The Truth About: Silvia Kusada

               Who really is Silvia Kusada?

It has come to my attention recently that some cowardly person started a smearing campaign about my best friend Silvia Kusada.

Who would want to do that? I asked myself, she has a lot of friends and she does not get involved in polemics. Silvia Kusada, is the most sincere and caring person I ever met in my life. She is a Class VI, OT VII who speaks three languages and built her home with her own hands.


The first thing that comes to mind  is that OSA, David Miscavige or some rejected wannabe would  do that. There is actually a hate website sponsored by the Church of Scientology, called ‘Freezone Survivors’ in which they shamelessly slander anyone who they consider ‘dangerous’ with no qualms or remorse. They are the “WHO” on this vicious attacks towards Silvia, me and many other auditors who are helping others.

When I got in Scientology, the first thing that I liked about it was that it was based on Granting beingness, Pandetermism and What is Greatness and I considered all those great values. However, there are people running the show who consider themselves “OTs” which basically mean operating from the spiritual point of view and not trapped in the physical universe or the vagaries of life.



Yet, we see people who have spent the best years of their lives inside in servile positions at OSA; some even invested their life savings in order to achieve the coveted state of “OT” yet they end up doing degrading activities “in the name of freedom”. These people have spent a fortune and a lot of time while all they can actually do is robotically follow evil destructive orders. I don’t see them having any OT abilities or acting  as true OTs or with the above mentioned qualities.


Who is this man who went out of his way to slander Silvia? He goes by the name of  Tim Higgs, but that is not his real name; he actually has many aliases like criminals do, he also goes by Trueseeker, Misterfabian and many other nicks not worh mentioning. This OSA minion has been doing this for years, not just recently, he has a long history of cyberbullying others. 

His name and his wife names appear both as “OTs”. These people have wasted their lives and their money. They would have been better off going to The Bahamas.

I have two informations about Tim Higgs, one from ESMB and this one from a friend that knows about him. I am publishing both, just in case.

I got this one from a response to the blog:

Hi Aida.. some data you have on Neil Roger Woods aka Tim Higgs aka Truthseeker:

He is a dentist in Maryland, not a chiropractor.

In 2004, he had his dental license suspended for 1 year for official misconduct.

He & his wife Barbara (Bobbi) Ann live at:
1735 New Hampshire Ave,
Washington, DC 20009,
(202) 723-0690.

2001 WISE Directory:

Category: Dental Services
Neil Woods
Professional Images
156 Ritchie Hwy.

Severna Park, MD 21146-1117
United States
Tel (1) 410-647-1800
Fax (1) 410-647-6289
2004 WISE Directory:

Category: Dental Services
Neil Woods
Neil R. Woods, DDS
156 Ritchie Hwy.

Severna Park, MD 21146-1117
United States
Tel. +1 410-647-1800
Fax +1 410-544-2869
E-Mail: docnrw@[provider].com


 And here is the other information:


This is what DCAnon  said about Tim Higgs on the Ex Scientologist Message Board:

“Meet TruthSeeker, infamous ARS troll who makes it a habit of targeting and harassing exes. A man of no value to anyone.”

“Wave to Neil Woods, everyone!

Truth Seeker (ARS/WWP)
chessnut1816 (youtube)
Tim Higgs (irl/ARS)
Flash Gordon (ESMB)
“Someone with the username “Flash Gordon” has been trying to dead agent (lol) me on the Ex Scientology message board by trying to convince everyone that I lied about the attack and am a horrible, untrustworthy person.”

“I played a hunch and dug up all the TruthSeeker IP addresses I could find from my (and my friends’) various go-rounds with him on the internets. Working with local exes who have amazing googlefu abilities, we found out from the archives of Lermanet that other intrepid internet searchers had traced TruthSeeker back to Salisbury Marland in 2006 on Spring Ave.”

“Also checked his phone number…Salisbury, MD. The weird thing is, this area is mostly strip malls and stores.”

“But guess who co-owns a Chiropractic Office in that exact plaza on civic ave? Our dear OT8 friend, Mr. Neil Woods. Could be someone else from his office, maybe? :3 We’ll have to get all our TS experts together!”

“So congrats, Mr. Woods. :3 You lose the game”.

“INB4 Thursday at 2:00pm

For those who are intersted in reading more about this character here’s the link:

I don’t need to tell who Silvia Kusada is, we all know her and the last time I talked to her which is everyday since I met her, she was doing fine thank you very much Mr. Tim Higgs Loser.

Here is who Silvia Kusada truly is; they say that an image is worth more than a 1,000 words.

 Silvia and I best friends for ever! She has more friends than anybody I know.


Silvia has been building her own house with her hands and a little bit of help from some friends. She  is not afraid to get on top of the roof! LOL!



She can handle tools better than a lot of people I know, she’s building the stairs for the entrance of her house. She’s a real pioneer!

Taking a break! There are more things to do later!

And she can also  be as sophisticated as a movie star!

                          Or she can be having fun playing a trip into the past


 Silvia is also a fantastic artist! LRH says that SPs love to attack artist, I can imagine if Frida Kahlo for example, was an ex scientologist she’d be attacked heavily by OSA because she spoke out and was extravagant, sincere and believed in human rights like Silvia Kusada does.

