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Stories of disconnection in Scientology

                                        Chris Eisenman

I am from Key Biscayne Florida; but went to Delphi School in Oregon, I didn’t graduate from Delphi, I left at age 16 to join the Sea Org. My Parents and brothers (1 older and my twin) have disconnected, along with their wives, and by default the children.

I am lucky to have my nuclear family circle intact. I won’t say I am a victim of Scientology, because if I was a  Scientology “victim” I would still be in it! 🙂 Hence a “target” seems appropriate.

Here’s how I look at it, Disconnection only applies to Scientologists, not anyone else. None of us are under any obligation to go along with it. That said, anything you fight against can make it stronger.

So how do you end something you don’t like? You come up with something else that makes the previous system obsolete. To me that system is LOVE, the most powerful force in the cosmos IMHO. So how do we communicate our love in a way that has impact? What if we all communicated to our loved one all at the same time? Sent flowers, card, stripograms at FLAG, lol. Any ideas?

Ya see how Scientology lies?  They say disconnection is voluntary and a personal decision of the person doing the disconnecting.  Now look at the bottom of your declare order.  It says “your ONLY terminal is the International Justice Chief via your Continental Justice Chief”. 

“Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner”    Mahatma Gandhi

Good advice I think, Disconnection sucks (or blows, for that matter) BUT it is done by people who are afraid. People in fear need love more than anything. We all have our path to walk.

We can only help those who wish to be helped. Leading by example is one of the most effective solutions I can offer as it doesn’t create martyrs or resistance to fight against. To do well after leaving Scn is a very effect to supression.

I started a group on Facebook called:

“Scientology Disconnection Targets: How Many Are We?” 

I would like to say that this group has nothing to do with what each of us believe, simply that we are all bonded through broken bonds.

I prefer to be inclusive while demonstrating love and compassion. We all have value, we all have common bonds in that we wish to be heard, seen and appreciated for who we are. Diversity is our strength, kindness our original nature, love our birthright. Give and you will receive back in kind.


                            Lars Roest

My brother has now been in the cult for 37 years, he currently at Flag.
I was in for 2.5 years in the early 80’s. The last place I was at was at Gold Era Productions

My brother has not spoken to me since he joined the SeaOrg in 1990, his name is Jens Emil Roest; I don’t know his post, all I know is that he handles cars. I miss him very much and if anyone knows about him please let me know how is he doing.

Funny thing is that I wouldn’t mind that he is there, as long as that is what he wants and I can have a relationship to him.



                                   Mark Plummer

 I have an 18 year-old granddaughter I’ve never met.



                                        Meshell Little

My now 21 year old son, Jeremy Powers, disconnected from me, his step-dad, his baby sister and grandmother – two years ago this October. 

At this time, his dad (whom had been on staff and in Scn with me back in 90’s and quietly walked away in 2004 when we divorced, without being declared) was diagnosed with grade 4 brain cancer about 17 months ago and he is now at the end of his life.

It is a tough time now as we can’t pull together.  My daughter has lost her companion, brother and we will have to go through this without him.



                                  Lori Hodgson

I have a son and daughter that have disconnected from me and my mom.  Also my stepsister disconnected from us plus many friends. 

I hate this disconnection crap!!!  I miss my kids so much…it is very painful to have our loved ones taken away from us because of an inhumane, evil, cult disconnection policy!!!!! 

My heart goes out to all of you!!

 I wanted to share a couple things regarding this disconnection and how hard the rejection has been when I have attempted to see my kids.

Last Christmas I drove to where my kids were living with their Dad. This is when they still lived in Cal within 40 minutes away. I brought them both Xmas presents and no one was home so I left a loving note and their presents on the doorstep. As I was leaving their home, my son drove by me and went to the end of the street. I then slowly drove by him…we looked at each other then he continued to go to the other end of the street, he hesitated a couple minutes and took off in the hills. I gave him the chance to see me and stop if he wanted to. I wasn’t going to go chase him down. I also saw him on the phone while he drove by me, probably getting orders of what to do. A couple weeks later my daughter had dropped off the unopened presents at my door when I was away for the weekend.

Another time my daughter before she disconnected came to talk to me and my mom. I asked her if I could just be her mom and that we don’t have to agree on the same thing anymore, but there is so much more in life then just this Scientology disagreement. She said I couldn’t just be her mom anymore because I wouldn’t go back in and get things handled in the COS. She was very angry at my mom and I and said hurtful things to us. She was really upset at me that I went public about what John Allender did which was threatening me in my work parking lot and following me across state lines to Texas.

I have tried to continue to send them loving Cards, messages and songs. The rejection of no response just breaks my heart. Some people tell me to move on and just hope that it will all work out. I tried that too…didn’t work for me.

