Debbie Cook’s Trial: First Day in Court

I am going to give the update on the court case but first here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

Apparently David Miscavige is trying to take the law into his own hands. It is not working

Is the Church of Scientology above the law? May I ask.  We’ll soon find out.

Debbie Cook and her husband Wayne Baumgarten finally decided to confront the rampant out tech and abuses perpetrated inside the CofS.

Debbie had the courage to write a report with references in hand and point towards the outnesses and pandemonium ensued in New Years Eve of 2012.

Many Scientologists were not able to confront the contents and a lot simply decided to disconnect from her and not examine the email to see if  what she was saying was objectionable or true.

David Miscavige instead of just ignoring her and counting the loses as a result, he chose instead to be vindictive and decided to sue her for applying the very own rules of Scn.

Here is Debbie Cook on the stand and she is now talking about the tortures and imprisonment while inside the cult.


Unfortunately for David Miscavige, cameras were allowed in court and now anyone can know the truth as all of his crimes will be documented and be made public.

Here are some of the highlights of what went in Court today:

Debbie Cook told in court how she escaped the Church and how was forced to come back and was put in ‘The Hole’ and tortured and humilliated and with lack of sleep and proper food, she signed the agreement under those conditions and she would have signed anything in order to leave. This is what her lawyer said:

“Ms. Cook was beaten. She was tortured. She was degraded. She was made to watch them torture, beat and degrade others.”

There were also hints in his opening statement that at one point in time, Cook was ready to commit suicide.

Now, we ask ourselves, why is it that David Miscavige is not subpoenaed? Simply because the  man has enough money to hide and it is practically impossible to serve him the legal documents.

It also came out in court that

David Miscavige ordered a staffer (No name given) to smack Debbie Cook to the floor

And another to break her finger in the weeks before she left the Org in 2007.

We must remember the fact that neither Debbie or her husband Wayne had any lawyer present when they signed the agreement.

Wayne said that he signed because: “If they did not sign the agreements, they would never be permitted to communicate with family members who remain in the church. Baumgarten’s mother was in a church-funded nursing home.”

In other words Wayne’s family are scientologists and they were afraid of a disconnection order. The CofS pays a nursing home for the elderly staff in Clearwater called ‘Magonila Manor’.

I was told by a friend who lives nearby that the staff members are not allowed to have any Scientology materials, they are to never speak of Scientology or about having been on staff while they are there. Also they are seldom allowed visitors. 

A woman Sherry Rabey used to be in charge of handling these older folks. Also when they die they do not have memorials and this is a whole other story that I will post some other time.

Here is another highlight of the trial from Tony Ortega’s coverage:

An executive was made to lick a bathroom floor for a half hour.

DM telling one of his female communicators to break Debbie’s finger if she didn’t answer a question (it was bent back).

After that they testified about people being forced into an ice-cold lake at the compound.

I read that Judge Tanner who is hearing the case; has a reputation for being a fair, but no-nonsense judge.  She’s also long been active in women’s causes, so hearing Debbie’s testimony how women are treated at the direction of DM, has to be resonating with the judge.

In the meantime, today at the same time; in a Pasadena Court the Marc Headly vs the CofS case was appealed by Marc, where he accuses the cult of slavery.

A lot of things are coming out on the Debbie Cook case that the CofS should be sorry for:

Everything that is happening inside the court room is being tweeted, photographed, blogged and published all over the internet and the media.

It will be impossible for the CofS minions to cover it all with lies as usual.

There is a letter Debbie Cook sent to CoS shortly after her email went public.

The letter should be read by anyone that is following the case:
Debbie says: “If you want a war, bring it on”
Here is another letter that is very interesting:

David Miscavige erred on suing Debbie Cook because

****she now testified for four hours*****

about the abuses that she suffered and she witnessed others suffering too.

The lawyer said:

“Ms. Cook was beaten.

She was tortured.

