guerrilla tactics and this was the end of General Batista in Cuba.


The way one defeats an enemy is to reduce his power about 80-90%.  The way that is done is either to drive his army into a situation where it becomes nonoperational, and/or you remove the Government or Generals from their posts.  The latter is more difficult to accomplish from outside than being an insider, and there are a lot of different ways how it can be done.


By the day (7/20/944) when Stauffenberg failed to kill Hitler, more people and soldiers lost their life until the end of the war in April 1945, than within the five years before. (since 1939).



Rathbun missed his chance to become the (Successful) “Stauffenberg of Scientology”

Sadly he did not even try.  Even though being closely connected to the “Führer,“  and knowing all the details of his organization, administration, legal, structure, operating basis, security and habits. Defeating an army on a battlefield is  extremely extensive as well as expensive. And, success is never actually guaranteed.  From within, is a different story.


Let me make one thing clear, Neither Rathbun nor Rinder are my targets.


 Until 2009 I had not even heard of Marty Rathbun though I have been in the church for 25 years. I knew Mike Rinder from his speeches on stage during the IAS events.


I considered the blow of both Rathbun and Rinderto be an out-point which is called in the Data Series policies,  “added time.”  If they were such evil scumbags, (as the church describe them in their blogs) and then hesitating for 25 years to fire them, it does not make sense. It also does not make sense to stay in the church and serving as a punching bag by choice for 25 years.

That,  was the string to pull that started my research.

Furthermore within the last 20 years I stored about two dozen outpoints regarding the Church and RTC activities, as it was not possible for me to find the data within the church in order to get everything resolved. 

I was fed up so I spent about 400 hours scanning the Internet.

I went through thousands of documents which are available and then had to separate the crap from the useful data to compile everything,  including  my own experience.

  • Sadly, I learned from the whistle blowers reports, that all the lies from “apostates” were not lies.

  • I learned that I ran a useless project by fighting the truth.

  • I learned that I backed up Miscavige´s ass, all his crimes and all the bullshit he did and does.

  • I also learned that they don’t give a shit about the wealth and health of their “loyal officers.“   It´s a gang of parasites and opportunists.

Intelligence has a quite bad reputation in public and it is considered to be a justice free area.  Although even in such arenas as this, there exist an unwritten codex, yet the Church and OSA violates them all.

Because I am not willing to monitor Rinders actions until he is passing away, I decided to do something about it. However its not obsessive. I must not play the game. Usually I would say it´s a useless war, which is not worth wasting two cents to become involved with. It also seems that LRH has no more interest in his “baby” as well.     The real question which should be asked is…

~CUI BONO ? ~ 

WHO  BENEFITS  of the quarrels ?

 But that’s not my issue.

So, I thought it´s time to look at the problems Scientology has,by looking from other relevant viewpoints.  The superior view of this article is warfare. Because, in fact we got one. The Church and their opponents.   Other views should also be taken, because it seems they are being ignored by both parties.

Lets start with the US Government. It is well known for and proud of,  200 years of showing the most liberal attitude towards religious beliefs. They are busy backing up Israels ass. And, their intelligence services are busy trying to isolate a handful of terrorists out of 1,5 billion Muslims.  (Have Fun) They are busy trying to save their insecure economy, resources and interests, either in or outside the US. (That’s their job)  Its a lot of work to do and all must be run and administered.

Do you really believe the Government Officials want to get deeply involved into the quarrels the church has with their ex-members?  Investigating a recognized religion which went completely  off the rails and turned into a strange cult?  Does anybody think they will check if Miscavige follows policy or not, whether he is altering tech, or wasting money?

Do you think they will investigate the suicide of Scientologists and try to connect the dots to their religious beliefs or evaluate disconnection policies and argue if its canceled or ~ contrary to LRH´s orders ~  reinstalled?

Do you think a politician, a member of the Congress or a Senator will argue about those matters? The government has REALLY other problems than paying attention to a handful of upset Ex-cult members.

Does anybody think the US Government and its authorities are questioning Jewish codes, behavior, attitude, way of life and history, because Bernie Madoff (a Jew) burned 60 billion Dollars of his investors money?


