Rekindling Scientology; Training Outside the Church


I came to ASHO in the late  ’70’s with the dreams of becoming a Class VIII auditor.  Training then was considered the most important aspect of Scientology.  Everywhere you went people were co-auditing and all of your friends were a class something or other auditor.  People were having fun and actually going up the Bridge as  ASHO had about 700 people on the Briefing Course alone!  The place was bursting and people that were happy and winning.

I got in Scientology in Tijuana of all places.  I moved  there with my family because my father started  a job as a college professor at the new University and he was a founding member of the Faculty of Law.

At that time I was searching for spiritual truth when Helena Hurtado told me about Scientology.  I loved it because of the , “What is true for you…” principle.


Here is beautiful Tijuana. It was fun living there back in the 70’s.


I consider that in order to truly achieve spiritual freedom one must also get educated.  Not only in Scientology but in general, one must have knowledge. Just imagine the personal satisfaction of being able to help others when life seems harsh and you are able to do something about it. I still like the Tech, well, most of it.  I apply the Tech and I see that it works and I feel satisfied that at the end of the day I helped someone to change their life.

However,  Scientology training has become obsolete in the last fifteen years or so and a lot of people have  told me that it is impossible to become an auditor in the CofS,  because of the long runway and outside is not so easy either.  I say no,  instead there seems to be a renaissance on training outside the church and many a good souls are dedicating their lives to helping others.

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Center for Spiritual Research and its Applications


Silvia Kusada Class VI Auditor, OT VIII from Italy, has been delivering Scientology outside the Church.  Silvia speaks Italian, English and Spanish. She also has been traveling all over the world to deliver the OT levels. She is a fine example of what an auditor should be.



She has an OT center in Texas where she audits and helps those  OTs who have stopped Solo Auditing for one reason or another, to have wins again.  She is also doing research on the original work of LRH from the 1950’s when it all began.



Silvia and I share the same ideals and we have discovered that when many beings work together toward  a basic common goal, life becomes magic. Things align and very little effort is required. Silvia is like a sister to me and I trust her and love her very much.


Silvia and Aida

I want to say here that it had been said that Scientology did not help some people. True, but yet it saved some other people’s lives.  Scientology is NOT for everyone.  Each has to search their own spiritual path in different directions until they find it.

My point of view is that I have a lot of respect for my friends who are helping others and that is why I am making  this post on my blog to let others know that there is training outside the Church of Scientology.

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The Helen Chen Academy

In Los Angeles and Taiwan, the Helen Chen Academy is very successful, they have made a lot of auditors as well as clears. My friends Helmut Flasch and his wife Helen Chen also have successfully disseminated Scientology all over the world. They are both OT VIII and Helmut is from Austria and Helen from Taiwan.

Helen Chen

. Graduation day at Helen Chen’s Academy



I had the pleasure to attend many of Helen Graduation parties

~~~~~~      ~~~~~~


Max and Erica Hauri’s  Training Center in Bern

Training is not only being delivered in English, Italian, Spanish and Taiwanese.  Max and Erica Hauri are delivering the Tech in Switzerland and in Russia as well. They have a training Center in Bern.  Max delivers the LRH’s original Bridge up to OT III and also Captain Bill Robertson’s Tech as well.


This is what Max has to say

“The bad experiences made me quit my work and membership in the Scientology church. The good experiences motivated me to disseminate Scientology outside of the church”.

“I left the church at the end of 1983”.

“Together with my wife Erica, we built up our Ron’s Org. After six years, 1990, I joined as a fulltime auditor and staff member at our Ron’s Org”.

Here is Max with his family


“Bit by bit we established communication lines all over the world. Today we have a lot of friends from all over the globe, especially from the East European countries”.

“Everyone should be supported with education as to how to achieve success in life. For me Scientology is a union a lot of different wisdoms from a lot of old religions and philosophies. Hubbard brought them together in a form that every person can understand. He developed precious exercises and practices, which can help everyone to develop spiritually, and to make future lives better and more successful”.


Max has been my rock in difficult times and I admire him very much because he is what I envision of a true OT, pandetermined, granting beingness and high theta comm individual.


~~~~~~      ~~~~~~


Bob Mongiello, The Riverside Mission in California and “Scientology Muster”


The Riverside Mission in California, was once the biggest Scientology Mission in the world. The place was bustling with students and PCs under the direction of Bob Mongiello and many other wonderful staff. Then the destruction of the Mission Network took place and all of  the missions fell apart,  including the Riverside Mission.

Bob moved on, and he and his family continued expanding as OT’s  and teaching the principles of the Tech to his children, who have never set foot in a single CofS.  Yet, they are trained as well as very successful in life.  Bob and his then wife Joan Mongiello, raised a great family and never lost their purpose to help others too.

