Success Stories from My PCs

I am going to be sharing some of the success stories from my auditing, I don’t usually do that, but a lot of people like reading them and also it is important that those who are still inside, know that the Tech is available and that no one has monopoly in spiritual freedom.

My point of view,  really, is that a true success is a PC who is doing well in life and with sane points of view and having success on all dynamics. That is what really counts for me, Scientology applied to life!


It’s like I have loved you for ever; only I never ‘knew’ it, until I saw what you did for me, you went as far as was needed and gave me back responsibility.

I truly appreciate your friendship and acknowledge the great being that you are. I see it’s time for me to move over a little and allow others to unfold naturally. It’s like I know there is only so much I can do and then the rest of the way is a choice each has to take! I was stuck and then I remembered something LRH wrote – which was what I wondered about for so long. Considerations are senior to mechanics.

I listened carefully to myself as I was given my heart to listen to (an explanation of a session). It’s been telling me ‘stuff’ all along my way; only I did not know how to listen to myself.

I know so much more about me NOW!

Seems we live in a paradox of emotions, feelings. I stepped aside and observed my clarity and learned from without and from within all the lessons I needed were there. No-one ever meant to harm ‘me’ – this is a game and it’s not as it appears to be.

Seems like I was meant to believe someone else, but the TRUTH for me unfolded – like a flower – when I used my imagination and believed some one could set me free! I discovered that it truly is my journey and I accept this strange reality. I play now out of a new perspective! I can fight and stand my corner now with pride and tell everyone YOU were there beside me – all the while, reassuring me – it’s OK to be ME! I am not scared, or worried or frightened.

I have no wealth in any of that; the truth for me is money is not an answer in itself as it does not represent the VALUE I place on having beings as strong as you around and beside me! I take it down and say with pride and with humility – THANK YOU – it’s not enough in terms of money – it’s enough to tell you I VALUE YOU for being a part of the unfolding of ME!

Stories of disconnection in Scientology

                                        Chris Eisenman

I am from Key Biscayne Florida; but went to Delphi School in Oregon, I didn’t graduate from Delphi, I left at age 16 to join the Sea Org. My Parents and brothers (1 older and my twin) have disconnected, along with their wives, and by default the children.

I am lucky to have my nuclear family circle intact. I won’t say I am a victim of Scientology, because if I was a  Scientology “victim” I would still be in it! 🙂 Hence a “target” seems appropriate.

Here’s how I look at it, Disconnection only applies to Scientologists, not anyone else. None of us are under any obligation to go along with it. That said, anything you fight against can make it stronger.

So how do you end something you don’t like? You come up with something else that makes the previous system obsolete. To me that system is LOVE, the most powerful force in the cosmos IMHO. So how do we communicate our love in a way that has impact? What if we all communicated to our loved one all at the same time? Sent flowers, card, stripograms at FLAG, lol. Any ideas?

Ya see how Scientology lies?  They say disconnection is voluntary and a personal decision of the person doing the disconnecting.  Now look at the bottom of your declare order.  It says “your ONLY terminal is the International Justice Chief via your Continental Justice Chief”. 

“Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner”    Mahatma Gandhi

Good advice I think, Disconnection sucks (or blows, for that matter) BUT it is done by people who are afraid. People in fear need love more than anything. We all have our path to walk.

We can only help those who wish to be helped. Leading by example is one of the most effective solutions I can offer as it doesn’t create martyrs or resistance to fight against. To do well after leaving Scn is a very effect to supression.

I started a group on Facebook called:

“Scientology Disconnection Targets: How Many Are We?” 

I would like to say that this group has nothing to do with what each of us believe, simply that we are all bonded through broken bonds.

I prefer to be inclusive while demonstrating love and compassion. We all have value, we all have common bonds in that we wish to be heard, seen and appreciated for who we are. Diversity is our strength, kindness our original nature, love our birthright. Give and you will receive back in kind.


                            Lars Roest

My brother has now been in the cult for 37 years, he currently at Flag.
I was in for 2.5 years in the early 80’s. The last place I was at was at Gold Era Productions

My brother has not spoken to me since he joined the SeaOrg in 1990, his name is Jens Emil Roest; I don’t know his post, all I know is that he handles cars. I miss him very much and if anyone knows about him please let me know how is he doing.

Funny thing is that I wouldn’t mind that he is there, as long as that is what he wants and I can have a relationship to him.



                                   Mark Plummer

 I have an 18 year-old granddaughter I’ve never met.



                                        Meshell Little

My now 21 year old son, Jeremy Powers, disconnected from me, his step-dad, his baby sister and grandmother – two years ago this October. 