Why should they try to connect the dots of Rex Fowlers or Reed Slatkins faults to their religion ~ Scientology ?

Scientology whistle blowers are busy trying to convince the public, judges, authorities, media and politicians that something is wrong with the Church and Miscavige.

Yes you are right.  An OT8  should neither shoot his staff nor commit suicide. But that’s not the reality out there in the country’s main stream population.  There, its a usual thing that people, business man and home owners declare bankrupt or commit suicide. Its a pity but it happens. NON-Scientologists don´t have the slightest clue why it´s a “BIG OUTPOINT”  that OT’s do strange things.

Ex-Scientologists seem to be extremely introverted on the injustice they experienced in the church and then they ignore the reality and viewpoints existing in the so called “WOG-World” ~ The world outside the cult.

People die, even Scientologists die at the age of 16, 35, or 55.  Anything unusual?   The church can sell it to the public but you can’t sell them your view.

If you try to connect the dots of tech and policy with a Non-Scientologist,  you first have to clarify half  the tech dictionary, half the admin-dictionary, and then get them to read a bunch of policies bulletins and flag orders before you can even poise the first question.

Who would generate that amount of efforts by choice, yet not for there own personal spiritual interest? A few anonymous and sect experts have, as well as some judges beening forced to so they could understand the quarrels the Church is having with their Ex-members in the court room.

 I bet they hated it.


I recommend people read the article in Wikipedia about the Jewish writings called “Talmud.”  Specifically the chapter on “Attacks.“ 

You will find similarities between what is going on in the Co$ regarding its writings and the troubles the Jews have with the Talmud that have been ongoing for the last…



The legal battles.

The worst policy of all is to besiege walled cities. (Sun Tzu)

Lets look at barriers.   Barriers make a fortress.  Physically we got walls, fences and barbwire. The Int base is a fortress.   On an administrative level we got LRH policy.

If you analyze ethics and justice policy, you will find that it was set up in order to prevent destruction of the church and the tech from in – or outside.

This includes that a Scientologist can´t sue another Scientologist, while both are members of the church in good standing. Its a very special situation which does not exist (as far as I know) in other religious communities.

Internal troubles are being routed to HCO and if HCO fails, then OSA cares for it. The production lines are closed for entheta. (bad news)

Attacking policy, bylaws or alterations of those in public or court is equivalent of attacking fences and barbwire.


It´s the wrong target. 

An individual must be the target.  Always!


On a legal level you got the US constitution, laws and bylaws which back up Scientology as a recognized religion.

The US state department is still receiving reports of human rights abuses against Scientologists in other country’s. Do you think the State Department will accept reports from the department of justice and publish Human Rights violations committed in the US ? They do not even dream to do so.

They delegate cycles to their authorities, police, IRS, FBI..   In order to check if illegal actions have been committed, which is the only aspect they are interested in. Was it illegal or not. If yes, can it be proven without doubt?



You enter the police office and tell the officer;  “Miscavige has beaten me“

The officer thinks about his overloaded lines…

  • He has  five or more bodies in his morgue on any given day, some of which he scratched out of the sewage pipes and he is supposed to find their killers.
  • He  has dozens of thieves, dealers and prostitutes in his jail, making lots of noise and troubles and he has to handle them based on their required administrative procedures.

So, he stays tuned and asks, “Alright, when was it?”

You say; “five years ago.“ 

He says; “Sorry its time-barred.”

If it is not time-barred he says….


“OK, make up an affidavit, I will interrogate this Miscavige.”


He then receives five affidavits sent by the church saying the contrary.

Miscavige is a kind guy and has never beaten anyone.”

Now he has got cross data which results in no action at all.

Statement against Statement.    

File Closed.

This is the basic problem with all the reports coming out of the Int base/Flag/Ship or local Orgs. Affidavits (speaking in public and in court) hardly work.

In a court and especially in the US,  justice is achieved for those who have a lot of money. Even if you got enough money (Bob Minton) then you have to deal with the legal eagles and the complexity of the justice system.

Scenario 2

Another guy enters the Police Station and tells the officer;  “I had to do slave labor.”

The officer says; “You have to prove it. Consult an attorney and get witnesses.”

