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A Scientology Academy Opens in Riverside, California

Bob Mongiello used to run one of the largest Missions in the World in Riverside is now offering  Scientology without the Church.

This Academy is ***NOT *** affilliated with the “Official” Church of Scientology. Ron said: “The Tech is free for all who wish to use it” and as far as I am concerned no one can hold monopoly on spiritual freedom.

Bob Mongiello, OT VIII, Ls completion, a man of distinction, tells us how he used to run the Mission.  -“When we went to riverside in 1970 it was like going to Death Valley, California, it was said back then, that no one would ever be able to make a mission go there”

“Mary Corydon was a class VIII Auditor at the time and I knew that all I had to do is figure out how to bring people in and she would make sure the tech was in”

“The key to this was our dissem line and how we brought them in, we had a lecture about ARC and how one could improve life with communication . At the time we charged $50.00 for the course.  Joan ( Mongiello ) and Jim Hamre were in charge of the Comm Course. People just did the Basic Comm Course. We again, like in the old times, have that same course for anyone who wants it”

“Joan could go into more details but basically they would clear the words thetan , mind and body, and other key words while the students where doing the course. The students would key out and sign up for more because they cognited they were thetans !!!!”

“Our stats were 20 or more Comm Course starts a week; soon, we had 1000 active students and lots of PCs on lines”

 “The Riverside Mission was legendary in the late 70s mid 80s. The Atlanta Mission would be in competitions with them for top FSM awards. Good!”

“The next thing you will have 180 staff and the biggest mission in the world ..!!!”

Here is a video of Bob Mongiello talking about the plans for the Riverside Mission

Bob continues: “After the Mission Holder’s Conference I left the CofS with my wife and children but we continued practicing and teaching Scientology  in North Carolina”

Here are some images of the building in Riverside, California.They just moved this week and they are still getting organized. They are getting ready to deliver a workshop next week.


And this is the office

Bob Mongiello states: “In the present I am also doing “The Navigator Series” showing anyone how to start build  and succeed at any business. There is a series of videos I made on Entrepreneur Basics; we want people to succeed in life!”

If you want to watch them go to: http://www.bobmongiello.com/ 

Debbie Cook Counter Sues the Church of $cientology

Here are the lates news on Debbie Cook, stay tuned because I will be adding links throughout the day as they come out:



Debbie Counter Sues the Cof$


She appeared in “Good Morning America” One of the most popular news in the US.


A video of interview in Current Affair


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