Aida’s Awards, Certs and Commendations

I got in Scientology in 1976 in Mexico and was one of the first Spanish speaking persons in the world to come and train as a Class VIII in the United States.

Over the years I tried to help in many areas of Scientology and while on the Briefing Course I audited most of the staff at ASHO from the Sr C/S to the receptionist. I also formed the biggest Gung Ho group at the time, in the world here in Los Angeles and translated a lot of the materials into Spanish.

I worked at Narconon for 2 1/2 years and held every post from Reg, to auditor, to twin on the purif or the TRs course, etc until it became a bilingual organization. I was the one who did the negotiations with the mexican authoties to approve a Narconon in the Ensenada Prison in Baja California, Mexico.

I left Scientology because I saw the alterartions of the Tech as well as other outnesses. This was a very hard decision because I was a field auditor and I knew I was going to lose my field practice but I felt that I could not stay in  any longer.

I am posting only a few of my Awards and commendations for all of the work that I have done while I was in. At a later, when I have more time I will post all of them.  You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

For any questions my email address is:

This is my Class VIII Certificate I graduated at AOLA.


I got this autographed picture fromTom Cruise for being one of the top FSMs at AOLA.


Kirstey Alley and I when I won #1 auditor in the planet and her mission in Italy also won an award, at Flag. I left soon after this event. She was very nice.


I did a series of events in Mexico and became the #1 FSM for my country and was awarded the title of ASHO’s Ambassador to Mexico, long before the “OT Ambassadors” from the Freewinds existed. I was such an adventure being in my country and a lot of fun!

Here is an award that was given to me by Sr. C/S Int for being one of the top Class VI auditors in the American Continent; at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California.

This award was given only to a handful of auditors.

Here I am, proudly holding my award  🙂

With Ray Mithoff Sr C/S Int, receiving my award at the Beverly Hills Hotel.


I got this which I did not expect because they always had a hard time regging me…LOL!

I am the one who did the negotiation with the Mexican authorities to have Narconon approved inside the Prisons in Ensenada, Mexicali and Tijuana, here is the fax with the detailed information about it.

My name was very often in the magazines as one of top FSM at ASHO, AOLA and CCI.

I mostly promoted Co-audit and training.

I got this fo helping the ‘OT Committee and Friends’ at the Pasadena Org.

I audited for free  most of the staff at ASHO and  FES’d many of their folders as a help flow for their dedication, here the SSO writes this note showing her gratitud.


I also audited Clear Checks for Spanish PCs at ASHO’s HGC; here is one commendation from the HGC saying that I “got an excellent product”.


I was always giving free auditing to staff members from different Orgs, I got this commendation from the Miami Org.

Here I got another commendation for FESing the folder of  Spanish LAOrg Chaplain Josefina Flores, I actually did FES her  PC folders for years at no charge.

I literally saved this staff member’s life, she went through a lot of wrong ethics indications.


I was a volunteer not only to the Pasadena Org, ASHO, AO, CCI, LAO but to the San Fernando Valley Mission as well ,over the years.

Another certificate of appreciation from the San Fernando Mission, where I gave lectures, free workshops, etc.

I introduced Narconon to the Spanish community and many Scientologists at a party at my house and helped them become a bilingual Org.


This one speaks for itself! Wonderful people they are! I wish I could see them again one day!


My Spanish Commendations! I had PCs from Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and the US.

                                                        This is  a commendation from the Org in Colombia for auditing a staff member Marta Ballesteros who later on went onto winning the Freedom Medal.

Here is my PC Marta Ballesteros with her husband receiving the medal. Unfortunately she is still in training at Saint Hill in England, for the last 10 years. Marta, if you see this, I send you my love from here and I hope that soon you become free my friend. You are too valuable!

This commendation is from the City Office in Bilbao, in the Basque region of Spain, where I did debug programs on the staff and students. They were wonderful caring people! I loved them.

This one is from Neguri, Basque Country in the North of Spain, from a field group that I helped with their PCs.


This one is from the Los Angeles Spanish Gung-Ho Group headed by Diana Pedroni and Jorge Avila, we had wonderful times helping others.

I got this one from the Centro Hispano de Dianetica en San Fernando, California, where I did many workshops and helped them expand.

9 responses to “Aida’s Awards, Certs and Commendations

  1. Mexican Org in 1976. It could be Scientology Organization Mexico (SOMAC) or it could be Organizacion de Dianetica in Las Lomas.

  2. Hi,
    Iam very interested in how you can help me go up the bridge. I would like to do courses and more, but not at the church.
    I speak fluent Spanish just like you. I am writing in English because my phone cannot write in Spanish!

    I can come to Mexico. ODD org has 5k of mine. I left the church recently.
    Please get in touch soon.
    My number is, 828-461-8737


  3. Yes, I know a lot of people hate Tomcito, but I like his movies…LOL shoot me now…LOL

    • Can’t speak for others, but I don’t hate him. I just think he’s unbelievably stupid. Has made a lot of good films, some stellar, a couple of rubbish ones too. Undoubtedly still a celebrity, though lately looked at as much of a clown.
      If I had a picture with his autograph I would post it too.

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