Success Stories from My PCs

I am going to be sharing some of the success stories from my auditing, I don’t usually do that, but a lot of people like reading them and also it is important that those who are still inside, know that the Tech is available and that no one has monopoly in spiritual freedom.

My point of view,  really, is that a true success is a PC who is doing well in life and with sane points of view and having success on all dynamics. That is what really counts for me, Scientology applied to life!


It’s like I have loved you for ever; only I never ‘knew’ it, until I saw what you did for me, you went as far as was needed and gave me back responsibility.

I truly appreciate your friendship and acknowledge the great being that you are. I see it’s time for me to move over a little and allow others to unfold naturally. It’s like I know there is only so much I can do and then the rest of the way is a choice each has to take! I was stuck and then I remembered something LRH wrote – which was what I wondered about for so long. Considerations are senior to mechanics.

I listened carefully to myself as I was given my heart to listen to (an explanation of a session). It’s been telling me ‘stuff’ all along my way; only I did not know how to listen to myself.

I know so much more about me NOW!

Seems we live in a paradox of emotions, feelings. I stepped aside and observed my clarity and learned from without and from within all the lessons I needed were there. No-one ever meant to harm ‘me’ – this is a game and it’s not as it appears to be.

Seems like I was meant to believe someone else, but the TRUTH for me unfolded – like a flower – when I used my imagination and believed some one could set me free! I discovered that it truly is my journey and I accept this strange reality. I play now out of a new perspective! I can fight and stand my corner now with pride and tell everyone YOU were there beside me – all the while, reassuring me – it’s OK to be ME! I am not scared, or worried or frightened.

I have no wealth in any of that; the truth for me is money is not an answer in itself as it does not represent the VALUE I place on having beings as strong as you around and beside me! I take it down and say with pride and with humility – THANK YOU – it’s not enough in terms of money – it’s enough to tell you I VALUE YOU for being a part of the unfolding of ME!

22 responses to “Success Stories from My PCs

  1. Hi Aida, Are you still involved in Scn or the ex-SCn community? I ask because I was wondering, as a Spanish speaker, if you’ve been following the Cienciologia scandal in Colombia?

  2. I’d like to remain on list aida to receive any posting as for some reason not getting Sincerely Hadley

  3. Caesar Aalrcon

    This is very sweet. Enjoy your journey.

  4. Wow Aida, so inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ing-Marie Lundberg

    WOW Aida,
    What a beautiful, beautiful THETA success story!!!! VERY, VERY WELL DONE!!!!
    To really help and care for another being, so he become a selfdetermined being and a Player again. It is the most valuable thing one can do for another being!!! LRH auditing Technology is so POWERFUL and REALLY work, when one use it with full duplication and understanding as you do!
    Since you also are a very hightoned,warm and caring being, it must be a DREAM to have you as an auditor!!! 🙂
    I´m sure that LRH is VERY proud of you, for forwarding his mission to save Thetans on this planet and give them their spiritual freedom back!
    ALL my love and respect to LRH, and to you dear Aida…….
    Thank you very much for sharing this success!!!
    Ing-Marie ♥

    • Dearest Ing-Marie,
      Thanks for your encouraging words, yes, I love helping my PCs, auditing is my passion!
      I do care that they are also winning in life…not just in session 🙂

  6. NICE! Good for you Aida. THAT is success. I have always said its not what you get out of life, its what you can give to a life that maters. Nice give hun. I’m Proud to know you.


  7. Aida and Dave were very helpful to me when I was confused about my experiences with Scientology. This confusion lead to my dramatizing and acting out other non-optimum behavior.

    They even helped me when they were not certain if I might be OSA or whatever and that took courage.

    I have always recommended them to anyone wanting to get sorted out and put back on the path and continue to do so.

    Thank you Aida! (one more time!)

  8. Fabulous being able to free more Theta. Theta being. I intend to complete
    my Dianetic Auditing and Word Clearing Internships once I’ve finished all my Ls. LOL ❤

  9. It’s great to see auditing taking place with wins . Very well done !

  10. Fantastic!

  11. What a wonderful person you are, Aida – someone very special, my dear.
    Much love, Robin & Adrienne

    • Thanks Robin, so are you, Adrienne and your entire family, you were ahead of all of us, who are now here thanks to you and many other unsung heroes like you. What you did we will never forget 🙂 ❤

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