Aida’s Videos and Interviews

This is a video of an interview on Amy Harrison (AKA Amy Allen)  an Ex-Scientology kid


I am here protesting at the Complex against disconnection.


This was the first video I ever made, my friend Grace and I decided to do a video because our sons had been ordered to disconnect from us.


This Part 2 of the video on disconnection.


I am interviewing Nancy Many, author of the book “My Billion Year Contract” . This was done spontaneously, I did not plan the questions in advance or the video for that matter. The location is Nancy’s residence in the Valley. She was gracious enough to have this conversation with me.


Part two of interview with Nancy Many.

Part three of the interview where Nancy talks of her Life in the SeaOrg in Scientology. The use of Black Dianetics used on her so she would go insane. She speaks of Tom Cruise and Other Celebrities.


I hosted a very successfulFreezone/Independent convention at the Hilton Hotel in Pasadena in October 2009. We had a great time!


We also deliver the Purification RunDown as well as the Rest of the Bridge; and here is a video of the sauna in my house.

5 responses to “Aida’s Videos and Interviews

  1. Elizabeth Hamre OT.

    Only the crocuses open up on the sunny day, and the miniature Dutch irises. But we only have 1 or 2 sunny days a month so the flowers just fall off unopened after a while.. Aida, here we have a cold wet and long winter, very unusual for the Lower Mainland. I am cold, few days back we even had few flakes of snow coming down mixed with rain.. Our spring is 6 weeks late and not in sight. But still beautiful here, I have view of the Rocky mountains, their picks are packed with snow..
    I hope you people fair better in L.A. Nice blog you have and I would really love a hot sauna! Best to you!!!

  2. Elizabeth Hamre OT.

    Hi Aida, so cold up here in BC sauna would be wonderful, best to you! elizabeth

  3. Jennifer Wentworth

    So inspiring! You guys are true LRH followers.

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