Debbie Cook Makes a Deal with David Miscavige

For those who don’t know the whole story about Debbie Cook, just google her name next to Maria Pia Giardini, or check on her BMW that she bought from the thousands of dollars that she made as a reg for Flag while she was in. Too much to mention here. You can start here:

I read in the news that Debbie Cook and billionaire David Miscavige came to a secret agreement regarding his Scientology Corporation.

I must confess that I gave Debbie the benefit of the doubt, yes,I had a speck of hope that she was actually fighting for a cause, but today that speck is gone. Debbie’s cause was Debbie.

She asked for donations from other ex scientologists as if she was someone who was fighting for human rights, someone who was sacrificing a lot for the sake of others who was seeking justice and wished to save people’s lives.

But no, as I suspected all along; she had her plan well figured it out. All I can say is that I feel for those who believed in her. I predicted that she and the Scientology Corporation were going to make an agreement and that everything would fizzle down to nothing for the rest.

The least she can do now that it is all over, is to give those who hoped she would do something about it, is to give their money back, it is only fair since apparently she was not really fighting for any causes, she was not intending to help others or really seeking to free anyone.

Grant it her New Year’s email actually got a lot of people to look at the scene that she was part of in the first place and many left.

Many people said that Debbie Cook caused a lot of damage to the Scientology Corporation. I say, yes, she did cause a lot of damage while she was in, as well as after when she was  out.

She was the Captain at Flag for more than 20 years!

In a way, I don’t blame her, being in litigation can be quite stressful; just take a look at what happened to Larry Wollershim and others, multi billionaire David Miscavige can drag any cycle in court as long as necessary to the point that even when you win, you still lose.

Debbie was muzzled before and she is now muzzled again, but this time for good.

But was Debbie Cook sincere when she asked for donations to hire the very best lawyer to help her against the monster that it is the Church of Scientology a money making Corporation run by a ruthless person who she was his main supporter in “better days”? No, I dare say, she was not, unfortunately. I don’t know how the people who donated money to her feel now that she made the agreement. I would feel bad, but alas! I gave her nothing luckily.

For the most part the people who donated money to her ’cause’ were the indies and the freezoners as well as other ex- scientologists that are not necessarily part of any group. I know of one person who is a single mother with three children and she is definitely struggling to make ends meet and sacrificed her life savings of $1,000 dollars to help Debbie hoping that something good would come out of it. I wonder if she has any remorse or feel guilty somehow because she took money from people that at the end of the day she wanted to have nothing to do with, or did not really wanted to be part of their groups.

We do not know how much did she get out of this deal because it is a secret agreement, some say $50,000 to $5, 000,000 while the Tampa Times say she got nothing, we don’t know; and perhaps we will never know. But one thing for sure, is that so far, she got a lot more than Hubbard’s own children.

I hope that she tells her donors where the money went. But don’t bother emailing her because I read somewhere that she is not responding to anyone. However, let’s not forget that she promised to pay back if she won. According to Marty, everyone who paid will be refunded upon request.

Debbie and her husband are no longer in Facebook, and apparently their website is down. Perhaps their families disconnected from them, and they will probably lose a lot of the new friends that they made while they were ‘out’.

Will Debbie Cook and Wayne do the A-E Steps to go back to the Scientology  Corporation?

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  1. A sad result of this is when the next CoS victim seeks out donations to fight against DM, people are going to be less likely to help.

    • Yes, who knows what D Cook did vs Church of Scientology/ She knows and even mentions when asked by her lawyer re the church at her last attendance ” for moving out of the US , that remarks quoted as I can’t talk about “) Thats closed doors”

      Regardless, she is accountable for the donations giving under what ever fabrictated story situation at the time. She is reponsible for the acknowledgements to her under her presentation obver to Rathburns blog and got support. Taking into account refunds were offered.

      Remaining mistery is: Did she know exactly what would become of that in reality?

      That remains to be known never perhaps . Though she being a business woman she certaintly didn’t hestiate to accept donations and thanked all . She shouldn have accounted for unknowns and specially her knowledge of DM’s operations and his defense lawyers. Did she have an idea? ( yes ) I would say, but its result showed she rabbited at whose expense. And take an unknown closure and run.