 Celebrating first Christmas at her new house.

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  1. Elizabeth Hamre OT.

    We are not here to judge: if we judge than we can’t learn, since that act of judging implies – indicates “I already know”. How can one learn when one believes one has all the answers? Elizabeth hamre

  2. Elizabeth Hamre OT.

    Extraordinary but it is the fact, by not having body nearby – adjoining, one can truly have affinity, love in totality, since the body do separates – divides and the body acts as medium through which everything is channelled – directed but without such a barrier, obstacles complications one shares universes in entirety. When one is a spiritual being, one no longer judges, since everything becomes equals, after when all the agreements are as-ised which are: what is good what is bad, who is lesser or higher-better being. But we are not better than others, we only have different reality, and that do not makes us better or more valuable, we all are where we need to be in order to learn from what ever we do. We all are on the Path of Learning. Elizabeth Hamre.

  3. Aida, you have your facts wrong and you know it.

    This is just a copy and past job from ESMB which was fabricated by a member of the group “Anonymous”. They mixed up me and some guy named Niel Woods who just so happen to live close to where I did.

    You need to stop committing overt acts just because you are upset about the blog on Silvia.

    • listen higgs, just my two cents: Your blog is so needless like a strumose. DEV-T, bushwa..
      happy easter.

    • Yea I know Silvia too and she is a wonderful person. What I love about corporate scientologists is the caring and ARC that they inject into society. Oh hang on maybe it turned to venom and spite and bitterness and greed and hate. Yea that’s why I left. The church is its own worst enemy.

      • And they are supposed to apply, “What is Greatness”, Granting Beingness and pandeterminism. The CofS is an evil corporation which only cares about money. All of the staff members who are aware of what is going on are degrated beings serving to an SP.

      • Yes, the CofS is many a good men’s enemy. Thanks for your comment

  4. I meet Silvia in Oslo on the Norwegian Constitution Day (17 May) at the Round Table meeting called by Geir Isene. Silvias loving being-ness and expertise shining through the meeting and in the streets with all the festive norwegians. Her postings of standard tech and her art is so spot on. Keep it up girl. ML Henrik

  5. I meet Silvia in Oslo on the Norwegian Constitution Day (17 May) and at the Round Table Meeting held by Geir Isene. Silvias expertise and loving being-ness shining through the meetings and in the streets with all the festive Norwegian. An unforgettable week-end and she keeps on shining with her postings of standard technology and art – Keep it up girl. ML Henrik

  6. I love dead agents….*ggggg

  7. Beautiful, Aida. Thank you for what you do…

    Love, Anita

  8. Very Well Done on solving that mystery Aida.

    Pooh,pooh on that character needing attention so badly he can’t be himself so gathers other turds like himself into the toilet to be flushed down with the weight of all joining him.

    Fabulous on building your home Silvia Kusada. I too love the Arts, paint, write, create using the earth’s MEST to build, plant and grow. It’s what I’m doing now.

    We are and happy to be. And that’s it!

  9. one of those who see

    Well done Aida!! Sylvia is sooooo theta. Anyone can tell from her pictures and her blog. I haven’t met her, but hope to in the future.

  10. Aida, you are a real friend – glad to know you!

    I love that you did this for Silvia.

  11. Amiga Aida,

    Hola! Me gusta que tu aiuda Silvia!


  12. Amiga Aida,

    Mucho gusto de conocerlo. Me gusto que tu aueda Silvia!

    Ricardo (Richard) Royce

  13. Silvia is one of the very few OTs I now in this planet. She is changing my life by her blog. Silvia you are marvelous. I have an unlimited admiration for you ! Thank you a billio times.

  14. Aida, I simply must add to the admiration that I have for Silvia — she truly IS the epitome of what OT is and demonstrates more love in an eyelash than most Co$-ies could even fathom. She exudes theta in every breath she takes.

    This slander is so off-base, it is clear that this Tim-cat has no clue from whence he speaketh. If you simply applied ‘look, don’t listen’ and his case wasn’t blinding him from really observing, the words that came out of his mouth would be far different. Just shows a crap case state.

    I love you so much for exposing him, and quite possibly, he will pick up the cans and get himself in session and fly his rudiments and get some ‘real’ case improvement.

    It is a crying shame that the Co$ actually awarded the guy OT-anything, as accusations so unfounded as this, shows his real colors w/o even knowing anything more.

    Much love to you,

    • Dear Kay, I know that you and Silvia are very close, she is very happy to be your friend and she speaks highly of you, so much, that I am looking forward to meet you when I come to Texas!

      As for the Cof$, they have come to such low levels to the point of using people to justify their overts. It is a sad state of affairs for an organization to resort to such solutions where they degrade their own members in an effort to lessen the overt!

  15. What’s better than shining the light of truth on a black-minded and lie-infested manipulator ?

    You really made my day, Aida 🙂

  16. Thanks for correcting the record, Aida. Sylvia’s a doll. Neither she nor anyone else should be the target of this sort of vicious abuse.