She was degraded beyond belief.

She was made to watch the torture and beatings and degradation of others.

And not just one or two.

She was confined in inhuman conditions…they signed this agreement just to get away”

I imagine David Miscavige spitting, kicking and screamming and not sleeping about his huge mistake. I guess that the lawyers and DM are so into their own imaginary world that did not fanthom that this was going to happen.

Even if they won the case, a lot of damage has been done because they cannot shut so much media exposing what is really happening inside the court.

 I must confess that I have mixed feelings because people like Debbie and others were contributors to what has become of the CofS and to David Miscavige’s crime. However, I wish Debbie and her husband the best and I know that she is a very smart cookie and she will remain strong.

Here are the videos of the trial.

Media coverage on the trial:

If anyone wants to donate money to Debbie: 

Or Mail Your Contribution to:
Debbie Cook Baumgarten
PO Box 821
Converse, TX 78109

My email address:

26 responses to “Debbie Cook’s Trial: First Day in Court

  1. Debbie , is doing a good job . She is making up the damage she may have doen herself .

    Now got a grip onto David Miscavige . Well done auditing hours should be rolling all over the world to help Debbie .

    • The whole world is watching Debbie, I just hope that this brings the ‘Roman Empire’ down once and for all.

      • So do I Aida but I don’t think not quite yet. Like the real world it takes a long time to take down a system of abuse. This may be it or it may not be it. I thought Anon was it but I know now they were the start of the big down hill side for them.

        • Barb, I don’t think that this is going to be it. As long as Tom Cruise, John Travolta and other rich peopl keep on giving DM money this is going to persist, as long as people do not dare to see the truth….as long as the ones who know the crimes like Debbie Cook, Marty and the rest do not speak…

          • Yes, I agree. But meanwhile, we do not need to ourselves be drawn further into this drama. We live our lives well and learn from our experience. The huge seriousness and drama that the COS sold us and continues to sell may have been — may be the biggest lie of all.

            Being worried and unhappy and serious and solid doesn’t seem to me a correct way to live. Better to see and enjoy the sweetness that life offers. If others want to live a heavy and drama filled existence that is their reality. Their are infinite possibilities that are real. Shouldn’t we pick harmonious ones?

          • Yes, we should pick harmonious ones indeed! There is so much for to be happy in life. So many wonderful games out there.

  2. “he is gone mad…he is definitely dramatizing something”

    What is DM’s diet, and other lifestyle like?

    • A friend told me he is dramatizing his past life valence; he was part of the Hitler Youth a part of the Nazi party.
      I don’t know whether it is true or not but he is behaving like one for sure.

  3. Hi, Aida,

    You might like to also link to this email from Debbie to Kathy True, OSA Int and RTC:

    Click to access c_scientology020912.pdf

    • Yes, thank you for bringing it to my attention, I saw that too and there is soooo much stuff published that I just need to post only links…LOL
      I was thinking on an article on my blog with just those letter and not only the link plus other intersting stuff.
      As you might know I am a lawyer in my country so all these court cycles are pretty exciting to me…LOL
      So much is happening and so fast! And now the Church has wihdrawn…LOL.
      I have to post about that too…but later, I got some things to do.

  4. This thought keeps popping up. What type of person becomes a “guard” for DM?
    Are there any “defecting” guards that can also contribute towards the telling of their jobs?
    These people have become less than humanoid and worse than robots. Way below the level of 0.0.
    There are actual police guards in jails that are more humane than they are.
    Well, maybe other execs who have left Scn., can now pool their resources together.
    Get enough people and a true solid class action might be done among those who had a high status in Scn.

  5. the donate link you posted does not work.

  6. Another good and informative post Aida. Reading your blog has become like a hometown newspaper for me.

    You made one error in reporting and it was one of judgement: “I imagine David Miscavige spitting and screamming and not sleeping about his huge mistake. I guess that the lawyers and DM are so into their own imaginary world that did not imagine that this was going to happen.”