Bob Mongiello and I

Bob and others have recently formed a group called “Scientology Muster.”  The purpose  is to create a stronger group and gather all the Scientologists and people interested in Scientology. There is no Mission yet as it is only in it’s inception.  However, lots of people have seen his videos and have contacted Bob to join his group and pretty soon they are going to be training others.

Here is one of Bob’s videos:



A lot has happened in Scientology, good and bad. Some were helped,  some were not.  However, we all have to take the path that is meant for us.  But as well,  there will always be people like Silvia, Max, Bob, Helen and Helmut, and many others who will be there to help their fellow beings. And that we can all be thankful for.


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27 responses to “Rekindling Scientology; Training Outside the Church



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  5. Hi all! Greetings from Moscow!

    What we need – is to spend money for our organizations, prepare professional auditors. For example, I start to create my org at 2005 – buy printer, e-meters, booklets, books, websites…. Now we have 8 auditors and more than 50 people on our lines and 17 projects.

    Im not spend time for fight, I expand free scientology only. 🙂

    The most important product of the FZ – clears, OTs and their projects.
    Within the limits of the International Project Timecops are increasing statistics on achievement of conditions of Clears and OTs + statisticans of annually created new projects (in a direction of the New Civilization).

    The part of projects and achievement of conditions is sounded in conference Galac Patra rus.
    Here some working projects:
    – Creation of the organizations on granting of the Bridge since 2007 (all it is created three)
    – Granting of the full Bridge – Original ОТ4-7, New ОТ4-8 + top levels by Captain Bill Robertson ОТ8-48, at present granting to ОТ16 since 2005
    – The international library of FZ at the Internet since 2005 –
    – Creation of Biggest Library LRH (300 Gb – in 5-6 languages) since 2004
    – Bill Robertson’s library, a site of Galactic Patrol since 2007
    – Directory FZ the CIS from the end of 2003
    – Creation and distribution of video data FZ (lectures, films) since 2005
    In 2005-2006 г a series of lectures of Natalia Pribylsky about a family (2nd dynamic) and a film about detox has been released.

    In 2009 was interview LRH – Introduction in Scientology is duplicated in russian by me, videolecture Introduction in scientology and FZ, lecture Car Driving in Exterior condition is written down. Contacts to extraterrestrial civilizations. Contact to Galactic Patrol.

    Are accessible here
    – Support of scientology in system eMule (burro) and ещккутеы – since 2007
    – Search and rehabilitation reincarnated clears and OTs since 2005
    – Advancement FZ of the CIS since 2003 /
    – The project of international alliance FZ since 2006 –
    – The project on maintenance auditing in an every spot on the globe (web-oditing) was created since 2006 and in 2010 working off qualitative auditing and granting of the Bridge to New ОТ8 + L rundawns- been finished
    – The international consultations by phone and Skype on any questions of Scientology since 2006
    – Conferences Yahoo since 2005
    – Videoconferences of scientologists on Skype since 2010 – 2 times a year on the first Sunday of December and June at 12-00 MOSCOW TIME audio records here viewforum.php? f=5
    – Coordination videoconferences on Saturdays at 18-00 MOSCOW TIME (through a nickname timecops)

  6. HI Aida,
    Great post! Very touching to see the work that has continued on!! Thanks for reminding us again how Scientology used to be and how it could be just as alive now 🙂
    More groups will form because of what has already been done in the field.
    I can’t wait to see more training, more auditing, more expansion!
    You are a big leader in this movement, do you know that? 🙂
    We love you! Thanks for being there and opening doors for Scientology to continue! 🙂

    • Hi Yin:

      You guys at the Helen Chen Academy rock! I am very impressed with you as a course supervisor! I’ve seen your students’ progress and it is amazing! I loveeeee going to the graduation because it is fun to hear the success stories of these brand new people who are changing their lives for the better! You’re the best!

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  8. Aida i started to cry when i read this post. Thank you!! thank you for always being there for everybody that is need of help, and always as a true friend and professional conselour.

    You have showed me, as a true class VIII the simplicity and beauty of the tech at the high levels.

    You are an exceptional woman and being.
    I love you with all my heart.

  9. Beautifully spoken Aida. A Perfect message that allows everyone to realize they can rekindle a failed purpose, if they so choose. I’m very glad you wrote this. Love to you and those those who work to help others . ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Yes Sharon, people should be informed and that way they can choose the path to follow.

      There are many other good souls who are also delivering training in other parts of the world. I just posted the names of those that I am closely following myself.

  10. Great post Aida:))

  11. AIDA: “I consider that in order to truly achieve spiritual freedom one must also get educated. Not only in Scientology but in general, one must have knowledge.”

