Is Scientology losing their celebrities in Mexico?

I still remember when I went to an event in 1980 in beautiful Zihuatanejo, Mexico.  Diana Hubbard was the main guest speaker and that is when I first met Johnnie Laboriel,  a very famous  singer in the 60’s.

But he was not the only celebrity the Church had in Mexico.  There were many, some soap opera stars, singers and more.  I got to meet many of them in person.

Felipe Gil

He used to come to LA all the time and sang at events at Celebrity Center International, perhaps some still remember him. Everybody loved his songs even though they were sung in Spanish.

He even dedicated one of his long play records to Ron, he called it:  “Live: Homage to L. Ronald Hubbard” and  the songs from that record became an instant hit in the radio and the TV.

I still remember those songs such as “Friends of the Universe”, “You will Fly”, “Happiness is not a Place”, “I am a Thetan”, “Free as a Seagull”, they were so beautiful and inspiring! He made Celebrity Center in Los Angeles his second house.

Where is Felipe Gil now? As far as I’ve been told, he has been disconnected for many years but recently they did a ‘handling’  and he went back on lines at the Org, however he is no longer actively disseminating Scientology with songs or in interviews. He still composes music and is on TV but that is all.                         

Juan Ferrara

Juan is a super famous telenovela or soap opera star, like theater and movie royalty. Both his parents are awarded movie stars from the golden age of Spanish movies and his sister is famous as well.

He always played the ‘handsome hunk’ in the 70’s and the 80’s in the most acclaimed telenovelas of the time. Whenever he was interviewed on TV or radio he promoted Scientology enthusiastically.

But whatever happened? According to an ex-SO friend of mine who has just left, he is on lines at the org in Mexico but he is not as active as he used to be and stopped talking about Scientology to the media.

In present time, he is acting in a telenovela, but I am surprised at this change. Perhaps he noticed the bad PR Miscavige has created that he rather not mention his Scientology liasons, I suspect that he noticed the alterations of the Tech.

Just because Juan is not famous in the US or other Anglo countries, do not under estimate these telenovelas stars. On the contrary they, are more famous than their American  soap opera counterparts.

Telenovelas are not only immensely popular in Hispanic America, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and Hispanic communities in the United States, but also have a wide following in Russia, Eastern Europe, France, Greece, Italy, the Philippines, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and Japan.

In the Arab world, telenovelas are incredibly popular with families stopping their day, from midday onward to watch these shows whose contents often reflect many of the moral and social questions faced in cultures like Morocco, Algeria, and Egypt

Helena Rojo

Famous for her beauty and talent as an actress, some of her movies won awards. She was married to Juan Ferrara, and I just learned that they got a divorce. They were one of the most popular telenovela couples with a very large following of fans.  She too promoted Scientology  whenever she was interviewed.

I remember seeing her at CCI in Los Angeles with Juan Ferrara and mingling with the Spanish public.

What are the latest news about Helena? According to my ex-staff friend she has been off lines for a while and does not want to hear about Scientology any more. I suspect that Scientology’s  weird ‘ethics handlings’ had something to do with her divorce from Juan.


Martha   Zabaleta

Martha is very famous for being an actress in plays and movies. She has received many awards for her work as well as for her contributions to the betterment of the Arts in general in Mexico.

She and her son Diego Shonening of the teenage musical band called “Timbiriche”  became famous for performing the Spanish version of “Grease” in movies and concerts. They were on lines for several years.

However, according to reports, they got upset with the Org and they never came back. I wonder what ever happened to be gone after many years of loyalty. Who audited them? Were they abused like the rest of us?

Johnnie Laboriel.

 Super famous for singing the Spanish versions of Rock & Roll  era music in the 60’s, such as “Silhouettes“, “Calendar Girl”   as well as Chuck Berry and Little Richard songs.

 Every time I went to Mexico for events  Johnnie was there. Always nice, friendly, funny and joking as usual. Apparently he is on still doing courses at the org, but has not been in TV for a while.


Eduardo Palomo and Carina Ricco


There are other celebrities like Eduardo Palomo who sadly died of a heart attack a few years ago.  I wanted to go to his funeral but it took place at Celebrity Center  and they did not let his fans or the media go inside the Org and say good bye to him.

His wife, a very talented singer Karina Ricco  has been on lines for years at CCI.  However, the last time I saw her there  she had a SO member attached to her that went wherever she went and would not separate from her for a second. Of course  I was not allowed to have a private conversation with her. Her singing career has gone to nowhere. Eduardo Palomo was hugely popular in Italy and all over Eastern Europe.

I would like to know if there are other celebrities from other countries that have left the Church as well.  I am sure that this is not just happening in the US and Mexico.

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20 responses to “Is Scientology losing their celebrities in Mexico?

  1. is Juan Ferrara still in Scientoloy? and her ex wife Helena Rojo I think she is Roman Catholic now…saludos desde Mexico!!!

  2. Is Juan Ferrara still in Scientology now? and his ex wife Helena Rojo I think she is now a Roman Catholic….saludos desde Mexico…

  3. When I was in Peru and near Ecuador, I tried to find evidence of any Scientology at all and found none. I started some email with . . . I forget who . . . from Scn websites and they “finally” said there was nothing in Peru nor in Ecuador.

