Debbie Cook Counter Sues the Church of $cientology

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Debbie Counter Sues the Cof$


She appeared in “Good Morning America” One of the most popular news in the US.

A video of interview in Current Affair

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Church of $cientology Withdraws Request for Temporary Injunction

After what happened yesterday in court, David Miscavige and his lawyers withdrew the injunction and now Debbie Cook is ungagged.

What does this mean in layman’s words? It means they changed they realized their mistake and changed their minds and there is no reason to pursue the matter.

Perhaps they should have used the ‘Squirrel Busters’ instead of their fancy lawyers and it all would have been just a circus like with M&M.

This is the stuff that reality shows are made. Except that a lot of lives are at stake here.

According to Tony Ortega who was there; this is what transpired in court:

George Spencer started proceedings by addressing Judge Tanner, saying that Cook had made “false and misleading statements” about the church yesterday, that she has done “irreparable harm to our client.”

“As we feared, the defendant has used the courtroom to…violate the agreement. She disparaged numerous officials not involved in this case.”

“The extreme falsity of her testimony is shown by the simple fact that she didn’t have a positive thing to say about any of the people she worked with…” he said.

Cook had “destroyed the value of the temporary injunction,” and therefore the church was withdrawing its request for one.

Ray Jeffrey and his clients, Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten, are back in court. Scientology’s attorneys are still huddling outside.

9:55 am. Jeffrey is saying that he wants to continue his examination of Cook on the record because he wanted to address her signing the NDA.

Spencer says the court can’t continue:

***********  “This thing is over.”  ************

What does this mean? It means that this was just the hearing to try and make Debbie’s Temporary Restraining Order into an Injunction until the real trial is over. She can now speak freely without fear of being jailed by a Judge.

And Miscavige made a formidable enemy on Debbie Cook because she knows A LOT. I just hope that she uncovers data about the Lisa MacPherson case too. It is time for real justice inside the Cof$.

David Miscavige gave an oportunity to Debbie to speak in court, perhaps she was smart enough to predict this scenario and she planned it well, more than anyone else, Debbie knows David’s buttons very well after all those years working for him and she sure knew how to push them.

Her actions, whether planned or not turned out to be victorious and now hopefully other execs can walk out and talk, perhaps even David Mayo can come out in the open too.

I doubt that the cult will pursue suing anyone any more and maybe Debbie will file a cross complaint and they will have to pay millions of dollars to her now.  But if justice was truly served, the authorities would dismantle the SO, refund the money to all parishioners and pay back to SO staff for their dedicated labor and David Miscavige and his accomplices would serve time in jail for their crimes.

There is a lot more to say, but it is already all over the internet.

I end this article with a video of Debbie testifying in Court yesterday.

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Debbie Cook’s Trial: First Day in Court

I am going to give the update on the court case but first here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

Apparently David Miscavige is trying to take the law into his own hands. It is not working

Is the Church of Scientology above the law? May I ask.  We’ll soon find out.

Debbie Cook and her husband Wayne Baumgarten finally decided to confront the rampant out tech and abuses perpetrated inside the CofS.

Debbie had the courage to write a report with references in hand and point towards the outnesses and pandemonium ensued in New Years Eve of 2012.

Many Scientologists were not able to confront the contents and a lot simply decided to disconnect from her and not examine the email to see if  what she was saying was objectionable or true.

David Miscavige instead of just ignoring her and counting the loses as a result, he chose instead to be vindictive and decided to sue her for applying the very own rules of Scn.

Here is Debbie Cook on the stand and she is now talking about the tortures and imprisonment while inside the cult.


Unfortunately for David Miscavige, cameras were allowed in court and now anyone can know the truth as all of his crimes will be documented and be made public.

Here are some of the highlights of what went in Court today:

Debbie Cook told in court how she escaped the Church and how was forced to come back and was put in ‘The Hole’ and tortured and humilliated and with lack of sleep and proper food, she signed the agreement under those conditions and she would have signed anything in order to leave. This is what her lawyer said:

“Ms. Cook was beaten. She was tortured. She was degraded. She was made to watch them torture, beat and degrade others.”

There were also hints in his opening statement that at one point in time, Cook was ready to commit suicide.

Now, we ask ourselves, why is it that David Miscavige is not subpoenaed? Simply because the  man has enough money to hide and it is practically impossible to serve him the legal documents.