You meet with an attorney and describe the situation, he analyzes and says;

You have been bound by religious rules and where foolish enough to have signed a one billion year contract, without even knowing all the game conditions?”


The church is forwarding this strategy either in or outside the courtroom. If the attorney is a bull terrier and hates the church or believes in human rights he says;

“You have to make an advanced retaining payment of 10000 USD and I will check to see if I can find a way to sue the church.”

Scenario 3

Another walks in and tells the officer;  “All i had to eat for six months was rices and beans every day.”

He is looking at you and he thinks; 

This guy is still alive, he looks quite good.   Then he remembers a media report that in third world countrys,  15000 kids die of starvation every dayAnd says,

“I bet they would kiss your feet in the starving nations if you provide those rice and beans every day for six month.

Yet, we feels sympathy and he says; “Here s a dollar,  go buy a Big Mac.


Scenario 4

Another tells him: “I had to run around a pole for 12 hours in the desert sun.“

The officer thinks, Obviously he came through it all right and he should probably apply for the International Iron-man Triathlon Contest.

So he says; “It seems it was not illegal, but you are free to contact Amnesty International. Maybe they can help you.



A police officer or prosecutor upon hearing about allegations looks to find a string for investigating illegal church actions.

He is looking into Marty’s blog reading a sentence saying;   “In 1984 I was on a mission with the D/CO OSA WUS and we met the I/O OSA Int…” 


So, he closes the blog page and says,  “What the hell are they talking about?  No Thanks!”  He would rather open the homepage of  something he understands, Like PLAYBOY.


You see almost all of those blogs and Internet-sites violate AXIOM 28. They communicate to Scientologists only! The Scientologists  “special language“ is knocking off every potential ally from the outside.

 When you engage in actual fighting, if victory is long in coming, then men’s weapons will grow dull and their ardor will be damped. If you lay siege to a town, you will exhaust your strength. (Sun Tzu)



The PR battles

Whenever communication fails and it seems impossible to accomplish justice, the operation base is turning into;  SPEAKING in public and revealing the truth about…    (also known as PROTEST PR) You find this game all over the planet.

  • CCHR is revealing the truth about psychs.
  •  Amnesty international is revealing the truth about human rights violations.
  • Revisionists are „revealing the truth“ about the holocaust.
  • Media are revealing the truth about environmental destruction, about bankers, wars and governments.
  • The 9/11 movement is revealing the truth about 9/11………
  • Arnie and Gerry are revealing the truth about Hubbard and of course Rathbun, Headley, Hall, and Rinder are revealing the truth about Miscavige.

They are convinced about THEIR MISSION and try to hammer it into the mind of parishioners, the ordinary citizen, politicians, organizations, media, prosecutors, judges and government authorities in order to get agreement that something must be done about it.

By doing so they run into all sorts of barriers; Ignorance, apathy, spectatorship, unconsciousness, altered importance, stupidity, complex justice systems, confusions, misunderstood, identification, upsets, (legal) nit-picking, counter intentions and, and and…

The 9/11ers were hammering their heads against the government walls, again and again for 10 years. Did they change the governments attitude?

I bet the Chinese government is just laughing about Amnesty International Human Rights reports.


There is nothing wrong blowing the whistle. Its just a question of time until you change/reform something. If you review worthily activities to reform a bad situation you will find the following; It takes years, decades or centuries.

Examples: Slavery in the US (M.L.King), Apartheid in South Africa (Nelson Mandela), democracy in Europe, independence from the British Empire in India (Ghandi)

 The church AND their “apostates“ are continuously hammering “The truth about…“  against a wall of lies, or hammering lies against a wall of truth. I don´t care what the actual scene is.

For me the key point is, How many “soldiers“ do I have to face? How much enemy resources? How many  weapons? What level of skills or ability and what strategy? And, can I isolate a weak point which can be used to cause them a lost the battle?

I am simply challenging you to make up an appropriate estimation of effort, that’s all.