At this time, his dad (whom had been on staff and in Scn with me back in 90’s and quietly walked away in 2004 when we divorced, without being declared) was diagnosed with grade 4 brain cancer about 17 months ago and he is now at the end of his life.

It is a tough time now as we can’t pull together.  My daughter has lost her companion, brother and we will have to go through this without him.



                                  Lori Hodgson

I have a son and daughter that have disconnected from me and my mom.  Also my stepsister disconnected from us plus many friends. 

I hate this disconnection crap!!!  I miss my kids so much…it is very painful to have our loved ones taken away from us because of an inhumane, evil, cult disconnection policy!!!!! 

My heart goes out to all of you!!

 I wanted to share a couple things regarding this disconnection and how hard the rejection has been when I have attempted to see my kids.

Last Christmas I drove to where my kids were living with their Dad. This is when they still lived in Cal within 40 minutes away. I brought them both Xmas presents and no one was home so I left a loving note and their presents on the doorstep. As I was leaving their home, my son drove by me and went to the end of the street. I then slowly drove by him…we looked at each other then he continued to go to the other end of the street, he hesitated a couple minutes and took off in the hills. I gave him the chance to see me and stop if he wanted to. I wasn’t going to go chase him down. I also saw him on the phone while he drove by me, probably getting orders of what to do. A couple weeks later my daughter had dropped off the unopened presents at my door when I was away for the weekend.

Another time my daughter before she disconnected came to talk to me and my mom. I asked her if I could just be her mom and that we don’t have to agree on the same thing anymore, but there is so much more in life then just this Scientology disagreement. She said I couldn’t just be her mom anymore because I wouldn’t go back in and get things handled in the COS. She was very angry at my mom and I and said hurtful things to us. She was really upset at me that I went public about what John Allender did which was threatening me in my work parking lot and following me across state lines to Texas.

I have tried to continue to send them loving Cards, messages and songs. The rejection of no response just breaks my heart. Some people tell me to move on and just hope that it will all work out. I tried that too…didn’t work for me.

I’ve decided I gotta keep fighting for my kids. They are worth it no matter how they treat me back. I know they are not thinking for themselves and they are told a lot of lies!!! Now I’m going to even try harder to get through to them through all means possible. I’m not afraid to ask my family and friends to help me. I need their help too! I’m going for it!!!!

This sitting back waiting for things to get better isn’t working for me so now it’s time to go for it again and again until we reconnect.!!!!! I think we all should go for it and share our ideas so we can reconnect with our loved ones!! We gotta keep trying. I know if I was in my kids shoes, I would want someone to fight for me.


                                  Patricia Krenik

Hi.  I’m Patricia Krenik, I’ve been in Scientology since the 1950’s.  The current disconnection policy of the COS leaves me with a daughter with the Church in Seattle and a divided family.  When we have family get-to-gethers we have to do it piecemeal. 

When my daughter’s father died I was unable to visit him before his death–I would have liked to say goodbye and I’m sure he would have liked that too. 

I have had preclears who can’t divulge their relationship with the COS to others, because if the Church found out either family members would disconnect or business relationships would fall apart.


                                        Tory Christman

GodI hate “Disconnection”! I always hated it when I was “in” and people would be labeled “SP” and basically then you’re not allowed to speak to them. How can someone be THE top dog in LA (Ivan Obalensky–Commanding officer of AOLA) and SP the next day? Now I know.

 I was declared SP over night, without ONE piece of “Tech” applied (And to any who do not know–there are many things that are SUPPOSED to be done, before one is declared “SP”).

Over night, I lost ALL of my “friends” and my husband of 27 years who has not spoken to me in 11 years–even though part of our marriage vows (Never considering being Declared, but just in case some disaster occurred)…we would ALWAYS remain friends. Sad, and true. 😦

  Losing my husband was horrific. I speak out due to ALL the families who have lost their children to this insidious CULT of $cientology, or relationships they *could* have had, IF this evil “Disconnection” were cancelled. Peace to ALL Tory/Magoo


                              Sharone Stainforth

I  have a Father who was disconnected from me at the age of 12 years old, because L. Ron Hubbard deemed it his right to do so, because, apparently my Father was an SP. I have two stepmothers who I am also disconnected from because of Scientology, one of my own choosing because I could take it no more.

I am disconnected from my step sister because she can not handle the truth about L. Ron Hubbard or her own Father.Consequently I have never seen or known my nieces or nephew. Because of Scientology I haven’t seen my two  step brothers since 1969, because I was loath to continue with Scientology because I had witnessed too many horrendous incidents on the ship Apollo, directly at the hand of L. Ron Hubbard. I spent years alienated from my Grand Mother because she was deemed a big SP for going to the News of the World newspaper with a story of Disconnection from her youngest daughter.

