Theta Arrives at Golden Era Productions!

RON’s  Org  OTs  and auditors headed by Max and Erica Hauri came to Los Angeles from Russia, Switzerland, Germany and other parts of Europe, to visit the city and to meet with other Scientologists.  We were very happy to be their host here while in town. 

They visited AOLA, CCI, LA Org and the LRH Life Exhibition. They were welcomed by the staff and were  given tours of the premises.  It was a nice surprise. I assume they did not know who they were…LOL!

And while they had a very busy itinerary, one of the high points on their calendar was to visit  Golden Era Productions in Gillman’s Hot Springs in Riverside County California.



We soon all drove from Los Angeles (in many cars)  and agreed to meet in Beaumont to regroup and plan the visit. It was a glorious sunny but windy day.

We were all very excited with the prospect of visiting the Headquarters and had high expectations of course.

Here are Max, Erica and some of the students at the meeting place waiting for the others to arrive.



Then more people started arriving little by little



They all had great expectations! They had come from so far away!



The beautiful San Bernardino Mountains in the background.



                       Ready for the mission to Golden Era Productions! 



They were taking pictures all over the place, everything was so interesting and exciting!



  We soon got there all together and started marching alongside the road one by one towards Golden Era Compound




We were met by a private Golden Era security, someone told me that his name is Danny Dunigan the people from Europe were surprised and they thought it was the local police. I explained who they were.



They could not stop Max and Erica despite of it all and they went ahead with the tour.  Soon we all followed.  I was very busy taking pictures and videos.



We continued marching despite their abrupt,  curt manners and you can see the lone security officer Danny Dunigan,  running trying to catch up with us feeling dismayed and totally powerless with so many OTs determined to visit the place no matter what.



On the way to Golden Era Productions I talked to an ex-SO whose father came all the way to LA from Germany to take her back home twenty six years ago. She is very happy he did and now this is a trip down  memory lane for her. I am sorry that the sound is not very good but it was very windy.


 They really tried to stop us and they were very aggressive. Notice in the video that Max did not get intimidated by them and kept  on Marching all by himself,  while the rest were not so sure what to do after the threats of having us all arrested. 

In the meantime, I was very busy filming the staff that came to meet us. They were doing what they thought was right and forgot manners, ARC, Theta comm, what is greatness, etc.  Here is a video of us arriving.




                         This is myself arriving at Golden Era Productions 



Here is an interview of Max Hauri, leader of the OT group giving us his impressions of his visit to Golden Era as we arrive just behind him.



Here is a video of myself, describing what happened after the SO staff left and we were able to enjoy the view



At the end we prevailed, they just gave up and left us alone.

Here we are as a group at the entrance of the compound. We are all very happy that we made it and that the Church staff were not able to stop us!



Before we left Max and his group of OTs gathered in a circle and postulated theta and freedom into the place.



                                    They  felt very happy!


Here are more pictures with happy faces



After all this, we went back home and exchanged impressions about the trip and plans for the future.



 All in all the trip was a total success!  Just Beautiful!


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26 responses to “Theta Arrives at Golden Era Productions!

  1. What I am wondering though is, what are experienced staff visiting from Russia, Europe etc, ex-S.O. who have worked at Hemmet thinking!?? The word here was that you are trying to establish ARC with these guys especially at a movie production facility? There are no visitors permitted in any of the movie studios in L.A.

    Sure if you work there, NO PROBLEM! But visiting non-staff and especially non-union cannot get in unless it’s set up way ahead of time for a special tour. I could have told you without being there what the reception would have been. But you ‘aimlessly’ had to see for yourselves. Especially those ex-Gold crew. YOU KNOW BETTER! This was just infantile!

    • Well, maybe you are right. But we wanted to see for ourselves.

      By the way, Universal Studios and Paramount Studios in LA DO give tours.