      But She was aware of her day in court, and also of the donations offered for that support and was this a instant decision in motion at the time to suddenly take an offer and go. Who knows it’s speculation. but it ended in again silence. which make it open for thinking so.

      It has its characteristics of that. Who actually knows the only one who knows is her and her husband and attorneys. and DM
      She ran without discussion thats for sure. and her words were ” I can’t speak about that “.

      Only one thing is for sure since after events occurred is:
      A) Cook is held responsible for writing the email to the world
      B) She is accountable in seeking Rathburns support to assist to fight the case that was open due to the church going after her. C) She agreed to go on the stand, Then it falls apart ( though she did open a can of worms ) for many to think over her email. It then colaspes the same day between breaks in court . And all that remains is ( Is its behind closed doors) She must be off the rail expecting no one to wonder what was that all about ( ethicaly and morally.)

      Because that could have been the game plan, or simply tell enough to shake DM and she come out the money winner and then leave all together, that evidence to there to see by The sell of all she had, and go to live outside the USA.

      So She is responsible for that blow in the head She gave to all those that gave her support and majorily with Rathburns backing at start.

      • Excellent comment! I totally agree with you.

        Sad thing is, that the MAJORITY of the executives were morally corrupt. They were definitely NOT scientologist, they were there to take advantage of their posts without caring a bit for people’s lives, they had NO REMORSE at all and many are now complaining how bad the Church was and what an SP LRH was, or they are crying victim. I feel nothing but comptent for them all.

    • This write up on Maria Pia Giardini off the EXSMB is incrediable assuming writetn in 2011?
      .I do know some of the reg cycles done in early days than 2011 in the 80s
      Having known john lundeen/ Pia almquist / David as mentioned I have had my dealings with them. They weren’t honest regges at all / I personally had european reg cycles having to be cleaned up in my days with their mess They left .Her story is heartbreaking.
      The media in the uk and the US are running stories currently on scientologist that have left with stories to tell, this is due to the current running scenario of the divorce of kathie /homes/Tom Crusie vs The church of Scientology / along side Heber Jentzch/ ex wife karren De Le carrie’s sons death and no notification to inform Heber/ and remain it to be silence. I think this story of Maria Pia Gardini is worthy of again exposure to tell and encourage any other church member leaving or has recently left on what has happened to them on getting out / .

  2. The Indies are just playing the Mest game of war… it is so interesting to observe how people are willing to donate to anything that has to do to fight and war, while the auditors, people who like me and you spent hours to help others for free are very seldom financially helped and struggle to survive. And we are even often attacked. INTERESTING: we re ready to give all we have to fight for spiritual freedom, but we do not salvaguard spiritual people. So do not be surprise if all this did happen. Thank you Aida for reporting this.

    • Dear Silvia
      It is sad to see how many wars there are out there in between people who are supposed to be OT. It is not just the Indies, but other groups in the Freezone and even new ones who call themselves Professional Scientologists. They are repeating the same mistakes that were repeated inside the Cof$.
      I am amazed at the amount of people who follow those ex executives who damaged the Church and betrayed LRH in the first place.

      The very ones who caused all of the destruction are now the leaders of some who don’t realize that they are following the Pied Piper. And to think that people like them are to help others to achieve higher spiritual and ethical levels?

      Thanks for your comment my friend

      • Agreed Aida and Silvia. It is as though veteran, experience, trained Scientologists do not understand or believe the core tenants of Scientology such as “goals problem mass., etc.,” Or know them but practice them in the most dilettante way, reserving core beliefs for coffee table talk while practicing and condoning animal reactions to handle daily life.

      • I know Aida and why I left the posting scence in the FZ. Many refuse to look at evidence of anything that is not the tech. They repeat the same mistakes as they have the brainwash still. They don’t try to evaluate the data against other data as I did by accident via the resource based economy data. That cover sociology and more.

        I am so sad at what is. I am tired of doing stuff on the web and I frankly don’t know what to do. So I am trying to change my direction for myself.

        Now how I do that I dont know because I don’t think like most people but I do notice people are learning on their own and more are coming to my way of thinking. Most of them are not Scientologists.

