Scientology Tech Alterations Video Series

When I left Scientology in 1996 a lot of people asked me what was happening, I spent a lot of time explaining and showing, My husband and I travelled to Greece, Spain, England, Mexico, Canada and the US meeting with friends; at the time and there were people leaving and others were in confusion; back then there was not as much information as there is now and most of it was just critics but nothing that clarified things.

I decided to make these videos as a sugestion from a friend to show with out evaluating or making accusations. Just presenting the facts and the documents showing how David Miscavige was changing things and letting the viewers decide on their own.

This is a series of seven videos explaining exactly what is going on with the refs in hand. These videos can be very informative for  someone who have just left the Church or who is about to leave.   I hope that they help explain what is going on. They can be used to help your friends open their eyes.

This first video shows the difference between the books that were published when Ron was alive and how they were changed after his death.

Here it can be easily seen how 23 very important pages were eliminated from the book Science of Survival.

Part three shows how the Axioms were changed and the alterations on the Auditor’s Code

On this one I go over how the original EPs of the OT Levels were completely eliminated from the book Scientology O-8

Here I show some books that did not have pages deleted or altered, but were completely eliminated by the new regime.

This video shows some legal documents explaining how the Church was taken over by the founders of the Church of Spiritual Technology and who are not even Scientologists. And now that Cof ST owns the intelectual properties of LRH.

In this one I talk about LRH’s wife and how the new regime never mentions her and her family in the new books or magazines. I also show the new books which are NOT by L. Ron Hubbard but are simply “based on the works” of LRH.

Thanks for watching


27 responses to “Scientology Tech Alterations Video Series

  1. Dear Aida! I watched Your video of the seminar on ethical States in Russia(?). “The condition of the enemy” and “Treason” are clear in contrast. Example: the man in the hat Manager.He doesn’t really wear that hat . When he finds out , then he can go to doubt and decide what to do. If he is wearing this hat in reality – then he can move on to doubt – investigate and decide what to do.
    Sorry for my English.
    from Russia with love

  2. It is kind of good filing to know there are …good to knou you are there.

    All of you good people.

    Thank you for beein good and happie!!


  3. Great adventure story potential. Hadley MUST write his memoirs.

  4. What a beautiful theta letter. Wonderful memories. What do you do now?

  5. I was happy to read some stories. My own is of interest. I began at St Hill worked under LRH andwas His First Tech Page ever assigned by LRH.

    I did 23 years over time being Staff between St Hill / The ship Apollo and Missionaire and thenwas Assigned las ong term Missionaire to AOSHDK. Then moved to European Tours under CS 6 run by Diana Hubbard at that time.

    I knew Capt Bill when he was on the St Hill Special Breifing courseat St Hill. This was before we both set up the Rons Org. in Frankfurt where it started. I was his companion and communicator until he died.I have done Class IV training some Esto /FEBC training and all admin training / of being on statff, also Mission training.

    I have done up to OT VII and Exalibur to Sol level 2. I chose to I redo The CBR Games Master Course. I am currently on the Solo part. I met Frank and Mary Freeman at St hill when they were there working as auditors on internships under LRH. I met Phil Spickler also and John Imburgia / and his brother Pete.

    I live in England and lived in Germany for a long time , I also travelled with Capt Bill on most of all his lectures given of which are available. I was the person that did all the admin and arrgangements for lectures to be done and the students to coming to Bill for Training.

    I shared wonderful times and I found it an honour to work with Capt Bill Robertson. I hope to keep in touch.

    • Hi Hadley:

      It looks like you had a lot of adventures and met a lot of people as well, how many memories you must have! I hope that you share your story one day with us in this blog!

      Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  6. Hi Aida, thanks for those videos. I left in 1996 also, after 12 years as a highly-trained member of public. I was writing KRs on the out-tech and off-Policy but nobody could care less. Eventually they Declared me for “being critical of Int. Management”. Ha, ha, what a laugh. It’s now my badge of honour!