    • Mark, my friend, thank god for the internet where one can now communicate these type of injustices at the speed of light and abusers cannot get away with their actions that easily!

  17. Dear Aida, I cried tears of joy when I read this blog. You exemplify integrity and, most important, friendship. I don’t even use the term “true” with friendship because there is no other kind. Friendship is a sacred word and state, and it takes courage to be a friend.

    The smear blogs created by OSA and the “Church” of Scientology are vile– the smug, criminal arrogance of the activity seeps through the threatening comment by dentist turned-Black-Pr operative Neil Roger Woods when he tries to denigrate you (the mud is on himself) and threaten you (with calumny, a criminal offense!)

    He may believe he is being “unreasonable'” Perhaps so, but about what? He lacks one vital component: Truth. He is not being unreasonable about policy, nor about training that would tell him he is trying to damage GOOD PEOPLE, while the SP pulls his strings.

    He feels powerful in “unreasonable” zealotry, reaffirming his own goodness to himself by a false sense of courage and rightness. That game is not Scientology. Nor is Invalidation an OT ability. (Shame on you Neil Roger Woods and company)

    It’s a major outpoint within orgs wrong how *quickly* supposed friends could be influenced to distance themselves or even turn on a person. The irony is that this is a complete misapplication of the technology of Scientology, which is about observation, perception, prediction and knowing what one knows.

    This residue of this zealotry, even when breaking out of the group-think of “Country Club Scientology” is a lack of warmth.

    The levels of awareness are not something from which one looks *down* upon others. With enlightenment and freedom attained, there is more compassion, effectiveness, understanding. An ability to bring about conditions with communication, not manipulative low tricks.

    Knowledge of buttons and how to hurt others does not give license to try to cave others in, with the unverified justifier that it’s an “enemy.” And yet, here is an example of that, Neil Roger Woods and the OSA blogs are examples of the abuse of partial knowledge,

    Needing a friend does not make a person “Dev-T.”

    In the time I have known Silvia, I have admired her for her warmth and courage of regarding life as any artist does…an experience from which to triumph. That means feeling it to its depth!

    and another remarkable thing about Silvia is: I have never heard her 3rd party anyone, even people who she knows have disparaged her or who don’t understand her. That is an outstanding quality. With fairness, she looks at people through the training and hat and eyes of someone with training — with understanding.

    Silvia’s ability to express warmth and caring indicates her state of free theta. As does her ability to confront the anguish of eons and MEST, as in completing cycles of action such as…building a house!

    Aida, you just made my reality and experience of friendship true. Many times I have wished for the kind of friend you are, who would stick up for me. I know it exists because I’m fortunate enough to have been loved that way by family friends. And I know it is the kind of friend I am.

    Besides wisdom, there is no greater wealth than a friend.

    • I will start with your last line: “Besides wisdom, There is no greater wealth than a friend”, that is so true!

      I value my friends as much as I value my family and I believe in protecting and helping them. I still have friends since elementary school and college, wich was many, many moons ago…LOL but not very many people understand the meaning of friendship the same way. Silvia is one of those rare thetans that duplicate others without complications and she and I are like twins, soul sisters, when I learned of the attack on her person, I was so angry and did not know how she was going to react.
      I talked to her and she was completely calmed, she said to me with her cute italian accent; “Aida, don’t get mad, it is not worth it, he is harming himself more than he is harming me, I wish that you could audit him”…LOL!

      In actuality, neither her or I, are mad at him, really, even though he threatened to slander me too; we don’t care, for we, Silvia and I know who we really are; we just wish he knew that he is helping a lost cause.

      I hope that I can meet you one day and thanks for the comments and compliments for Silvia and me, I did this article mainly as an act for the just indignation of the thetan. Justly indignated, that is…

  18. Hi Aida.
    I just want to add a quick “stat report” regarding Silvia, just for the record. She gets results. She got me through my Solo Auditor Course and onto solo auditing and she audited my daughters to remarkable change (out of their depression) after their father passed. ‘Nuff said.

  19. This is a beautiful statement, Aida. By the way, your youtube videos about tech alterations are to me among the most powerful of the various revelatory youtube videos. They are so eloquent and full of grace. Now with this affirmation of loyalty to your friend, Sylvia, it is clear to me you would be a very fine friend to have. I wish you both all the best.

    • Thank you Lenore, so many compliments for Silvia and me that I don’t know what to say! <>
      I am very happy that you liked my videos, they are designed to help others walk out to freedom.

  20. I was very lucky to put a face to the name last summer when I was lucky enough to meet Silvia and her cat. She is everything you describe above aida.

    What a great space she creates I felt it every time I was near her. Good people are just that GOOD PEOPLE.

    thanks for being honest to who you are Aida, I have come to expect nothing less from you and love it. it is this kind of positive flow that I can agree with and flow power to.

    This, for me, is what “it” is all about. you both have a friend in me.

  21. This is so beautiful Aida! I’m so glad that you are there for Silvia.

    I loved Silvia the minute I first saw her in the course room at ASHO. She was setting such a great example for all of us students. Always smiling, working hard & tons of ARC to spare. When she came out on Marty’s blog it created a big impact on me as I had lifted the curtain nearly 6 months earlier. I was still under the radar but I was preparing my official exit. Once again she was being an inspiration in my life.