        I did learn being in the church but I also wasted a lot of time and caring there too. IT took me about ten years to de brainwash myself.

  3. DM and the parishioners will be lied to about what ever was agreed /
    People can say what they like. and think this and that about the matter DM Vs Cook.Its a hidden fact . And as it appears its a closed matter sending a message ” Shuts up about what was agreed/ ” However people are curious and wish the truth / so its remains an on going discussion endless discussions of opinions of views flying around .
    The fact is Does that bring it to an understanding about it NO
    Why No evidence to actual know what really was the deal /
    Makes one wonder is this a public fabrictaed picture presented about it all. Whats of concern is the wording of ” By never to discuss / talk or be invold with anything, does this really include the Church / Vs Indepts, by Cook and husband . Having Viewed the reading about all this, Its not something I am completly convinced by.Its a questionable fact for me.

    However the public remain the ones that pay into a falsehood discrediting church with such dealings going on and that in itself is not the practice of Keeping Scientology Working / let alone ” What their Fees Buy ” which is currently into hundred’s of properties bought / no one in them so for who.
    are they really ? They are being fooled /

    • We might not know now what transpired in that agreement. But sooner or later someone who was part of it or knows will get fed p and blow and will tell us all.

      • Hopefully . But thats wishful think !!!
        That makes it more doubtful what has or has not been put in place / and what scenarios run on this line to make all beleive a deal was done / but on who’s’ terms and how long for.Regardless of hear say about Debbie having done a disconnection if you wish to put it that way even with Indepts/ Vs church. To hard to beleive that complelty.

        • When we look into the future, I wonder what we will face, in terms of Scientology. Will it survive in any way shape or form? Will we ever clear this Planet? At this point, I guess we just have to put our efforts into going free with Standard Tech – meaning, with those few brave Auditors, who adminster STANDARD LRH tech, who are out; like YOU, Aidas. You never veared. When you saw out tech, you hailed it. Then you waged, what must have been a long and arduous process to point out EXACTLY where the Tech was violated, referring to Standard LRH Tech. Thank goodness that you were high toned enough to do us this valuable service. Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

          I, too, am VERY curious to see what will unfold w/ the Little Hitler/Debbie Rooked ’em and Cooked ’em scandal, but in the long run, I feel that we owe it to our future to put those Few Highly Trained, STANDARD Tech audtiors, such as yourself into a more secure sitution. All the money in the world isn’t going to buy her happiness. Neither Little Hitler, nor Debbie Rook’em and Cook’em will not enjoy life, no matter how much money lies in their coffers, UNTIL they make up the damage. Due to their overts, lives were shreded.

          I guess that, as a group, we just didn’t have enough High Toned people in our ranks. Otherwise why would so many people turn a blind eye to the behaviour of all the rampant out tech, squirreling, and out and out suppression.

          So, now. We’re stuck with it. We’re stuck with a planet that has very little chance of going Clear or OT. That may seem depressing, but if we look at it in terms of a Million years from now… let’s say… maybe this fiasco will seem like nothing compared to what awaits us…. Ha!!

          Those of us who had the courage to speak out, risk our safety and security, refuse to cave in to Squirreling and Suppression, at least we have our Personal Integrity. May those who DESERVE to be rewarded, flourish and prosper.

          Thank you Aidas. Thank you for making this forum possible. Thank you for keeping us informed. There is a sense of security that comes with knowing what is going on.

          • The tech is not complete nor is it fool proof. There is other things that is needed to have a sane planet. One is to get rid of money itself for good. Till then nothing much will change anywhere.

  4. A-E steps in order to meet the devil again ? *lool
    If it happens then it was an OSA set-up to trick and squeeze out money from the “independents”.

  5. I actually see this as a nice validation for the working of tech: she – right there in her letter – told that she was still considering her a member of the group that we all know is a suppressive group. Her letter was, if she was following SP/PTS tech, an attempt to handle – as obviously – she did not disconnect. I guess she just overestimated her power to handle the big, bad SP, did, indeed, not succeed and with her connection to the SP – – – just went on a nice PTS roller coaster ride.
    No surprises here – simple SP/PTS rules. 🙂

  6. His name is Nathanile Biscoff. His father If I recall is a dentist in Arizona. Lots of money there and you know the drill how that goes.