It also came out in court that

David Miscavige ordered a staffer (No name given) to smack Debbie Cook to the floor

And another to break her finger in the weeks before she left the Org in 2007.

We must remember the fact that neither Debbie or her husband Wayne had any lawyer present when they signed the agreement.

Wayne said that he signed because: “If they did not sign the agreements, they would never be permitted to communicate with family members who remain in the church. Baumgarten’s mother was in a church-funded nursing home.”

In other words Wayne’s family are scientologists and they were afraid of a disconnection order. The CofS pays a nursing home for the elderly staff in Clearwater called ‘Magonila Manor’.

I was told by a friend who lives nearby that the staff members are not allowed to have any Scientology materials, they are to never speak of Scientology or about having been on staff while they are there. Also they are seldom allowed visitors. 

A woman Sherry Rabey used to be in charge of handling these older folks. Also when they die they do not have memorials and this is a whole other story that I will post some other time.

Here is another highlight of the trial from Tony Ortega’s coverage:

An executive was made to lick a bathroom floor for a half hour.

DM telling one of his female communicators to break Debbie’s finger if she didn’t answer a question (it was bent back).

After that they testified about people being forced into an ice-cold lake at the compound.

I read that Judge Tanner who is hearing the case; has a reputation for being a fair, but no-nonsense judge.  She’s also long been active in women’s causes, so hearing Debbie’s testimony how women are treated at the direction of DM, has to be resonating with the judge.

In the meantime, today at the same time; in a Pasadena Court the Marc Headly vs the CofS case was appealed by Marc, where he accuses the cult of slavery.

A lot of things are coming out on the Debbie Cook case that the CofS should be sorry for:

Everything that is happening inside the court room is being tweeted, photographed, blogged and published all over the internet and the media.

It will be impossible for the CofS minions to cover it all with lies as usual.

There is a letter Debbie Cook sent to CoS shortly after her email went public.

The letter should be read by anyone that is following the case:
Debbie says: “If you want a war, bring it on”
Here is another letter that is very interesting:

David Miscavige erred on suing Debbie Cook because

****she now testified for four hours*****

about the abuses that she suffered and she witnessed others suffering too.

The lawyer said:

“Ms. Cook was beaten.

She was tortured.

She was degraded beyond belief.

She was made to watch the torture and beatings and degradation of others.

And not just one or two.

She was confined in inhuman conditions…they signed this agreement just to get away”

I imagine David Miscavige spitting, kicking and screamming and not sleeping about his huge mistake. I guess that the lawyers and DM are so into their own imaginary world that did not fanthom that this was going to happen.

Even if they won the case, a lot of damage has been done because they cannot shut so much media exposing what is really happening inside the court.

 I must confess that I have mixed feelings because people like Debbie and others were contributors to what has become of the CofS and to David Miscavige’s crime. However, I wish Debbie and her husband the best and I know that she is a very smart cookie and she will remain strong.

Here are the videos of the trial.

Media coverage on the trial:

If anyone wants to donate money to Debbie: 

Or Mail Your Contribution to:
Debbie Cook Baumgarten
PO Box 821
Converse, TX 78109

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Debbie Cook Files to dissolve Restraining Order

Here is the latest on Debbie Cook from the Village Voice written by Tony Ortega:

Yesterday, Debbie Cook began her defense against Scientology’s lawsuit which seeks $300,000 in damages because she dared to speak out to her fellow church membersin an e-mail sent on New Year’s Eve.

Cook, through her newly hired San Antonio attorney, Ray B. Jeffrey, filed to dissolve the temporary restraining order that Scientology was granted a week ago which prevents her from talking to anyone — even her own husband — about the case or about Scientology. Friday morning, a hearing will be held over Cook’s motion, but we are learning that the real fireworks are coming next Thursday, when a hearing about a temporary injunction will give Cook the opportunity to introduce evidence that Jeffrey characterizes as “beyond the pale of what a human being should endure.”

We spoke at length with Jeffrey today about Cook’s plans to fight back against Scientology, and about his own preparations for what he acknowledges is likely to be a long, and brutal contest.

According to Jeffrey’s website, he’s a veteran of more than 75 trials since 1989, and served as the mayor of Bulverde, a San Antonio suburb, for a couple of years.

But I asked him what his experience is in litigation with the Church of Scientology.

