Has Lisa Marie Presley left Scientology?


Well, you decide.

Those are the rumours, but it is just a speculation because she has not announced publicly that she has done so.

Why are people speculating in some ex Scientology boards? Lisa Marie made a huge statement in her song lyric, where she calls herself ‘suppressive’ which in ‘Scientologise’ means a criminal evil person who does harm to others and who is against Scientology.

Well, nowdays it actually means anyone who does not agree with the corrupt regime of billionaire David Miscavige the present  spurious head of the Church.

Rumor has, that someone close to Lisa Marie, went against the abuses perpetrated by those in charge and was declared ‘supressive’ and Lisa was ordered to ‘disconnect’ from this person, even though, Tom Davis the son of Anne Archer who is a representative of the Church, vehemently denies that there is disconnection or religious shunning in Scientology.

Lisa was not very happy with the ‘order’ of disconnection and she came up with a  song called “You ain’t seen nothin yet” as a response to such insane order.

However, there is another rumour that the Flag MAA is calling Scientology companies that have anything to do with Lisa Marie, to make sure everyone knows Lisa Marie has been “declared” and that everyone was to remove her information from their contact lists.  He warned that no one should have anything to do with her.  He also stated the FBI was on its way.

Whatever that means.

Here is the video, below are the lyrics.

Lisa Marie Presley
You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet lyrics

Lay down the law don’t make a sound
Just critical, just going down
I don’t belong
I’ve lost the plot
Not gonna fall
Can’t be what I’m not You can think that I’m evil and I’m all for it
You ain’t seen nothin’ yet If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fit
You ain’t seen nothin’ yet Lay down the truth don’t make a sound
Just a piece of fruit who’s hit the ground
I don’t respond
I’ve lost the plot
Not what I thoughtYou can think that I’m evil and I’m all for it
You ain’t seen nothin yet I’m a bit transgressive and suppressive as well
You ain’t seen nothing yet Am I a disruption to your corruption?
You ain’t seen nothing yet
You can think that I’m evil and all for it
You ain’t seen nothing yet

If I don’t get with your system
Then I’m sure to fit

No longer elated, now you’re frustrated
You ain’t seen nothing yet!

You can think that I’m evil and I’m all for it
You ain’t seen nothing yet

If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fit
You ain’t seen nothing yet

You can think that I’m evil and I’m all for it
I’m a bit transgressive and suppressive as well
You ain’t seen nothing yet.

I have been told that her myspace blog defending Scn is gone.

You can always write to me:

35 responses to “Has Lisa Marie Presley left Scientology?

  1. I find the song intresting and certaintly confirms she has at least broken from an area within her life that was disappointing for her ( without saying scientology ) using the word supressive is her way of expressing herself towards something that seems to have troubled her. She might feel that area was suppressed for her within herself
    One woudln’t know without getting it from the horses month ( Apart from prejudging it of course before hand.) Anything is ones view on what is going on with her , Its not hers.but theirs..
    She broke some sort of silence at least through the music , and it will be understood within the music world and for those that she know her and her associates she mixes with.
    outside of sceintology and with scientology.
    Whether she decides to official annouce it thats up to her,She does not have too.
    My respect to her for making her feelings known and obvilously through Music as Music is a way of healing..

    Maybe at some point she moves on and decides to share that time agmonst the Indepedence.

  2. Wonderful reportage Aida. Thank you LOVE U!

  3. Lisa , I’m sure, she knows that Davie and his minions want her for her $$$$$$$.
    I’ll bet it is worth all the money in the world to see them snap, crackle, and pop during the reg cycles when she stands up like Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and says “No!” LMAO
    Can’t quit giving kudos to that movie. LOL I’d give anything to see Lisa operate with that NO! while knowing it is her green backs the freaks want.
    I’d also like to know how come her Mom is still so stupid after spending all the money she did on the “Bridge”. 😀

  4. Retired from the Church

    Lisa is a very singularly minded individual who doesn’t take any crap from anyone. I have never observed her being intimidated by the Co$ or anyone for that matter.