That youngest daughter whom claims to this day to have learned such a lot from Scientology, that she holds some of the standards in good stead, and has helped her through life.

The same person, whom as I as a young child was told stop biting your finger nails and I will buy you a manicure set and never did. I gave it up when I was 21, because of a bet. The same person, whom,said I think out of all of us you had the roughest deal here.

Well, there’s the statement of the year. YOU seem to be doing well now, yes great until I came face to face with an E- meter.And then of course there’s the odd strange stuff, as IF we can get any stranger.

My step sister’s  Father married to my step Mother is the accountant for Narconon and Criminon, Scientology’s front groups. I start talking about it and very suddenly he retires in the UK. Well, what a SURPRISE! That’s the short version.


                                    Grace Aaron

Hi! After writing reports pointing out specific technical references that were violated by some Golden Age of Tech courses I was questioned and eventually declared suppressive. Our older son, Zachary, was told that he had to disconnect from me, his father and his brother who is not even a Scientologist. He did that so that he could stay in good standing. He hasn’t been in communication with any us for over 10 years!
My husband and I created a nonprofit called “The Committee on Religious Shunning”. If you go to our website you’ll see videos of me interviewing other victims of disconnection:

I hope that the media attention Katie Holmes created will force the Church to abandon disconnection. I urge all of you to make blog comments on articles about this in the media. Especially mainstream media that doesn’t generally cover this topic. The more interest they see, the more they’ll publish!

We miss Zack very much. If any of you has any news about …

him, we’d really appreciate it if you’d contact us. In peace,
Grace Aaron

Jane White from South Africa

This guy – a Corporate Scientologist named Ryan Hogarth – who is now working for himself as ‘a social speaker’ –  x-Sea Org member, x-President of the Church of Scientology in South Africa – is responsible for having – disconnected my grandson at the age of 18 months – from his biological father. 
And as a bonus – Ryan also gave the biological father ‘permission’ not to pay maintenance – to see to the upkeep and education of his child, which is a criminal offence in our country.   This boy so ‘disconnected’ has grown up without knowing his own father. 
You can imagine what kinds of turmoil and real hardships this brought to the life of this child.

                     This is Ryan Hogarth

He claims to be a Communication Speaker & Social Media Catalyst, whatever that means. He, as a high exec of the Church of Scientology South Africa is responsible for breaking many families.

In his business blog he also claims to be an expert in communication and his motto is: “Please, Make the Mistake of Communicating”. He glorifies himself as the “best” and “most interesting speaker” of the year, and  ” a fast thinker that knows how to capture an audience he definitely has the gift of oratory”.

He posted in one of his articles: “Be there. Communicate! After all, this is what makes life”.  Ryan Hogarth, why don’t you practice what you preach?

A Scientology Academy Opens in Riverside, California

Bob Mongiello used to run one of the largest Missions in the World in Riverside is now offering  Scientology without the Church.

This Academy is ***NOT *** affilliated with the “Official” Church of Scientology. Ron said: “The Tech is free for all who wish to use it” and as far as I am concerned no one can hold monopoly on spiritual freedom.

Bob Mongiello, OT VIII, Ls completion, a man of distinction, tells us how he used to run the Mission.  -“When we went to riverside in 1970 it was like going to Death Valley, California, it was said back then, that no one would ever be able to make a mission go there”

“Mary Corydon was a class VIII Auditor at the time and I knew that all I had to do is figure out how to bring people in and she would make sure the tech was in”

“The key to this was our dissem line and how we brought them in, we had a lecture about ARC and how one could improve life with communication . At the time we charged $50.00 for the course.  Joan ( Mongiello ) and Jim Hamre were in charge of the Comm Course. People just did the Basic Comm Course. We again, like in the old times, have that same course for anyone who wants it”

“Joan could go into more details but basically they would clear the words thetan , mind and body, and other key words while the students where doing the course. The students would key out and sign up for more because they cognited they were thetans !!!!”

“Our stats were 20 or more Comm Course starts a week; soon, we had 1000 active students and lots of PCs on lines”

 “The Riverside Mission was legendary in the late 70s mid 80s. The Atlanta Mission would be in competitions with them for top FSM awards. Good!”

“The next thing you will have 180 staff and the biggest mission in the world ..!!!”