“None. I’ve had a mild interest over the years. I’ve always been aware of Scientology, but that’s the full extent of it. Coincidentally I read the Reitman book on vacation last summer. It was quite fascinating,” he says, referring to Janet Reitman’s history of the church, last year’s Inside Scientology.

Jeffrey explained that when Scientology filed its lawsuit, it requested, and was granted, a temporary restraining order. “They’re only good for 14 days,” he says, “so they’re really easy to get.”

The TRO runs out next week, and the next step in the process is for there to be a hearing to see if the same restrictions on Cook will be continued in a temporary injunction, which could last the duration of the case.

In other words, Cook could simply wait a few more days for the TRO to expire, and then really begin to fight the case. Instead, as a measure of how anxious she is to take on the church in this matter, she filed a motion yesterday to dissolve the TRO. That’s what will be discussed in a hearing tomorrow morning.

“What we’ve done is rather than wait around, rather than wait until next Thursday, there are so many problems with the restraining order, we’re asking that it be dissolved. We’re able to do that on only two days notice,” Jeffrey says. “We’ll argue that they didn’t follow the law in getting this TRO and that they didn’t follow the rules for any kind of injunctive relief.”

Jeffrey explained that the TRO is stunningly broad. “It prohibits her from going and getting a lawyer and defending herself in the lawsuit. It’s that broad. She’s barred from talking to anyone, even her husband. That on its face is completely inappropriate,” he says.

Also, he points out, the church has not explained how it is being harmed by Cook’s actions so far, which amounts to an e-mail sent to her fellow church members that complained that her religion had gotten away from its underlying principles.

“The church has an obligation to show what is the irreparable harm that will occur if she is not enjoined from speaking. They don’t even make an attempt to spell out what that is. It’s just an abusive TRO. I hope that it will be dissolved. If not, it just stays in place until next Thursday, the hearing for the temporary injunction.”

I asked him for a preview of what might come out in that hearing next week, and he said they would enter evidence for how Cook and her husband Wayne Baumgarten were compelled to sign such seemingly draconian non-disclosure agreements.

“The shame of it is, she’s still a faithful Scientologist with great love for the church and doesn’t wish any ill on the church. And why they would squash her, when she has done nothing more than communicate with other Scientologists about the direction of the church, and in a very positive way,” he says. “I want to point out, however, that the Texas Constitution is even more protective of free speech than the federal Constitution.”

And if the court denies her requests?

“We could seek extraordinary relief from the appellate court, and I’m confident that would be granted,” he says.

I asked Jeffrey if he was aware of Scientology’s litigation history — its reputation for “scorched earth” tactics.

“I fully understand that they’re going to argue and fight over everything, and they’re a multiple billion dollar organization,” he says.

And Debbie? Is she up for a prolonged fight?

“For 17 years she supervised well over a thousand employees, managed a budget of 150 million dollars a year, worked extreme hours, had incredible pressures,” Jeffrey says. “You know that saying, that which does not kill you makes you stronger? Well, she’s ready.”

And the other side? I asked him about George Spencer, the local attorney that Scientology hired. (I’ve put in a call to Spencer and will update this if I hear from him.)

“He’s a respected lawyer in San Antonio,” Jeffrey says. “He’s the son of one of the founders of the firm, Clemens and Spencer. His wife is a probate court judge in San Antonio. And I’ll tell you something interesting. His co-counsel, Mark Cannan, was the attorney for the San Antonio Express-News. He is knowledgeable about First Amendment law, and he should know better, in my opinion.”

Debbie Cook Coverage in the Village Voice

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January 4: Scientology in crisis: Debbie Cook’s transformation from enforcer to whistleblower

January 6: Scientology in turmoil: Debbie Cook’s e-mail, annotated

January 31: Scientology sues Debbie Cook over her New Year’s Eve e-mail

Also, please see our primer, “What is Scientology?

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he’s been writing about Scientology at several publications.

The Church of Scientology is Suing Debbie Cook

Hello readers! Fresh from The Tampa Bay Times from my friend Joe Childs, I just got the news that David Miscavige did not like Debbie’s New Year email and her quoting LRH. It probably made waves and he is doing what he does best: Hate and destruction!

I want to point out the following things in this litigation:

* By suing her the Church is disclosing their own documents that are not suposed to be disclosed.

* It is a high crime for a Scientologist to sue another scientologist, therefore they are in fact violating policy.

* She didn’t state anything that isn’t already known or publicly available, and she did not technically make a public statement.