    We have an org here in Phoenix – the home of Scientology’s beginning – it has 3 staff members.

  4. Thanks Aida,

    Well I meant “evidence” that there is any org at all with its doors open in middle or south america?

  5. Sorry for off-topic, but when you named the songs of Felipe Gil, I had interesting associations: “Across the Universe”, “Flying”, “Happiness is a warm gun”, “I am a Walrus”, “Free as a Bird”. I guess I’d like his music 🙂

    • Hi Vit:
      His songs were idealist and of the same style as ‘Desiderata’ with message, ‘Friends of the Universe’ was the hymn song for the students in the ’70’s, I am sure that you would love his music…it is only snag in Spanish, except fot ‘I am a Thetan’ but I could not find it in youtube….wonderful inspiring musig indeed! Wherever Felipe Gil, three vows to him!

  6. I am reminded of Lamont Johnson, an Emmy award winning director. Mr. Johnson passed away last October at the age of 88 after a lifelong career in acting and directing. In the 70’s, the Church promoted him as the “Tom Cruise-type” celebrity of that decade.

    Curiously, no mention of his name has occurred in decades, that I know of and I am curious as to the circumstances of his estrangement of Scientology.

    • Hi Chris, I think that Lamont left with a bang and they did not like that, he apparentely ended up homeless, but he recovered. If you google his name you will find stories from people who ere his friends or met him.


      • jejeje- I think you’ve googled another Lamont Johnson! (There are many as it is a common name.)

        When LRH was busy trying to put together the movie “Revolt in the Stars” – Lamont Johnson was given the nod to direct it. This would have lent “Hollywood credibility” to their efforts because he was an “everybody knows” director.

        I don’t think he was ever homeless or even unsuccessful, however, I am curious what you mean by left with a “bang.” Remembering that this was during the heyday of the Guardian’s Office, that could not have a pleasant moment for Mr. Johnson.

        Years later, circa 1985, when they were trying to get “Battlefield Earth” produced, Jeff Pomerantz was given the role of “Jonny Goodboy Tyler.” I thought this was good casting but the effort fizzled and years later, John Travolta finally helped push it into production and lent his star-power to that effort. My son Aaron really liked that movie but having read the book, I thought it stunk because of the way the screenplay was handled. The entire story, which in my opinion was rich in characters, plot, and high-sci-fi technology was terribly truncated. Its original length was approximately the same length or a little longer than “Mission Earth” which came out in a 10 Volume Series (marketing ploy to get us to buy it 10 times!). I always thought the story was much too long to fit into a 2 hour movie and deserved at least a mini-series to fit in all the fun stuff. It would have been difficult to do justice to either story with a video of fewer than 10 hours running.

        Of the two books, I much preferred the “Mission Earth” over “Battlefield Earth” for biting sarcasm and all around hilarious satire. Though different story lines, both works’ heroes were written as alter-egos for LRH and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them — providing familiarization into the mind of LRH regarding himself.

  7. Mexico’s starting to wise up. (no pun intended) Probably why DM has to delve further south to Colombia.

    • Hi Barb:

      Yes, DM is delivering in Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and other Latin countries, but the orgs are even more empty than in the US.

      Thanks for your comment.


        • Hi Chris

          Very interesting data you posted here. When I said he left with a bang I mean he let them know well that he was dissatisfied. As for the movies Mission Earth and Battlefield Earth, I agree with you, the screen paly ruined the whole story.

          In my opinion they gave more emphazis to the bad guy (John Travolta) than to Johnnie Goodboy,

          Thanks for your comment it was very illustrating.

        • Thanks for the video…LOL! I loved it!

      • What on Earth is DM delivering in Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina? We all know very well that whatever he is delivering, is NOT SCIENTOLOGY AND DIANETICS.

        He is delivering tickets to misery and bankrupcy!

        Aida, si quieres comunicar lo que esta pasando, es necesario decir la pura verdad sin miedo a represalias.

        Yo estoy muy encabronado de darme cuenta que DM le esta mintiendo a Mexicanos de buena intencion. Si deveras quieres ayudar a que los beneficios de la verdadera Cienciologia les lleguen a los Mexicanos, es necesario quitarle la mascara a David Miscavige y ensenarle a Mexico quien es este ladron y mentiroso.

        La gente del gobierno Mexicano quienes apoyaron la apertura del edificio en Avenida Juarez no tienen la menor idea de que clase de bandido es este David Miscavige y su grupo de seguidores ciegos.

        Aida, yo amo a Mexico y a su gente. Hay que incrementar el gradiente de etica. Si estas de acuerdo escribeme.

        Me gustaria saber tu opinion. Si ya se te olvido el espanol, escribeme en ingles.
        Love from,
        Pissed off alex castillo (puro mexicano chilango)

        • Hola Alex:

          Lo mismo digo yo! A ver si los mexicanos se ponen las pilas y se unen para ayudar a los demas.

          Yo por lo pronto hice este blog en Español para que se enteren bien de lo que pasa dentro de la Igle$ia de Cienciologia.

          Yo tambien amo a Mexico y por eso ayudo en lo que puedo.

          Como veras no se me ha olvidado el Español…LOL!

          Alex, gracias por hacer los comentarios 🙂

  8. Thank you Aida I love your post!!

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