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Theta Arrives at Golden Era Productions!

RON’s  Org  OTs  and auditors headed by Max and Erica Hauri came to Los Angeles from Russia, Switzerland, Germany and other parts of Europe, to visit the city and to meet with other Scientologists.  We were very happy to be their host here while in town. 

They visited AOLA, CCI, LA Org and the LRH Life Exhibition. They were welcomed by the staff and were  given tours of the premises.  It was a nice surprise. I assume they did not know who they were…LOL!

And while they had a very busy itinerary, one of the high points on their calendar was to visit  Golden Era Productions in Gillman’s Hot Springs in Riverside County California.



We soon all drove from Los Angeles (in many cars)  and agreed to meet in Beaumont to regroup and plan the visit. It was a glorious sunny but windy day.

We were all very excited with the prospect of visiting the Headquarters and had high expectations of course.

Here are Max, Erica and some of the students at the meeting place waiting for the others to arrive.



Then more people started arriving little by little



They all had great expectations! They had come from so far away!



The beautiful San Bernardino Mountains in the background.



                       Ready for the mission to Golden Era Productions! 



They were taking pictures all over the place, everything was so interesting and exciting!



  We soon got there all together and started marching alongside the road one by one towards Golden Era Compound




We were met by a private Golden Era security, someone told me that his name is Danny Dunigan the people from Europe were surprised and they thought it was the local police. I explained who they were.



They could not stop Max and Erica despite of it all and they went ahead with the tour.  Soon we all followed.  I was very busy taking pictures and videos.



We continued marching despite their abrupt,  curt manners and you can see the lone security officer Danny Dunigan,  running trying to catch up with us feeling dismayed and totally powerless with so many OTs determined to visit the place no matter what.



On the way to Golden Era Productions I talked to an ex-SO whose father came all the way to LA from Germany to take her back home twenty six years ago. She is very happy he did and now this is a trip down  memory lane for her. I am sorry that the sound is not very good but it was very windy.


 They really tried to stop us and they were very aggressive. Notice in the video that Max did not get intimidated by them and kept  on Marching all by himself,  while the rest were not so sure what to do after the threats of having us all arrested. 

In the meantime, I was very busy filming the staff that came to meet us. They were doing what they thought was right and forgot manners, ARC, Theta comm, what is greatness, etc.  Here is a video of us arriving.




                         This is myself arriving at Golden Era Productions 



Here is an interview of Max Hauri, leader of the OT group giving us his impressions of his visit to Golden Era as we arrive just behind him.



Here is a video of myself, describing what happened after the SO staff left and we were able to enjoy the view



At the end we prevailed, they just gave up and left us alone.

Here we are as a group at the entrance of the compound. We are all very happy that we made it and that the Church staff were not able to stop us!



Before we left Max and his group of OTs gathered in a circle and postulated theta and freedom into the place.



                                    They  felt very happy!


Here are more pictures with happy faces



After all this, we went back home and exchanged impressions about the trip and plans for the future.



 All in all the trip was a total success!  Just Beautiful!


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A very Theta International Scientology Gathering

We recently welcomed Max and Erica Hauri and their group from RON’s Org in our house.  They came to Los Angeles to meet other Scientologists, make new friends, share their knowledge, stories and spread Theta in the environment. They also went on a goodwill trip to Golden Era Productions in Gillman Springs.

This past weekend we hosted an out door gathering at our house  on our back deck surrounded by trees and gardens.  Many of my friends and PCs  from Los Angeles participated and we were able to shared a wonderful experience with thetans from Switzerland, Germany, Moscow, Kiev, Vladivostok and other parts of Russia.

The weather in Autumn in LA is cool but had turned for the better and was actually a balmy winter evening. It felt wonderful and I imagined for a moment it was the middle of summer and not the beginning of winter as the week before we had huge rainy windy storms.

We enjoyed an afternoon with a spectacular sunset and an evening with a beautiful moon.  We all enjoyed the music and danced way into the evening.

My friends brought the most delicious desserts, salads and a diversity of foods,  as well as music and fun conversations.

Doug Parent and Theresa Vivanco delighted us with fabulous Jazz music. It was fantastic!

 I joined Theresa and sang old Spanish songs, nobody understood what we were saying but they seemed to like it! LOL!

Our Russian friendss decided they were not going to be left behind and serenaded us with some Russian folk songs.

My friends showered me with many presents, from chocolates, a bracelet, a book about Switzerland a plaque with a tiger,  the symbol of Russia,  a little handmade bag,  flowers,  candles,  picture of LRH and the best present of them all ~ their love!

They also presented me with the most amazing Matryoshka doll. It is a Russian nesting doll which is a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other. The first Russian nested doll set was carved in 1890.


Matryoshka dolls are often designed to follow a particular theme.  For instance peasant girls in traditional dress, but the theme can be anything from fairy tale characters to Soviet leaders.

Max and Erica Hauri gave a presentation about the history of RON’s Org and their future plans in Europe and the rest of the world.

They invited us to Bern Switzerland and presented us with a book of the best places to visit in their country.

During the party we heard people speaking in Russian, German, English, Spanish and French. There were people from the US, Germany, Argentina, Russia, Chile, Mexico, Switzerland, Austria, Taiwan and Ukraine.

My PC  shared life changing success stories on her Purification and Comm Course.  She and her dad flew all the way from Tucson Arizona to meet with Max and Erica and to enjoy the party and various activities in the LA area. 

Oleg and his wife helped throughout the day with the translations from English to Russian!

It was such a memorable event!  Notice all the smiles on their faces!  Scientology is fun again and we are all united and delivering auditing and training all over the world outside mass of the Church of Scientology!

This is a picture of some of the people who came to the party. Lots more people came as the day progressed and we all totally enjoyed building new friendships.

I must say, the room was FILLED with a lot of positive energy and more PURE THETA than I have seen in a very long time!

It was such a pleasure to have met these ladies! All of us auditors and OTs having fun!

Lots of sweet memories that we will all keep in our hearts for a very long time! Here are some shots of the day and some of the people that came to attend…



This couple delighted us with their beautiful dancing style

My husband David and I would like to sincerely thank all the people that came to join us this day and for their participation in creating a truly Theta and memorable event.  It was such a blessing to behold all the different cultures and the revitalization of our common purpose across the planet.  To see Scientologists from across the globe all free of the church, all  joined in the true spirit of Theta and comradery.





Thank you

David & Aida



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