    • Hi Peter:

      We left about the same time for the same reasons and we were declared for the same reasons…LOL!

      It is a badge of honor indeed, because now we know the truth!

      Well done for keeping your integrity 🙂


  7. Aida, you are Heroina. 😀 (Female Hero).

    • Hi Thetan:
      Thank you! I think that you are too and all those who either speak up or walk out despite of it.
      I am glad you are reading my blog and participating 🙂

  8. Chris Thompson

    Very thorough and specific.

    Years ago I enjoyed the style and voice of LRH’s writing and lectures. I loved his anecdotes and trusted his Tech. Today his anecdotal writing and bitter natter about the government and society, etc., leave me flat.

    I used to think that he communicated in a very efficient and no nonsense style but today I find the “fluff of natter” to be tedious to wade through and consuming possibly as much as 2/3 of the material.

    However, though a more cynical and more critical of a student, today I find elemental Scientology such as ARC, Axioms, Factors, Study Tech, Code of Honor, and pre-1967 materials, etc., to be more pertinent and satisfying to learn and apply than ever. Another way of saying this is that I use Scientology and then I think for myself.

    Today, as a solo auditor outside The Church, I am grateful for these gifts – these keys to unlock an understanding about myself and my social and physical environment. I am also grateful for my friends who have kept the torch alive – no matter the epoch – and helped me find my way back onto the Path of Truth. For me, there is no stronger feeling of confidence and hope than that which comes from a successful solo-auditing session – No stronger feeling of success.

    I’ve written a sober commentary which will sound too negatively jaded for some and not critical enough for others. Each of us have to sort ourselves out and come to our own reconciliation with ourselves. It has only ever been this way.

    • Hi Chris: Thanks for your frank response, I like it. I think that is very healthy to see things as they are; good and bad but make a good balance at the end. Good for you for doing solo auditing and sharing your wins.

  9. Aida what a great work!! I love it!! and I admire you as a person and auditor!! love

  10. Hi Victor, sure we did! it was on those times when it not as easy and as fun as it is now 🙂 back then if you posted or made videos the COF$ would came after you.
    I am glad you enjoyed the blog.

  11. Those were great videos and you have ***** (synonymous courage) of the likes I’ve seen little of in centuries Aida. Just had to say that cuz you were doing your thing back when OSA was running psychotic and screwing with everything that moved. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Thank you “Nojokin” for your very complimentary and sincerely “from the hip” encouragement and acknowledgment. We have no problem at all with words. In Fact Aida says she speaks English, Spanish and Truck Driver. LOL However, society has its buttons. So out of respect and “not creating a effect on another…” Pardon my stars. 😉 Thanks again our Friend. Michael The Editor

  12. victor sandino ruiz

    We showed the path, way before it was hip to be a independent.

    Nevertheless it was fun, I enjoyed anonymous so much.

    Good to have you in a page in the interwebs.

  13. Hi Nojo, you are so right! A lot of people are not aware that 10- 15 years ago, it was very dangerous to speak up or do videos…but now we are all networking and freedom of speech is back!

  14. Those were great videos and you have balls of the likes I’ve seen little of in centuries Aida. Just had to say that cuz you were doing your thing back when OSA was running psychotic and screwing with everything that moved. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’ll say! Aida and Dave had to consider whether or not I was OSA when I first contacted them for help in 2006. I was a scared little chicken back then but Aida and Dave did not flinch but helped me get back on my feet and figure out where I was.

      I will always remember that and keep reminding them and loving them for their support and “leg-up.”

  15. Hi Tommy, that room is in my house 🙂 in Los Angeles, I did my training at ASHO and AOLA.

  16. That room looks exactly as the rooms in AOSH EU,you didn’t do it there,did you?:))


  17. Hi Michael; thank you very much for helping me and for encouraging me on doing this.

    Lots of love,


  18. Wow Aida. You have been very busy with the videos over the years. Good for you! Love what you do. Keep it up girl 😉 Kudos: D


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