* “Signing under ‘extreme duress” will be hard to prove since they each received $50,000 for signing the agreement. She also received thousands of dollars in bonuses over the years for her reg cycles.

* For those who are interested, hearing is set for Thursday 9 February 2012 at 9 a.m. in the Bexar County 150th District Court in San Antonio Texas.

* The Creed of the Church says:
“That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others”.

Here it is from Joe Childs:

Church of Scientology sues longtime Clearwater leader over New Year’s Eve email

By Joe Childs and Thomas C.Tobin,

Times Staff Writers
Tampa Bay Times Posted: Jan 30, 2012 07:58 PM

The Church of Scientology has sued its longtime Clearwater leader Debbie Cook after she publicly questioned the church’s aggressive fundraising tactics and other practices.

The lawsuit — filed Friday in San Antonio, Texas, where Cook lives — reveals that the church paid Cook and her husband, Wayne Baumgarten, $50,000 each to remain silent about their time on church staff.

Cook, 50, worked 17 years as the church’s top official in Clearwater, Scientology’s worldwide spiritual headquarters. Serving in the post of “captain,” she presided over an operation that brought in $1.7 billion for the church during that time.

Cook and Baumgarten each signed non-disclosure agreements as they left the staff in October 2007. All told, Cook had worked in the church’s religious order, the Sea Org, for 29 years.

The church alleges in the lawsuit that the couple violated the agreements when Cook circulated a New Year’s Eve letter urging Scientologists to work internally to reform the church. The letter went to thousands of church members.

Arguing that it faced “substantial risk of imminent harm and irreparable injury,” the church asked for and received an order temporarily restraining Cook and Baumgarten from saying anything more.

In a statement to the Tampa Bay Times, church spokesman Karin Pouw described the payments to the couple as “help,” saying each willingly accepted the money as part of a legally binding agreement. “Only with recent violations of that agreement was it necessary for the church to pursue and protect its rights,” Pouw said.

The agreements, filed with the lawsuit, provide a rare look at the extraordinary lengths the church goes to to keep its inner workings secret. Among the restrictions on Cook and Baumgarten:

• They waived their First Amendment rights to free speech.

• They can never, “in perpetuity,” disclose any information about the church, its staff or former staff.

• They can never publish, attempt to publish or help anyone publish any information about the church in any media, including newspapers, television, radio or the Internet.

• They can never utter a disparaging word about the church, either directly or indirectly.

The couple agreed to stiff penalties for violating the agreement, including a minimum of $100,000 for each disparaging Internet posting, each television broadcast or each newspaper story.

The church alleges in the lawsuit that news of Cook’s “disparaging emails” reached more than 24 million people via television and radio shows and newspaper stories, including reports in the Times.

Her letter criticized “extreme” money raising tactics used by church staff and said the church had amassed well over $1 billion in reserves. It questioned the church’s strategy of building new churches called “Ideal Orgs” around the world, calling the buildings unnecessarily “posh.”

It alleged that the “complex and balanced command structure” put in place by the late Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard no longer existed, and it said Scientology was being run by a single leader, David Miscavige.

The letter also said many Scientologists are reaching the upper levels of spiritual awareness only to be told they must redo lower-level services at great expense.

These practices are against Hubbard’s policies, and all members are obligated under those policies to report and correct internal problems, the letter stated.

Pouw did not answer several questions about the agreements signed by Cook and Baumgarten and said the newspaper’s inquiry “fits your controversy-laden agenda.” She said the Times should be reporting on the 15 “Ideal Orgs” set to open this year, including two recent ribbon cuttings in Hamburg, Germany, and Sacramento, Calif.

Before filing the lawsuit, the church wrote Cook to demand she stop violating the agreement. The lawsuit said Cook responded last Thursday, stating in an email that she would not give up her right to free speech and declaring: “If you sue me, it really doesn’t matter … I have no money to spend on an attorney.”

Cook wrote to the Times after her letter was made public saying she lamented that the media had gotten word of her New Year’s Eve letter. It was not intended for outside eyes unfamiliar with the church, she wrote. “It was clearly intended as a communication amongst Scientologists.”