    When I saw her in 2010, she had nothing but good things to say about you & your husband. I’m glad you have become so close.

    Aida we have never met but I know our paths will cross one day. In the mean time I’m sending you & Silvia both a big hug from Seatlle.

    Marie-Joe Roy

    • Dear Marie-Joe, Silvia has been a true example for all of us and an inspiration too.
      I told her one time, Silvia don’t tell people those things, she said why not? She was painfully sincere, then I realized that so many people from all over the world had the same feelings and reading Silvia helped them heal.

      And THAT was the most important thing!

      Marie-Joe I am sure that our paths will cross too, thanks for sending your love. it means a lot to me.

  22. I have met Silvia once in person. She is a great person with a big, open heart. It is obvious she cares for people and is a talented artist amongst other things.

    An “OT” if there even is such a thing — should not be known for telekinesis or telepathy — but for love, forgiveness, and understanding.

    As mad as well are at OSA and this guys for hurting our friend .. let’s try to forgive this guy to show a great example to the ‘church’. There is a great line in the Gospels “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

    This guy is so blinded with his own overts, out ethics, and non confront … he doesn’t even realize he is hurting such a great person.

    Props to you Aida for sticking up for your friend

  23. Wow, you rock, Aida! You have more integrity in your little finger than most people on planet earth COMBINED! I love you!

  24. Silvia is a great person. I met her once in person and I can just say she has a really big, open heart and truly cares for people. She is talented on many areas, including being an amazing artist. I wish her all the best and feel sorry for this man.

    Being “OT” if there even such a thing, is about love, in my opinion. The most powerful people in the world don’t do telekinesis or telepathy … they love unconditionally, forgive, and set an example for all.

    Let’s all in our anger try and forgive this guy. There’s a great line in the gospels “Forgive them for they not what they do.” This guy has so many overts, is so caved in, he isn’t aware enough to even realize what he is doing, in hurting our friend Silvia.

    Hopefully one day he wakes up too and he can apologize to Silvia for the hurtful things he has said.

    • Brian, I agree with you regarding Silvia, she changed my life and my points of view when I met her, her compassion and love despite all had made me think in a different way to handle things for the better.

      As for OT, I always said that parlor tricks is not OT to me either. Show me a person who can be Pandetermined, Grant Beingness and Apply What is Greatness no matter what, and I will show you a true OT. Silvia has those qualities and that is why she is my soul sister and we are best friends forever.

      I agree with you that “Forgive them…” is the best way to heal both sides, the sad part is that Tim Higgs think that he is doing the right thing, I also hope that he wakes up too.

  25. TruthSeeker –

    Who or what now has a loser life as a failed OSA agent?


    • Alanzo, I hope that this becomes a lesson for “TruthSeeker” and finally see the light and understand that a true person does not go about in life slandering others. He has tried to harm Silvia and me, but he does not see that by doing this he is becoming smaller and smaller and losing his power to even do evil.

      It is sad that people get involved in such games…and for what?

  26. I come to think kindly about using the light touch to everything no matter even things that we could-should be and even when we are serious about. Ability is still there to Be with and Do-Use and Have on and from all levels. We are part of the Master and the Master and Masters, Who handles all things as needed. You can feel it in Music expressed and unexpressed that we can play that I play and write You can hear see the light touch that creates and creates more less emptyness nothingness create more create. You are it creating it being Cause. You create All Existence to Advance and Enhance.
    Natural Clear.Static.Thetan.Beyond.Existing.Exist.Advance.Enhance.More.

    • What beautiful words you say, it moves my heart to see that people from all over the world have come to validate theta, enhancement, Static and all those things that true friendship are made.
      Thnak you, Paul.


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    • Thank you for your acknowledgement Marty.
      Personal integrity and friendship are very important personal values to me.
      I apreciate that you cared and made a comment on this matter, I might not agree with you on everything but I did not like it either when the Squirrel Busters went to your place to bother you and your wife.
      The Cof$ people are just playing the sick games but with ethics we have the power of million 🙂

  29. Aida,

    You and I seem to have disagreed with more than we agreed upon over the past years. But here, I can do nothing but remove my hat and bow to you in salute over this remarkably true and powerful act of real friendship.

    I have watched the attacks on Sylvia, been angered and disgusted by them, but had been uncertain how to respond, both to the direct attacks, and some of the sick pack mentality contributions from a few disturbed and disgusting individuals on the boards.

    Sylvia is a friend. Sylvia is a genuine, open, loving and brave beautiful woman.

    The damage done to us by the time we leave the COS is brutal and deep and long lasting, much worse than most people realize or can see, and much worse than most people have the courage to admit. Sylvia has the courage to help others through the pure honesty and transparency of what she has and is going through. MOST ex’s that I know have considered suicide, FEW have the courage to be open about it and share to help others heal.

