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Important Missing People in Scientology

There seem to be some missing people who played an  important role in Scientology,  yet no  one knows where they are.

Ray Mithoff Sr C/S Int

Where is the Sr C/S Int?  According to some reports from Marty Ratbun,  he is in some hole up in Hemet,  it is all in his blog if anyone wishes to read the lurid details of his whereabouts.  My only experience with him was when I was in the Class VIII course and I asked him a technical question and he was inept and could not answer.



Heber Jentzsch

I find this strange because most religious groups are grateful to those who have contributed and many times they are  acknowledged for it.  In Scientology they just simply disappear.  The interesting thing is that nobody knows where they are, yet they do not call the authorities to investigate. They simply have just vanished.

Heber Jentzsch has been in Scientology since 1967.  I remember him when he used to be the Public Relations Representative  for the now infamous Guardian Office, presently known as Office of Special Affairs.  He was the one who announced the death of LRH where they lied to us about what really happened.  I don’t know if he was privy of the truth or not, but he was definitely part of the charade.

Heber was always the  spokesman to the press and defended the Church ferociously whether they were right or wrong. He did not hold any real power, his post as President of the Church was mainly as spokesperson and to make the CofS look good.

In 1988 Heber Jentzsch was arrested in Spain along with 69 other Spanish members.  He was in jail in Madrid for about three weeks until the Church paid a million dollar bond.  In 2002 he was cleared of all charges.

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Michelle, ‘Shelly’ Miscavige

Michelle ‘Shelly’  Miscavige was Flo Barnett’s daughter.  Flo died in 1985, apparently she committed suicide by three shots to the chest and one to the temple from a semi-automatic rifle.  Two ‘suicide’ notes were found. The examiner determined Flo shot herself three times in the chest (with a rifle) before shooting herself in the head.  However, many consider the suicide ‘suspicious’ because it is hard to believe that she could actually shoot herself in the head with a rifle.

Just before her death she was reported to have had an argument with David Miscavige and threatened to go public and sue the Church of Scientology.  Flo,  Shelly’s mother had become a member of a declared ‘enemy group’,  David Mayo’s Advance Ability Center.

Shelly used to travel everywhere with David until there was a report that Shelly had become suspicious of the close relationship between Miscavige and his “Communicator,” Laurisse Henley-Smith.  Shortly after this,  Shelley Miscavige disappeared from the Int Base, was no longer present at meetings and her post title of  “COB Assistant” disappeared from internal dispatches.

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Diana Hubbard

I remember Diana Hubbard back in the 70’s.  I used to see Diana all the time at events and actually met her at an event in Zihuatanejo  Mexico.  She was very friendly, dedicated and interested.  She asked me what my plans were and if I was interested in working with her in the SO, I promised her that I would talk to her again after I was a Class VII Auditor. Of course it never happened.

All I know is that she is still in the SO,  she never visits her sister or her brother,  her nephews and nieces barely know her and that her own children are still in as well.

What I would like to know is the real reason why she is still in the SO,  despite the fact that she knew her mother was under house arrest by Miscavige in Los Feliz near the complex.  Knowing this and more and yet she still does not walk out like her sister Suzette and her brother Arthur did.

I want to point out that she apparently does not hold any position of importance in the SO,  as when I went to St Hill in England and did a tour at the Manor, I asked about Ron’s family and the guide had no idea who she or anyone else was.  I can see that David Miscavige made sure to have eliminated LRH’s family, because many Scientologists have never seen any pictures of Mary Sue or the children.  Most don’t even seem to know that LRH even had a family.

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Annie Broeker

Annie Tidman/Broeker/Logan, there is so much about her that a whole book can be written about her. She joined Scientology as a child with her parents in 1965,  she was one of the last persons to be with LRH at the end of his days. She is now in her mid 50’s, and until recently, her whereabouts were unknown.

Her ex-husband Pat Broeker is also missing.  Her latest ex-husband Jim Logan recently posted on ESMB some details I will discuss later.  Annie was allegedly LRH’s choice for his succesor,  however David Miscavige  took over with the help of Marty Rathbun and she ended up in the RPF instead.   Of course there is a lot more to say on Annie,  but that is all the time I have now…  more to come…Specially about Anne, there is a lot to say on this.