    • Nicely out have tio agree

    • Sometimes having a lot of money and knowing that that is what the people around you want, makes it easier to hold a position, be strong, and tell them to flake off. Watching them snap, crackle, and pop would be worth it all , knowing that it is your $$$$$$$$$$ they want and they can’t get it. I’d love to know her and see if that’s where she’s coming from. LOL

      • Apparently during an interview Lisa Marie commented that the album is ‘deeply personal’.
        So much so that she did not play it to her mother before its release.

        • What’s with the lag between me receiving a response and it showing up on this board?

          • It depends, if I am on line at the moment that a person post, I approve all comments as soon as they appear.
            If I have time, I answer right away, or later if I want to say something more informative or meaningful.
            But if I am not on line, it appears until I get to the blog and take care of it.
            Since English is not my first language I have to think, first want I want to say, then how to say it so it is not lost on translation…LOL!
            I seldom if ever, sensor anyone. So far I haven’t sensored but one person who wanted to use my blog as a platform for hate postings.

          • Thanks for explaining Aida, cuz I was wondering why the responses weren’t showing up faster. 😀

        • Assuming Lisa Marie is not in the church any more or has anything to do with it
          does she? Her mother ? well whats the albuims name and is it released?

  5. If her father hadn’t been famous who cares? She’s just another kid who had a screwed up mother who got her involved in a screwed up cult. Now that she is older and made enough mistakes perhaps she will realize her Mother was her biggest problem, even before the church got into the picture.

    • Yes, she went to Apple School a school for scientologists and that is how she started and later she was sent to Delphi School where she met her first husband.
      Priscilla has given a lot of power to billionaire David Miscavige over the years, along with other celebrities.

  6. Go Lisa! I learned to read her comm pretty darn well when she was my best room mother – mom to one of my favorite 2nd graders. When she says you ain’t seen nothing yet – you ain’t, if for no other reason than to protect her kids from any perceived threat. I’d say she has perceived the potential harm to her young, and those who are threatening have met their match.

  7. Re added paragraph (another rumour):
    Yes, of course. The FBI will go after a celebrity because of some cult members. The people generating or believing such stuff ARE just cretins.

  8. retiredfromthechurch

    The exact question should be, “Did she leave the Co$ or give up on the Scientology Technology?”
    These two are often cornfused and some think they are the same when they are entirely different concepts.
    Personally, I think that Lisa uses the Tech but definitely doesn’t appreciate the politics of the Co$. It’s the words of her song that says it all!

    Go LMP!

  9. some lyrics are wrong
    Not gonna fall–Not gullible,

    ´You can think that i’ evil and i’m all for it -You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rails

  10. I’m not a big fan of LM, but having heard the song, I must say I like her message a lot as well as how it is rendered.

  11. Sounds like she’s mad at mom.

    • It sounds more like she is mad at some MAA or David Miscavige.

      • Interesting! My first thought was that she’s mad at Tom Cruise 😀

      • Sounds like to me (and I know Lisa maria and her mother) that she is personally disaffected by DM and the strict internal rules to disconnect from people that leave / or are disaffected.
        Its not the first time she is mad at her mother either.
        I don’t like that her mother is very dominating towards her. And she has a ridge between her and her motehr due to who got left in her name, yet alone The mother has made her life out of Elvis.( even thow she came from a good background the life and living and wealth she got her self surrounded by the Mother is Elvis and not by her own doing apart from her own doings , after having been married to elvis, and became a figure .

  12. Thanks for posting. I sure hope she has seen the light at the end of that dark tunnel and trap. God I am so glad I have all this behind me and can now freely study and explore positive spirituall movements.

    • I hope too that she has seen the light because David Miscaviges uses the Scn celebrities for his own goals.

      Klaus, I hope that you find what you are looking for.

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