In respect of military method, we have, firstly, Measurement; Secondly, estimation of quantity; Thirdly, calculation; Fourthly, balancing of chances; Fifthly, Victory. (Sun Tzu)


So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike at what is weak.(Sun Tzu)


Religious belief in itself is one of the most stable and unshakable fortress you can find. Try to hammer into the mind of Scientologist that Scientology is a scam, Miscavige is a squirreling crook, Hubbard a liar or the tech does not work.

They just laugh and walk away. Even if they are not aware that they receive just 50 % standard tech, they are still winning. You wanna argue away all his wins, invalidate his knowingness ?   Forget it.

Try to convince a Muslim that pork won´t make him sick die. He won´t eat it. He sees every day that Christians don’t die by eating pork.  Do you wanna argue about it ?   Forget it !

During the middle ages, the catholic church had been committing incredible crimes. (inquisition) Heretics and disbelievers have been chased and harassed, killed, burned. The catholic church even went off the rails when psychotic popes reached their highest rank, but they still  EXIST.   (since 2000 years)

During his “European Tour 1939-45“ scumbag Hitler had nothing better to do than chase and harass the Jews. The result?    They still exist and Hitler is rotting  in hell.   (I hope so)


Martin Luther was fed up and established the Lutheran church. He showed the Vatican his ass, but did not try to fight them.  (quite clever I think)   He reformed the rules and went on with his game. The Lutheran church is still there, although they have been chased and harassed at least for 200 years by the Vatican.

Therefore I consider church activities to destroy splinter groups to be Dev-T and won´t be successful. Wasted time, wasted resources. I actually do not understand this obsessive attitude to destroy “squirrels”.

If squirrels (regardless if they actually squirrel or not) are happy to mess up their cases, developing and practicing other tech then it´s great. The church should grant them the right to do so. They are defeating themselves.

Twiddle your thumbs and smile. I wait for the day when they start massacring Buddhists, because their spiritual practice is a squirrel activity.

Now,  it is predictable that the church and their opponents won´t get anywhere. This is confirmed by the fact that all major Scientology “enemies“ are still there and acting to a certain degree, at least for three decades and it is very interesting that almost none of them went to jail because of “crimes.“  HA, I estimate more Scientologists (in good standing) went to jail than critiques.

The church also exists yet. Sadly, as I analyzed the church is in a better position yet. They are sitting inside the fortress labeling every attacker a “religious hate monger.“  Yet, Rathbun is standing outside with a few dollars in his pockets and shouting, “I am your Waterloo“ and then continuously shooting artillery against their walls, fences and barbwire. What is he going to do when he has no more ammunition left? What then when he gets done revealing all the faults and crimes of Miscavige from every single day during the the last 30 years?

Revealing data which is are verifiable a weak point is stupid. The church will be able to destroy all incriminating evidences.

Something should be done with the data, but UNDER THE SUREFACE.   What needs to be prepared is a 9/11 for the church. You remember the definition of power? Power is defined as; knowing others withholds.  (LRH)


Masking power with weakness is a basic tactical consideration (Sun Tzu)


It seems Marty´s ammunition store is already quite empty and his blog is actually turning into a hate machine. The game of “Telling the truth about…“ has been left and developed into a childish show with extensive use of scatology.  Its worse than what you can find in a nursery.

Do not think I am defending or endorsing church actions. The church blogs are also worse than garbage. To get a little bit release from this fight I recommend you read the blog of Jeff Hawkins.


I love his factual reports, his analysis and his evaluations. You do not find any bad emotion there, he is simply communicating the truth and its fun to read it.

Same applies to Aida Thomas blog. She has got a big heart and honest intention. A grateful acknowledgment from me that she published my article.



And now let’s settle with the church

Noisy invest and harassment in public went off the rails. They act like bulls in the china shop. And, they make sure everybody can see WHAT A RUTHLESS COMPANY THE CHURCH is!

Their stupid assumption is, that they create respect and warn (potential) attackers to criticize the church.  Judge for yourself. Review the last 40 years. Did it work?   I say no, the noise about the church is getting louder and louder and louder.

Hitler attacked all European countries. Did he create respect for Germany on long term view?  Never ever !

Did Spain create respect in South America by attacking and robbing indigenous peoples? Never ever! They have hated the Spanish for 400 years. And it doesn’t matter what PR-line has been used to justify the actions.