    I dropped it because I know the drill and the brainwash. I got a comm to him and he lied so I was not walking down that path I walked before and you know of. Just becaues you know of others in other times means nothing today. They will sell you out.

  7. Aida,

    As an additional comment and in all fairness.

    It seems that Marty and Debbie will be refunding any donations to this lost cause according to his blog.

    Unlike the 501c iii false flag op calling itself the “Church of Scientology”.

    In summary Debbie didn’t really accomplish that much.

    Her New Years posting revealed that the Church was violating tech and policy.

    Something that has been obvious to many of us for years.

    She “revealed” under oath in a court of law that David Miscavige mentally and physically abused staff.

    Again something that has been known or suspected for some time now.

    My disagreement with Marty and his group of independents is that they don’t want to look at the whole picture and fixate on Miscavige.

    This probably comes from being former coconspirators themselves in placing the Organization in the hands of a complete moron and following his insane and destructive edicts for so long until for some reason they had a pang of conscious or integrity from being subjected to the same abuses they assisted in subjecting to others.

    In other words “blow back” or “Karma” or what we call a motivator.

  8. This is all so disgusting:
    1- Debbie commits overt while IN Scientology as in REGGING people of millions of dollars, VIOLATING LRH TECH, BECAUSE she is in a lower condition as a TRUE Scientologists.
    2- Then she gets brutalized at Gold.
    3- As a result of that, leaves Scn, with a nice sum of dollars in her coffers – pay off from Little Hitler.
    4- Several years pass where she STILL hasn’t MADE UP the damage to LRH (for violating his tech) and to all other TRUE Scientologists.
    5- Finally she realizes that she has to do something to expose the squirrelling and criminal activity at the top of the Bridge and exposes a tiny bit of it in her Jan.1, 2012 email.
    6- Following this she gets attacked by Little Hitler/D.M.
    7 Then of course gets Declared, loses all her staff and business, etc. etc.
    8- Her public cry for help ensues in an effort to raise money to fight Little Hitler and his mineons.
    9- Then, when she receives a big lump of $$ to keep silent, she acquiecses and lives it up.
    10- She should take care of LRH’s children, since they are all that’s left and give them the money….
    Or pay back all the Scn. she stole from…SOMETHING!
    I don’t happen to feel sorry for ANY former S.O. or staff who silently closed their eyes to most Earth shattering violations of LRH Tech.
    Let those that had the courage to put their lives on the line, like Aida’s, protesting and exposing the Violations of LRH tech/policies and human decency, have a little of the ‘pay off.’
    Take care of LRH’s legacy/his children, pay back all those that she ‘stole’ from during her hey-day of Regging.
    This is not Rocket Science.
    It’s very easy to understand and it’s … it’s deplorable.

    • I agree Betty!

      Ron’s wife and kids were ripped off, the Franchise network was totally destroyed by the fascist regime that took over aka the “Sea Org” which Debbie, Marty, Mike were all a part of at one time and were totally happy to go along with the madness until they each were personally affected.

      Now as far as I’m concerned it’s “too little, too late”.

      Especially in Debbie’s case.

      The only mistake the Evil Empire aka “Church of Scientology” made was not bribe her in the beginning.

  9. Thank you for this info Aida . Of course i wouls have prefered something more positive but anyway DM and the church lost quite some power into this cycle .

  10. Thanks for the data. I checked my own blog post about the New Year’s letter if I hadn’t written something inappropriate. Fortunately not, I only informed about what happened and that I was sceptical because her situation didn’t look promising in my lay look. So here we go.

  11. Joan Mongiello

    Give Sanctuary
    To those
    Who having ruled
    Now fail
    And are oppressed
    By peoples
    Or the governments
    Of other lands.
    And rule no more
    But flee
    For this is but
    The chance of rulers
    All. Give Sanctuary so. —LRH Hymn of Asia

    In the presence of suppression one makes mistakes. I don’t know Debbie but her New Years Eve Letter spoke the truth, and if she finds her way back to those words she’ll be fine, if she doesn’t then I hope she keeps working on it.