    I was especially disgusted with “trailer” comments. Sylvia left the COS with practically nothing, has through blood, sweat and tears etched out something for herself, some land, homesteaded in Texas which no one can take away from her, she took what she had, an old mobile home and turned it into a designer home that is beautiful and serene with almost no money. I would be proud to live in her home. I wish I had a tenth of her style.

    She is a talented artist, doing a portrait of my dog right now. She has a spectacular sense of style and taste. She will help anyone she can and give all she has.

    She has her dreams and spiritual beliefs, though these significantly differ from my own, I respect and support her vision and passion and drive to share and make these a reality.

    She is an exceptional human being, the type of which makes this world a better place.

    Thank you for being such a good friend to her.

  30. Joe van Staden

    In order to be effected and upset about what others say about you, you must have compromised your own integrity to some extent and bought into the creation of another. And that happens to be the C of S’s most powerful tool in manipulating people. In fact it is their only weapon. People reach and commit to Scientology hoping for a better life. In the process most surrender their own inherent power of creation. From this point on forward the C of S, is to all intents and purposes, in control of your life.

    People have gone into states of terror at the thought of being declared S P. Management by fear, as is the modus operandi of the C of S, has made people do things which they will inevitably regret in time.

    In the case of the attack on Silvia Kusada; here we have someone who is incapable of independent thought; his actions are those of a pawn who has sold his soul to the company store. Compare him to someone who is obviously an independent free spirit and on top of it drop-dead gorgeous, what have we got? A real doos. I’d rather not give the meaning of the word doos; for those interested ask a South African friend.

    The irony is that Silvia, just by being who she is, adds value to our world. Like a beautiful rose, it doesn’t have to do anything; it just has to be what it is. This kind of observation does not fit the logic of a world where feelings, empathy and intuition has been submerged in an age of analysis and information. Not many is going to get this point. .

    • Joe, very good observations and correct evaluation on the scene, funny thing is that yes, all that “Tim Higgs” say about Silvia is true, however, what he does not know, is that she is baring her soul to the world and by doing that she is helping many others who don’t dare to say those things but that are happening to them too and she is healing as well.

      She receives hundreds of emails from all over the world thanking her for her postings, her blog is one of the most popular blogs in the Sea of blogs about Scientology.

      A lot of people have been hurt because of the abuses and the out tech and Silvia instead of disparaging the culprits, she concentrates in the theta things despite her pain, despite the sadness in her heart. Should she be made wrong for being so painfully sincere? for saying things some of us don’t dare to say? No, she is to be admired.

  31. truthaboutskusada

    I know that you don’t have the guts to post this comment but thought I would try anyway.

    “Mr. Tim Higgs Loser”

    Name calling Aida?

    Now, when did I ever call you name like that or any for that matter?

    Why are you deliberately trying to cause an ARC break with me?

    Haven’t I always been nice and caring towards you?

    Ever heard of the saying “those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”?

    I’m getting the feeling that out there, there’s an overweight, Mexican auditor who’s PCs commit suicide that is begging for her own blog.

    You and Silvia, mutual out ruds or just blind loyalty?

    • Tim, yes, I have more guts that you ever will know, of course I will post your comment.

      I called you loser because of the time and money that you spent becoming “OT” and instead you are doing what you are doing, you have lost a lot and one day you will see it…one day.

      An answer to your second question; no, you have never called me names in front of me, but behind my back on your website “Freezone Survivors” you slandered me.

      As for if I am deliberately trying to cause an ARCx, no, I am not, and if you do, take a look at the HCOB “Responsibility: The Key to all Cases” and you see will why people ARC breaks.

      Next question; I don’t know if you have been caring towards me, you were nice in our email exchange….and so was I; despite the fact that I KNEW ALL ALONG who I was dealing with, for all one has to do is google and it is all there.
      All I know is that you were being “nice” to me, yes, but at the end you showed your true colors, you had an agenda, you befriended me to get info about Silvia’s most private things of her life, were you not? I mean you were asking the questions directly you were flagrant! LOL.

      On your question about a fat Mexican…LOL…yes, I am a little plump…but that is considered ‘sexy’ in my culture and my husband loves me the same after more than 30 years of marriage..LOL.

      Here you say: “Mexican auditor who’s (sic) PCs commit suicide that is begging for her own blog”
      I am asking you “Tim”:
      Is that a threat?
      Are you also going to make a blog about me? “Begging for her own blog” you say…
      Are you going to invent something about me?
      I already have a blog!

      I guess OSA has my PC folders and found out that I have never stolen anything, I never been promiscuous, never taken drugs, have not ripped people off, or done shady business, in other words I have lived a pretty “uneventful boring life” so there is really nothing to say about me; right?

      Silvia and I do not have ‘mutual out ruds’ or blind loyalty’; you had tried to disparage her for being sincere, and the whole world even the critics and the independents alike defended her…I guess the whole planet has blind loyalty no?

      Tim, get out while you still can, do not continue disparaging your self in the name of “freedom”.
      And if you are “making amends” for having ripped some people off in your dental practice all you have to do is pay THEM back!
      Do not mock your self for some fake cult, you are losing your reputation, your money, your time, your name is being muddied all over and for what?