I know for sure, that several European governments (including Russia) have been investigating, monitoring and recording OSA activities. Sure they filed whistle blower reports. But they confirmed it by doing their own job. OSA is completely underestimating different government activities because they are carried out SILENTLY and invisible.

And maybe one day in the future if a miracle happens and a Church PR gets a date with a government official in order to REMOVE or CLARIFY FALSE REPORTS about the church, the following might happen.

Official: “Well thank you for giving me a copy of  “What is Scientology.“  Let me show you something. Here is our archive.  As you can see we gathered all the writings of your founders  -HCOPL’s HCOB’s Flag Order’s, Odd’s, CBO’s and lectures since 1950. We kept complete track of all changes, revisions and alterations. We also established a task force to evaluate the data.

And just to pick up a cross datum we cannot think with.

From our perspective, the Co$ has demonstrated that neither your religious credo nor the essay “What is greatness“ applies or is being applied to apostates, critiques and whistle blowers and so confirmed that the policy “Fair Game“ and  related confidential Flag Orders have been in full use since its alleged cancellation in 1968.

Furthermore we noticed that Mr. Hubbard wrote a few really biting and broadly generalized comments about governments which we don’t appreciate.  Especially here in the older versions of the finance series policies. Now let me show YOU a video.”

HE will then be shown a video highlighting all the bullshit the church has organized in order to chase and harass Robert Vaughn Young, Stacy Young, Bob Minton, Jesse Prince, Joe Cisar, Stephen Kent and Gerry Amstrong amongst many many others

Official;  “Here you see a member of your local church spitting on  Stacy Young. His name is….    Here you see a cheep privet investigator chasing and filming your “apostates“ by using a rental car. He came with the same plane and left with the same plane as Bob Minton.

Here are copies of his passport and his flight tickets. And by the way, in our country it is illegal to use a camcorder while driving a car.

Here you see five church members standing around Mrs. Caberta screaming and yelling, accusing her of being  a Nazi.  FALSE REPORTS ?  Thank you for listening, there is the exit door. USE IT!“

Governments do not forget. Once data is filed it stays in the files and it is never removed.  If in 100 years a politician will hear about Scientology, looking at the videos and reading a short summary of a strange cult that existed in 2011 , he might think…

Good thing Miscavige destroyed it !“

OSA did not learn its lessons. Neither in PR nor in Investigations and Iintelligence.  OSA is just a gang of erring dabblers. Every attempt to destroy an enemie must be prepared and done under the surface. Period.  No exception.

Fair Game is Absolutely Out Reality for the Rest of Society.

Therefore all policy and orders written by LRH must be canceled. Because, it is proven that they DO NOT WORK!!   And, stop this stupid PR-line saying;  “We have the right to defend ourselves.”

Sure, spitting on people solves lots of problems.

Possible solutions

First, one must determine what he wants to achieve.  Do you really Want to  get rid of the church?

Great, then listen carefully. Here is the solution for all those who hate religion, cults, Hubbard, the church, the tech and for those who quite  and decided to never come back.

Since 2004 at least two dozen Int-execs and staff have left the church and spoke out. All of them confirmed that Miscavige is destroying the church from inside.  Isn’t that good news for you ?


After fighting the church for two or three decades from the outside, we now realize that Miscavige is working hard on Scientology’s meltdown from within! Imagine, he is doing your work for you!  He is going to accomplish what you tried to accomplish.  Let him go at it,  he is a professional in destruction.

You can’t do it better from the outside, so why continuously hammer your head against the walls of the fortress? You have been wasting money and efforts, you had to endure the OSA harassment, legal threats and all sorts of filthy shows.

Now you became aware of all the unnecessary DEV-T you created yourself.  Even if you have been paid for it, was it worth all the terror? Now you can sit back in your comfortable chair Twiddle your thumbs, drink a beer and smile.  From time to time you open Marty´s blog and monitor the number of parishioners which have been scared away from the church. 

If you think you need more action or randomity,  organize a party in Hemet near the Int Base.




Or, prepare some banners saying Miscavige, we love you, you are a genius. Keep going altering the tech, waste more money, keep ruining parishioners , drive them crazy and bankrupt. We enjoy empty ideal orgs and disconnected families.

