Church of $cientology Withdraws Request for Temporary Injunction

After what happened yesterday in court, David Miscavige and his lawyers withdrew the injunction and now Debbie Cook is ungagged.

What does this mean in layman’s words? It means they changed they realized their mistake and changed their minds and there is no reason to pursue the matter.

Perhaps they should have used the ‘Squirrel Busters’ instead of their fancy lawyers and it all would have been just a circus like with M&M.

This is the stuff that reality shows are made. Except that a lot of lives are at stake here.

According to Tony Ortega who was there; this is what transpired in court:

George Spencer started proceedings by addressing Judge Tanner, saying that Cook had made “false and misleading statements” about the church yesterday, that she has done “irreparable harm to our client.”

“As we feared, the defendant has used the courtroom to…violate the agreement. She disparaged numerous officials not involved in this case.”

“The extreme falsity of her testimony is shown by the simple fact that she didn’t have a positive thing to say about any of the people she worked with…” he said.

Cook had “destroyed the value of the temporary injunction,” and therefore the church was withdrawing its request for one.

Ray Jeffrey and his clients, Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten, are back in court. Scientology’s attorneys are still huddling outside.

9:55 am. Jeffrey is saying that he wants to continue his examination of Cook on the record because he wanted to address her signing the NDA.

Spencer says the court can’t continue:

***********  “This thing is over.”  ************

What does this mean? It means that this was just the hearing to try and make Debbie’s Temporary Restraining Order into an Injunction until the real trial is over. She can now speak freely without fear of being jailed by a Judge.

And Miscavige made a formidable enemy on Debbie Cook because she knows A LOT. I just hope that she uncovers data about the Lisa MacPherson case too. It is time for real justice inside the Cof$.

David Miscavige gave an oportunity to Debbie to speak in court, perhaps she was smart enough to predict this scenario and she planned it well, more than anyone else, Debbie knows David’s buttons very well after all those years working for him and she sure knew how to push them.

Her actions, whether planned or not turned out to be victorious and now hopefully other execs can walk out and talk, perhaps even David Mayo can come out in the open too.

I doubt that the cult will pursue suing anyone any more and maybe Debbie will file a cross complaint and they will have to pay millions of dollars to her now.  But if justice was truly served, the authorities would dismantle the SO, refund the money to all parishioners and pay back to SO staff for their dedicated labor and David Miscavige and his accomplices would serve time in jail for their crimes.

There is a lot more to say, but it is already all over the internet.

I end this article with a video of Debbie testifying in Court yesterday.

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18 responses to “Church of $cientology Withdraws Request for Temporary Injunction

  1. “Scientology Withdraws Request for Temporary Injunction”

    Did you mean:

    “The Church of Scientology Withdraws Request for Temporary Injunction”?

    Scientology can’t withdrawn anything, it’s a body of data.

    It’s important that we keep things properly differentiated and not foreword the case oriented identifications coming from those in the world who don’t know what Scientology is and think Scientology and the Church of Scientology are the same thing.

  2. I am not sure what happened after I finally broke with the C of S in the early 1980’s but from what I gather it seems that LRH, the individual, became more and more estranged from C of S management. Apparently fewer people got really up close and personal. Compared to, for instance, having relaxed conversations with LRH in his cabin on the Athena where he dished out advice like – direct quote: “You know Joe, the grey hair on a man’s head when he is old, isn’t because of the ones he did but because of the one’s he didn’t”. Just in case anyone is slow on the uptake, the subject under discussion was woman. I can’t speak for others with whom LRH opened up in a personal manner but based on my experience I have a feeling that if some of these intimate revelations were known it would influence how many of LRH’s detractors as well as supporters view the old man.

    As I see it, the image held by both supporters and detractors of LRH in recent years miss the mark on who the old man really was. By no means am I claiming to have known all there was to know about L Ron Hubbard but clearly a great deal more than the opinions posted on the internet in recent years.

    And my point is? LRH was not the kind of person to have left the future development of Scientology in the hands of the gods. As many who worked with LRH, even before the SO will confirm, the issue of succession was discussed on occasion. In the end he set up the watchdog committee but that was only part of it. Admittedly I did not know all the people with whom LRH surrounded himself in the last years of his life, but this I am certain of; they weren’t there by accident. In one way or another he determined their selection, based on one important criterion; that they were of the consolidator type and not the pioneering type. In other words, LRH wanted to make sure that those left in charge would not get too creative and change what he has put in place. .

    Consequently, current C of S management is the creation of LRH – not that of David Miscavige. DM is himself a product of LRH. Like so many others, DM was overwhelmed by the old man and became putty to shape as he intended.

    Keep in mind when next pounding DM; he is buried under layers of behavior as prescribed by LRH. His actions reflect the “presence of LRH”. Make no mistake, in the end DM, as is the case with all of us, is responsible for his own actions. Actually his only real overt is relinquishing his independent power of creation – selling his soul.

    Generally speaking my observation is this; those most vehement and vicious in their attacks on the C of S and those most fanatical in its defense are likely to be the people who have been most overwhelmed by LRH and /or the technology – they are the one’s who have compromised their own reality most. Here is the thing, whatever the activity; anybody who sells their soul to the Faith, Fate or the Fuhrer are compromising the most precious and intimate facet of their being – their inherent capacity for creation.