    • “The word here was that you are trying to establish ARC with these guys especially at a movie production facility? There are no visitors permitted in any of the movie studios in L.A.”

      It’s also the International Headquarters for the church of scientology, not just a movie studio.

      Tim H.

  2. SweetnessandLight

    And here is the other long posting that Aida requested I duplicate here. : )
    (Sorry, no pun intended!)

    In response to this by another poster:

    “I like very much this video

    Even though I don’t like scamology, in or out of the COS (to me it’s still the same scam)

    I find this event very interesting and you did very good guys.
    Aida – you did very well

    This is the first time we can see that the CO$ is very hostile to other scientologists that are not engaged in any critics or against the cult movement.

    A good question for any looker could be:

    What are they hiding on this compound (int base)?
    Why so much security and hostility ???

    Unbelievable what a cult brainwashing of enemy and apocalypse can do on people – She was almost terrified – by visitors

    What a lack of hospitality – for a pseudo-leisure compound”

    I wrote this:

    “Good questions to ask Lotus, I think she and other Executives there might very likely be terrified of the mental/emotional, verbal and physical punishment which they may receive at the hands of cult leader David Miscavage and his lackeys, just because these people showed up at the compound.

    It causes an internal flap every time anyone shows up, even coming in peace and just wanting to talk with someone, and people are blamed. This can have very unpleasant and serious real world consequences for those under DM’s dominion, sadly.

    So when they seem abnormally very angry and terrified, it is not just because of some ephemeral COS concept of SP’s being outside the gate. These people still inside who are held responsible by the cult leadership may very likely suffer real physical harm and deprivations due to the Independent group’s visit.

    And we don’t know that there isn’t some kind of a melt-down doomsday order given by the cult leader about what actions to take if the compound is raided by authorities or Exes or protesters, or anyone.

    If their reaction seems extreme, there is likely a good reason for it which is not evident to a casual observer. They are all living under very extreme circumstances, and all highly indoctrinated in the innermost ways of the cult, which those living outside the cult experience can scarcely grasp. That includes most of the “Independent” Scientologists who have not been in the COS recently, or who have gotten most of their knowledge about Scientology from books, cds, dvds, Internet Freezone websites and blogs and squirrel groups outside the church.

    Having said all that, I do think it was a very good thing that this group went and saw the reality there for themselves. They were certainly within their rights to walk along the public road, look around at the views, stop and take pictures and vids, enjoy being there together as a group, etc. They have done something that most Scientologists will never, ever do. There was a time when it was instant excommunication and shunning for anyone to refer to it’s location, much less go there. Imagine Catholics not being allowed to go to the Vatican?!?

    But just keep your eye on the big picture…someone will be/is now being punished because that group showed up there that day. That’s the reality of the way that cult’s upper executive order works at Int base. Sadly.

    Many Anons and Critics feel that this is ultimately all to the good, because when things are harshly unpleasant it helps even the deeply indoctrinated to wake up and blow, and to gain their freedom.

    I feel a lot of compassion for those who are trapped there, both literally and figuratively. I do have some concerns for the sanity of anyone who is living and “working” at Int base now.

    I think the woman from Germany whose father extracted her from the cult many years ago showed a great deal of courage to go back there as a free woman.

    ALL those living inside the cult compound’s elaborate security walls and fences are not free in any sense of the word. My wish is for them to all gain their freedom fully, and recover to go on and live prosperous and thriving lives.


    This is another view of Int base and Gilman Springs Road, which divides it in two, with a car parked in the public right of way in the background. Note that the razor sharp blades of the ultra barrier on the fence top are mounted and attached facing inwards, facing those living and working inside the cult compound, not facing outwards toward the real world and freedom. The effort is obviously to keep people from escaping, rather than to protect the area inside from outside burglars or intruders trying to break in, which is the COS party line shore story for it’s purpose. Another lie.