Keep going Miscavige. YOU ROCK! 

(Theta becoming a Solid Mass. ROCK!)


 That’s a quite smart attitude from a viewpoint of warfare.  No efforts necessary to win your battle. The enemy makes sure he defeats himself. Furthermore you drive the nasty rat and his gang into confusion because he does not expect such a reaction and he won’t be able to work out a handling, as there is nothing there to  handle.  You are just sitting calmly clapping your hands.

Therefore the skillful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting. He captures their cities without laying siege to them and he overthrows their kingdom without lengthy operations in the field. (Sun Tzu)

For all others who are concerned about the church and the legacy of LRH, the above sounds sarcastic, bold and maybe 1.1.   If you feel upset then please realize it was not addressed to you.  It´s just suggestion to operate on a reverse flow.

Furthermore the above operation basis will cause more and more collateral damage. If this is not desirable, then the process of the church deconstruction must be speed  up.

Those who do not wanna fight in public should keep delivering service. One can run an independent course room or deliver spiritual counseling. This was Scientology’s original plan. Creating more theta on the planet, ignoring and bypassing all the troubles and Entheta the planet has.

The more theta that is  released the more the environment (planet) will automatically change for the better .

For those who are not tech trained you could also do what I do. If you walk through the streets, you will find lonesome old people sitting all day at the window looking around or hobbling to the next supermarket. Contact them and ask them,  “Can I help you with something?”  And then help them. Visit with them, listen to them, Acknowledge them.

 They have probably not had real communication in years. Nobody to give them an ack or cared what they had to say.  I guarantee it,  you will  earn really honest gratefulness.  And, change a life.

Beside this,  you could make a postulate that Miscavige disappears from his post.  (soon)  Who knows what will happen?  Maybe half a dozen sharks chase and harass him  while he is diving and finally ripping off his ass.  As far as I know, hungry sharks also eat carrion.  


Protest should be strengthened and Marty Luther and the anonymous army should keep making a lot of public noise. Yes, we need more of it in the public view, but the purpose is simply to keep OSA busy by distracting their attention.  The petition is a good starting point and we will see if Obama will move his ass. (don’t hold your breath though)


Another possible action is the operating basis of Mathma Gandhi, but can be executed only inside the church. Ghandi defeated the British Empire by refusing to work for them. As an opinion leader for the Indians they followed his orders. Simply a mutiny. The British administration broke down.

This applies to public, staff and especially sea Org members. The more guys that blow, the faster the shop is broken.

A call to mutiny for Int base staff and Sea Org members is needed. Distributing flyer’s would help. 

If there is disturbance in the camp, the general’s authority is weak. If the banners and flags are shifted about, sedition is afoot. If the officers are angry, it means that the men are weary. (Sun Tzu)


“ARE YOU FED UP WORKING 100 hours per week for nothing?  Then stop working and walk out. Even following a grand purpose, You still have  civil rights.“

Or a similar text, push buttons !! You know them better than I!

One could get a small plane pulling a big banner after and circle above the INT base. Or use an airship

YOU ARE FED UP? JUST WALK OUT !! Freedom is awaiting you !!

And now a message TO OSA Executives at the INT base!!

Create an internal conspiracy. Knock off every policy/FO you ever studied. “Currently you do not follow command intention….”

NO, you are following the intention of a nasty rat, a ruthless bandit.  Stop thinking in terms of conditions and policy. Start thinking in terms of US laws and human rights.


STOP WORKING, JUST WALK OUT. You are free to do so.

Its covered in constitutional rights. These are not canceled for you. Even if you herd it thousand times. If a security is threatening you with a pump gun just say, “If you pull the trigger you go to jail 25+ years. And that’s a lots of dicks there are waiting for your ass.

You are guilty of false imprisonment.“ Tr3, Tr3. Hold your position, and go !!!

If someone is assigning you a condition, then tell him. “You can stick your condition in your ass, good bye for ever.“

You think you are committing a high crime called mutiny? Bullshit, knock it off.

The only high crime is to keep working for a psychotic leader who runs a chicken shack, called Church of Scientology.