      • Elizabeth Hamre OT.

        Aida, beautiful plump one. There are many cultures where that is desired,[ Hungarians too have that, so are the Turks] me skinny, like a twig, would never make it there.[By now, I never make it anywhere, been there, done that, over, out!], Once my brother-in-law said” [looking my body over]; Elizabeth I am thinking that you should be entering and running in the grey hound race because you have the chance to win”
        By the way he challenges you and if you print whatever he writes he wins, that is the reason he say “I dare you’’.. By that I mean he put not only dark energy into the universe but with his writing he solidifies those thoughts. I have read everything what he has written in my blog but I would not keep it there. Inserting his distractive energy into blogs that is his whole aim. Than that energy would be present at all time, and that is not OK. You would allow that energy be sitting in your universe…[I answered him than erased that too…]
        I truly feel sorry for this Tim being….Aida, we can imagine what it is like to get up each morning and look at the world around self and think, : all is so ugly, everybody hates, everybody is bad, everybody is totally wrong, who should I as a powerful being destroy today [ and make a list!!!] With each thought he has he wedges himself solidly into his own dark destructive- damaging – energy… To feel so bad about the universe is agony for the soul. I been there I too hated all, I too thought those thought that was the reason for me to get into the Mission.. he really needs auditing…We all know where he is at we understand too well… but that is only knowledge we have left, because we are free and he cant stimulate us… oddly he can’t understand that…
        Best to you, have a beautiful day.. the universe is beautiful and our soul is a song, song in harmony… Elizabeth

      • admiring reader

        God love you Aida Thomas. You are beautiful throughout.

        “Tim Higgs loser” has a dental practice… he should be reported to the Better Business Bureau lest his “patients” get infected with his disease and corruption.

        • Dear friend
          I don’t understand why at his middle age is losing everything for a lost cause.

          There is no need to report him, I doubt his he has any practice at all. Nowdays everbody googles names and placs and it is all there.

      • truthaboutskusada

        Aida, you are forwarding false information.

        Please allow me to make something clear at this time.

        I am not Neil Woods. I and Mr. Woods are two different people.

        Mr. Woods is 20 years older than me and married.

        I’m in my early 40′s, with brown hair and slim, Neil is in his 60′s, overweight with grey hair.

        Aida, you spoke with on the phone, did I sound like a man in my 60’s?

        If you look at the picture that Aida has up on her blog, you can see that he’s a man in his 60′s and that picture was taken by members of “Anonymous” a few years ago.

        Your are forwarding false information she got from ESMB put there by a girl who went by the nic, “HubbardTelescope” who was obsessed with me and finding out who I was.

        Why? Because she kept losing one argument after another on WWP and ESMB on the subject of Scientology. Who once said she wanted to “smother me with love”.

        She turned out to be an obnoxious girl with a serious weight problem.

        Now, it turns out, Marty Rathbun picked it up without verifying whether it’s true or not and has forwarded the same lie on his blog.

        If these are the people that are going to save the planet, we’re in trouble.

        • Hi Tim, or whoever you are, if that is false information as you say, then same Mr Woods reputation and tell us your real name.
          If you really have a sense of justice as you pretend then why do you hide?

          I wonder why HubbardTelescope was obsessed with finding who you are and why would this person wants to “smother’ you? What have you done to that person? What have you withheld from that person?

          As for Marty, I or the rest, none of us have said that we are going to save the planet. You’re the one who is pretending to want to help others.

          Frankly, I don’t care anymore who you are or work for, the thing is, that the whole world loves Silvia, she got lots of messages from Germany, Switzerlad, Italy, Greece, Mexico, all over United States in her own blog, Marty’s blog as well as mine, actually I got the higest stats ever! and that shows that she is in power.

          Why not admit defeat? Slandering people does not pay.

          • Aida, I see you have started to block my comments.

            How Marty Rathbun of you.

            So much for your confront of the truth.

            Don’t want others to read the truth that I have to say?

            You know, the truth has a way of getting out.

          • “Tim H” I am not blocking any of your comments, I am not approving some of them because they are all identical and you are trying to spam in my other articles. You are being rude and using my blog as a platform for your slanderous blog.

            If you have any truths to say go create your own venue and do or say whatever you wish there not here. This blog has a purpose and it is definitely not for other people to come and dump their ‘whatevers’ here.

            Also stop sending me links to other blogs about barking dogs…too long too read and too boring…ZZZzzzzzz

    • Theo Sismanides

      Hi Tim, my name is Theo and I am from Greece. I served in the SO for 9 years, from 1990 to 1999. I know Aida personally from the days of ASHO where I served and when she came over to Greece with her husband David back in the early 2000s to help me and my wife Olga who had left the SO when most people were still in the dark about many things. Two wonderful people. And I know Silvia through the internet and I can tell she is a wonderful being too. So, you are not convincing us whatever you want to say about her.

      However, what I like here is that we finally, through the Internet get to communicate again but this time outside of the church. The exes and the current Scientologists. The Independents and the church Scientologists. This has not been happening before. It happens now… Something is happening which was not happening in the past and makes this now happen. I am not going to make a treatise out of this but in a nutshell I can tell that the so called church has not taken one factor into consideration: the Internet. So you guys are now forced to come out in the open and play the game of communication and instead of making something out of it you are gonna lose more people now. And I am explaining this further down.