  12. It is tough. But LRH laid it all out in ‘The Code of Honor”. But she did not follow the points except for those that helped her and her husband.

    • Joseph, Debbie lost her integrity by participating in the abuses for 20 years one way or another and for signing a non disclosure agreement for $50,000.00. She could have walked out with her integrity intact but she chose not to.

  13. Tragic. The abuse will have to stop. It isn’t fair.

    • Yes, it isn’t fair. Sad but true, there has not been anyone with enough integrity to stop it. The ones that know like Debbie and the others, have received money and are gagged.

  14. Its easy to be a back seat driver. We all wanted Debbie to be the martyr – it is easy to sit back and judge, because we would like to see the COS be different. Personally, we each make own decisions and only we can judge at the end of the day if it they were good or not so good.

    Peace, love and allowance to all.

    • Good post but I think too big a generality and unfair to say that we all wanted Debbie to be a martyr. Unfair to ex staff and public who have given all — already.

      Debbie drove the FLB to extract money from sincere and believing parishioners for 20 years. That she may answer for that does not make her a martyr.

      • Debbie Cook was the Captain at Flag for more than 20 years and she did and saw a lot of arbitraries. She herself regged for multi billionaire David Miscavige and his Scientology Corporation for millions of dollars and while the rest of the staff were barely making $50 a week Debbie Cook was given a BMW as a reward for her ‘services’. They did not care for the public, all they cared about was the business of selling fake dreams.

        • When your in, or on staff you do things that are ‘iffy ie crush reg because you feel it is for the greatest good, you are out to save the world.. until one day you kind of wake up and say ‘ you know what, that is just totally against my grain.’ For me it came with increased case awareness.

          A point to ponder, as Ron states that the main drive for all things ‘is to Survive. That is on this planet survival on the first dynamic. Integrity to self is survival through all dynamics starting with the first. with no first dynamice there is no game on this plane atthis time as we know it
          As for the donations, I think debbie had the intention to go all the way for something she cared dearly about – but as the cycle unfolded the extreme stress was just to much. Stress will kill you, she already had a compromising body sit. So it seems to me he had a choice drown in debt and stress choosing the experience of the DM pressure cooker, turn your whole life into a hellish nightmare, or choose some sanity and survival.

          Regarding the BMW, she didn’t ask for it was a reward for stat production.

          MHO on donating to her defense fund, when you give a giftyou give it with no expectations, judgements etc. After all it is a gift. So if you give a gift with expectations, you have considerations on the outcome, which means you are in some way attempting yo control the cycle. Which only ends in a loss, as ultimately you cannot control another’s actions unless in their universe they have a similar intentionfor action. And that intention and action changes moment to moment based on obnosis of the current sit.

          Please excuse typos etc. Doing this on my tablet.

          May we all learn, grow, love and understand. moneca

          • Yes, Moneca, she did not ask for the BMW perhaps, but I wonder how the other staff that was eating rice and beans felt when they saw her driving down the avenue on her BMW.
            Not long ago I audited a PC who used to be in the SO at Flag and when he gave me an ‘overt’ he said he had to steal the food because if he did not get to the eatery by noon exactly there was no food left. Is that sad or what? The greatest good? Nah! Never!

            The donations were given under the premise that she was going to give all of the information on David Miscavige which she should have done while she had a chance and was there before a judge.
            Now look at what happened; double treason; she betrayed all sides….some people are too deep in Ethics.

            And to think that these were the execs that were running the organization that was helping achieve higher spiritual and ethical levels.
            At the end she lost all, because of the lack of integrity.
            Sadly, she was not the only exec that lacked…but the rest too…

    • Moneca, thanks for your comment, yes, perhaps there are things that we don’t know but the ones we do know are not very nice.

  15. Jonathon Barbera

    I predicted this would happen. I asked some “critics” on Tony Ortega’s blog a few weeks back if they thought Debbie intended to exchange training and auditing for the donations she received. I figured if her e-mail criticized the church’s practice of asking for straight donations, she would rather give some fair exchange for the donations to her legal fund.