Another way to break DM´s neck is the following:

To destroy the credibility of affidavits saying Miscavige has never beaten anybody one must make up a secret recording – a video – filming Miscavige doing so. 5 seconds, or better 10.

Almost all modern mobile phones are set-up for making videos. Or you get mini DV cam which is masked as lighter. Lighters are perfect for your purpose. You can buy that stuff on ebay. Then post the video on You tube !!

Even if it seems impossible, try it. Miscavige can´t cut all comm lines to prevent this. The more comm lines he is cutting the more power he looses. That’s what we want.

It is important that these ideas will infiltrate/infect the minds of the staffs and the result will be that none trusts the other mate.  If the crew is weak and already demoralized then its a breeding ground for those ideas. The best what could happen is that Miscavige gets this sheet on his desk. It will drive him crazy, hopefully PTS Type 3.

 To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself. (Sun Tzu)

In all fighting, the direct method may be used for joining battle, but indirect methods will be needed in order to secure victory. (Sun Tzu)


I have been analyzing and evaluating Miscavige’s set-up, forth and back, up and down.  X-times.  It seems the administrative and organizational system which protects him is perfect. Fortunately a few days ago I found a weak point, a small gap in the walls of his fortress.

Within the next few weeks I will inspect it and look if there are any traps inside the gap. Regardless of the circumstances, I already worked out a plan to focus and direct “special forces“ into it.

Now, the good news is, If he finds the gap he can´t close it.  It follows that he can´t prevent the plan even if it  has been revealed. Its already too late.

The weak point of my plan is, that I need the cooperation of the “special forces.“  I will see if I can get it done.  (And No, I will not send John Rambo there )

Hence, that general that is skillful in attacks, up0ne whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skillful in defense, whose opponent does not know what to attack.


Yes  Miscavige;  And now a special message for YOU

Too many punishments betray a condition of dire distress. (Sun Tzu)

PS: Public Scientologist in good standing should make up a PR-disaster for Miscavige. My message is adressed to those who are flying under the radar or disaffected. During the next major events, throw rotten eggs and tomatoes onto stage while Miscavige is speaking. Grant him what he deserves.

As the Americans say… “Toss him under the bus!”


 The Sniper


22 responses to “An Essay on Warfare by The Sniper

  1. Bingo! What a load of good helpful info. About throwing tomatoes, etc. Funny that, thought of it in my mock-ups earlier this year before resigning. I’ve read your article with extreme interest and have tagged it for future reference. Familiar with Art of War, but many years ago, now see in new light, viewpoint. Your suggestions will help me with my goals, actions and I appreciate your making it so very clear. One does need to act at times to clear one’s own honor and responsibility. Especially when you don’t have much to fear and time/life is getting shorter for doing so. Also to get it done and move on…
    Oh, You certainly hit the buttons with R & R and some whys, which verifies my thinking and to this day still eval, while I watch. But since reading this, doesn’t really matter. Actually I have had same thoughts. Nice to read yours and nice to be able to comm about it. Thank you so very much for making this scene so much clearer to me.

  2. Aida,

    What is being missed on all of the blogs , is that most seem to think that it’s only DM that is causing all the problems for the church. This is not true and has never been true.

    He is the one that is being put there for you to see and target. Their are many we do not see or even know exist ,but they do exist and they are not from mars , or the FBI or other goverment agencys, even though some may be.

    The majority of the problem here is that their are many who claim to be scientologists who are in fact against any beterment activity, and they go absolutely psychotic at the thought that anyone can get better and escape from their agrred upon trap. These people work verry hard to make things go wrong , They will cause auditors to make mistakes in their sessions.

    They will also cause the cs to go on hoping and missprogram their case , Make good staff leave when they join staff. Create situations that require managment to loose when they try to handle and so on.

    Look at what is left at most of the class5 orgs and who has been there on staff and in the field for many years and look at thier folders and siply get rid of those that are no case gain when attempts wher made to audit them, and those who never show up for session and when in management positions wont allow anyone training or proceesing.

    Without these people flowing power to DM and in the past to others like him scientology would be now well on the way to making this planet a saqner place.

    To clear it would take many generations of continuing auditing and training but is possible as we work in eternity.