      So, Tim, we are ALL Scientologists or at least claim to be. Both sides claim to be Scientologists. The point is not which site is right, the Independents or the “Church” Scientologists, but what is happening in the church and why so many people leave. And why WE as Scientologists could not talk, up to now, about those incidents which are numerous and which have made so many good people leave. Well, now we can talk about them outside of the church. The church has lost its iron grip over the Scientologists. So now Scientologists can talk on the Net, if they dare. Do you, Tim?

      So let me inform you that I have been declared for insisting on the application of HCOBs namely those from the Translations Series which were never applied and I was persecuted for insisting on their application finally. That was around 1998 when I was the Director of Translations in Europe.

      Great job don’t you think? A Sea Org member who has devoted his life to Standard Tech and who cannot apply much less enforce on the organization the writings and policy of the founder and who is forced to go off policy. Really nice job. This is the definition of Insanity Tim. MUST REACH CAN’T REACH, MUST WITHHOLD, CAN’T WITHHOLD. And there are numerous, numerous other examples of off policy and off tech where people were persecuted for insisting on correcting them or not following them.

      If you now dare to answer, hahaha, that would be fun.

      My big win IS that all of you guys, who either take sleeping pills and cannot obnose what is going on or deliberately are covering High Crimes, YOU guys are NOW forced to communicate because you LOSE people because you have lost, as my friend Aida says, the most basic element Scientology has reminded you of: Theta.

      And Theta Tim is also Reason. And you guys cannot Reason anymore so people leave you and your so called “church” in droves.

      A church is not buildings and off policy and off tech and punishment of those who want Standard Tech. A church is NOT Ideal Orgs like the ones you now build. A true church is composed of people who follow the teachings of their founder and move up. You cannot do that anymore in the so called church of Scientology. You can do it though, to the degree that one can, in the Independent Field of Scientology. So which is the real church now?

      If you want my full story google Theo Sismanides and read the 3 Freezone write ups I posted since the year 2000.

      Do you now DARE Tim? Sorry buddy you cannot keep Scientology in luxurious buildings and under a fake banner of We Are The Saviors Of The Wolrd. People CAN obnose. Especially those who are trained Scientologists and who have Good Intentions and No MUs! What is the case with you Tim? Maybe we could help you with some good old Scientology. Remember?

      • Hi Theo:
        My dear friend! Thanks for the message to Tim and to the world.

        For those who do not know Theo, he was the first person to denounce the out tech in the Translation Unit and the horror stories the translators lived. You have been my hero since!

        I remember you with your uniform at ASHO you were always uptone and ready to help others! And then when we came to Athens to visit you; you and Olga were the most gracious hostesses, I should post about our visit too! OSA never takes a break…LOL…however, despite of their activities we are united for a cause.

        Lots of love to you my friend all the way to Greece!


        • Theo Sismanides

          Hehe, Hola amiga (I may have spelling mistakes in Spanish, haha) !!!! Thanks for kicking DM’s butt all the time.

          Oh yes, we do have some track together and thank you for coming to Greece with Dave and visiting us. One fine day more Independents and Freezoners, that is more Scientologists will come here and we are going to have a big, big convention like the ones you guys do in the US and in other places.

          Thanks for standing up for Silvia and all she represents these days for all of us! You are a true warrior and a friend. Hugs to Dave!

          • Hi Theo:
            That trip we did to Greece to visit you was unforgettable, we hope we can come back one day.

            One day all of the scientologists are going to be united for a good cause. You are a friend for ever too dearest Theo!

            Hugs to you too from us!

      • Elizabeth Hamre OT.

        Theo great, well said..please allow me to sign my name under yours Elizabeth Hamre

        • Theo Sismanides

          Thank you Elisabeth! Personal Integrity is the last ditch, no one can trespass, but ourselves. thanks to all for holding that torch around the globe. The Greek word for Truth = Aletheia, comes from the prevative affix – a and the word lethe which means forgetfulness, going by, be hidden. So Aletheia (Truth) is what cannot be forgotten. So we all owe it to LRH to keep it up the good word and spread the word: the work was Free. No vested interests here. Truth will prevail finally.

          • Elizabeth Hamre OT.