Here is a video of Bob Mongiello talking about the plans for the Riverside Mission

Bob continues: “After the Mission Holder’s Conference I left the CofS with my wife and children but we continued practicing and teaching Scientology  in North Carolina”

Here are some images of the building in Riverside, California.They just moved this week and they are still getting organized. They are getting ready to deliver a workshop next week.


And this is the office

Bob Mongiello states: “In the present I am also doing “The Navigator Series” showing anyone how to start build  and succeed at any business. There is a series of videos I made on Entrepreneur Basics; we want people to succeed in life!”

If you want to watch them go to: 

Cienciologia: Katie Holmes se divorcia de Tom Cruise

Katie, segun las ultimas noticias le ha pedido el divorcio a Tom despues de mas de 5 años de matrimonio y ademas esta pidiendo la custodia de su hija Suri ademas dijo que no habia manera alguna de reconciliarse. El divorcio es iminente.

Parece que Katie no quiere que su hija crezca en el ambiente de Cienciologia como Lisa Marie Presley quien tambien aparentemente dejo la Iglesia recientemente.

Hace solamente un mes, Tom Cruise exponía públicamente su amor por su esposa en una extensa charla con la revista Playboy, inusual episodio para un actor que raramente concede entrevistas.

Tom Cruise dijo que no esperaba la petición de divorcio y, cuando su esposa introdujo los papeles judiciales en una corte en Nueva York, el 28 de junio, la noticia “lo tomó por sorpresa”, reportó la revista de las celebridades TMZ citando una fuente anónima.

Tom, como ya lo sabemos, tambien estuvo casado con Nicole Kidman, quien tampoco acepto completamente el control de Cienciologia sobre ellos. Se dice que recibio algo de auditacion pero nunca llego a convertirse en una cienciologa devota. De hecho en una entrevista ella se quejo que Tom no le dejaba ver a sus hijos adoptivos debido a la Cienciologia.

Con esta y van tres los divorcios de Tom, quien tambien estuvo casado con Mimi Rogers auditora Clase VIII, OT VIII, hija de Phil Spickler cienciologo desde 1950. Mimi fue quien introdujo a Tom a Ciencilogia asi como a Kirstey Alley.

Ellos se  casaron en una ceremonia secreta en 1987 y terminaron divorciandose en 1990. Mimi Rogers ya no es miembro de la iglesia desde hace mucho tiempo. Todavia me acuerdo cuando conoci a Mimi en ASHO, ella era la supervisora de los cursos y nos hicimos muy amigas, entonces estaba casada con Fred Rogers pero ella tenia ambiciones de hacerse estrella de Hollywood. Despues ya no la vi por mucho tiempo cuando me entere que se habia casado con Tom Cruise y lo habia convencido de hacerse cienciologo. Mimi era muy bonita de joven.

Al parecer, desde el principio David Miscavige mantenia un control sobre Katie Holmes cuando le asigno una  ‘compañera’ oficial llamada Jessica Rodríguez Feshbach que iba a todas partes con ella, incluso a entrevistas con los medios, y Rodríguez le daba a Katie respuestas “adecuadas” a preguntas sencillas.

Jessica es hija de un Cienciologo prominente que pago un millon de dolares para ser el primer publico en recibir el Super Power R/D. Tambien es la esposa de Tom Davis, hijo de la actriz Anne Archer, el es alto ejecutivo de la Iglesia de Cienciologia, otro del circulo intimo de David Miscavige.

Aqui esta Jessica Rodriguez-Davis con Katie Holmes en Londres

Mis observaciones son que Katie en ultimas fechas se le veia demacrada y triste, tambien vi muchas fotos de ella con Suri pero sin Tom. Suri es una nina criada en una forma muy materialista y consentida; algo que se supone no va con los principios de Cienciologia.

Yo no se si Tom Cruise esta siendo controlado por David Miscavige, pero si se sabe que son muy amigos y  fue su padrino de boda y segun algunos hasta lo acompano a la luna de miel. Se dicen tantas cosas sobre la relacion entre Miscavige y Tom Cruise, sobre sus motos especiales y sobre las fiestas que hacen en el Freewinds que han llegado a costar hasta un cuarto de millon de dolares.

Tal vez Katie esta cansada de todo eso. Ojala y hablara pero lo dudo, pues ni Nicole ni Mimi jamas hablaron sobre lo que realmente ocurrio entre ellos.

Lo unico que si puedo decir es que a Tom tambien le esta fallando la Tech alterada de David Miscavige. Lastima.