Joe Childs can be reached at Thomas C. Tobin can be reached at

Additional information:

Link to the article:…rs-eve/1213102

The lawsuit here:…2/3143_001.pdf

Her agreement she was coerced to sign here:…2/3144_001.pdf

Case Number: 2012CI01272
Business/Last Name: WAYNE BAUMGARTEN
Litigant Type: DEFENDANT
Court: 150
Date Filed: 01/27/2012
Case Status: PENDING

Case Number: 2012CI01272
Litigant Type: DEFENDANT
Court: 150
Date Filed: 01/27/2012
Case Status: PENDING

A Message From Debbie Cook the Captain Flag Service Org

               Dear friends! Happy New Year!

I am starting the New Year 2012 with the latest from Debbie Cook the former Flag Captain.

Here are Debbie and husband Wayne Baumgarten taken this last Xmas

I have just learned that Debbie Cook allegedly sent this message to approximately twelve thousand OT Scientologists, yes,  you read correctly; 12,000 scientologists around the world. 

I don’t know if this is true, but it is still a very well written letter with a lot of VALID references.

 If this message comes from her, then she is very brave for asking scientologists to stop donating to the IAS and any other Scientology fundraisings as well as exposing the truth about what is happening in upper management. I wish that she had done this 20 years ago.

                                            Message from Debbie Cook

Dear friend,

I am emailing you as a friend and fellow Scientologist. As we enter a new year, it is hoped that 2012 can be a year of great dissemination and a year of real progress up The Bridge for all Scientologists.

Although I am not in the Sea Org right now, I served in the Sea Org at Flag for 29 years. 17 of those years were as Captain FSO. I am a trained auditor and C/S as well as an OEC, FEBC and DSEC.

I am completely dedicated to the technology of Dianetics and Scientology and the works of LRH. I have seen some of the most stunning and miraculous results in the application of LRH technology and I absolutely know it is worth fighting to keep it pure and unadulterated.

My husband and I are in good standing and we are not connected with anyone who is not in good standing. We have steadfastly refused to speak to any media, even though many have contacted us.

But I do have some very serious concerns about out-KSW that I see permeating the Scientology religion.

I have the utmost respect for the thousands of dedicated Scientologists and Sea Org members. Together, we have come through everything this world could throw at us and have some real impingement on the world around us. I am proud of our accomplishments and I know you are too. However there is no question that this new age of continuous fundraising is not our finest moment.

LRH says in HCO PL 9 Jan 51, An Essay on Management, “drop no curtains between the organization and the public about anything.” -LRH

Based on this policy I am communicating to you about some situations that we need to do something about within our religion, within our group.
Actions that are either not covered in policy or directly violate LRH policy and tech include:

* The extreme over-regging and fund-raising activities that have become so much a part of nearly every Sea Org org and Class V org as well as every “OT Committee” is not covered anywhere in LRH policy.

* Hardworking Sea Org members and the dedicated staff of orgs around the world aren’t choosing to do these actions. Nor are the OTs.

I am sure they would be more than happy if they could just get on with direct dissemination of Scientology as they have done for so many years.

But the truth is that this is being driven from the very highest echelons within the Scientology structure and clearly there is a lot of pressure to make targets that are being set.

* The IAS: The IAS was created unbeknownst to LRH in 1984 by Marc Yager and David Miscavige.

This was supposed to be based on LRH policies on the subject of membership and the HASI, however the IAS is nothing like the membership system described by LRH which only has two memberships and is covered in HCO PL 22 March 1965 “Current Promotion and Org Program Summary, Membership Rundown” and states:

“There are two memberships…”- LRH

LRH lists there the INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP and gives its cost at 10 pounds sterling or $30 US. He also lists a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP which is priced at $75 US. There are no other memberships or statuses approved or known to LRH.

* Furthermore, membership monies are supposed to go directly to the org where the membership is signed up, and the money used for dissemination by that org, in that area. This is covered in HCOPL 1 Sept 1965R Membership Policies.
“It all goes into the HCO Book Account in the area where the membership is brought and is not part of the organization’s weekly gross income. Membership monies go to dissemination”.- LRH

* Currently membership monies are held as Int reserves and have grown to well in excess of a billion dollars.

Only a tiny fraction has ever been spent, in violation of the policy above.

Only the interest earned from the holdings have been used very sparingly to fund projects through grants.

In fact many of the activities you see at IAS events are not actually funded by the IAS, but rather by the Scientologists involved.

* Think about it, how many ads disseminating Scientology, Dianetics or any Scn affiliated programs have you seen on TV? Heard on the radio? Seen in newspapers? I haven’t seen one in the 4 years I have lived in San Antonio, Texas, the 7th largest city in the US. How many have you seen?