  3. SweetnessandLight

    Holiday greetings, all! Aida asked me to place two of my posts here from Ex Scientologist’s Message Board for all here to read, so here they are:

    “Hi Aida! Loved your vids and glad that you all had a good time together! What an international gathering…great that you went out to INT base for a look see. Got them all enturbulated without trying hard, didn’t you? Just by showing up. Shows you what their actual tone level is…

    Good for you guys for going out to visit the supreme secret world-wide cult headquarters! I’m surprised they didn’t turn the sprinklers on you, or use the “gold tone” auditory assault as they have done so often in the past when visitors show up.

    Just wanted to let you and everyone here know that the make wrong queens Catherine Fraiser and Muriel Dufrense, shown in your videos, were LYING about COS owning the road. It is NOT a private road, it is the public highway. None of you were even close to trespassing, as is clearly shown in your videos.

    The actual property line for INT base by their driveway is up by the black iron gate in front of where her car is parked (in your vid). Everything in front of the guard shack is public right of way of Gilman Springs Road. They have illegally encroached into the public right of way with landscaping, sprinklers, masonry block walls, with fencing and cameras intruding into the deceleration/acceleration lanes leading to the actual entrance (up by the gate) which is mandated by the County for public safety, to make it LOOK LIKE they own that land, but they are lying, it’s in the public right of way. They have created an illusion of ownership to make it easier to harass the public for using the road, mostly in an attempt to squelch picketing and public protests. It’s all make believe. They own the road only in their own minds.

    They have obliterated the public right of way safety pull off shoulder for several hundred feet in front of their entrance and intruded (trespassed) onto the public right of way by creating a concrete curb right at the edge of the driving lane of the highway, which causes traffic accidents when cars suddenly hit that concrete curb which rises out of nowhere, and also by landscaping the emergency shoulder lane which is also public right of way with sprinklers that spray out into oncoming traffic (as a protester deterrent), causing a traffic hazard for all who drive on that road. The road has many commuters who drive it daily. The island in the median strip further narrows the road there, and it is also the cause of many accidents.

    How the County allows them to get away with these illegalities is beyond comprehension, especially when you consider how they are defrauding the County out of property taxes with their fake charitable exemptions, in the face of so much evidence and eye-witness reporting of private inurement going on there at INT Base. Catherine Fraiser drives a pretty nice car, doesn’t she? Looks new and expensive. How did she accrue that bit of mest on a typical Sea Org pay of $50 a week??? How many years has she lived and worked exclusively at INT base now? Is this more evidence of private inurement?

    The actual property line is up by the guard shack, not where you all were walking in the gutter of the road, which COS created. There is no sidewalk, ON PURPOSE to discourage picketing, but if there was, you would not be “trespassing” if you were walking along the sidewalk in front of their cult compound. You had every right to walk along there on what is the legal public right of way…you had every right to be there, to film or picket or just be out for a stroll on a beautiful winter day, so long as you weren’t blocking traffic or blocking use of their driveways, which you weren’t.

    This is verifiable from public records and has been confirmed by a private survey paid for by Anon critics. It is true that the stretch of road is dangerous there, because COS management has made it so with their un-permitted incursions into the public right of way. The bright lights and cameras recording at car level to photograph the faces and license plates of everyone who drives by on that road are especially distracting at night, as are the sprinklers hitting cars driving in the road and all pose a public safety hazard, as does the loss of the shoulder for emergency stops and no public sidewalks.

    Danny Dunigan was lying when he said that your cars were trespassing on their property…your cars were parked in the public right of way beside the road. There is no way to drive a car onto their property from that part of the road, due to the wrought iron fence which is at their property line, and quite a bit up and away from the road.

    The local Sheriffs deputies and nearby Police are sick and tired of Corporate Scientology crying wolf and making so many false calls for “assistance” for non-crimes, anytime anyone gets anywhere near to their property.

    The Corporate Scientologists are paranoid for good reason. They are hiding their own crimes there.