Seguro que el tuvo que elegir entre David Miscavige y Katie, el podria ser un heroe de verdad y salvar su matrimonio. Continue reading

Debbie Cook Makes a Deal with David Miscavige

For those who don’t know the whole story about Debbie Cook, just google her name next to Maria Pia Giardini, or check on her BMW that she bought from the thousands of dollars that she made as a reg for Flag while she was in. Too much to mention here. You can start here:

I read in the news that Debbie Cook and billionaire David Miscavige came to a secret agreement regarding his Scientology Corporation.

I must confess that I gave Debbie the benefit of the doubt, yes,I had a speck of hope that she was actually fighting for a cause, but today that speck is gone. Debbie’s cause was Debbie.

She asked for donations from other ex scientologists as if she was someone who was fighting for human rights, someone who was sacrificing a lot for the sake of others who was seeking justice and wished to save people’s lives.

But no, as I suspected all along; she had her plan well figured it out. All I can say is that I feel for those who believed in her. I predicted that she and the Scientology Corporation were going to make an agreement and that everything would fizzle down to nothing for the rest.

The least she can do now that it is all over, is to give those who hoped she would do something about it, is to give their money back, it is only fair since apparently she was not really fighting for any causes, she was not intending to help others or really seeking to free anyone.

Grant it her New Year’s email actually got a lot of people to look at the scene that she was part of in the first place and many left.

Many people said that Debbie Cook caused a lot of damage to the Scientology Corporation. I say, yes, she did cause a lot of damage while she was in, as well as after when she was  out.

She was the Captain at Flag for more than 20 years!

In a way, I don’t blame her, being in litigation can be quite stressful; just take a look at what happened to Larry Wollershim and others, multi billionaire David Miscavige can drag any cycle in court as long as necessary to the point that even when you win, you still lose.

Debbie was muzzled before and she is now muzzled again, but this time for good.

But was Debbie Cook sincere when she asked for donations to hire the very best lawyer to help her against the monster that it is the Church of Scientology a money making Corporation run by a ruthless person who she was his main supporter in “better days”? No, I dare say, she was not, unfortunately. I don’t know how the people who donated money to her feel now that she made the agreement. I would feel bad, but alas! I gave her nothing luckily.

For the most part the people who donated money to her ’cause’ were the indies and the freezoners as well as other ex- scientologists that are not necessarily part of any group. I know of one person who is a single mother with three children and she is definitely struggling to make ends meet and sacrificed her life savings of $1,000 dollars to help Debbie hoping that something good would come out of it. I wonder if she has any remorse or feel guilty somehow because she took money from people that at the end of the day she wanted to have nothing to do with, or did not really wanted to be part of their groups.

We do not know how much did she get out of this deal because it is a secret agreement, some say $50,000 to $5, 000,000 while the Tampa Times say she got nothing, we don’t know; and perhaps we will never know. But one thing for sure, is that so far, she got a lot more than Hubbard’s own children.

I hope that she tells her donors where the money went. But don’t bother emailing her because I read somewhere that she is not responding to anyone. However, let’s not forget that she promised to pay back if she won. According to Marty, everyone who paid will be refunded upon request.

Debbie and her husband are no longer in Facebook, and apparently their website is down. Perhaps their families disconnected from them, and they will probably lose a lot of the new friends that they made while they were ‘out’.

Will Debbie Cook and Wayne do the A-E Steps to go back to the Scientology  Corporation?

Has Lisa Marie Presley left Scientology?


Well, you decide.

Those are the rumours, but it is just a speculation because she has not announced publicly that she has done so.

Why are people speculating in some ex Scientology boards? Lisa Marie made a huge statement in her song lyric, where she calls herself ‘suppressive’ which in ‘Scientologise’ means a criminal evil person who does harm to others and who is against Scientology.

Well, nowdays it actually means anyone who does not agree with the corrupt regime of billionaire David Miscavige the present  spurious head of the Church.

Rumor has, that someone close to Lisa Marie, went against the abuses perpetrated by those in charge and was declared ‘supressive’ and Lisa was ordered to ‘disconnect’ from this person, even though, Tom Davis the son of Anne Archer who is a representative of the Church, vehemently denies that there is disconnection or religious shunning in Scientology.

Lisa was not very happy with the ‘order’ of disconnection and she came up with a  song called “You ain’t seen nothin yet” as a response to such insane order.

However, there is another rumour that the Flag MAA is calling Scientology companies that have anything to do with Lisa Marie, to make sure everyone knows Lisa Marie has been “declared” and that everyone was to remove her information from their contact lists.  He warned that no one should have anything to do with her.  He also stated the FBI was on its way.

Whatever that means.

Here is the video, below are the lyrics.