* Donating anything more than a lifetime membership to the IAS is not based on LRH policy.

The article “What Your Donations Buy” (The Auditor, The Monthly Journal of Scientology No. 51, 1970) is clearly talking about how the church uses your donations for Dianetics and Scientology services.

* Next time you are asked to donate outside of services, realize that you are engaged in fundraising and ask to see something in writing from L. Ron Hubbard that this is something he expects from you as a Scientologist.

New Org Buildings:

* LRH also never directed the purchase of opulent buildings or the posh renovations or furnishings for every org.

In fact, if you read HCO PL 12 March 75 Issue II, “The Ideal Org”, which is what this program has been called, and nowhere in it will you find 20 million dollar buildings or even any reference to the poshness of org premises at all as part of LRH’s description of an “Ideal Org”.

Instead, an Ideal Org was one that delivered and moved people up The Bridge – something that is not part of this “Ideal Org” program.

LRH says in the PL that an Ideal Org: “would be clean and attractive enough not to repel its public” – LRH. This is all it says about the state of the building.

* As a result of this off-policy alteration of the Ideal Org PL, we have the majority of top OTs, now deemed “OT Ambassadors”, heavily engaged in fund-raising activities that include “bingo”, “pirate dinners”, “knitting classes”, “hay rides”, and many other activities strictly revolving around raising funds for the required multi-millions of dollars to fund their “Ideal Org”.

As part of this, people around every org are now asked to donate to their local “Ideal Org” instead of their own services or their own Bridge.
LRH says in HCO PL Org Ethics and Tech:

“GET RID OF DISTRACTIONS FROM SCIENTOLOGY in your org. Baby-sitting or raffle tickets and such nonsense.”
* Yet these distractions are rampant as they are being used as fund-raisers to get money for the huge quotas being issued to fund the “Ideal Org”.

“If the org slumps… don’t engage in ‘fund-raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money.
Just make more income with Scientology.

It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.”

“For orgs as for pcs, ‘Solve It With Scientology’.

“Every time I myself have sought to solve financial or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that org solvency lies in more Scientology, not patented combs or fund-raising barbeques.”
HCO PL 24 February 1964, Issue II, Org Programming, (OEC Vol. 7, p. 930)

The point is that Scientologists and OT’s need to be training, auditing and disseminating to raw public- not regging each other or holding internal fundraisers.

                                                         Out Tech:

 * Over the last few years we have seen literally hundreds and hundreds of people who were validated as clear using the CCRD as developed by LRH now being told they are not Clear.

This included hundreds of OTs who were then put onto NED as a “handling”. LRH clearly forbid any Dianetics to be run on OTs in HCOB “Dianetics Forbidden on OTs”.

 This is out tech.

This entire technical “handling” was directed personally by COB RTC and was done on thousands of OTs.

But it was based not on an LRH HCO Bulletin, but rather based on a single C/S instruction where LRH C/Sed one pre-OT who had not achieved the state of clear but was mid OT III and not making it.

LRH directed a solo handling that the pre-OT was to do to get himself to achieve the state of Clear.

This LRH C/S taken out of context was then used to implement a technical handling that was in direct violation of an LRH HCOB.

* This and other “technical handlings” done on Solo NOTs auditors created great expense and hardship on Solo NOTs auditors around the world as they were made to do these handlings to continue on the level.

* Then there are the “fast grades at Flag” that no other org has.

How can it be that Flag has been delivering grades differently to the rest of the world for the last 3 years?

Whatever the problem is, the fact is that having “fast Grades” at Flag creates a hidden data line and is a HIGH CRIME and the subject of an entire policy letter called “TECH DEGRADES” which LRH has placed at the start of every Scientology course.

* More recently the fad seems to be that nearly everyone needs to “re-do their Purif and do a long objectives program”, including many OTs mid Solo NOTs.
* There is nothing wrong with doing objectives, but it is a clear violation of HCOB ‘MIXING RUNDOWNS AND REPAIRS” to have a person mid a rundown or OT level be taken off it and placed on an objectives program.

* Solo NOTs auditors are also being made to get their objectives from a Class IX auditor at great expense as they are not being allowed to co-audit.

