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Scientology Disconnection is Destroying Lives

Disconnection, shunning, or whatever you want to call it, is a very destructive thing. It has been practiced in many religions and cultures all over the world as a method of  exerting control and unfortunately Scientology is no different. 

In this article there are references on Scientology Disconnection and how to handle.
What do you do when the Ethics Officer or the MAA ‘orders’ you to disconnect?

Vickki Ford and David Cook talk about the pain of disconnection.


Despite how much Tom Davis, (son of actress Ann Archer) vehemently denies the church currently practicing disconnection, many families are still being torn apart by a simple order given by a stranger called MAA or Ethics Officer. 


Disconnection is what I call FAMILICIDE, because in fact it is killing the family unit. In some religions they call it ‘shunning’ or “defellowshipping”.

 In Scientology it is called ‘disconnection’. The results of this very destructive action are:

Spouses and loved ones being broken apart

Children and parents being separated

Business relationships being disrupted, including firing good people and bankruptcy.

“Friends” dropping friends at the orders of a staff member  called MAA, Ethics Officer or C/S.

Disconnection is equal to child abuse, to betrayal, to devastation.

If a Scientology member refuses to disconnect in this instance, he or she risks being kicked out of the Church of Scientology themselves. 

HCOPL Cancellation of Disconnection Policy  15 November 1968

“Since we can now handle all types of cases

disconnection as a condition is cancelled”

Disconnection has been Cancelled!


This was was not included in the altered new Miscavige versions of the Green Volumes! Get the original volumes from when Ron was alive!

I do agree with disconnection in some instances, even the law does, and so a person can get what is called a restraining order.

Various state laws put into place a statutory process by which an applicant can apply for, and a judge can issue a statutory restraining order.

This process provides important protection to those who fear physical harm from a potential aggressor.

There has to be justifiable reasons to apply for an order, include such as being the victim of an act that caused or created fear of serious bodily harm, assault, stalking, harassment and criminal trespass.

The judge will be the final determiner of the validity of the accusation and the necessity for the issuance of the order.

There are justifiable instances in Scientology for disconnection to occur as well.

However, they are not taking into account that there is a  policy letter for situations with family that  specifically says:

“HCOPL PTS Type A Handling of 20 October 1981”


In that policy Hubbard NEVER, EVER, mentions the word disconnection

The handling according to that policy is:


 “Get in comm with the family member until the situation is resolved”


HCOB  of 8 March 1983, Handling PTS Situations

 It says perfectly clear: 

“You coach him into two way communication that is well above 2.0 on the Tone Scale, that mostly consists of acks and mild interest in what is going on…

in other words, you handle this in real life..”

HCOB 10 September 1983, PTSness and Disconnection

 In the section ‘Lost Tech’ Ron says: 

Earlier disconnection as a condition was cancelled.

It had been abused by a few individuals who failed to handle situations

which could had been handled and who lazily or criminally disconnected,

thereby creating situations even worse than the original, because it was the wrong action.”


He also says:

“When an Ethics Officer finds that a Scientologist is PTS to a family member,

he does not recommend that the person disconnect from the antagonistic source.”

  “The E/O’s advise to the Scientologist is to handle”

ON “The Way to Happiness” in precept  5 Ron Says:

“Honor and Respect your parents

In spite of all, one must remember that they are the only parents one has.

And as such, no matter what, one should honor them and help them.

The way to happiness includes being on good terms with one’s parents  or those who brought one up.”


Here is a tape by L. Ron Hubbard where he cancels disconnection you can hear it from Ron himself:


 “Disconnection is canceled as a relief for those suffering family oppression and is not longer required SP orders and the person has to handle”

I sincerely hope that these references help those who have suffered from disconnection.

I will make another posting on this topic, as it is very important that we fight until disconnection is eradicated. Do not follow insane orders that are gross out tech.

Make sure that everyone in your family is aware of these references and make sure that your ‘Ethics Officer’ or ‘MAA’ is word cleared on these policies.

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