I’ve decided I gotta keep fighting for my kids. They are worth it no matter how they treat me back. I know they are not thinking for themselves and they are told a lot of lies!!! Now I’m going to even try harder to get through to them through all means possible. I’m not afraid to ask my family and friends to help me. I need their help too! I’m going for it!!!!

This sitting back waiting for things to get better isn’t working for me so now it’s time to go for it again and again until we reconnect.!!!!! I think we all should go for it and share our ideas so we can reconnect with our loved ones!! We gotta keep trying. I know if I was in my kids shoes, I would want someone to fight for me.


                                  Patricia Krenik

Hi.  I’m Patricia Krenik, I’ve been in Scientology since the 1950’s.  The current disconnection policy of the COS leaves me with a daughter with the Church in Seattle and a divided family.  When we have family get-to-gethers we have to do it piecemeal. 

When my daughter’s father died I was unable to visit him before his death–I would have liked to say goodbye and I’m sure he would have liked that too. 

I have had preclears who can’t divulge their relationship with the COS to others, because if the Church found out either family members would disconnect or business relationships would fall apart.


                                        Tory Christman

GodI hate “Disconnection”! I always hated it when I was “in” and people would be labeled “SP” and basically then you’re not allowed to speak to them. How can someone be THE top dog in LA (Ivan Obalensky–Commanding officer of AOLA) and SP the next day? Now I know.

 I was declared SP over night, without ONE piece of “Tech” applied (And to any who do not know–there are many things that are SUPPOSED to be done, before one is declared “SP”).

Over night, I lost ALL of my “friends” and my husband of 27 years who has not spoken to me in 11 years–even though part of our marriage vows (Never considering being Declared, but just in case some disaster occurred)…we would ALWAYS remain friends. Sad, and true. 😦

  Losing my husband was horrific. I speak out due to ALL the families who have lost their children to this insidious CULT of $cientology, or relationships they *could* have had, IF this evil “Disconnection” were cancelled. Peace to ALL Tory/Magoo


                              Sharone Stainforth

I  have a Father who was disconnected from me at the age of 12 years old, because L. Ron Hubbard deemed it his right to do so, because, apparently my Father was an SP. I have two stepmothers who I am also disconnected from because of Scientology, one of my own choosing because I could take it no more.

I am disconnected from my step sister because she can not handle the truth about L. Ron Hubbard or her own Father.Consequently I have never seen or known my nieces or nephew. Because of Scientology I haven’t seen my two  step brothers since 1969, because I was loath to continue with Scientology because I had witnessed too many horrendous incidents on the ship Apollo, directly at the hand of L. Ron Hubbard. I spent years alienated from my Grand Mother because she was deemed a big SP for going to the News of the World newspaper with a story of Disconnection from her youngest daughter.

That youngest daughter whom claims to this day to have learned such a lot from Scientology, that she holds some of the standards in good stead, and has helped her through life.

The same person, whom as I as a young child was told stop biting your finger nails and I will buy you a manicure set and never did. I gave it up when I was 21, because of a bet. The same person, whom,said I think out of all of us you had the roughest deal here.

Well, there’s the statement of the year. YOU seem to be doing well now, yes great until I came face to face with an E- meter.And then of course there’s the odd strange stuff, as IF we can get any stranger.

My step sister’s  Father married to my step Mother is the accountant for Narconon and Criminon, Scientology’s front groups. I start talking about it and very suddenly he retires in the UK. Well, what a SURPRISE! That’s the short version.


                                    Grace Aaron

Hi! After writing reports pointing out specific technical references that were violated by some Golden Age of Tech courses I was questioned and eventually declared suppressive. Our older son, Zachary, was told that he had to disconnect from me, his father and his brother who is not even a Scientologist. He did that so that he could stay in good standing. He hasn’t been in communication with any us for over 10 years!
My husband and I created a nonprofit called “The Committee on Religious Shunning”. If you go to our website you’ll see videos of me interviewing other victims of disconnection:

I hope that the media attention Katie Holmes created will force the Church to abandon disconnection. I urge all of you to make blog comments on articles about this in the media. Especially mainstream media that doesn’t generally cover this topic. The more interest they see, the more they’ll publish!

We miss Zack very much. If any of you has any news about …

him, we’d really appreciate it if you’d contact us. In peace,
Grace Aaron

Jane White from South Africa

This guy – a Corporate Scientologist named Ryan Hogarth – who is now working for himself as ‘a social speaker’ –  x-Sea Org member, x-President of the Church of Scientology in South Africa – is responsible for having – disconnected my grandson at the age of 18 months – from his biological father. 
And as a bonus – Ryan also gave the biological father ‘permission’ not to pay maintenance – to see to the upkeep and education of his child, which is a criminal offence in our country.   This boy so ‘disconnected’ has grown up without knowing his own father. 
You can imagine what kinds of turmoil and real hardships this brought to the life of this child.