Lisa Marie Presley
You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet lyrics

Lay down the law don’t make a sound
Just critical, just going down
I don’t belong
I’ve lost the plot
Not gonna fall
Can’t be what I’m not You can think that I’m evil and I’m all for it
You ain’t seen nothin’ yet If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fit
You ain’t seen nothin’ yet Lay down the truth don’t make a sound
Just a piece of fruit who’s hit the ground
I don’t respond
I’ve lost the plot
Not what I thoughtYou can think that I’m evil and I’m all for it
You ain’t seen nothin yet I’m a bit transgressive and suppressive as well
You ain’t seen nothing yet Am I a disruption to your corruption?
You ain’t seen nothing yet
You can think that I’m evil and all for it
You ain’t seen nothing yet

If I don’t get with your system
Then I’m sure to fit

No longer elated, now you’re frustrated
You ain’t seen nothing yet!

You can think that I’m evil and I’m all for it
You ain’t seen nothing yet

If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fit
You ain’t seen nothing yet

You can think that I’m evil and I’m all for it
I’m a bit transgressive and suppressive as well
You ain’t seen nothing yet.

I have been told that her myspace blog defending Scn is gone.

You can always write to me:

The Truth About: Silvia Kusada

               Who really is Silvia Kusada?

It has come to my attention recently that some cowardly person started a smearing campaign about my best friend Silvia Kusada.

Who would want to do that? I asked myself, she has a lot of friends and she does not get involved in polemics. Silvia Kusada, is the most sincere and caring person I ever met in my life. She is a Class VI, OT VII who speaks three languages and built her home with her own hands.


The first thing that comes to mind  is that OSA, David Miscavige or some rejected wannabe would  do that. There is actually a hate website sponsored by the Church of Scientology, called ‘Freezone Survivors’ in which they shamelessly slander anyone who they consider ‘dangerous’ with no qualms or remorse. They are the “WHO” on this vicious attacks towards Silvia, me and many other auditors who are helping others.

When I got in Scientology, the first thing that I liked about it was that it was based on Granting beingness, Pandetermism and What is Greatness and I considered all those great values. However, there are people running the show who consider themselves “OTs” which basically mean operating from the spiritual point of view and not trapped in the physical universe or the vagaries of life.



Yet, we see people who have spent the best years of their lives inside in servile positions at OSA; some even invested their life savings in order to achieve the coveted state of “OT” yet they end up doing degrading activities “in the name of freedom”. These people have spent a fortune and a lot of time while all they can actually do is robotically follow evil destructive orders. I don’t see them having any OT abilities or acting  as true OTs or with the above mentioned qualities.


Who is this man who went out of his way to slander Silvia? He goes by the name of  Tim Higgs, but that is not his real name; he actually has many aliases like criminals do, he also goes by Trueseeker, Misterfabian and many other nicks not worh mentioning. This OSA minion has been doing this for years, not just recently, he has a long history of cyberbullying others. 

His name and his wife names appear both as “OTs”. These people have wasted their lives and their money. They would have been better off going to The Bahamas.

I have two informations about Tim Higgs, one from ESMB and this one from a friend that knows about him. I am publishing both, just in case.

I got this one from a response to the blog:

Hi Aida.. some data you have on Neil Roger Woods aka Tim Higgs aka Truthseeker:

He is a dentist in Maryland, not a chiropractor.

In 2004, he had his dental license suspended for 1 year for official misconduct.

He & his wife Barbara (Bobbi) Ann live at:
1735 New Hampshire Ave,
Washington, DC 20009,
(202) 723-0690.

2001 WISE Directory:

Category: Dental Services
Neil Woods
Professional Images
156 Ritchie Hwy.

Severna Park, MD 21146-1117
United States
Tel (1) 410-647-1800
Fax (1) 410-647-6289
2004 WISE Directory:

Category: Dental Services
Neil Woods
Neil R. Woods, DDS
156 Ritchie Hwy.

Severna Park, MD 21146-1117
United States
Tel. +1 410-647-1800
Fax +1 410-544-2869
E-Mail: docnrw@[provider].com


 And here is the other information:


This is what DCAnon  said about Tim Higgs on the Ex Scientologist Message Board:

“Meet TruthSeeker, infamous ARS troll who makes it a habit of targeting and harassing exes. A man of no value to anyone.”

“Wave to Neil Woods, everyone!

Truth Seeker (ARS/WWP)
chessnut1816 (youtube)
Tim Higgs (irl/ARS)
Flash Gordon (ESMB)
“Someone with the username “Flash Gordon” has been trying to dead agent (lol) me on the Ex Scientology message board by trying to convince everyone that I lied about the attack and am a horrible, untrustworthy person.”

