Stories of Disconnection

Son has a Serious Motorcycle Accident

I just got this note from my friend Lori Hodgson last nite.  She was very, very upset because her son Jeremy Leake, was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, is now in the hospital emergency room and she is not even allowed to see him!!!!


All this because of a disconnection policy which was cancelled back in 1968. It is obvious that Jeremy has the wrong PTS item. Here is the note from a worried mother…


Here is my son Jeremy and his sister Jessica at the lake. They joined the SO and I have not been able to see them or talk to them again since. They are out of the SO and public now.  They were out 2 years ago and in the SO for only a short time.

I found out about his accident by a post on Facebook. No one notified me.
I called the hospitals and found out he was admitted to Santa Clara Valley Medical Hospital. I rushed over with my Dad and Stepmother to see him. I went to the ER and asked the status of my son and that I wanted to see him. I told them I was his mother.
They called to the back room where Jeremy was at and said I was here. The man at the front said, “The Hospital staff has been instructed to not let you go back to see him.” I told him “I have left the Church of Scientology and I am being shunned from seeing my son.”
Here is Lori with her children when they were a happy family before the disconnection.
Please let me see my son?”  He said “I am very sorry I can’t let you see him.”  HIS FATHER AND HIS SISTER ARE BY HIS BEDSIDE.
“With the Privacy Laws and your son being 18 I have to abide by the law.”  I asked if I could at least have his status and he said, ” No we can’t give out that information.”
Now I’m really panicked so I go around the back and wait for someone from The ER to come out. I briefly explained to a nurse what was happening and if he could please give my son a message. He said yes I can give him a written message.
The nurse brought Jeremy the message. He came back to tell me that Jeremy was alone in his room so he was able to give the note directly to him and that Jeremy said to tell me he is OK and that he doesn’t want to see anyone.   I was very relieved to hear that he was ok.
I know deep down in my heart that my son wants me with him but because of this cruel Disconnection policy of the Church of Scientology, he most likely feels forced to not break their rules!!!
I was able to find out that Jeremy broke his Femur and his Collar Bone and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.


I was determined to see my son and this is what happened:

My mom and I found out what room he was going to be in and we waited by the elevator near his room. After he was settled in his room, Jim his father was standing by his bedside asking Jeremy if he wanted to see me.

Before Jim finished his sentence I went over to my son and said,  “Hi Jeremy I’ve been here for you all day and I’m so glad you’re doing well. Im going to leave now so there is not a problem for you. I hope you get well real fast and I love you so very much.”

Jeremy looked at me and said “I love you”.

Then I went to leave and saw my daugter talking to a nurse and I went up to her and hugged her telling her “I miss you and love you.”  Jessica hugged me back. Then her grandma gave her a hug.


This has been one hell of an emotional 2 days for me and my family.   Thanks for all your Love and support it means alot!!!!