* Flag has made many millions of dollars on the above listed out tech handlings because:

 OTs mid Solo NOTs are forced to get these out-tech actions to be able to get back onto and stay on the level and complete it. Not to mention the spiritual effects of the out tech that this has on each OT.

* I myself was subject to these out tech “handlings”, including extensive FPRD mid Solo NOTs. It took its toll in many ways, including physical situations I am still dealing with today. So I have some reality of the hardship caused.

                                               LRH Command Structure

* LRH left us with a complex and balanced command structure, with our orgs led by the Office of ED International.

This office was considered so important that LRH created a special management group called the Watch Dog Committee whose only purpose was to see that this office and the other needed layers of management existed.

* LRH ED 339R speaks of this extensively as the protection for our Church.

But these people are missing.

And not just some.

As of just a few years ago there were no members of the office of ED Int on post, not to mention top execs throughout the International Management structure.

You may have also wondered… where is Heber, the President of the Church?

What about Ray Mitthoff, Senior C/S International, the one that LRH personally turned over the upper OT Levels to?

How about Norman Starkey, LRH’s Trustee?

What happened to Guillaume – Executive Director International?

And Marc Yeager, the WDC Chairman?

What happened to the other International Management executives that you have seen at events over the years? 

                                      The truth

Is that I spent weeks working in the empty International Management building at Int.

Empty because everyone had been removed from post.

When I first went up lines I was briefed extensively by David Miscavige about how bad all of them were and how they had done many things that were all very discreditable.

This seemed to “explain” the fact that the entirety of the Watchdog Committee no longer existed.

The entirety of the Executive Strata, which consisted of ED International and 11 other top International executives that were the top executives in their particular fields, no longer existed. That the Commodore’s Messenger Org International no longer existed.

     All of these key command structures of Scientology International, put there by LRH, had been removed.

* There were hundreds and hundreds of unanswered letters and requests for help from org staff, written based on LRH ED 339R where LRH says that staff can write to these top executives in the Exec Strata for help.

* But this is not possible if all these execs have been removed and no one is there to help them or to get evaluations and programming done to expand Scientology.

* Well, after that I got to spend some quality time with Heber, Ray Mithoff, Norman Starkey, Guillaume, as well as the entirety of International Management at the time, who were all off post and doing very long and harsh ethics programs.

*  These have gone on for years and to the only result of that they are still off post. There is no denying that these top executives have all gradually disappeared from the scene. You don’t see them at the big events anymore or on the ship at Maiden Voyage.

* David Miscavige has now become the “leader” of the Scientology religion.

* Yet what LRH left behind was a huge structure to properly manage all aspects of the Scientology religion.

* He put a complete and brilliant organizational structure there, not one individual.

* There never was supposed to be a “leader” other than LRH himself as the goal maker for our group.

* There is a situation here and even if you have not been to the International Management Base you should be able to see that over regging and frequent tech changes are not OK and you have a responsibility to do something to Keep Scientology Working.

* You should be able to find and read the references on membership in OEC Volume 6. Find and read the HCO PL entitled “The Ideal Org” (Data Series 40).

* Find and read the references on org buildings, including HCO PL 24 Aug 65 II, Cleanliness of Quarters and Staff, Improve our Image. Also, HCO PL 17 June 69, The Org Image.

If you don’t want to make waves or put yourself in danger of being taken off the level or denied eligibility, then there are some simple things you can do:

First and foremost

* Withdraw your support from off policy actions.

* Stop donating to anything other than your own services and actual Bridge progress.

* Simply demand to see an LRH reference that says you are required to make other such donations.

          No one will be able to produce any references because there aren’t any.

* Stop supporting any of the activities that are being done to forward off-policy fund-raising in your area.

                                     LRH says what he expects of a Scientologist

– That is what he expects you to do. In fact he put it in HCOB 10 June 1960 Issue I, Keeping Scientology Working Series 33, WHAT WE EXPECT OF A SCIENTOLOGIST. Read it and follow it.

* The other thing you can do is to send this email to as many others as you can, even if you do it anonymously.

* Please keep this email among us, the Scientologists. The media have no place in this.

You may wonder why I have not written a KR and gone about my business.

The answer is, I have. But there is no longer anyone to send that KR to.

* But you can and should write reports and bring off-policy to the attention of local org executives and local Sea org members.

We are a strong and powerful group and we can affect a change. We have weathered many storms. I am sorry that I am the one telling you, but a new storm is upon us. Its waves are already in the media and the world around us.