“I played a hunch and dug up all the TruthSeeker IP addresses I could find from my (and my friends’) various go-rounds with him on the internets. Working with local exes who have amazing googlefu abilities, we found out from the archives of Lermanet that other intrepid internet searchers had traced TruthSeeker back to Salisbury Marland in 2006 on Spring Ave.”

“Also checked his phone number…Salisbury, MD. The weird thing is, this area is mostly strip malls and stores.”

“But guess who co-owns a Chiropractic Office in that exact plaza on civic ave? Our dear OT8 friend, Mr. Neil Woods. Could be someone else from his office, maybe? :3 We’ll have to get all our TS experts together!”

“So congrats, Mr. Woods. :3 You lose the game”.

“INB4 Thursday at 2:00pm

For those who are intersted in reading more about this character here’s the link:

I don’t need to tell who Silvia Kusada is, we all know her and the last time I talked to her which is everyday since I met her, she was doing fine thank you very much Mr. Tim Higgs Loser.

Here is who Silvia Kusada truly is; they say that an image is worth more than a 1,000 words.

 Silvia and I best friends for ever! She has more friends than anybody I know.


Silvia has been building her own house with her hands and a little bit of help from some friends. She  is not afraid to get on top of the roof! LOL!



She can handle tools better than a lot of people I know, she’s building the stairs for the entrance of her house. She’s a real pioneer!

Taking a break! There are more things to do later!

And she can also  be as sophisticated as a movie star!

                          Or she can be having fun playing a trip into the past


 Silvia is also a fantastic artist! LRH says that SPs love to attack artist, I can imagine if Frida Kahlo for example, was an ex scientologist she’d be attacked heavily by OSA because she spoke out and was extravagant, sincere and believed in human rights like Silvia Kusada does.

 Celebrating first Christmas at her new house.

Debbie Cook Counter Sues the Church of $cientology

Here are the lates news on Debbie Cook, stay tuned because I will be adding links throughout the day as they come out:



Debbie Counter Sues the Cof$


She appeared in “Good Morning America” One of the most popular news in the US.

A video of interview in Current Affair

More on the news:

Church of $cientology Withdraws Request for Temporary Injunction

After what happened yesterday in court, David Miscavige and his lawyers withdrew the injunction and now Debbie Cook is ungagged.

What does this mean in layman’s words? It means they changed they realized their mistake and changed their minds and there is no reason to pursue the matter.

Perhaps they should have used the ‘Squirrel Busters’ instead of their fancy lawyers and it all would have been just a circus like with M&M.

This is the stuff that reality shows are made. Except that a lot of lives are at stake here.

According to Tony Ortega who was there; this is what transpired in court:

George Spencer started proceedings by addressing Judge Tanner, saying that Cook had made “false and misleading statements” about the church yesterday, that she has done “irreparable harm to our client.”

“As we feared, the defendant has used the courtroom to…violate the agreement. She disparaged numerous officials not involved in this case.”

“The extreme falsity of her testimony is shown by the simple fact that she didn’t have a positive thing to say about any of the people she worked with…” he said.

Cook had “destroyed the value of the temporary injunction,” and therefore the church was withdrawing its request for one.

Ray Jeffrey and his clients, Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten, are back in court. Scientology’s attorneys are still huddling outside.

9:55 am. Jeffrey is saying that he wants to continue his examination of Cook on the record because he wanted to address her signing the NDA.

Spencer says the court can’t continue:

***********  “This thing is over.”  ************

What does this mean? It means that this was just the hearing to try and make Debbie’s Temporary Restraining Order into an Injunction until the real trial is over. She can now speak freely without fear of being jailed by a Judge.

And Miscavige made a formidable enemy on Debbie Cook because she knows A LOT. I just hope that she uncovers data about the Lisa MacPherson case too. It is time for real justice inside the Cof$.

David Miscavige gave an oportunity to Debbie to speak in court, perhaps she was smart enough to predict this scenario and she planned it well, more than anyone else, Debbie knows David’s buttons very well after all those years working for him and she sure knew how to push them.

Her actions, whether planned or not turned out to be victorious and now hopefully other execs can walk out and talk, perhaps even David Mayo can come out in the open too.

I doubt that the cult will pursue suing anyone any more and maybe Debbie will file a cross complaint and they will have to pay millions of dollars to her now.  But if justice was truly served, the authorities would dismantle the SO, refund the money to all parishioners and pay back to SO staff for their dedicated labor and David Miscavige and his accomplices would serve time in jail for their crimes.

There is a lot more to say, but it is already all over the internet.

I end this article with a video of Debbie testifying in Court yesterday.