  3. Thanks for posting the article, Aida.

    Interesting report.

    I look forward to seeing the results of the Sniper’s gap plan.

    I love that description of Miss Cavage….”a psychotic leader who runs a chicken shack, called the Church of Scientology”.

    I would very much like to see an event where people throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at the head of the “chicken shack” while he’s clucking and crowing his PR/lies….with lots of photos and videos of the event, posted on the net, for all to see. LOL He could never live that down and would never forget it.

    If he reads this, I wonder if they will be checking people’s pockets for eggs and tomatoes at all future events. LOL

    Or maybe he will be speaking from behind a plastic shield in the future….

    Would also love to see people get up and walk out during his speech until he’s left talking to an empty auditorium. That would make a great New Years event…..with nobody buying anything and people refusing to be regged for anything….. or a nice happening at his future idle org openings. LOL

    When the tide turns, how will he protect himself from his own flock?

    • If Hitler, Stalin, Gadhafi, Sadham Hussein, etc they all fell, I don’t see why DM should fall. I just hope that he does not commit suicide or gets killed. I want to see him in jail where he belongs.

  4. There is a sucessfull principal currently at work – the cell, as exemplified by Anonomus. Instead of waiting for the Sniper to pull off his inside job, take action on your own, in ways you can achieve on your own. Example: Mail copies of the latest SP times articles to friends who are still in – afraid? Under the radar? Don’t put your name in the return address. What does it cost? 44 cents for each stamp?


    • Mimsey, we’ve been doing that for years, sending emails, letters too and when the SO staff calls us we tell them the truth…

      You’d be surprised how low the confront for the truth is out there and they don’t even want to know if people are lying as well.

  5. “yet not for there own ” Aida – please change this to “yet not for their own” It doesn’t make sense the way it is written. it is a typo or spelling error. It is right above the picture of the judges gavel.


  6. The Art of War.. I have still to unerstand it thoroughly & completely. Had it(The Art) for 30 years and would read. It wasn’t until I read The Dao that a light finnally turned on. Duh…

    Do nothing. I was wondering why ex Scientologists are …constantly knocking their heads agains the wall?

    I would recomend reading a copy of the Tao Teh Ching before tackling The Art of War as the entirety of the book is based on the Dao. Without it you won’t understand Sun Tzu and his timeless work “The Art of War”

    • Hi Roberto:

      Thanks for the recommendation, very interesting.

    • Roberto, thanks for your suggestion. If I find the time I will digg deeper into pilosophical fundamentals. Currently for my purposes the rules and priciples as pointed out by SUN TZU, are fundamental enough to operate with. Once a person got a proper understanding, it can be applied on any field in life. Imagine, it is still being tought in Boston University -School of Management –

  7. Ms Frankie Clark

    Loved reading his viewpoint, incredible insight. The strategy is sensible. Who wants to go to jail throwing eggs? Walking out slowly one by one is as visible. How about lets OT our Goal, purpose, targets, etc. using Axioms and Logics. Advanced Procedures and stuff? That’s a game I’d like to play, a done deal.


    • Yes, I agree with you, the OT game is best!
      Thanks for your comment.


    • About the last paragraph, keep a satirical view. I already had fun by making a mock up.

      • LOL! Sniper, I figured that it was a figurative speech.
        I hope Miscavige does not accuse you of instigating hatred to his religion because of some rotten tomatoes on his face….LOL

        It is actually tragic comic, no?

        • Yes, Aida. Imagine R&R and his followers, have been throwing scatology towards miscavige since two years. I mean they insult him almost every day. I wonder why the church does not sue them. ISN´t it illegal in the US ? They could have squeezed thousands of dollars out of R&R´s pocket, but they are not doing it. Strange wha? Slowly but sure I am getting the idea they are backed up by somebody in the church yet…..?!!!

          • Hi Sniper:

            The Church is also throwing scatology at them back…that’s their business not mine….LOL!

            I just like to inform the public the truth in a sea of lies and altered history.

  8. Nice. I wanted to note something smart, but the article is so long that I had forgotten what it had been that by the time I came to the end of it.

  9. Sharone Stainforth

    F*cking Speechless!

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