The truth is that as a Scientologist you are more able, more perceptive and have a higher integrity. Scientology is supposed to make you “think for yourself” and never compromise your own integrity. And most certainly LRH held every Scientologist responsible to KEEP SCIENTOLOGY WORKING.

I am not trying to do anything other than affect a change in serious off policy actions occurring. My husband and I have most of our family and many many good friends who are Scientologists.

I have not been real interested in sticking my neck out like this. However, I also know that I dedicated my entire adult life to supporting LRH and the application of LRH technology and if I ever had to look LRH in the eye I wouldn’t be able to say I did everything I could to Keep Scientology Working if I didn’t do something about it now.

We all have a stake in this. It is simply not possible to read the LRH references and not see the alterations and violations that are currently occurring.

You have a very simple obligation to LRH. Don’t participate in anything off policy, and let others know they should not either.

If every person who reads this email does nothing more than step back from off-policy actions we would have changed direction.

If we took all that energy and directed it into auditing, training and raw public dissemination, we would be winning.
And that is what I wish for you and all of us as we ring in this new year.


Debbie Cook

Here is a statement where she answers to her friends who asked her if she indeed is the author of such email.

Debbie Jean Cook: Dear Friends, Yes, the email was written by me. No I am not connected to anyone not in good standing. I did it because of my love and respect for LRH and the desire to see us correct situations that need correcting within our group

Theta Arrives at Golden Era Productions!

RON’s  Org  OTs  and auditors headed by Max and Erica Hauri came to Los Angeles from Russia, Switzerland, Germany and other parts of Europe, to visit the city and to meet with other Scientologists.  We were very happy to be their host here while in town. 

They visited AOLA, CCI, LA Org and the LRH Life Exhibition. They were welcomed by the staff and were  given tours of the premises.  It was a nice surprise. I assume they did not know who they were…LOL!

And while they had a very busy itinerary, one of the high points on their calendar was to visit  Golden Era Productions in Gillman’s Hot Springs in Riverside County California.



We soon all drove from Los Angeles (in many cars)  and agreed to meet in Beaumont to regroup and plan the visit. It was a glorious sunny but windy day.

We were all very excited with the prospect of visiting the Headquarters and had high expectations of course.

Here are Max, Erica and some of the students at the meeting place waiting for the others to arrive.



Then more people started arriving little by little



They all had great expectations! They had come from so far away!



The beautiful San Bernardino Mountains in the background.



                       Ready for the mission to Golden Era Productions! 



They were taking pictures all over the place, everything was so interesting and exciting!



  We soon got there all together and started marching alongside the road one by one towards Golden Era Compound




We were met by a private Golden Era security, someone told me that his name is Danny Dunigan the people from Europe were surprised and they thought it was the local police. I explained who they were.



They could not stop Max and Erica despite of it all and they went ahead with the tour.  Soon we all followed.  I was very busy taking pictures and videos.



We continued marching despite their abrupt,  curt manners and you can see the lone security officer Danny Dunigan,  running trying to catch up with us feeling dismayed and totally powerless with so many OTs determined to visit the place no matter what.



On the way to Golden Era Productions I talked to an ex-SO whose father came all the way to LA from Germany to take her back home twenty six years ago. She is very happy he did and now this is a trip down  memory lane for her. I am sorry that the sound is not very good but it was very windy.


 They really tried to stop us and they were very aggressive. Notice in the video that Max did not get intimidated by them and kept  on Marching all by himself,  while the rest were not so sure what to do after the threats of having us all arrested. 

In the meantime, I was very busy filming the staff that came to meet us. They were doing what they thought was right and forgot manners, ARC, Theta comm, what is greatness, etc.  Here is a video of us arriving.




                         This is myself arriving at Golden Era Productions 



Here is an interview of Max Hauri, leader of the OT group giving us his impressions of his visit to Golden Era as we arrive just behind him.



Here is a video of myself, describing what happened after the SO staff left and we were able to enjoy the view



At the end we prevailed, they just gave up and left us alone.

Here we are as a group at the entrance of the compound. We are all very happy that we made it and that the Church staff were not able to stop us!



Before we left Max and his group of OTs gathered in a circle and postulated theta and freedom into the place.



                                    They  felt very happy!


Here are more pictures with happy faces



After all this, we went back home and exchanged impressions about the trip and plans for the future.



 All in all the trip was a total success!  Just Beautiful!


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