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Debbie Cook’s Trial: First Day in Court

I am going to give the update on the court case but first here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

Apparently David Miscavige is trying to take the law into his own hands. It is not working

Is the Church of Scientology above the law? May I ask.  We’ll soon find out.

Debbie Cook and her husband Wayne Baumgarten finally decided to confront the rampant out tech and abuses perpetrated inside the CofS.

Debbie had the courage to write a report with references in hand and point towards the outnesses and pandemonium ensued in New Years Eve of 2012.

Many Scientologists were not able to confront the contents and a lot simply decided to disconnect from her and not examine the email to see if  what she was saying was objectionable or true.

David Miscavige instead of just ignoring her and counting the loses as a result, he chose instead to be vindictive and decided to sue her for applying the very own rules of Scn.

Here is Debbie Cook on the stand and she is now talking about the tortures and imprisonment while inside the cult.


Unfortunately for David Miscavige, cameras were allowed in court and now anyone can know the truth as all of his crimes will be documented and be made public.

Here are some of the highlights of what went in Court today:

Debbie Cook told in court how she escaped the Church and how was forced to come back and was put in ‘The Hole’ and tortured and humilliated and with lack of sleep and proper food, she signed the agreement under those conditions and she would have signed anything in order to leave. This is what her lawyer said:

“Ms. Cook was beaten. She was tortured. She was degraded. She was made to watch them torture, beat and degrade others.”

There were also hints in his opening statement that at one point in time, Cook was ready to commit suicide.

Now, we ask ourselves, why is it that David Miscavige is not subpoenaed? Simply because the  man has enough money to hide and it is practically impossible to serve him the legal documents.

It also came out in court that

David Miscavige ordered a staffer (No name given) to smack Debbie Cook to the floor

And another to break her finger in the weeks before she left the Org in 2007.

We must remember the fact that neither Debbie or her husband Wayne had any lawyer present when they signed the agreement.

Wayne said that he signed because: “If they did not sign the agreements, they would never be permitted to communicate with family members who remain in the church. Baumgarten’s mother was in a church-funded nursing home.”

In other words Wayne’s family are scientologists and they were afraid of a disconnection order. The CofS pays a nursing home for the elderly staff in Clearwater called ‘Magonila Manor’.

I was told by a friend who lives nearby that the staff members are not allowed to have any Scientology materials, they are to never speak of Scientology or about having been on staff while they are there. Also they are seldom allowed visitors. 

A woman Sherry Rabey used to be in charge of handling these older folks. Also when they die they do not have memorials and this is a whole other story that I will post some other time.

Here is another highlight of the trial from Tony Ortega’s coverage:

An executive was made to lick a bathroom floor for a half hour.

DM telling one of his female communicators to break Debbie’s finger if she didn’t answer a question (it was bent back).

After that they testified about people being forced into an ice-cold lake at the compound.

I read that Judge Tanner who is hearing the case; has a reputation for being a fair, but no-nonsense judge.  She’s also long been active in women’s causes, so hearing Debbie’s testimony how women are treated at the direction of DM, has to be resonating with the judge.

In the meantime, today at the same time; in a Pasadena Court the Marc Headly vs the CofS case was appealed by Marc, where he accuses the cult of slavery.

A lot of things are coming out on the Debbie Cook case that the CofS should be sorry for:

Everything that is happening inside the court room is being tweeted, photographed, blogged and published all over the internet and the media.

It will be impossible for the CofS minions to cover it all with lies as usual.

There is a letter Debbie Cook sent to CoS shortly after her email went public.

The letter should be read by anyone that is following the case:
Debbie says: “If you want a war, bring it on”
Here is another letter that is very interesting:

David Miscavige erred on suing Debbie Cook because

****she now testified for four hours*****

about the abuses that she suffered and she witnessed others suffering too.

The lawyer said:

“Ms. Cook was beaten.

She was tortured.

She was degraded beyond belief.

She was made to watch the torture and beatings and degradation of others.

And not just one or two.

She was confined in inhuman conditions…they signed this agreement just to get away”

I imagine David Miscavige spitting, kicking and screamming and not sleeping about his huge mistake. I guess that the lawyers and DM are so into their own imaginary world that did not fanthom that this was going to happen.

Even if they won the case, a lot of damage has been done because they cannot shut so much media exposing what is really happening inside the court.

 I must confess that I have mixed feelings because people like Debbie and others were contributors to what has become of the CofS and to David Miscavige’s crime. However, I wish Debbie and her husband the best and I know that she is a very smart cookie and she will remain strong.

Here are the videos of the trial.

Media coverage on the trial:

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