Lori Hogdson and her son Jeremy and Jessica Leake in happier times.

~~~~~~   ~~~~~~



    Chris Thompson talks about disconnection in the Sea Org

 My ex-wife disconnected from  our daughter and I in 1992.  My daughter has not communicated with her mom since that time.


The Church holds over my daughter’s head the question, “Have you disconnected from your father yet?”  My daughter refuses to disconnect nor even pretend to disconnect from me and so the Church refuses to pass her communication to her mother without her assurance that she is disconnected from me.


My daughter and I in 1990

My ex-wife has lived now 20 years in the Sea Org without any knowledge of her daughter.  She does not know even if her daughter grew up and is alive or dead. 

She does not know basic information such as what ever happened to her; Did she finish elementary school, did she go to high school,  who her friends were,  who was her first crush? That she graduated high school, that she served in the United States Navy with honor, that she graduated University with honors, that today she is married to a good man and has a 5 year old daughter  and that she is currently applying for positions to do her residency in anesthesiology, after finishing her doctor’s degree in medicine this Spring.

Our granddaughter started kindergarten today.  She is quite a pretty girl, long and slender with a mountain of strawberry blond curls on her head.

My ex- did not get to see the photos of her first day of kindergarten and really, to be honest, she wasn’t present for her daughter’s first day of kindergarten.  I took her to that when we were in the Sea Org and living at Crestline, California.

My ex- doesn’t know about the existence of her granddaughter – it’s like she dropped off the face of the earth,  or died.   She is that removed from our universe.

To a rational person, this seems preposterous.  But I assure you that Scientology’s disconnection and fair game policies are completely intact and vigorously practiced in today’s church.  This is indisputable.

Chris Thompson



7 responses to “Stories of Disconnection

  1. Ya know, your right. My apologies. Good point on the association with your post. Fair enough Chris. Its actually not my place to post, just help. Your story inspired me since its been over 10 years since i have seen my Daughter and the fingers just flew as they do at times. Cheers Brother. Good roads and even better weather to ya. Love the ride. LOL Michael

    • Accepted. Sounds like you have a poignant story as well. Why not write it?

      Around 1990, after I filed for divorce, my daughter was staying for a time at the Castile Canyon berthing / detention center AKA “The Ranch” at San Jacinto, California. This is a secluded little property, up a ravine to the east side of the Golden Era facility and adjacent to the Indian reservation. I was living in Los Angeles in what my daughter and I shudderingly refer to as the “roach motel.”

      After arranging to meet me in Hemet, at a “neutral” cafe, and pretending that I didn’t know where the Golden Era front gate was, I was stood up. Without any knowledge of what had occurred, and being nearly 100 miles from home, I drove over to the front gate and walked up to the security guard, announced my name and purpose of visit to pick up my daughter for a visit.

      The guard and consequently guards were very displeased. You have to understand that the very act of my showing up at that gate caused a “down-stat” for those security personnel. If my memory is correct they received a minus 50 points for the security threat which I presented. The Port Captain, at that time was Ken Hoden, suffered the same deduction in statistic for failure to prevent my security breach. As a side note, Sea Org members are allowed 1/2 day’s liberty every other Sunday afternoon after doing their weekly laundry at their own expense, IF their statistics are “up,” and IF their CSW (written request) is approved by their senior.

      Picture this, I am standing on the apron driveway between the front gate of “Golden Era Productions” surrounded by 6 large security guards, all glaring very sternly at me. Ken Hoden is summoned from whatever else he had been doing that Saturday afternoon and comes out to “handle” me. Ken is naturally a very decent person with easy manner and warm handshake and smile. But being “in the tunnel” as cult members are “I had put him” in an awkward position by showing up where I wasn’t “cleared” to be. Looking back on this and remembering my own viewpoint at the time, I was feeling sorry for him to the point of apologizing for showing up there but trying to get him to understand that I was trying to locate my daughter. This is very weird for me recalling that point of view.

      After giving me no information and ordering me to leave under threat of suppressive person declare, I left. I didn’t know where Castile Canyon was that day nor did I know its name. I only knew the rumor of a “ranch” and it had to be nearby. I got in my car and simply scoured the countryside by driving up and down and into and out of every single road and drive in the area. My intensive search was rewarded when within an hour’s time I located the front gate of the ranch and could see some children moving about at some distance from me. I continued to drive into the hills looking for a better vantage point to view what was going on and found myself up a dirt road and on a hill overlooking the ranch. From this point, I could view the buildings and see the children and finally satisfied myself that my daughter was there.

      This story probably is more interesting to me than others so I will leave off here. 20 years have passed since that day and shortly after that I took my daughter and left California for Arizona to make a fresh start. It would be another 15 years until I would wake up from my stupor of cult brainwashing and begin to see it for what it was and reach out to others for help to reconcile the feelings and shifting point of view. A lot more hard work over the past 5 years has me feeling like I am finally totally out of THAT tunnel.

      I continue to work to understand myself, my urges, my yearnings, my goals and purposes. I am a work in progress.

      • Dear Chris:

        Thanks for sharing your story and your thoughts on this one.

        Only a person who has been in a cult understand those feelings.

        You were one of the few lucky ones to recover and save your child who thank god has now a normal life away from that insanity.

        Cults damage children sometimes beyond repair. You have to be a strong soul to move ahead.

        We are all still healing.


  2. This is insane! I just can’t think with it at all. CULT answers it for me. One stops thinking for himself.

    So sad for her.

    • Dear Meshell:

      And the worst part is that it is happening all over the world.

      I am planning to make a gallery of the family members who are there lost in the CULT .

      I am very sad too for that mother which missed the best years of her daughter’s life and now she is missing the best years of her grandchild’s life.

      So much insanity!

    • Hi Meshell,

      It’s not so simple. One adopts the viewpoint of the group. One goes into agreement with the group. One DOES think for themself — after adopting the viewpoint of the group. This is why the shell is so hard to crack. One goes out of valence and until this is corrected, a person behaves very differently than they would if they were “in their right mind.”

      One look at this which I think you might find interesting is Conrad Richter’s novel, “A Light In The Forest.” In pioneer America, he tells the story of a white child, kidnapped and reared by Native American, being returned to the white settlers years later as an adolescent. I highly recommend this for people faced with assimilation back and forth between groups.

  3. I don’t like this Michael the Editor quote attached to my story. You should post it elsewhere and not next to my writing. If you want to place it as a comment that’s fine but the implication is that it is written or condoned by me. Written as a comment would be alright.

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