Scientology: Rip offs, Scams, Complaints, Lawsuits and frauds

                              Carisa Marion’s Story


This is an account from Marisa to me when she came on a visit to my house and also from an article in the St Petersburg Times from Tampa, Florida.

Carisa Marion had more than $350,000 in her church account when “The Basics” went on sale. “Because I had this money there, I was a target for staff who actually stole money off my account many times for unauthorized book purchases”
 Said Carisa on a Knowledge Report.


When the ‘Basic Books’ were first released everybody was called, even people like me, who have left the Church fifteen years ago because of the rip off of the Golden Age of Tech.

SO members were endlessly calling anyone who had ever been on lines, all of the staff were ordered to sell the books, even HCO and the C/Ses!

My friend Carisa Marion has been a scientologist for more than 30 years, she is an expert on nutrition and the top authority in the planet with regarding the Purification R/D for the general public as well as for those addicted to drugs.

Her expertise is not only on the Purification R/D but is also on which vitamins and supplements to take for a specific body problem. She is the best.


Carisa owned a property near Flag and the Org wanted to buy it to own more real estate in Clearwater and in 2005, she was paid one million for it. However, they made her agree that $500, 000.0 0 was put back on account for Scientology services for her and her family.

When the Basics were released she bought three sets with some of the money for her family, nevertheless they tried to sell her more books and she refused, “no  more” she said. But they did not give up and late at night they came knocking on the door unexpectedly but she did not answer. Then later she was called by the captain of the org and was asked to buy the books for the mayor of the City of Santa Clarita, California where she lived. She again, said no.



A month later, she was called again, insisting that she buy the books and she finally gave in and they took $7,000 from her account and broke up her auditing package. She then went to Celebrity Center in Los Angeles for auditing and while she was there, she was asked to go to the Chaplains office, when she walked in there were three staff members who started harrassing her to buy sixteen sets of the basics!!!!


She had already bought five! And they wanted more! She had already written a Knowledge Report that she was being pressured to break her OT levels for books. She was told at Celebrity Center that if she bought 16 sets, other public were going to help her sell them. After five hours of pressure, she gave in.

The Church delivered the books that sat in her living room for months and no one to sell them. That took another $30,000.00 from her account


Clearwater Sea Org staffer Stephanie Bills tapped into Marion’s account a few days later, Carisa’s account statement shows. She pulled out $3,625 — without permission, she said — to pay for individual titles in the Basics series. Those books were sent to Carisa’s brother in New York City.

It was February 2008, seven months into the Basics campaign.

Carisa found out when her brother called saying: What are these? He already had those titles.

Stephanie Bills Flag Rep in New York


 When she complained, Carisa was then promised that the money was going to be put back on her account by the treasury Christine Revell, but it never happened. Instead, the ethics officer Jarrod Kelly phone her and told her that he would have UPS pick up eight flawed sets and deliver four new sets, plus an additional series of lectures that go with the Basics. He also would put $5,000 back into her account.

Carisa said okay, but she insisted the debit not go through until her sets were picked up.

That didn’t happen. Kelly debited  Carisa four sets and UPS delivered them to her. Now she had 20 sets, enough to open a book store!!!!!

It took a week of phone calls, but Carisa got the church to pick up all 20 sets and promise to restore her account for those debits.

What she didn’t learn until later: One day after proposing the swap, according to her account statement, Kelly debited another $15,000, without her okay, for four more sets that were to be donated back to the church to distribute!


By september, Jose and Jesus Marinez went over her account and asked her to buy more sets for a scientologist in Italy who had offered to sell them for her.

Personally I don’t know who came with the idea to have public buy books and have other public sell them, the staff must have been desperate or evil to come with such unusual solutions.

By now she has been asked to buy 4 dozen = 48 sets of the books, imagine! Carisa now asked to have a statement with a balance of her account faxed to her, she wanted to make sure that there were no mistakes and everthing was perfectly clar, howeve, when the fax arrived, it showed a balance of only $278,374.55, which was incorrect. They just added $70,000.00 to shut her up.