    The “critics” assumed the fair exchange was taking DM to court and ending his dictatorship! That was a nice dream, but now we’ve ~all~ woken up to the truth.

    I predict Marty Rathbun will end up going the same route as Debbie Cook before too long. (Assuming he isn’t already helping DM to squash lawsuits from the outside…)

    • Yes, I predicted that too, but people had hopes. Her mistake was asking for donations, it is tragic that people had hopes that she would finally take the dictator down but instead she was shut for ever.

      As for Marty, what can he say without incriminating himself? So far, he has gone through a lot but if there is a sacrifice that he would have to make in order to reverse what he had done, I don’t see it happening.

  16. I have mixed emotions about the Debbie Cook / Husband .vs the church and Dm.
    Its got to be made clear which I doubt will ever be .After reading loads since it has been announced and what she decided to do which includes never to discuss / or ever be invold with any indepts / Thats leads to questing what is she going to do never say she was in the Church / or a scientologist that she tryed protect Hubbard’s principles as she spoke so highly of. Not sure I follow that logic at all. She certiantly exposed Dm and damaged him thats a fact/ But was that her only purpsoe I don’t see that after this.Its open for questions and not being able to get many answers Because basically she will act like a recluseto the subject and those she knew at least at this given time.

  17. I made a small donation because for me, when I got out there was no one. No one on either side of the veil between tyrannical Scientology and the real world. My family didn’t know and couldn’t have helped if they had. I made new friends because my old friends abandoned me utterly. I didn’t talk to anyone about it for 15 years. Aida, you were the first person I discussed my Scientology experience with and I will always have a soft spot in my heart for you because of that. When we met, I guess I was still under my own self-imposed restraining order to never discuss COS and CST business. I had barely decided NOT to do the A-E steps when I called you. You and Dave were forced to wonder if I was OSA because of the way I cold called you off the internet.

    Debbie stirred the pot for a few months and she won’t be the last, though it is disheartening because her responsibility to do something was greater. As it ends up Debbie’s case against Scientology public was greater than her desire to confront and help. No matter.

    “…And we emerged to gaze upon the stars again”
    (Dante Alighieri – La Divina Commedia – Inferno, Canto XXXIV)

    • Hi Chris,
      I am so glad that you called us, people is always welcome to call us or email us. We are always willing to help.

      Debbie had a lot of responsibility but she could not carry it to the end. Thanks for your comment.

  18. First she crawls her way out of hell, and the she makes another deal with the devil. Something stinks to high heaven.

  19. Barb, I also predicted that it was all going to fizzle down to nothing. All I can say is that people got the impression that she was going to do everything in her power to reveal more than the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as she said; to the authorities, but no.

    • I was wrong. This had the potential to be a landmark case. I was wrong about her and I was wrong about Dave M. I thought they would both fight harder. If she does A-E, we will know that she is as PTS as ever. If she doesn’t, I will understand that there was too much filthy money at stake for the two of them to have a fight of principles. Marty is intimately connected to this transaction. I am curious how he intends to handle this “egg on his face.”

      • Chris, nobody is going free in the CofS anymore, they are just being brain washed by a bunch of thugs.
        It seems that Marty does not think it is an “egg on his face” his followers are content and consider it a victory for the most part.
        To me, a victory would be if the SO gets dismantled and billionaire David Miscavige goes to jail.

        • Francesco & Luana Minelli

          Aida, i agree with you. Probably in this Universe all have a Price …..

          • That is why I am for a resource based economy. Money is the base of all evil because SP’s use it and control people with it and if there was no money there is no strings to be pulled.

            I don’t expect the cult to collapse til the RBE comes into play which it will in time. Robots taking jobs will sap the cult in time as well because no one will have money to throw a the cult then it will have to start spending down it’s funds. It may take time but it will happen.

            I din’t have to lift one finger in the direction of the cult to know it will happen. they don’t care for the environment as they care about money. I think most of the good people have left the cult by now.

          • Yes, she set her price when she exited.

        • That would be a victory indeed.