    The reason this is in error is that he doesn’t the ability to reason that this has been “his” mistake. He is fuming alright, but he is blaming everyone else. (wry humor)

    Please keep up the good work. You have a real knack for this.

  7. Thank you, Aida, for watching the case and reporting what’s going on. The dwarf really seems to be working hard on his own fiasco. The situation could have ended as a futile attempt to change something, but he apparently wants all the world to know what kind of person he is.

    • Yes, he is gone mad, I just wish that he had studied his history and he would have learned more.
      Somebody told me that perhaps in his past life he was one of those Hitler’s Youth member committing atrocities in WWII and he has not shed that valence…who knows…but he is definitely dramatizing something.

  8. Great report, Aida – thanks very much for keeping us updated!
    Much love, Robin & Adrienne

  9. I think Aida, that this is a critical moment in the history of the Church of Scientology. There’s no way Debbie Cook can be written off as an ‘apostate’ or a disgruntled ex-Scientologist who has lost her faith.

    It beggars belief that staff and Sea Org members continue to submit to such brutal and humiliating treatment, though understandable perhaps when the twin threats of being torn asunder from their family and friends and losing what they believe to be their spiritual eternity is cynically used to enforce submission.

    But sometimes change comes unexpectedly and swiftly and once the momentum is sufficient the outcome is inevitable!

    Best wishes


    • Andrew; at the beginning I thought that it was going to be an incosequential trial, but after what happened yesterday I relaized that Debbie Cook is a real tough and smart contender.

      I was very sad to read how people, like you say, submit to brutal treatment, it is unconceivable to me that there are some staff who after almost 30 years of brutality they are still there and not leaving. Poor souls and no one can help them. I just got a letter of disconnection from my dear friend Rick Reynolds from San Diego, he is the one who got me in Scientology.

      And I think to myself; is this what he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars? To be at such effect that he has to disconnect? Is that being OT? NO!

      • Dear Aida – great fireworks! Great post! and very gracious of you to put a link here for those who wish to contribute to Debbie and her husband. 🙂 You are a true friend and that is why I love you.

        You said: “I was very sad to read how people, like you say, submit to brutal treatment, it is inconceivable to me that there are some staff who after almost 30 years of brutality they are still there and not leaving.”

        This is a typical example and reaction of what is known ‘in the wog world’ as being a victim of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. To a greater or lessor degree all of us that has gone through some sort of abuse and manipulation at the hand of ‘the church’ suffers form this – to a greater or lessor degree and thus need time ‘away’ from the church environment to de-stimulate recover ones soul and integrity back to oneself – if that was sacrificed in the process. And for however long it takes – it is the same kind of thing that happens to a battered wife, who just can not divorce an abusive husband.

        We live in a constant violent world – but to find this constant violence in ‘a church’ – goes beyond the pale.

        • Hi Jane: Thanks for your kind words. The reason I put Debbie’s email address for contribution is because some people feel like contributing to her helps bring the insanity down and I wish to let those who want to contribute to do so, some souls are generous and it is a healthy thing.

          As for the Stockholm Syndrome, it is curable by removing the victim from the criminal hands but the healing is long.

          I wish to communicate here to those readers who are in despair, and suffered the Stockholm Syndrom, to not do anything drastic and value your lives and if anyone needs a terminal because is devastated, you can communicate to me at:

          • . . . and I vouch for her. Aida Thomas was the first person in Scientology that I talked to about my travails after leaving the SO and it took 15 years for me to try. She and Dave helped me handle my scene very well, with ARC, warm smiles, and a large dose of tolerance. It was just what I needed. When she says it is a long road, I would say that is right, it can be long. However, today I am well and happy to be living free and warm in the sunshine.

          • Chris, I am so delighted to read that you are well and happy, I consider you one of our bes friends. Thanks for sharing.

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