    When people say that the C of S can not be rescued from within I believe it amounts to too many within the C of S having compromised their capacity for independent creation. This brings to mind the Scientology premise of; Thetan – Mind – Body – Product. Clearly the thetan is gone and the mind is currently being corrupted.

    The biggest mistake LRH may have made was to attempt closing the system – to try and prevent any further creation in terms of the technology or organization. The result; a C of S becoming increasingly isolated from society.

    Joe van Staden.

    • Hello Joe,
      After I read the Otto Roos story I did not get rid of the idea that LRH has been violating the (third dynamic) Power Formula. It seems he kicked the asses of those who contributed a lot
      to SCN in its pioneer phase. You and a few others (Klingvalls, John Mc Masters) are mentioned in this story. I remember LRH´s suggestions of what Simon Bolivar should have done (granting privilegs to those who helped), after he rescued Latin America. Now for me it seems he befalled the same destiny, by doing exactly the same mistakes.

      And by the way, your conclusions about Miscavige/Hubbard match the reports of Aaron Saxton.

      • Yes, one the problems I observed while in the CofS is that there is never acknowledgement or respect for those who contributed and were upstat like other organizations out there do.

        Many joined the SO, dedicated their lives to the goals and helped people and some ended up in oblivion or even punished. Many public donated money or their time and it was never enough. Yes, I can see a violation on the Power Formula on the 3rd Dynamic, also because there was no power change done.

        We went from one dictator LRH to another dictator, DM.

  3. I think is/was planned… she did not have any other way to say what she has said without getting into trouble…. Marty might not be a tech terminal (spiritually talking) but in his business he is a genius.
    love you Aida

    • Hi Silvia,
      Debbie Cook, Marty, David Miscavige, etc, once close associates and contributors to the mafia cult that is now the church, are killing each other just like the old Chicago gangsters, while we watch them fall apart.

      As for Marty, frankly I don’t see him as a genius but as an opportunist, I doubt that he was ever even a scientologist or that he applies the Tech at all. Just take a look at a recent video made by OSA of Marty’s own tirades acting like a violent thug. Not that OSA slaves are not thugs; yes they are; but that video shows the true colors of Marty.

      It is sad to see that an organization that it is supposed to help people achieve higher ethical and spiritual levels was and is being run by the worst gangsters immaginable and such, yes, they are now killing each other over territory and revenge.

      But what it is more sad even, is that they still have followers…

      • I agree 100%. The scene as it develops, is so grotesque, I could die of laughter. I know a comic strip artist, who is really a genius in his business, and honestly for a few months I was thinking of creating a comic series about COS/OSA/ Miscavige versus Indie/Ratbun and CO. I do not believe much of what OSA is spreading about Ratbun, but for sure I believe , that he likes fighting (only). If Miscavige ever disappears, I am all on edge, who is next target of Rathun.*loool

  4. Thanks for this pretty good news, Aida . Winds of change are blowing !

  5. Sorry to say, I don’t believe a reform within the scientology corporation is possible, simply because all those abusive policies were written by L. Ron Hubbard himself.

  6. This will be the finish for Miscavige as, any attempt to enforce a NDA through the courts will result in exposure of more criminal acts and more potential for prosecution.

    Not to say he won’t continue as he is not sane and does not therefore do what sane people do.
    You can bet your bottom dollar the decision to withdraw did not come from Miscavige but on advice from the legal team. They act from a legal viewpoint. Miscavige acts from a suppressive viewpoint where everyman and his dog is an enemy. Miscavige is going to continue to dig a hole for himself, get what he so strenuously is resisting and will continue to alienate more and more scientologists from the church.

    What you will see now are the throes of a dying elephant, albeit a small one.

  7. Almost all psychos, all despots, all murderers, all sociopaths will eventually go out of their way to do themselves in.
    If the church is stupid enough to continue with this lawsuit, I’m sure that Debbie and her hubby will file criminal and civil suits against the C of $ and David Miscavige.

    Even if the C of $ drops the whole thing, Debbie and Wayne need to go all the way with this thing–not for themselves but for all the brainwashed souls who are locked up against their will by corrupt maniacs like David Miscavige.

    • Theresa, I was just thinking on that exact thing, that those sociopath, ruthless vain people like David Miscavige at the end they do themselves in. I just don’t wish him to kill himself like Hitles with out receiving justice.

      He made a formidable enemy on Miss Cook as she is an amazing contender and she can play the game, she seems to have a lot of confront and the Internet helps a lot. Too bad that David Mayo could not do the same at the time. Too many years of insanity…I hope that it all ends soon.

      This can be an amends project for Debbie Cook and others who participated on it. I do not believe a reformation inside the CofS, the Sea Org HAS to go. Period. It violates to many human rights and too many laws of the land and the way that it is structured is for dictatorship to exist.

  8. Well, it is a relief that a possible change will occur within the Church. My family was involved from the very beginning of Dianetics and Scientology, and saw all the changes it went through. To get it back to its pure form of helping others through the brilliant technology put together by Ron, is what is hoped for.

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