    • I knew it would fizzle, too, as Debbie is still punch-drunk on the kool-aid, and Wayne acts like the doting lamb approving of her every move. So, what does this Final Judgement get her? She, obviously, signed away her rights to further emails or contact with fellow Scientologists still in the Church, and, who made up the majority of her clientele in her consulting business.

      So, how, exactly, can Debbie now practice her beloved Scientology, when legally cut off from her friends & associates? This will be a temporary source of faux relief for her. I wonder how long she will be able to abide by the terms of her new NDA?

    • Hi Aida,

      I’m with you on this.

      Like their counterparts in the Orgs.

      It seems many Fzers and “Indies” would rather throw money at things instead of confront them.

      So they can claim that they are doing something to change conditions.

      I also knew that “donating” to Debbie’s cause was a waste of time and money.

      Just like donating to Ideal Orgs, the IAS , the Library projects WTH campaigns etc, etc.

      Unlike signing idiotic “petitions” asking the USG to step in and clean up the Church of Scientology which is basically just a waste of time.

      The whole Debbie thing was another fatuous and feckless wasted effort.

      No surprise it ended the way it did.

      • Yes, I also thought it was a waste of money, I personally never donated to the ‘ideal’ orgs, Library Projects, etc either, they were only BS PR for multi millionaire David Miscavige.

        • Aida,

          I just realized that “donating” to Debbie’s lost cause is a conditioned or reflexive response, actually a knee jerk reaction caused by too many years of being subjected to the depredations of the IAS for so many years.

          Funny how Debbie complained bitterly about the IAS yet resorted to using their tactics and asked for Donations in her jihad against the evil Church.

          What did we (and by “we” I mean real Scientologists who apply Scientology to improve conditions) all “gain” from this little exercise in futility?

          Scientology’s name dragged further through the mud by the media.

          In other words more Black Propaganda that we’ll have to deal with.

          And proof once again how ineffective the so called “independents” are in reforming the Church.

          That said I hope the independents who did donate to this fiasco get their money back.

    • I can understand why she quit but I know with the amount of money that DM commands he usually gets his way. I would not have picked the battle in the first place as it was always not winnable but she did do some damage but not enough that it can’t be buried. She was naive as I was.

      My way is a long shot but it fixes more than a cult. It fixes a world. I look to bigger things then the cult these days.

      I cut her loose on FB because I know she will not be allowed to talk to anyone now. Let her go quietly and move on to working to change the whole system that allows this to me. The more people that get it the faster the system will be changed and yes it will be changed and then DM and or his successor will be done for by not getting any more money to control others.

      I sat out here watching the cult for a long time now. The one’s following Marty and they are new gang in these parts. They often don’t think so but they are the new kids on the block and need to learn they were not first or that not much will change in the cult. A friend of mine liked their TV stuff and agreed with them and at almost 90 years old wanted to call them to talk to them. I said if you do you will always get mail that you can’t get off their list. She is very much a super Christian. She rethought calling.them after that.

      • Hi Barb
        There is a lot of new people that just got in Scn in the last 10 years or so and they don’t know everything, they follow leaders outside because there are no leaders inside. Unfortunately just because someone has left the Cof$ does not mean that they are all honest.

        • I know that. I blocked on on FB. He was picking at me because I am for the RBE and I went to look at his page. He as supposed to be a business person so defending his turf in a way he was but I saw a page of insults and nastiness so I blocked him.

          It took me a long time to wake up as well and reading the data from other places such as the Venus Project and RBE stuff woke up. FB did as well.

          I know I got nastied often and I quit playing that game. I found a better game with moslty nicer people who can look at things and change their thinking as the facts demand.

          I see your point. Such as Nathaniel. He had no clue and is now a big puppet for them. I let him be one as I don’t care much any more because he lied and sold me out for the SP group.

          I know he thinks he is saving the world and all he is doing is collecting more bucks for the cult.

  20. Yes, I also predicted this. People wonder why I adovacte the resource based econmy. With that in place this would be impossible to shut people up besides doing them in.

    You got it right over the Marty and his followers.

    I think you understand where I came from. He has enough money he can buy off anything in this system and that is why I quit picking at the cult. It is wasted time to do so as I used to do. I can do better elsewhere.

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