    You all did good to not let them buffalo you with their lies and misrepresentation. I can see the look of concern on Muriel’s face. She seems worried that their responses would make the flap worse. Better to have stayed behind the fence, and just let you all walk along the road and film. They did the smart thing by just leaving you alone, eventually.

    She is probably afraid that security is going to cause an International flap by doing something stupid like turning on the sprinklers or using the “Gold tone” noise assault.

    I see that Catherine Fraiser lost her cool and did physically assault you at one point, caught on the video. Good for you for warning her not to touch you and for just walking away from the conflict she was trying to cause. If anyone in your group had done the exact same thing that she did to you, to any one of them, Danny Dunigan would have knocked them down to the ground in a citizen’s arrest, used a zip tie to “handcuff” them and sat on them until Police arrived, and they would have pressed charges against you for trespass and assault.

    By their extreme fearful reaction I would guess that DM was on base at the time. Did you know that you caused the entire base to go into lock down by your presence there? So much for their productivity…really VERY able beings, aren’t they?

    I hope everybody had a great day visiting INT base, and got a sense of how much fear pervades the entire atmosphere there. Imagine how much that affects the cult leadership trapped there, not to mention the poor worker bee Sea Org members, who all need to liberate themselves from that hell. It’s one of the creepiest places on earth!”

  4. Sally Kragh Andersen

    Hilarious! Great job Aida and very theta! The video shows how papranoid they church is. Keep up the good work! Sally Wish I were there.

  5. Aida,

    Good job all of you.
    I drive by that mausoleum once in a while hoping that life will show up. Unfortunately no life has been spotted there for a long time now.

    The Indian nation probably wants their land back.

    It was great to see you and all the OTs breathing life into that place.

    Love you lots.

  6. Ing-Marie Lundberg

    WOW….what a HIGHTONED and exciting adventure Aida!!!! 🙂

    Thank you very much!!! Totally in my taste!! Since I´m a rebel 🙂

    I REALLY wish I had been there….walking with YOU, Max, Erica and the other very hightoned Thetans….!!!! 🙂

    What a BAD PR for the Church. This video really reveal the low tone level which exist in the Church. And the TOTAL lack of spirituality.

    Thank you also Aida for all your videos and also for the VERY interesting video with Max and Erica Hauri!!

    I enjoyed EVERY second of your videos!! The show has begun!

    The Thetans ARE back!!! 🙂


    • Hi Ing-Marie!

      Yes, we had a wonderful time indeed! Maybe you and Connie can be with us on the next tour…LOL!

      I have more videos but unfortunately it was a windy day and the sounds are not that good.

      It was the greatest theta campaign ever in that place! I was hoping to get a glance of Diana Hubbard…LOL

  7. It’s about time some Scientologists showed up at Gold! NIce pics, Aida!

  8. floatinggardenia

    Thank you for this, Aida. You did a wonderful job covering and reporting this experience.

    You are adorable, as usual, and your house is beautiful and looks so inviting and very comfortable.
    I wish I didn’t live so far away and could come to your parties. You are a wonderful hostess.

    Cheers to all who participated in this adventure.

  9. High tone, noisy invest/inspection action *loooool

  10. Andrew Robertson

    What lovely pictures of so many happy, confident and assertive people Aida! Is the Corporate Church of Scientology becoming toothless? In the past you would have been met by many more security guards, the police would have been summoned, sprinklers turned on and discordant loud noise blared from powerful loudspeakers. Where is ‘Beleaguered’ on the Tone Scale?

    The glittering palaces remain but the only sounds heard now are the echoes of a few lonely footsteps in the vast empty halls.

    Scientology is clearly still very much alive, but no longer resident in the ‘Mecca of Technical Perfection’!

    All the best

    Andrew Robertson
    Wellington, New Zealand

  11. Courage & determination ,,, brought tears of joy to my eyes. VWD to all.

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