Debbie Cook Counter Sues the Church of $cientology

Here are the lates news on Debbie Cook, stay tuned because I will be adding links throughout the day as they come out:



Debbie Counter Sues the Cof$


She appeared in “Good Morning America” One of the most popular news in the US.

A video of interview in Current Affair

More on the news:

24 responses to “Debbie Cook Counter Sues the Church of $cientology

  1. From what I can see, the church’s position is to keep asserting the non- disclosure agreement signed by Debbie in 2007.

    Debbie is stating that the non-disclosure agreement it was signed under duress.

    Is a non-disclosure agreement legal and enforceable if it was signed under duress?

    It also seems to me the church is worried about bad PR than anything else.

  2. I wish her luck.

    The church can be formidable in court.

  3. I appreciate your blog very much Aida and though we approach these events from an entirely different background and perspective with regards to the corporate Church of Scientology seem to have no difficulty reaching the same conclusions!

    • Thank you very much for understanding Robet.
      I try to inform my readers and let them decide for themselves.
      However, I also thank you for your perspectives as I learn from them.

  4. I have such high hopes that this will break open this corruption and finally 1000’s of broken up families can be reunited! I also feel if this doesn’t do it, nothing will……I feel both sides of this.

    • Dear Meshell, as long as rich scientologists continue giving them money and the celebrities continue supporting the dictator, there is not much chance things are going to change.

      DM can settle out of court and back to business as usual.

  5. Anyone who has received a SP order could quite conceivably sue for defamation. Possibly why SP orders are now rarely sent to the one it is issued on and when they are they are counched in more general terms than they used to be.

    • Excellent obeservation!
      Not only is difamation it is also on most of the cases a wrong indication.

      • Dear Aida,

        Thanks for this update. I was wondering what was happening.
        By the way – an ‘SP declare” should be worn as a badge of honour for integrity.
        As you know, there are very very few true S Pees.
        So, it is an abbreviation for a ‘Special Person’. 🙂

        Much love – ❤

        • Dear friend, that is what has become lately, so many decent uptstat ethical beings have been declared that the meaning has changed to the point that it became a badge of honor as you said.
          Because if the person was quiet and meek, nothing would happen.

          Much love to you to my friend ❤

    • Well, I am here to testify that my SP declare was FULL of lies about me and my daughter. It certainly created a nasty taste in the mouths of our dear long time friends who remained inside the church and believed what they read.

      My god, I’m guilty myself of believing these SP declares written on others I have known. I just figured there were ethics things about them I had no idea of…….thought they must have been evil under their smiles. I’m disgusted. I’d LOVE to sue but wouldn’t love the emotions of such a action – I prefer to be uptone!!

      • Dearest Meshell, so many unjust SP declares and with lies, that no one takes them seriously anymore.

        I am glad that you chose to be uptone, it is the only way to win over them. The Zombies.

  6. Thank you Aida for your clear insights. I will be checking back as things develop.

  7. Thank you for the news update Aida.

    • You are welcome! I am glad that things are developing this way, many other ex SO should sue too.

      • Think how many ex-SO and ex-public there are with a beef. It numbers thousands. At this moment in time, OSA could be easily be overworked to the point of collapse. Using Fair Game, COS could be forced to surrender. But then what?

        • I wrote “Fair Game” because I was thinking how COS handles their business. I didn’t mean that we should apply Fair Game but only the rule of law and common decency.

          • I thought about the same question…then what?

            I’s like to know what others think too…

          • Yes, I understood you meant figuratevely.

            My take on this as I said before; as long as people keeps on donating money and time to David Miscavige’s Corporation there is not going to be ‘surrender’; just take a look at the Catholic Church with their I Holly Inquisition and how many crimes they committed and are still there, nothing has changed…they are still in business…

            Debbie Cook already asked the scientologists not to keep on donating money, even though she was one of the most prominent registrars in the history of Scientology. He helped DM to take power. I hope that she reverses what she has done and bring DM down.

            And then what? I guess that the SO has to go…

          • Those are good points. My feeling is that the SO will be the last to go. Even my public friend who is on the OT committee has blinders on so tight that he cannot and will not try to see even 1 mm to the left or right. It is a textbook service facsimile.

            I was in Portland Oregon for a month in 1985 for the Religious Freedom Crusade which was the “call to arms” of all Scientologists to “fight” Julie Christopherson (spelling?) This was mustered by Heber and Artie if I remember correctly. There is no one on top anymore with the ethics presence to do this. And yet, I suppose new blood could rise to lead. One problem today is that church activities toward perceived enemies which used to be ridiculously over the top are now even more over the top. There is no defense for their conduct, there is only secrecy. Once light is shined and the crimes made unbearably public, the Church will have to bend and back down or be snapped off in the coming storm.

            Your example of the Catholic Church is a good one, today only governments have the might to commit atrocities on that scale in an overt way. Now churches must resort to subtlety. Mind control, enforced secrecy, and forced labor camps (“thank you sir, may I have another). An even more relevant and current example is the Mormons who have gone through many evolutions of hardship and change and they run their parishioners very tightly but not so tightly as their cousins, the FLDS, who give the power of life and death to their management . . . Yet, here they are 150 years later going very strong. Possibly they should publish their management technology for everyone to use… (joke)

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