    Very true. I have been delving into Quantum Mechanics these days:

    Quantum Mechanics Beginnings

    Thank you, Aida. I like your Blog. My purpose is similar to yours, which is to provide simple means to people to uplift themselves. In other words, my purpose is to get a grass roots movement going using knowledge from the Vedas up till now.


    • Vinaire, I agree with you; a great deal can be gained by looking at teachings other than Scientology and yes quantum mechanics in particular is relevant in this regard. I must add however that for me personally, one of the most significant insights since looking beyond Scientology has been the following:

      Nothing is as it seems – nothing. Throughout the ages inquiring minds have asked: What is the truth behind existence – what is really real? My realisation has been that this question is unanswerable until we first understand how we decide what is true and real?

      The only truth and reality we live by and respond to is based on the angle of our perspective – our interpretation of existence. However we approach the challenge of discovering how we decide what is true and real – how we determine the “actuality” of existence – it begins with mindset.

      Our worldview or opinion of another more often than not reveals little of the world or the other person but says a great deal about us. Whatever our frame of reference in life, whatever the basis of our worldview, be it science, religion, metaphysics, culture or simply common sense, all are subject to mindset. Whatever is being studied by science, be it distant galaxies, sub- atomic particles, DNA or consciousness, vital insights will remain hidden unless the mindset of those doing the studying is taken into account. For instance, the “language” of science does not essentially reflect what is real. The picture of our world provided by science first and foremost reflects the scientist’s mindset.

      Psychologists now acknowledge that our worldview is a psychological construct and scientists have found that what we observe isn’t necessarily what is out there.

      • There is no independent evidence by which to decide between two different paradigms. All evidence is interpreted in the light of either one or the other”. Kuhn.
      • “What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning”. Heisenberg
      • “We don’t see things as they are we see them as we are” Anais Nin.
      • “Science reflects the content of our consciousness”. Mach.
      • “Physical concepts are free creations of the human mind, and are not, however it may seem, uniquely determined by the external world”. Einstein.
      • “What we see depends on the theories we use to interpret our observations” Goswami.
      • “Man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through the narrow chinks of his cavern” William Blake.

      • “It is in the nature of human beings to bend information in the direction of desired conclusions” John Naisbitt.

      Not only does beauty lie in the eye of the beholder so do the meaning, relevance and value of everything.

      What we perceive and experience as reality is the human mind’s rendition of what enters our awareness via our senses, intellect and/or intuition. Human perception and experience – how the human mind is set up – mindset – is the only measure we have of what is real – of what is true.

      Invariably overlooked in the human perspective of what is real – of what is true – is the mindset factor. It is a typical human trait to think that what is being perceived and experienced is real – that what our sensory receptors register is the way things actually are. In other words, we do not question what we see and experience as being anything other than the way the world actually is. Yet within this conviction of what is real lies a well-hidden assumption. We assume that we are objective observers, able to investigate natural phenomena and view the human condition from an unbiased vantage point. The idea that our observations may be defined in terms of a biased human perspective is generally not factored into our worldview. Actually, how we define aspects of existence, such as time and space, matter and energy, life and consciousness are first and foremost interpretations of the mind – the human perspective.

      However, when addressing the issue of human perception and experience – how we see our world – two other key factors come into play: the brain and consciousness. Some – the scientific community in particular – will say that the mind is simply an aspect of a brain which has evolved over millennia and how we see and experience our world is, in the final analysis, determined by the brain. The mind and consciousness are seen as emerging during evolution of the brain and neurological phenomena. The implication being that consciousness is an illusory by-product of evolving life and the mind merely a reflection of brain activity.

      On the other hand there are those who question the theory that the mind is merely an aspect of the brain. To them, seeing consciousness as a biological adaptation of evolution is typical of a mindset oriented in material realism. They postulate that consciousness has “always” been around and that the mind is rather a manifestation of consciousness and not merely an aspect of the brain.

      It should not come as a surprise, however, that humankind’s typical material orientation – humanity’s compelling physical experience – will favor the brain as the source of how we see and experience existence. This assumption includes accepting that the brain is the source of mind and consciousness.

      Based on my personal research and experience up to this point I see that whatever the reality provided by the brain, it is subject to the mind – mindset – which in turn is a manifestation of consciousness. Hence, the exploration of consciousness has become my primary focus in recent years, resulting in several interesting insights.

      Not least of which is the futility of looking for the ultimate truth – the one unifying principle of everything. Why? Put simply; consciousness is creation. For those interested in the connection between quantum mechanics and consciousness Google; Copenhagen interpretation and Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. But beware of not having your intuitive insight blunted by an overload of information. .