When she was shown a statement of her account she saw that JoseLuis Martinez had  taken off her account more than $50,000 for the 20 sets she refused to buy. So now that she was furious, she decided to write a Knowledge Report whcich she called “Financial Crimes”.

According to some ex staff, there have been so many irregularities, that some  SO staff have been selling books to dead parishioners! One case is that of

Lisa Hamilton, who supervised several departments while in the SO said that said she personally saw the officer, Jon Lundeen, and his deputies searching computers for such accounts. A Sea Org investigation determined that Lundeen debited five accounts!


After complaining many times, Carisa, she then received a letter from the Flag’s treasury chief apologizing:

“I want to reassure you this matter has been investigated,” wrote Christine Revell. She told Carisa that her account had been frozen again “so there can be no further unauthorized debits.”

The church eventually restored all the money improperly debited from her account, which stood at $399,161.81 at the end of last year. However she assigned them the Condition of Treason the lack of integrity from the staff.

Then they shamelessy lied lied and said that she had been expelled, the truth is that Carisa actually sent them a resignation letter instead and askef for her money back, she was at her wits end and she decided that she did not want anything to do with the CofS. 

She finally got her money back on Halloween Day.

                            Carisa and I at my house having a good time.


It took a lawyer, a report to the Better Business Bureau, going to the media and lots of wasted time dealing with Church officials, until she got her money back.

Thanks to Joe Childs, an excellent reporter for the St Petersburg Times, Carisa was helped with her refund. One can see more details about this story in the SP Times.


23 responses to “Scientology: Rip offs, Scams, Complaints, Lawsuits and frauds

  1. my name is thomas and i was accidentally sucked into scientology back in 1973 when i was in the air force and one of my airmen friends who’s name i’m withholding tried to con me into it when i told him i’m christian and he refused to accept christianity i got mad but agreed to go with him to a meeting of the cult and what i saw was amazing how they con people into donating all their worldly posessions and then dump them into the ocean.

    they have these stupid synonon games if i’m spelling it correctly where people join in a circle and chew each other out.this cult really stinks and i don’t understand why well known fox news greta van susteren is involved. she’s a sweet lady, educated, a fantastic attorney but this is down right out of her spectrum. i was lucky to quit while i was ahead by simply telling them i’m not interested and walked out.

    their attempted intimidation was a joke for i shot back with same force.and won the battle. my air force buddy who tried to involve me almost got court martialed himself. he was told by our superiors either voluntarily quit or face possible ft leavenworth, ks., military penitentiary, he soon dropped out of the cult but put up a real fight for his beliefs.

    this religious cult is by far the most damaging to any normal human.

    • Hi Thomas, Thank you for sharing your story. It is sad to see that people of goodwill are being abused in the name of freedom.
      Also those who support the Upper Management of Scientology are also perpetrating the same crimes. let us not forget that.

  2. Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing on your rss feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!

  3. It seems, the FBI isn´t squeamish to act, in case of religiuos hate crimes.

    or read here

    sadly, Miscavige seems to have a lots of credit in his “FBI account”, otherwise he would have been sentenced already for 400 years. (minimum)

    Maybe the data can be used the one or other way.

    ML Sniper

    • Alas dear Sniper,

      You are dealing with other things like the Statute of Limitations and finding tangible proof that the harassment was ordered by Marty etc.

      However that said.

      These articles should give OSA pause when dealing with all of us so called “apostates” 🙂

      • Yes, and I hope that OSA is reading my articles, once they learn thet truth either they stay or they leave, it is up to their personal integrity. And I ask of them that before they leave to gather as many documents as they can because they will turn against them just like they now do on Marty. It is all a dirty game that ruins it for those who truly wanted to help others.