            Theo, this is the really reason I am here, have been in scientology, and have become a solo auditor, this is where my truth is.
            Reality finally sank in, why I am in this MEST Universe…
            I have had this morning a very fine revelation, because somebody has communicated put into my space a piece of information… I have realizes that without others I would be nothing.. No-one and most of all I would simply would not have knowledge..
            I have known for sometimes that we do learn from everything, from everyone, no matter what comes our way there are lesson in those action….
            I also believe nothing happens without reason….. I wondered over the years what are the reasons we are here… what is the reason for experiencing: all this… these endless lifetimes… full of pain, suffering, losses, fear and anger, the immense upsets.. Which role over us daily… keeps us deeply buried in the MEST’s solidity?
            What is the real meaning of all these?
            While looking, rattling the doors of Heaven and Hell, I have found and to come to understand so many things…and seen the Universe and recalled the far away back: I was there when the first light has come about… now that was long way back..
            Solo auditing every day… By that I have collected through cognitions immense amount of understanding …the how and the why they do happen- my actions.
            But why are we here and why must we experience all these?
            Well… when the answer comes usually it is very simple… If we would not experience lifetimes where we interact with others.. if we would not experience having a connection to the body, than we would not have experienced-practiced being separated, being singular, being self… being I and being me… being One, I would never know, never would have experienced to have become aware, conscious have knowledge understanding what is it like being a person… a human… on individual somebody, a mortal… a identity who can create who can experience.. and be involved, who can have … who can have or not to have…..
            Without existence believing in life and the life of others I would not have the life as I know the reality as singular a person a human or any other form existing in this Universe and their meanings significances and their value and their impact influence and power on me.
            The richness these practices what we call our track our past is the most incredible experiences any being in this Universe can have.
            I have known for years and I have view whatever has happened to me, pulled in, have come to me for reasons: so I can learn from them..
            I have truly believed that this life from the first postulate which connected me into the mother’s womb and I have become a person again in human form, being born with cord around my neck and bottom first were there for a reason…
            To confront to understand that we strangle through each lifetime till we finally learn why we are here… It can take many- many life times… it will take many as it needed till one realizes: Hey, I am in a class room… I must learn because I can’t graduate and leave till I know the lessons why I am here…. The lessons are not about spirituality… but about understanding the MEST Universe and our interaction…
            There is no more…..wish you the best….

  32. Elizabeth Hamre OT.

    Great post Aida, with my comment I too sign my name below yours, since Silvia is my friend too.
    And I feel sorry for that person who’s only can achieve such after attaining OT8, living in muck and slinging muck at others who has realised their dreams, Tim is sitting in a huge MU.. He has no reality what OT means… no reality at all..
    Tim, since you be reading this post and comments, I recommend get a hold of a solo can and emeter and start the sessions. Run the Rudiments, you need to handle your case, but first find your MU, because you have no reality on what is OT, freedom.. and definitely you have no reality what is Spirituality means.
    I don’t believe what you doing now was your dream when you first stood front of the Great Chart, that after OT8 that you still be full of hate and only could be happy by wallowing in garbage, dishing out the same. Think man, what was your dream? I am sure it is still there, you need to find it..because What you doing now could not have been that dream since no one could dream of such and believing it is good and helping. Wish you well. Elizabeth Hamre

  33. Thank you Aida, I’m sitting here, is early morning and I cannot even sip my coffee as tears are pouring down from my eyes. Thank you.

    A friend recently did ask me: “If the Church of $ would have handle your family physical violence with justice, would you be still in the Church?”

    I look at her: And I felt very happy to have left the Church.
    What a miserable life would have been.

    I told her; :I probably would have had stayed. What a sad life!. I would probably still been with a 1.1, in a 1.1 church barred from achieving any of the OT gains I’m achieving now, and more important of all. Not helping my true group; people who truly believe in love and spiritual freedom.

    I would not have met YOU Aida. You and David.
    You are one of a kind, incredible auditor and a fantastic being. I admire and love you to no end.

    We together, are rich of an incredible wealth. Our love, care and loyalty to each other is forever.

    Silvia Kusada

    • Silvia,

      Don’t feel alone. I have personally asked discussed this exact point with some of the big name ex, some of the most famous, when you left, what would have it taken for you to stay. Most of them admit they would still be stuck in the trap if they were only treated half way decently, it was the complete abuse, the complete lack of justice and compassion that DROVE us out. Perhaps we should be thankful for this.

      I am happy for you having Aida as a friend.

    • Keep going what you are doing Silvia. I assume you are attacked because you spread a lot ot of theta on your blog. 🙂

  34. Wonderful blog article Aida!!! Take that and that, Neil Woods and all your little aka’s too!! He probably doesn’t know who he really is anyway – lol!!

    • Elizabeth Hamre OT.

      How could that poor soul know since he is in a valance, sitting way back someplace in the track, he has no reality on self, and the levelin which he has put himself in order to have a game.. Very poor quality game at tha: hold, no creative flows, no beauty, no fun.. Those energies he uses are dark gray and lifeless..He is sitting in the self made prison of his dark reality…

  35. Dearest Aida,

    What a wonderful and loving description of a close friend.
    Makes me love her too, and isn’t that just the ultimate of a


  36. Hi Aida.. some data you have on Neil Roger Woods aka Tim Higgs aka Truthseeker is wrong. He is a dentist in Maryland, not a chiropractor.

    In 2004, he had his dental license suspended for 1 year for official misconduct.

    He & his wife Barbara (Bobbi) Ann live at 1735 New Hampshire Ave, Washington, DC 20009, (202) 723-0690.

  37. Thanks for this portait Aida .I had a couple of comm cycle with Silvia . My own spiritual perceptions tell me that she is honest and sincere . I love to share her experiences . With love , Denis

  38. Yes, thanks for posting this, Aida.

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