      The point here is that when we observe something, creation takes place. When consciousness becomes conscious – aware – of something it is not a discovery it is an act of creation. So, should someone claim to have come up with the answer to everything – the ultimate truth about how things work – in no time at all a new truth will emanate from consciousness. That’s what consciousness is – creation. This is the awesomeness and wonder of it all. There is no beginning and no end to consciousness – to creation. Even the time against which so much is measured is essentially a consciousness creation.

      As implied earlier, I am not burdened with finding the ultimate truth or the one unifying principle of everything – heaven forbid. If anything, I believe it more worthwhile finding ways to let go of truths – creations – which restrict our thinking – truths which sustain a dysfunctional mindset and put us out of touch in an ever-changing world. Rather identify new truths which serve to take us through the next phase up the ladder to a wider perspective of existence – truths which sustain a functional mindset and keep us in touch in an ever changing world.


      “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

      Joe van Staden.

  12. Thanks for this beautiful post . i love good news . I can see there are a lot of people fully on purpose and by passing the church ; We are going to make it !

  13. Some very interesting people listed here. It would be wonderful to get acquainted with them. I guess I can sum up what I would like to say as follows: The world is changing in unprecedented ways and the relevance and importance of the type of work they are doing will grow rapidly in the very near future. What might have been a trickle in demand for their work will become a tsunami. For this reason it makes sense that comm. lines between them and other likeminded people be strengthened.

    Based on the limited contact I have had with Aida so far and what I have come across on Silvia Kusada’s blog I think I am in the right company.

    My personal experience after Scientology has left me with the following conclusion: THERE ARE “TRUTHS” BEYOND THE “TRUTHS” OF SCIENTOLOGY

    What qualifies me to make that statement? I am as familiar with the philosophy and technology of Scientology as anyone currently within and outside of the C of S.

    For what it is worth, all my tech training and hatting was done directly under LRH. My first auditors course – the HPA in 1960 – was overseen by LRH when he was in South Africa for the first SA AAC. The SHSBC which I attended in 1963 and the upgraded SHSBC which I did in 1964 were both under the direct control of LRH at St Hill. The same applied to the class 7 course I did in 1966. While on staff at St Hill in the mid sixties, first as review auditor then as director of review and finally as Qual sec, all my hatting was done by LRH.

    My class 8 course, which I later did on the Apollo, was also run by LRH.

    While captain of the flagship I spent a lot of time with LRH during the period he was doing the original research on OT 3 and other levels.

    Later as Qual sec on the Apollo, while doing a project for LRH of compiling the internships up to class 12 auditor, it was necessary to interact closely with LRH. I still have the handwritten commendation from LRH for my work done on the project.

    My point; Scientology has filled a large gap in my journey to a wider perspective of existence, but there are many amazing “vistas” beyond Scientology still to be viewed.

    (My career in Scientology is covered in my story: Birth of the Sea Org. See Aida Thomas Blog).

    Joe van Staden

    • Hi Joe:

      Thanks for sharing all of your experiences with us. I’d love to see more of the handwritten commendations on your work with LRH.
      And would also love to hear more about the amazing “vistas” beyond Scientology that are still to be viewed.

      I want to invite you to join a chat group with many interesting people that like to hear about that topic and more. It is called ThetaFriends.

      • Great to be in comm with you. Interesting subject, that of commendations. It opens the door on the ego of those concerned getting involved.

        Be that as it may,I am nonetheless curious about commendations given by LRH to people no longer involved in the C of S.

        Perhaps someone has information on this matter. The question being: has there been a project by the C of S to remove, from the records, commendations and positive reference to people now in bad standing.

        For instance, on the original first two introductory tapes of the class 8 course LRH validates my abilities as a ships captain. He also acknowledges my initiation of and contribution to the development of the Flag Executive Briefing Course.

        My point being that if reference to me on these tapes have been removed then such a project obviously exists. Does anyone know?.

        My reply to Vinaire above is indicative of the amazing “vistas” beyond Scientology I refer to. Your interest in what I have to say in this regard certainly inspires me to do so, which I will. .

        Yes I certainly would be most interested to get involved in Theta Friends.

        • Hi Joe:

          I will answer to your question, yes, ALL of the tapes and books have been purged by the compilations unit and ALL of the names mentioned including Mary Sue Hubbard’s names and their children’s.

          When I did the Class VIII Course in 96 I do not remember hearing your name on the tapes, actually I don’t remember hearing any names at all, and I have a good memory.

    • I like reading stories and experience from veterans. It feels quite more “ON-Source” that the stories from Ratbun.

      • Hi Sniper:

        Our blog have completely different purposes, which is to maintain people informed about the truth, including LRH. There is a sea of information out there, people has blatanly lied about what happened that those who really want to know what happened don’t know what to think, they can find out here with place, time form and event.

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