                     This is Ryan Hogarth

He claims to be a Communication Speaker & Social Media Catalyst, whatever that means. He, as a high exec of the Church of Scientology South Africa is responsible for breaking many families.

In his business blog he also claims to be an expert in communication and his motto is: “Please, Make the Mistake of Communicating”. He glorifies himself as the “best” and “most interesting speaker” of the year, and  ” a fast thinker that knows how to capture an audience he definitely has the gift of oratory”.

He posted in one of his articles: “Be there. Communicate! After all, this is what makes life”.  Ryan Hogarth, why don’t you practice what you preach?

Scientology Disconnection ~ Son has a Serious Accident

I just got this note from my friend Lori Hodgson last nite.  She was very, very upset because her son Jeremy Leake, was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, is now in the hospital emergency room and she is not even allowed to see him!!!!


All this because of a disconnection policy that was cancelled back in 1968.  It is obvious that Jeremy has the wrong PTS item. Here is the story from a worried mother…



Here is my son Jeremy and his sister Jessica at the lake. They joined the SO and I have not been able to see them or talk to them again since. They are out of the SO and public now.  They were out 2 years ago and in the SO for only a short time.

I found out about his accident by a post on Facebook. No one notified me.
I called the hospitals and found out he was admitted to Santa Clara Valley Medical Hospital. I rushed over with my Dad and Stepmother to see him. I went to the ER and asked the status of my son and that I wanted to see him. I told them I was his mother.
They called to the back room where Jeremy was at and said I was here. The man at the front said, “The Hospital staff has been instructed to not let you go back to see him.” I told him “I have left the Church of Scientology and I am being shunned from seeing my son.”
Here is Lori with her children when they were a happy family before the disconnection.
Please let me see my son?”  He said “I am very sorry I can’t let you see him.” 
“With the Privacy Laws and your son being 18 I have to abide by the law.”  I asked if I could at least have his status and he said, ” No we can’t give out that information.”
Now I’m really panicked so I go around the back and wait for someone from The ER to come out. I briefly explained to a nurse what was happening and if he could please give my son a message. He said yes I can give him a written message.
The nurse brought Jeremy the message. He came back to tell me that Jeremy was alone in his room so he was able to give the note directly to him and that Jeremy said to tell me he is OK and that he doesn’t want to see anyone.   I was very relieved to hear that he was ok.
I know deep down in my heart that my son wants me with him but because of this cruel Disconnection policy of the Church of Scientology, he most likely feels forced to not break their rules!!!
I was able to find out that Jeremy broke his Femur and his Collar Bone and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.

~~~~~~    ~~~~~~


The Church of Scientology is violating their own policies on PTSness and disconnection.


HCOPL Cancellation of Disconnection Policy 15 November 1968


“Since we can now handle all types of cases disconnection as a condition is cancelled”


Disconnection has been Cancelled!


This was not included in the altered new Miscavige versions of the Green Volumes!

Other policy’s being violated, no, raped!   Are…



“HCOPL PTS Type A Handling of 20 October 1981″


In that policy Hubbard NEVER, EVER, mentions the word disconnection. The handling according to that policy is….


 “Get in comm with the family member until the situation is resolved” 


HCOB  of 8 March 1983, Handling PTS Situations

 It says perfectly clear…

You coach him into two way communication that is well above 2.0 on the Tone Scale, that mostly consists of acks and mild interest in what is going on… in other words, you handle this in real life..”



HCOB 10 September 1983, PTSness and Disconnection

 In the section “Lost Tech” Ron says;  “Earlier disconnection as a condition was cancelled. It had been abused by a few individuals who failed to handle situations which could have  been handled and who lazily or criminally disconnected, thereby creating situations even worse than the original, because it was the wrong action.”







I was determined to see my son and this is what happened:

My mom and I found out what room he was going to be in and we waited by the elevator near his room. After he was settled in his room, Jim his father was standing by his bedside asking Jeremy if he wanted to see me.

Before Jim finished his sentence I went over to my son and said,  “Hi Jeremy I’ve been here for you all day and I’m so glad you’re doing well. I’m going to leave now so there is not a problem for you. I hope you get well real fast and I love you so very much.”

Jeremy looked at me and said, “I love you.”

Then I went to leave and saw my daughter talking to a nurse. I went up and hugged her telling her “I miss you and love you.”  Jessica hugged me back. Then her grandma gave her a hug.

This has been one hell of an emotional 2 days for me and my family.  Thanks for all your Love and support it means a lot!!!!

Lori Hogdson and her son Jeremy and daughter Jessica Leake in happier times.