      • Thanks RJ. Step by step tighten the noose. 🙂

  4. Ms Frankie Clark

    Yes, I agree Flag is blatantly taking money from the unsuspecting public.

    I am one they took all they could then put me off the Bridge after forcing my exhusband into session knowing he did not want to be audited with money off my account there.

    FSO rushed our wedding at FLB which was planned aboard the Freewinds to be performed by the Captain no doubt with the intent to take it from me.

    I divorced him because he would not tell me who told him they would not let me get up the Bridge and KRed him keeping me from sleeping.

  5. Aida,
    Well done to you in bringing the out erhics/out tech/out admin/out finance so prelevent at FSO for years now.
    It is the most unfriendly place in the world.
    Some of us actualy had to threaten legal action against staff at Flag over debiting accounts illegaly in order to sell basic packages.

    Flag over the years basicaly started catering to the wealthy/stupid bussiness type and their trophy wives who have been cluless.It is a huge overt to steal from the ignorant by pretending to save them from ignorance.There is no room for Flag in Scientology’s future.

    • Hi Rigby:
      It is outrageous that one has to resort to legal actions for them to put their ethics in.

      Flag is not only one of the worst orgs but on top of that, ridiculously expensive.

  6. Wow, I’m blown away. COMPLETELY. Sometimes I’ve been known to “blame” most the stupidness on the “children” put in play to run the show in Scn organizations, but I’ve come to realize this is pervasive and NOT just the kids. The kids (like the KIDS who condemned me to hell (rolling my eyes), are just learning the ropes from the grown ups.

    SICK SICK group these days. Sad and sick.

    Did I waste almost 23 years of my life with it? You bet I did and I sacraficed immensely.

    I’m so glad you got back your money, wish it would not have been partially stolen from you.

    Aida, your blog is awesome!

    • Hi Meshell:
      Dom’t you think they are making a mistake when they put kids in charge, of course not! They do it on purpose to control them
      The thing is that some grown ups do not have any common sense either.

      The Sea Org has always been a mistake and it has to be dismnatled!

      I am glad that you like my blog. Thanks! I like yours too!

  7. Sounds like the highest ethical standard in Scientology. FLAG.

    • Sniper, I remember the first time I went to Flag when my husband did his OT6 and 7. The staff was very snobbish, they assume that you were rich, that they could charge whatever they wanted to. I did not want to stay at their hotels, the Ft Harrison was a dump with roaches and the Sand Castle was ridiculously high for that neck of the woods.
      They try to tell my husband that if he did not stay at the SC he could not do his OT levels and I was sent to ethics…for refusing to stay there…at the end I prevailed…but why one has to fight for what is right? They never ever had common sense at that “Org”
      I decided I would never do services at that place.

      • ok , Aida. I heard similar stories from other Flag publics. They claim to free people, but using low scale “tools” like threat, blackmail and missuse of ethics to fill their pockets. Sounds like the biggest deflection from an ideal scene. As I said earlier: They defeat themselves.

    • As far as I am concerned, Flag was THE most unfriendly org in the planet.

  8. this is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen!! This is criminal and the church staff has become even more bolder than the regular con-artists – they are doing this in broad daylight!! Yikes!!!!

  9. Wow!

    Another satisfied customer!

    Why am I not surprised?

    Yeah they came knocking on my door a few years back to sell me the new basics.

    I said thanks but no thanks and that I could handle a few semi colons and a couple of sections that should have been chapters and that they didn’t block my understanding of the subject really and I’m quite happy with old ones issued by Pubs Org and the door is over there.

    Haven’t seen ’em since.

    BTW I gave ’em the same line when they tried it earlier back in ’91.

    I guess it’s fortunate that we drained our account for those unimportant things like…. training and auditing or they probably woulda been back.

    Who knows and who cares.


    Glad you got a RAP from those Rat Bastards over there Clarisa 🙂

    That’s making it go right.

    Welcome to the shiny side of Scientology.

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